The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 921 - Sixth-grade Almighty

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The fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird still remembered how Hu Wangui had turned the fourth-grade Almighty ferocious bird into a puddle of blood by spitting a mouthful of blood at it. So, with a bizarre shriek, it sped up and ran for its life.

But, Hu Wangui’s whip techniques were very tricky, and before long, Hu Wangui, Lady Situ, Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie had managed to catch up with it.

The fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird was instantly encircled by them, and they were all caught up in a scuffle. On Su Yu’s side, four of the fourth-grade Almighty ferocious birds took advantage of Su Yu’s solitude and helplessness in order to assault him from four different directions. They clearly had the intention of tearing him into pieces right then and there.

However, Su Yu remained calm and composed. As he took in a light breath, he weaved a sign on his chest, forming a terrific posture. Shortly thereafter, four consecutive dragon howls sounded, booming like thunder!

The dragon howls contained an astounding spiritual pressure, and not only did the people from the Situ family shudder upon hearing them, but so did the ferocious birds. Havoc arose amid the deluge of ferocious birds that were outside the formation.

The people all recoiled, intending to escape. If they had not been controlled by the vicious purple-clothed youth, they would have run far away already. They all began shouting at once…

“What is that?”

“Why did I hear dragons howling inside Su Yuxian’s body?”

Amid the shock and confusion, demonic energy roiled inside Su Yu’s chest. The fierce head of a dragon seemed to be drilling out from Su Yu’s body and transforming into a mass of black remnant shadows. Then, a second, third, and fourth dragon head followed!

Soon, four black demonic dragons hovered above Su Yu’s head. They were gigantic, ferocious, and terrifying, and they all emitted savage and brutal energies.

Upon seeing them, the four oncoming ferocious birds could not help but shiver as they turned to fly away shrieking! However, the four demonic dragons immediately chased after them.

The nearest ferocious bird had its body penetrated by four of the demonic dragons simultaneously before it had the chance to fly far, and it was immediately turned into a pile of ashes. Immediately thereafter, the same thing happened to the second ferocious bird.

Closely thereafter, the third suffered the same fate. All of them had been turned into ashes and were scattered by the winds. The last ferocious bird was fortunate to have escaped, but due to the extreme shock of the attack, the vicious purple-clothed youth lost control of it, and the bird flew high into the sky, then fled far away.

The scene shocked everyone. After all, it was rare to see a sixth-grade fairy kill three fourth-grade Almighty ferocious birds with his own hands! Despite the simplicity of his assault techniques, he appeared to be far stronger than the third-grade Almighty humans.

“What kind of demonic technique was that? It was so overbearing!” one of the elders from the Situ family exclaimed. They were all in a state of shock and terror.

They had thought that Su Yu was only lucky just now to be able to have displayed such combat power, especially considering his talent and the protection that he had. It was only then that they realized that Su Yu could easily kill the fourth-grade Almighty!

Bai Shanliang’s eyes shone with a bright light, and shock and confusion were written all over his face. “What kind of demonic technique was that? Why did it seem like it was the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art? But… Isn’t that secret book impossible to be mastered?”

As Gongsun Wuxie stared at Su Yu, she felt more and more peculiar. She realized that she didn’t understand this man she despised. He was too mysterious, and the schemes and techniques that he had hidden were far more than what she had hidden herself.

This made her feel a sense of familiarity. She had seen a similar mysterious vibe around someone else before… The ruthless demonic man… The mysterious youth who had killed Xue Di!

But, she quickly shook her head as she murmured, “Silly! How could this old perverted thief be compared with him?”

After slaughtering four of the fourth-grade Almighties, Su Yu’s eyes shone. He then shifted his focus onto the beleaguered fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird.

Under Hu Wangui’s main force and the auxiliary forces that were provided by Lady Situ, Bai Shanliang, and Gongsun Wuxie, it had suffered severe injuries. However, its ferocity and ruthlessness didn’t dwindle, as it continued to assault them by force, while also hovering and dashing out from the formation in an attempt to escape.

The vicious purple-clothed youth looked bothered as he manipulated the deluge of ferocious birds to hover outside the formation in an attempt to rescue the formation. No one dared to go after it, as they knew that they’d be devoured by the deluge of ferocious birds.

However, right at that moment, a red light flooded around the ferocious bird that was about to escape the formation. Then, a tremendous space energy encased it within it.

Shortly thereafter, it was forcefully transported back, right into the siege of Lady Situ and the others. Lady Situ and her group were startled at first, and then they became extremely elated. Before the ferocious bird could react, they struck at it with full force!


As it shrieked in anguish, the ferocious bird’s head was smashed by a lash from Hu Wangui’s whip. Shortly thereafter, it sustained an attack from the poisonous blood from Bai Shanliang and an attack from Gongsun Wuxie’s fifth-grade Almighty talisman. That, combined with Lady Situ’s assault, caused it body and soul to perish at once.

In this way, in the blink of an eye, a fifth-grade Almighty and three fourth-grade Almighty were thoroughly butchered! The vicious purple-clothed youth, who had witnessed it all, was exasperated.

These ferocious birds had cost him an enormous price to be successfully tamed! Nonetheless, they were all killed, and not even the strongest one had managed to escape.

“All of you, if I don’t kill you now, my fury cannot be appeased!” The vicious purple-clothed youth was extremely enraged.

Su Yu had his hands on his back as he replied nonchalantly, “The only thing that you should be worrying about is yourself right now.”

When he finished speaking, Su Yu blinked his eyes, causing an incredible, otherworldly atmosphere to appear and expand in all directions. Bai Shanliang, Gongsun Wuxie, Lady Situ and the others felt as if they were in a deluge of sensations, and all of their souls experienced a profound change.

There was a defiance in that atmosphere that defied the heavens and the earth, rebelling against everything in the world. Being within that defiance, they felt their own triviality.

It felt as if they were as insubstantial as insects as they stared up at a magnificent, destiny-defying figure of a human before them. While they were still in that awe-inspiring atmosphere, an eye gradually materialized in the sky.

It was so enormous that it stretched for ten thousand miles across the sky. It concealed the sun and the moon, as well as the entire blue sky, silently looking down at everything beneath it.

“Heaven has shown its holiness!” someone marveled.

Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie drew in cold breaths, while both exclaiming in unison, “Pure Divine Decree!” They then looked over to Su Yu at the same time, and once again, shocking waves rippled in their hearts.

“He actually stepped onto the Path of Divine Decree and attained the State of Purity!” Gongsun Wuxie exclaimed as she stared at Su Yu. At that moment, she felt that he had an even stronger resemblance to the mysterious youth in her mind.

Bai Shanliang replied solemnly, “The Divine Decree has always been a tough road, from the past up till the present. Those who walk on the Path of Divine Decree could never attain the Almighty level. However, martial artists on the Path of Divine Decree are much stronger than the ordinary martial artists, especially with their enlightenment, which is matchless!”

Lady Situ was still numb from being stunned by Su Yu, and the tremor that she felt in her heart was inexplicable.

“Disappear!” Su Yu said indifferently.

After he said that one word, the enormous eye in the sky slowly closed. When it reopened, a hundred of the ferocious birds that were below the second-grade Almighty level instantly melted away like snowflakes.

It could be seen with the naked eye that the deluge of densely packed ferocious birds was rapidly scattering. The birds couldn’t even cry out before disappearing entirely, perishing once and for all.

Bai Shanling awoke from the shock. As he was licking his lips, he looked excited. “Haha, since my junior has already shown his hand, how can I still hold it back as a senior?”


Bai Shanliang then retrieved a little wooden puppet bird and tossed it into the air. The bird flew into the deluge of ferocious birds. Immediately, a ferocious bird tore the little bird apart with its claw, causing a puff of dark yellow smoke to be released from the torn body of the little bird.

Wherever the smoke passed, all of the ferocious birds, regardless of their cultivations, turned into yellow birds and crashed down. In the blink of an eye, 34 ferocious birds were slaughtered!

However, there wasn’t just one little bird in Bai Shanliang’s sleeve, but there were hundreds and thousands of them!

At this time, Gongsun Wuxie was reluctant to be left behind. So, she began spreading out exceptionally powerful talismans, like she didn’t care about the cost, and every one of them was capable of wiping out numerous ferocious birds. In a few breaths, she had expended an amount of talismans that were worth nearly a million crystals, all while winking at Su Yu occasionally!

The people from the Situ family witnessed this scene in utter shock. It wasn’t the deluge of ferocious birds that was killing them, but the three monsters from the Red Blood Palace that were butchering the ferocious birds!

The vicious purple-clothed youth was totally stunned as he thought… Su Yu and the other two are very frightening!

This was especially true of Su Yu, as the destruction by the Heavens’ Eye had killed the army of ferocious birds that he had spent nearly a hundred years training rigorously, making him suffer a great loss! This simply could not go on! He could not let the birds sacrifice be in vain!

Thus, the vicious purple-clothed youth took out a long purple flute and played it, creating a bright, loud sound. Upon hearing it, all of the birds came to surround him and flew far away.

Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie seemed to be addicted to killing now, so they chased after them immediately, tirelessly hunting the birds down. Many people from the Situ family followed suit excitedly.

Su Yu had a foreboding feeling, and he quickly called out, “My Lady, ask your people to come back immediately! Don’t fall into the enemy’s trap.”

He knew that the formation could hold off the enemy temporarily, but once they left the formation and happened to fall into an ambush, severe fatalities would certainly ensue! Right after he said this, miserable cries sounded among the Situ people who had just rushed out!

Many of them turned into flesh and blood, flying out in all directions. It was as though there was something extremely brutal and fierce among them, insanely tearing their bodies apart! What was worse… It was advancing straight toward Su Yu!

Pretty soon, the blood of the Situ family members ran like a river. Then, a person strode out. He was wearing a bamboo hat and was completely shrouded in the mist of blood.

After his appearance, Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie did not get the chance to come to Su Yu’s aid before he charged toward Su Yu. His murderous intention was extremely eerie, and it seemed as if he had some kind of animosity toward Su Yu that had yet to be reconciled.

Sensing his murderous vibe, Su Yu scowled. Then, with a move of his heart, Hu Wangui waved the bony whip and lashed it out at that person.

Nonetheless, the man caught the bony whip with a random grasp. Shortly thereafter, he drew it back with great force, causing Hu Wangui, who was still holding onto the whip, to fly toward him!


The bamboo hat man did not stop, but proceeded in penetrating straight through Hu Wangui. Hu Wangui was split into halves from the middle, and even his soul perished in an instant. He was deader than dead!

Su Yu was startled, and without saying a word, he took out a round ring that was the size of a palm. It was the Glaze Vehicle.

Then, with a move of his heart, he instilled Vital Energy into it. The Glaze Vehicle grew quickly, and in a fleeting instant, it had expanded more than thirty feet. The round wheel could now accommodate three to four people within it.

After Su Yu jumped into it, the Glaze Vehicle started revolving at a remarkably fast speed that couldn’t even be matched by the sixth-grade fairies! In a flash, Su Yu had ducked into the clouds and vanished without a trace.

The bamboo hat man did not pursue him, but struck toward the sky, his enraged eyes fixed on the clouds. He then shifted his cold stare to Lady Situ, while a wicked light flickered across his eyes.

With a swift movement of his figure, he moved to capture her. However, right at that moment, the escaped Glaze Vehicle descended from the Heavens and took Lady Situ away.

The bamboo hat man was exasperated, and he intended to chase after them. But, the speed of the Glaze Vehicle was too fast, and it disappeared in an instant, leaving no trace behind.

Millions of miles away, the Glaze Vehicle showed up before Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie, dragging them inside it.

“The Glaze Vehicle? What happened that made you activate this thing?” Gongsun Wuxie was dumbfounded.

She had given the Glaze Vehicle to Su Yu for life-saving purposes, so she knew that it could only be used once. She wondered… Could there have been an emergency after the ferocious birds were killed?

“You’ve been tricked. The enemy took the chance after you left to charge into the formation,” Su Yu explained.

Bai Shanliang’s eyes shone. “One must be at least a fourth-grade Almighty to charge into the formation, right? And… Anyone who could make you run away must be more than a fifth-grade Almighty!”

Su Yu nodded, his face somber. “Yes. It was a sixth-grade Almighty! He’s been hiding in the dark and didn’t intend to show himself. He only struck when the vicious purple-clothed youth was at a loss!”

“A sixth-grade Almighty?” Lady Situ exclaimed.

She, Bai Shanliang, and Gongsun Wuxie felt a heavy burden wedged inside their hearts as a deep feeling of insecurity crept in. They had joined forces just now, yet had only managed to kill a fifth-grade Almighty ferocious bird!

Moreover, the combat power of a sixth-grade Almighty strong man was equivalent to that of 15 fifth-grade Almighty combined! Thus, they would be no match for him. Running seemed to be the only option!

There was an abrupt, intense change of tide following the sudden emergence of the mysterious sixth-grade Almighty…

“Wait! My people! If we run away, they’ll have no chance of survival!” Lady Situ’s face turned pale.

Bai Shanliang then said in a low voice, “My Lady, it’s too late now. The sixth-grade Almighty isn’t someone that you and I can fight. If we go back now, we’ll be jumping right into our own deaths! Judging from the situation, he could be the old friend that the beast tamer kept mentioning. Besides, you can’t save anyone if you go back, and even worse, you’ll end up as his…”

He did not go on, but it was clear that what he was implying was that, at this point in time, they were unable to save anyone. Sorrow filled Lady Situ’s eyes, and her dainty shoulders trembled as she sobbed and slowly shook her head.

She then said, “I’m grateful for your kindness, but my husband handed over the family to me, and it makes no sense if I survive only to watch my family being destroyed.” The loyalty she had for her late husband had always been firm and unwavering.

Gongsun Wuxie sighed and took out another Glaze Vehicle from her sleeve. “I hope that you can save one or two of your people, but I’ve done all that I can do for you.”

Lady Situ was startled, but her eyes filled with gratitude as she said, ” Well… I owe you an immense debt of gratitude. If I fail to repay you in this lifetime, I promise to do it in my next life.”

As she spoke, she accepted the Glaze Vehicle and was about to fly away. But, before she could fly away, a palm was pressed onto her shoulder. A voice, then asked, “What’s the point of that? Besides getting yourself killed, who can you save?”

The person who held her back was Su Yu. He pointed ahead at the vicious purple-clothed youth who was being chased by Bai Shanliang and the others.

It was unknown just when he had returned. But, it seemed like he wanted to form an attack and make them his captives, while waiting for the sixth-grade Almighty strong man to launch his attack. If they didn’t leave right now, they would certainly meet their deaths.

As for Lady Situ, she didn’t even have the time to return to her family, let alone save anyone. Upon realizing this, Lady Situ trembled intensely and tears filled her eyes. As her fingers dug deep into her palms and streaks of blood flowed out from them, she heaved a deep sigh. The Situ family was clearly on the brink of destruction.

But Su Yu, then said, “There’s a better way to save your family, which could probably save them from all harm and loss…”

Not only was Lady Situ stunned to hear this, but Bai Shanliang and Gongsun Wuxie also furrowed their brows. They all wondered… Could we still possibly hold the initiative in the current situation?