The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 929 - Obliterating the Five Guards

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In order to survive, the leader of the Golden Light Guards had no choice. As he was the millennial old monster, apart from triumphing in martial powers, he would never be willing to succumb to the weak.

Besides, he had numerous ways to liberate himself, even when he was under soul control. But, what made his face change was that Su Yu didn’t even think before grabbing Blood Bone’s hand and slamming it on him, while yelling, “No need!”


The leader of the Golden Light Guards screamed in misery, while his body smashed into pieces, not even leaving behind his soul. There were two reasons that Su Yu had killed him.

Firstly, having lived for thousands of years and being proficient in too many techniques, Su Yu was unsure whether the Heaven’s Son Majestic Soul would be cracked. Secondly, unlike Meng Tian, Su Yu had a reputation that made him willing to succumb to him.

After slaughtering the Five Golden Light Guards, Su Yu looked toward the light screen indifferently and asked, “What about the gift?”

Watching Su Yu’s behavior coldly from a distance, the Central Prefecture’s King’s figure contorted on the light screen and gradually dissipated, leaving only a vague line behind. “I’ve accepted the gift, and once I come out of isolation, I’ll look for you in person.”


The light screen then shattered, leaving behind only his even-tempered words. Evidently, the Central Prefecture’s King himself was coming to kill Su Yu!

“Anytime,” Su Yu answered calmly.

At that moment, the golden leaves gradually dissipated, turning into golden granules. Su Yu was kind of regretful that the three Original Life leaves from the Tree God had already dwindled.

However, it was the golden leaf that had saved Su Yu’s life just now. Otherwise, he would have no chance of survival when he was faced with the projection of the Central Prefecture’s King.

As he looked at the falling golden granules, Su Yu shook his head. Just as he was about to turn and collect the relics of the Five Golden Light Guards, Su Yu caught a glimpse of a rather unique granule.

The other granules were golden yellow, but this one was very dull. But, it was the only one that was full and contained whiffs of a horrible energy. The energy was different from the All Creations Mighty Force, as it was stronger and more mysterious.

Su Yu was curious, and as he was moving to tuck away the golden granules, the moment the unique one made contact with his hand, he got a strange feeling, as if he had come face to face with a terrifying strong man!

Forcefully swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Su Yu tucked away the golden granules discreetly, planning to study them later. Shortly thereafter, he cleared up the Five Golden Light Guards’ relics.

He took all of their space rings, and finally, he looked at Gongsun Wuxie. She was still staring at him, her agitation visible on her tiny face as she asked, “Are you the one who killed Xue Di?”

Su Yu frowned. Gongsun Wuxie had heard everything already, so she had learned about many of his trump cards. He hesitated as he wondered how best to deal with Gongsun Wuxie. The most rational way out of this situation was to murder her, but this was also the act that Su Yu was most unlikely to commit.

“Yes,” Su Yu answered indifferently.

As he was staring at Gongsun Wuxie, his mind raced. Upon hearing that, Gongsun Wuxie’s face reddened, and she looked sheepish for the first time, her long lashes batting at him.

She then asked, “Then, in Tianya City, you were also the one who saved me from the Ghost Buddha and suffered a blow?” She hadn’t realized that she was in danger at the time.

Su Yu thought for a moment, then nodded. Suddenly, excitement was written all over Gongsun Wuxie’s face, which was now flushed and bright red.

The Su Yuxian who she despised was actually the same ruthless demonic man, the mysterious youth that she couldn’t forget! Gongsun Wuxie accepted Su Yu’s words very easily because she had sensed the familiarity between him and the ruthless demonic man early on. She had even witnessed with her own eyes how Su Yu had changed his appearance from an old man to a handsome young man.

Besides, she had seen Su Yu kill the renowned Five Golden Light Guards in a domineering manner. That was how she had figured most of it out already. She had only needed Su Yu to confirm it himself.

“Oh yeah! Brother Yuxian is the ruthless demonic man!” Gongsun Wuxie was so excited that she started jumping around. She was quite happy as well.

“Do you have to be so delighted about it?” Su Yu asked.

Gongsun Wuxie walked toward him with a smile and nodded. “Yes! I’m delighted! I’ve always wanted to meet you, and I never would have thought that you were by my side all along!”

She then added, “Now that I think of it, how can there be such a coincidence in the world? I happened to be in danger, and the ruthless demonic man happened to pass by and rescue me! He also took a blow for me.”

Gongsun Wuxie’s lips formed a smile, while her face looked relieved. “I should have known Brother Yuxian was the ruthless demonic man!”

As she talked, she approached Su Yu, her light fragrance creeping into his nostrils.

She then batted her long lashes and asked, “Can you let me see that curse?”

Su Yu did not refuse her, and as he operated the spiritual energy in his chest, a ghostly face that was shaped like an evil monster became vaguely visible.

Upon seeing it, Gongsun Wuxie bit her lip, her face apologetic. It was definitely him.

In that moment, many emotions jostled around in Gongsun Wuxie’s heart. She usually had a childish innocent look on her face, but now, the befuddled expression of a young lady appeared on her face.

“I’ve found ways to stabilize the curse, and I’m just waiting for the right time for it to be removed by itself. So, no worries,” Su Yu said.

Upon hearing that, Gongsun Wuxie smiled.

She then thought… Right, how could the ruthless demonic man, who obliterated the Five Great Golden Light Guards and Xue Di, be refrained by the little curse?

Then, after taking in a light breath, Gongsun Wuxie lifted her head and gently blinked her eyes, which were as bright as purple jewels. She fixed her gaze on Su Yu, as if she was trying to imprint the handsome silver-haired figure into the depths of her mind so that she would never forget it.

A moment later, she slowly closed her eyes and said, “Come on. I’m prepared.”

Su Yu lowered his head to look at her, then asked, “You know what I’m going to do?”

“Yes.” Gongsun Wuxie nodded, while flashing a forced smile.

She then said, “Brother Yuxian is enemies with the Central Prefecture’s King, and you’ve been hiding your identity till now. You don’t want anyone else to know, right? Also, you’ll want to keep the killing of the Five Golden Light Guards a secret, but since I saw it, can’t continue to live…”

After all, she knew that there was only one kind of person who could really keep a secret… A dead man! Most of the living ones were not reliable, and even if they were, there was a high chance that their souls would be searched.

At that time, this piece of their memories would be discovered. As Gongsun Wuxie had witnessed everything, she was prepared to be killed.

“You’re not afraid to die?” Su Yu asked, while staring at her with wide eyes.

Gongsun Wuxie shook her petite head and said, “I am. I’m grateful to have lived this long already, as due to my physique, it is a miracle that I am still alive. Thus, I’m satisfied to have seen the ruthless demonic man before I die. Besides, I’ll die having kept your secrets.”

She was so young, but she had been prepared to brace her death from early on. This explained how she could be so calm and composed at this moment.

Su Yu stared at her and kept quiet for a long time. He then asked, “Do you have any last wishes?”

Gongsun Wuxie thought for a moment, then shook her head. She then thought of something and said, “Actually, I want to know your real name.” Her intuition told Gongsun Wuxie that Su Yuxian was surely a pseudonym.

Su Yu kept quiet for a long time, so long that disappointment was written all over Gongsun Wuxie’s face, as he assumed that he was not going to tell her.

Then, a gentle voice sounded in her ears, “The people of Jiuzhou addressed me as Su Yuxian, while those in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion call me Yinyu. Only the people from my homeland call me by my birth name, Su Yu.”

“Su Yu… Su Yu,” Gongsun Wuxie mumbled the name twice, her delicate face gleaming again.

She then flashed a sweet smile and said, “So, that’s your real name. I have no more last wishes. So, come on…”

Once she finished talking, she closed her eyes again. Her pair of lashes that looked like fans as they quivered slightly, giving away the fear and fright that was deep in her heart. Hence, her fearlessness when facing death was only a pretense for Su Yu’s sake.

“Yes.” Su Yu nodded as he reached out and flicked his finger on her forehead before withdrawing it instantly and saying, “It’s over.”

Stunned, Gongsun Wuxie rubbed her forehead and opened her eyes. She then asked with surprise, “Don’t you want me dead?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “There’s no longer any need to kill you.”

Since he had decided to leave the Red Blood Palace, it was meaningless whether Gongsun Wuxie knew his secrets or not. Gongsun Wuxie’s eyes brightened up upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Su Yu scanned the surroundings. The Five Great Golden Light Guards had perished, and the space that sealed a portion of the world had disappeared. This had allowed the people from the Shangguan family and the Red Blood Palace to return, one after another.

“Wuxie, farewell. Take care of yourself.” Su Yu bid her farewell with cupped hands, while his legs stepped into the void. He left quickly thereafter.

As Gongsun Wuxie gazed at his retreating back, she was smiling. A moment later, she squeezed a jade pendant into pieces, and an elderly man clad in a hemp shirt crossed the void and came straight up to her.

He looked anxious, and when he sawt that Gongsun Wuxie was unscathed and safe, he heaved a long sigh of relief. He then scolded her, “Little Cliff Master, why did you only destroy the jade pendant and send me your location now? The Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture have already sealed this space, so I thought that you were trapped here!”

The elder before her was the All Creation Elder who had protected Gongsun Wuxie in secret. He was also the same Senior Lan who had hidden in the outside sanctum, who Su Yu knew.

But, in order to train Gongsun Wuxie, he could not protect her at close range. He would only appear before her during the times when Gongsun Wuxie was in trouble.

It was too bad that the appearance of the Five Great Divine Guards of Central Prefecture had been too abrupt, as the disorderly space had caused him to lose track of Gongsun Wuxie.

Gongsun Wuxie smiled. “I’m fine. Also, I’m lucky that those old things came to disturb everything!”

Senior Lan frowned. “Little Cliff Master, have you seen the Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture? In that case, they must have recognized you and dared not hurt you?”

If the Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture had really recognized Gongsun Wuxie, they would have run away already. After all, Gongsun Wuxie wasn’t an easy target to kill, and she also had a treasure that could summon the projection of the Severed Fairy Cliff Master to come to her aid. Thus, the All Creation Old Monsters who knew her identity wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on her.

Gongsun Wuxie shook her head and smiled. “Nope. They did not recognize me.”

“Oh? That’s strange! The Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture aren’t kindhearted people. In fact, they are very cruel. In Jiuzhou, they are renowned for being callous and vicious, like Xue Di. So… If they didn’t recognize you, how could they let you go?” Senior Lan wondered aloud as he smoothed his beard.

Gongsun Wuxie was overjoyed, as knowing a secret of the ruthless demonic man was exceptionally delighting to her. “Who knows for sure? Maybe they were preoccupied with other stuff, so they were not paying attention to me.”

Senior Lan pondered this for a moment, and despite his doubts, he could only accept her explanation. He then said, “The Five Great Divine Guards of the Central Prefecture performed their outstanding unique skill, the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation.”

He paused, then continued, “It seems like they have sealed the large space in order to capture someone or some demonic beasts, so it’s reasonable to assume that they were preoccupied with other things and did not have time to pay attention to you.”

He then said, “Alright, follow me back and meet the cliff master. As you were endangered, the cliff master must be worried.”

He then added, “Besides, you’ve spent enough time at the Red Blood Palace. It’s time to go back and keep the promise that you made.”