The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 863 - Suspicious Testing

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Jue looked calm as he replied to Su Yu, “Of course not. I came here when I heard the news about your troubles, hoping to offer you some help. I know the second-ranked vendor of elixirs, Wutong Yard. I also know that they’re willing to supply you with some elixirs.”

He then added, “Their current situation is that they’re faced with an urgent shortage of talents, so if you could help them, they will agree to reject the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store’s request to close off your supply and provide you with an endless supply of elixirs at a very good price.”

Su Yu remained unruffled as he replied with a question, “I’m just a shopkeeper of a small elixir store, so how can I help them?”

“It’s simple… You’ll only need to help them by translating this elixir recipe…” Jue then retrieved an elixir recipe from his pocket and spread it out before Su Yu.

Su Yu could not help but feel surprised as he looked at the recipe. This was because the writing on the elixir recipe was not any writing of the human race. Instead, it was written in the Mu language!

Several thoughts flashed through Su Yu’s mind, and he immediately raised his guard. At that moment, he recalled the Deputy General Manager’s warning to him: “Do not expose your ability of recognizing words of the Mu language, or else you will put yourself at the risk of death!”

Su Yu had always been suspicious of Jue for being overly helpful toward him. Now that Jue had asked him to translate an elixir recipe that was written in the Mu language, it seemed that he was obviously testing to see whether Su Yu was well-versed at understanding the Mu language!

Su Yu certainly did not believe that this was a coincidence. This middle-aged man named Jue was definitely suspicious, which meant that Su Yu now had a big problem!

Despite the overwhelming emotions that he was feeling inside, Su Yu appeared very calm, and with furrowed brows, he flipped through the recipe for a moment and expertly faked a stunned look as he asked, “Dare I ask… What is this? Are these ancient words… Or some kind of symbols? How can such a strange elixir recipe exist?”

Jue was staring at Su Yu as Su Yu spoke, closely observing every one of his subtle expressions. After ascertaining that Su Yu did not seem to be faking, Jue’s brows slightly furrowed for a fleeting moment, and he put on a look of pity as he replied, “This is only a peculiar form of writing. If you really can’t recognize it, I’m unable to help you do so. After all, that’s why I brought it here in the first place…”

Su Yu looked disappointed. “Well… I have only myself to blame for lacking in proficiency. Senior, thanks a lot for coming and trying to offer me your help.”

Jue nodded, then cupped hands and said, “Okay. Take care. I believe that you’ll be able to resolve this crisis with the help of Huang’s Elixirs. It’s getting late, so I have to get back to duty. Goodbye.”

Su Yu stood up and saw him out.

Should I inform the Deputy General Manager of this? Su Yu wondered as he watched Jue leave. He then shook his head lightly after a moment.

This person was very cautious, as he did not give himself away from the beginning till the end! There was no evidence of any trickery in him at all! Shaking his head, Su Yu returned to the bookyard and continued being enlightened about the Mu words that had been left behind by Yun Yazi.

Meanwhile, at the end of the skyline, Jue’s face fell as he thought to himself… It seems like the expert in Mu words who was dispatched by the Red Blood Palace really isn’t Su Yu! This was all just a waste of my time!

However, who else can it be if it’s not him? Could it be Gongsun Wuxie, who came to carry out missions from the outside sanctum? After thinking this, Jue immediately decided to change his target from Su Yu to Gongsun Wuxie!

The next day, Su Yu awoke from the state of 400-times acceleration. After a day of intense study, he had learned a great number of Mu words.

He could now recognize another one-tenth of the words from the 200 Mu words from the golden sand. However, the golden sand was extremely scattered, and he was unable to arrange the words in order yet. So, even though Su Yu could recognize two-tenths of them now, he could still not read them in a complete manner.

If all of the words were successfully deciphered, with patience, perhaps the 200 words could be pieced together in a concrete order, and the secret within them could then be revealed. This was Su Yu’s ultimate hope.

He was about to continue studying when a gentle voice was heard from the door, “Shopkeeper Su, today is the auction, did you meet up with the senior?”

Two people were standing at the door when Su Yu went to open it. Surprisingly, they were the Almighty strong men from the Red Blood Palace Auction House, who had secretly protected Su Yu.

Upon seeing them, Su Yu’s eyes shone. The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid was extremely crucial to achieving merit points this time. As to whether the name of Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid could be made known was even more important!

When Su Yu opened the door, both men stared at him closely, eagerly wanting to know if the senior had come.

“No. Ever since he left me to deal with the elixirs, he’s not been seen anywhere,” Su Yu said.

The two men did not seem to be too disappointed, but only gave out light sighs. In fact, they had been secretly observing all of the comings and goings from a spot just outside Su Yu’s house, thus allowing them to ensure that no one suspicious had come in or out. They were only trying their luck by asking at this moment.

“Nevermind. Since the senior apparently didn’t want to come, Shopkeeper Su can attend the auction on his behalf. You can also use the distinguished card that was given to you by the cabinet’s master,” one of the two men said.

Su Yu nodded. Then, escorted by the two men, he arrived at the Red Blood Palace Auction House. The auction that day was rather special. The insiders all knew that the Central Prefecture had placed their items for sale three days ago.

These items were demonic beast materials, winery goods, and elixirs. The purpose of this auction was to bring shame upon the related industries of the Red Blood Palace.

This was actually quite an ingenious plan… An auction held in the Red Blood Palace, ruthlessly crushing the Red Blood Palace’s confidence in the related industries, while using the brand-new auction items as an advantage. What an insult! When the three auction items gained popularity after the day, the Red Blood Palace would face even more humiliation for acting as a springboard to their success!

This time, the Central Prefecture’s influences chose this specific auction house on purpose, as many people would come forward to watch, even without them having to pay to get extensive publicity for the event from media outlets and what not. This would meet their expectations of achieving renown for their new auction items, thus rapidly popularizing them!

The Red Blood Palace was extremely pressured and exhausted from contending with this matter. As such, it seemed to be facing a tremendous crisis.

If the influences of the Central Prefecture prevailed, they would lose their prestige and the ability to continue running any businesses in Tianya City. They would then end being a laughing stock in the days to come!

The Red Blood Palace Auction House was super tense at the moment. This was especially the case with the heads of the three industries, Lin Ming, the shopkeeper of the largest shop of demonic beast materials, Yu Linglong, the shopkeeper of the largest winery, and Fei Hang, the shopkeeper of the largest elixir store!

These three had been sternly chastised by the Deputy General Manager just a few days ago, so one could only imagine how great the pressure was that they were now facing.

It was said that the Deputy General Manager intended to attend the auction personally. So, if their performances failed to satisfy him, the consequences could be truly severe!

As the auction had not yet begun, Su Yu was not brought to the scene of auction directly. Instead, he had just arrived at the lounge. All of the owners of the items at this auction were gathered here. And… As Su Yu was the owner of the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, Su Yu also was expected to be here.

As Su Yu entered the lounge, he quickly found the three famous shopkeepers, Lin Ming, Yu Linglong, and Fei Hang. His entry captured the attentions of all of the people in the lounge.

Most of them simply shot him a glance, then looked away. That is, except for Fei Hang, whose eyes shone, revealing that the shopkeeper was clearly stunned.

After staring at Su Yu for a while, Fei Hang couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you here?”

Su Yu laughed, then replied with a question, “Could it not be that the auction house of my faction was also founded by Shopkeeper Fei? Or… Am I not allowed to come here without your permission?”

While he was talking, Su Yu found a random chair to sit on. The whole time, he wore a smile on his face, exuding confidence and composure.

A look of awkwardness flashed across Fei Hang’s face. He had heard about the Bright Moon Householder, and he felt shocked that Su Yu had formed ties with the Elixir Alliance, which had clearly caused lots of elixir vendors to disobey his orders. Even the Huang family had presented Su Yu with quite an expensive gift, thus resolving the crisis of the Tonglin Elixir Store!

Initially, Su Yu was a nobody in his eyes, and he had deemed Su Yu not worth his attention at all. But, as a sign of caution to the rest of the shopkeepers of other elixir stores, he now felt that it was necessary to confront Su Yu.

But, he never could have predicted that not only was Su Yu not punished, but that they would have lost a stable elixir supplier for nothing! Worse still, Su Yu had set an appalling example, and now, one after another, the shopkeepers of other elixir stores would probably start to turn to Su Yu, relying on his channel of elixir suppliers to supply them with goods.

Then, they would stop obeying Fei Hang’s orders altogether! This was the worst and most intolerable part of the whole dilemma!

“Don’t get too proud! As long as you remain in Tianya City, you’re under the jurisdiction of my Elixir Organization! After the auction, I’ll settle this dispute with you once and for all!” Fei Hang said coldly.

Su Yu twitched his mouth in disdain as he replied, “As you wish.”

A mere Elixir Organization could only threaten Su Yu about the supply source of his elixirs, but Su Yu would be able to create his own supply source soon. So, he had no real reason to comply with the Elixir Organization, much less fear it!

Their bickering was noticed by Yu Linglong and Lin Ming, who both scowled. As they were two of the three main shopkeepers, they were familiar with Fei Hang’s character.

They had heard things about the Elixir Organization. It was said that in order to maintain the performance of the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store, Shopkeeper Fei had exploited the other lower-class stores.

The shopkeepers dared not voice their anger, except for the straightforward newcomer from the Tonglin Elixir Store, who had immediately left the scene, thus infuriating Shopkeeper Fei. He was so angry that he took his vengeance immediately thereafter.

Despite Shopkeeper Fei’s awful behavior, people like Su Yu, who offended their superiors, were unacceptable to them. As such, they would also loathe lower-class shopkeepers, like Su Yu, who disobeyed orders if Su Yu was involved in their industries. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to manage and keep control of the lower-class shops.

“Aren’t you a faction’s student from the outside sanctum?” Lin Ming asked Su Yu, not even attempting to conceal his distaste.

Su Yu was cool and calm, and while taking note of the other’s tone and attitude, he refused to respond graciously as he asked with equal disdain, “Who are you?”

Lin Ming had the intention of lecturing him, but was shocked at having been questioned by Su Yu instead! He was embarrassed that Su Yu did not even know him, thus disabling him from unleashing the scolding that was at the tip of his tongue.

So, all he could so was sneer. He then said, “You didn’t even make an effort to learn about all of the industries in Tianya City. It seems like your elixir store isn’t doing too well, either.”

Su Yu replied in a carefree manner, “Haha! It looks like it’s the industry of demonic beast materials that isn’t doing too well!” The demonic beast material industry was one of the three industries that had suffered the worst blow from the Central Prefecture.

“How dare you? You…. Little brat!” Lin Ming slammed his fists down on the table as he glowered at Su Yu. He was embarrassed that his weak spot had been called out in public by Su Yu.

Su Yu calmly replied, “You’ve got to brace yourself for humiliation if you are going to insult others. What’s the point of inviting humiliation upon yourself if you don’t even have such a realization of the repercussions that may result from it?”

Lin Ming was furious and finally understood what Fei Hang had been feeling all this time. In Lin Ming’s mind, this brat was totally fearless, and one could get extremely angry by just talking to him!

Meanwhile, Yu Linlong was thinking…This newcomer from Tonglin Elixir Store is indeed ignorant, as he dares to provoke anyone!