The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 883 - Assassination

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The Deputy General Manager had a headache, and he was wondering… Why does there have to be another bothersome one? Su Yu’s leaving is fine, but if Master Gao leaves too, who’s going to learn new words from Junior Brother Qian? After all, since this matter involves the benefits of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands in Tianya City, how can they let emotions get in the way?

“Why are you following us? Stay back and learn more Mu words by interacting with everyone,” the Deputy General Manager said.

However, at that time, Qian’s face hardened. “Sorry, but I’ve changed my mind. Master Gao, since you want to follow them, don’t stay back and be a nuisance!”

The Deputy General Manager was furious. Chasing off Su Yu was fine, but now he wanted to expel the prestigious Master Gao, who he had appointed! It was like he was regarding the sacrificial offering as if it was a children’s game!

Monk Zou’s figure flashed, and he hurriedly delivered his message with telepathy, “Old Monster Wu, bear with it! Don’t get mad! This is not the time to be mad! It’s alright if you want to look for trouble with this brat, but right now, you have to keep your cool!”

The Deputy General Manager was extremely angry, as this was the first time that he had ever felt so useless! However, Master Gao flashed a light smile at Su Yu and briskly left the seal, saying, “Shopkeeper Su, I’ve wanted to talk to you for a long while, and now there’s finally a chance. Come on, let’s go outside.”

As things had already progressed to this stage, everyone could only keep quiet. Qian sneered, then waved his hand and said, “Haha! The annoying flies are gone! Peace has finally come, so let us carry on.”

Master Gao’s seat had become vacant, so everyone moved to sit closer together. A middle-aged man in a long orange robe listened to Qian’s explanation very seriously, agreeing with him from time to time. This won him Qian’s favor, and he was well taken care of from that point forward.

As this discussion took place inside, the outside was raging with whirlwinds of sand and stones being kicked up by the cold wind that was blowing ruthlessly. The Deputy General Manager was apologetic, and the words that were on the tip of his tongue turned into a helpless sigh as he waved his hands helplessly.

Then, after a long while, he said, “It’s better that the two of you can exchange your opinions with one another her, as you aren’t necessarily worse than them.” Once he was done talking, he entered the seal, leaving the two of them behind, standing together in the bleak cold wind.

“Shopkeeper Su,” Master Gao tried to comfort him by saying, “The Deputy General Manager has his own difficulties, so don’t blame him. Instead, blame us for being useless. If our mastery of Mu words ad outshone them, the Deputy General Manager wouldn’t have let us suffer such an aggrievance.”

Su Yu shook his head, then said, “Nevermind, as our time is limited, I’ll go ahead and impart all that I know to you. As for how much you can remember, that all depends on you.”

Master Gao was startled, his face slightly stiffening. His original intention was to avoid seeing Su Yu aggrieved, hence his coming out to accompany him and teaching him some of the Mu words that he understood.

He was rather confident in his knowledge, as his rigorous studying for the past few years had deepened his understanding. So, he was sure that his knowledge had reached a relatively impressive level.

On the other hand, based on the news that had been delivered from the faction, Su Yu was only a youth, but he appeared old because he had made a blunder in his cultivation. This made Master Gao wonder… To be beguiled at such a young age with martial arts, how many Mu words could he have possibly mastered?

Master Gao had thought that by imparting Su Yu some knowledge tonight, he could perhaps at least save Su Yu some dignity when he lost the next day. So, when Su Yu offered to teach him in such a superior tone, it left Master Gao aghast.

“Haha, it’s better to have a discussion!” Master Gao said, while giving way for Su Yu to step down.

Su Yu understood Master Gao’s thinking, so he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s have a discussion then…”

They chose a big rock and used Vital Energy as their writing instruments, writing various Mu words in the air. Initially, Master Gao still managed to hold his own in the discussion with Su Yu. But, after some time, he realized with surprise that this young lad seemed to have vast experience and knowledge in such things! In fact, he knew every Mu word that was mentioned!

From that moment onward, Master Gao started regarding him in a whole new way, finally giving up his thought to only impart knowledge to Su Yu, but to instead have an equal discussion!

However, as they went along, Master Gao realized that he was gradually losing track of Su Yu’s thinking. At first, they could both voice out a sentence or two, but as they progressed, Master Gao found himself unable to contribute as much, appearing rather clumsy with his word usage.

Nearing the end, Su Yu became the only one talking, while Master Gao simply listened very closely. Eventually, Master Gao failed to even remember the contents that Su Yu had explained as he was listening.

Upon seeing this, he hurriedly stopped Su Yu by yelling, “Stop!”

As he was staring at Su Yu, Master Gao’s eyes were full of shock. What Su Yu had just explained was a set of theories about how to learn the words of a ghost language, which was similar to the phonetic writing of human words.

Mastering these theories would enable one to spot the regular patterns of any ghost words. He could swear that no one in Jiuzhou had mastered such theories before!

“You…” Master Gao could not describe his feelings at that moment.

After all, seeing such a young man mastering the theories of Mu words like no one in the continent had ever done before was somewhat surreal. He really just didn’t know what to think about it!

In a daze, he recalled that Su Yu had asked him to pay close attention and remember his words, and that, how much he could comprehend depended solely on himself. Those were not the words of an ignorant or arrogant man, but the calm advice of a master!

Master Gao no longer had any doubts about Su Yu’s capabilities. Instead, his heart was filled with a deep respect for him.

He bowed his head and saluted Su Yu as he said, “Greetings, my teacher, please enlighten me.”

He gave the salute that students gave to their teachers, then took out a jade letter and prepared to jot down all of the details that Su Yu would soon explain to him. Su Yu accepted his salute on behalf of Yun Yazi. Su Yu knew Yun Yazi would be proud and that he would want his research to be spread to the outside world.

“Let us carry on,” Su Yu said before continuing to explain what he had learned from Yun Yazi.

He went on to explain to Master Gao about how to understand and decipher a large number of Mu words, from recognition to pronunciation to definition. Su Yu took great pains to personally teach him these things patiently, step by step.

When the day brightened up, Su Yu looked at the sky with a bit of sadness in his eyes, then asked, “We have to stop here, but how much have you mastered so far?”

Master Gao was rueful. “Not even one-tenth of your teachings.”

Su Yu nodded. “One-tenth is not bad! Although your understanding hasn’t reached the top-notch level yet, you could probably still outdo Junior Brother Qian by a lot!”

“Thanks for imparting your knowledge and answering my doubts. As a student, I’m very grateful to you.” Master Gao had been pursuing knowledge his whole life, so to him, words like Mu words, which could not be mastered by the human race, were like valuable treasures. Hence he was willing to become an apprentice to a master in order to learn more and more of them!

Su Yu stood up and flicked his sleeves as he said, “Don’t tell anyone about the things that happened here! If someone asks, just tell them that knowledge was imparted to you by a senior with the surname Yun.”

Master Gao was puzzled by this request, but as he understood that Su Yu had his own inexplicable difficulties, he nodded and agreed.


At that moment, the seal was opened and Junior Brother Qian, Lü Chuyi, and the other Mu words experts walked out from the stone jungle. All of them seemed to be full of thoughts, as the light of wisdom and confidence shone in their eyes. Apparently, they had all gained some insight last night.

Junior Brother Qian was like a moon that was surrounded by stars, and as he walked out, he haughtily cast a sideways glance at Su Yu and Master Gao and laughed. “I hope you won’t become too heavy of a burden for the Red Blood Palace.”

Su Yu did not seem to hear him, and prestigious people like Master Gao would never stoop so low as to bicker with such people, so he simply stood motionless half a step behind Su Yu. This subtle position captured the attention of Lü Chuyi and the Deputy General Manager.

They both couldn’t help but wonder… How had such subtle changes occurred in this pair’s relationship overnight? However, the sacrificial offering was around the corner, so they had no time to think much more about it at the moment.

“Now, let’s prepare to set off for the sacrificial offering,” the Deputy General Manager said, while he and several Almighty Divine Masters swept all of the Mu words experts off of their feet, carrying across countless miles of land and arriving at a barren desert.

The desert was full of remnants of scorched marks that had been left over the years. As far as the eye could see, there was lots of burnt debris buried amid the sand and dust. Before recorded history, this place was a primitive jungle full of greenery that humans hardly set foot on.

One day, the Desolate Evil Jungle fell. At this time, enormous flames erupted, which destroyed millions of miles of the jungle, leaving behind this present, dry desert. At the end of the desert, a dim, yellow forest of withered branches was clearly visible. The forest was surrounded by a lingering yellow mist, and no matter whether it be wind or sand, once anything entered the Desolate Evil Jungle, it would never emerge again.

The Desolate Evil Jungle? As Su Yu squinted his eyes and stared at the forest, he felt extremely oppressed. The depths of the forest gave him a very ominous feeling, as if there were some unknown, precarious entities luring there.

They were not the first batch of guests to arrive. In fact, they arrived really late!

At the perimeter of the Desolate Evil Jungle, big and small tents extended for hundreds of miles, like densely packed mushrooms. There were at least a few million people here, all of whom were strong men of and above the Half Fairy level.

Even if ordinary people wanted to come to this place, they would not have had the ability. Most of the people came to watch the sacrificial offering as spectators, a small portion of these folks were personnel of the event organizer, bringing with them the essential spiritual items necessary for the sacrificial offering in advance.

These items ranged from spiritual treasures of the universe to various strong demonic beasts, which were kept in several hundred thousands of cages. The shocking spiritual energy of these spiritual treasures of the universe could be sensed all over the place, and the perturbed roaring of the demonic beasts that were about to be sacrificed could also be heard everywhere.

The chaotic scene made Su Yu raise his guard without realizing it. It also affected Monk Zou…

“Stay close together! Don’t leave our encirclement,” Monk Zou bellowed in a deep voice.

Throughout history, there were numerous recordings about how influences of the Central Prefecture had used the chaos as a distraction, allowing them to assassinate the Mu words experts of the other party, while the Blessed and Heavenly Lands had done the same before that. This showed that they were really no different from each other.

Under their many layers of protection, they finally arrived at the campsite that had been prepared by the region of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. As their people were all nearby now, they could finally relax a little.

“Alright, all of you get inside the tents. There are protection spells outside, so even middle-stage Almighties cannot get their hands on you!” Monk Zou said.

At that moment, the man in the long orange robe went over to a tent and lifted the curtain. He then turned and said with a smile, “Master Qian first…”

His flattery and ingratiating gesture made everyone else present uncomfortable. However, Junior Brother Qian enjoyed such treatment very much, especially hearing himself referred to as “Master Qian!” It was very nice to hear! Hence, he took the honor of taking the first step into the tent.

Monk Zou and the Deputy General Manager were guarding the tent from the front and the back respectively. Upon seeing Qian going inside, their tense nerves relaxed a little. After all, Junior Brother Qian was the most important person here, so they simply could not afford any accidents regarding him!

“Alright, the rest of you can also get inside now.” Monk Zou waved his hand, his expression had become a lot more relaxed.

“What are you doing? Why did you close off the seal? Ahh!” Before he got to heave out a long sigh of relief, all of a sudden, a blood-curdling and horrible shriek came from the tent! The shriek was so abrupt that it startled everyone.

“Oh no!” Monk Zou’s and the Deputy Manager’s faces changed at the same time, while they both rushed into the tent.

They had already checked the inside of the tent in advance, and there had been no no signs of danger. So, they couldn’t imagine what that shriek was about!

Nonetheless, when they tried to barge in, they discovered that the seal of the tent had been somehow locked from the inside, making it difficult for them to break in from the outside! Even them, two seventh-grade Almighties, would need to expend at least ten breaths of effort in order to do so!