The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 836 - Its Will Follows One’s Heart’s Desire

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Su Yu collected the Milky Way Star Sand as he spoke calmly, “You don’t need to care about who I am. I will simply inform you that a trifling saint artifact like you, who is ranked behind nine thousandths isn’t worth anything in my eyes, and if you displease me, then I can bury you at any time in a place where no one can find you. Then, you can just wait there until you are obliterated by time!”

Yuan Jiao was infuriated, but as he looked at Su Yu’s right palm, he couldn’t help but become worried. This was because Su Yu already possessed a great imperial saint artifact that was ranked 21st, so he might not really care about an imperial saint artifact that was ranked in the nine thousandths!

After he hesitated and struggled inwardly for a while, Yuan Jiao started shrinking down until he reached just Su Yu’s chest. He used these means to express that he had already conceded.

He didn’t know that Su Yu had just let out a breath at such a moment, with excitement flickering in his shining eyes. After all, how could Su Yu not be happy about getting an imperial saint artifact? He was just bluffing to scare the Artifact Spirit, and he didn’t really expect that such an arrogant and haughty spirit would actually yield to him!

“If you don’t have anything else to say, then let’s start learning how to control the Five Elements Divine Prison from now on,” Su Yu said calmly.

Yuan Jiao didn’t hesitate, nor did he wear a contemptuous look as he had before. He then said, “If you want to control the Five Elements Divine Prison, then you need to cultivate the Five Element Mysteries Arts completely.”

He then asked, “Which version of the Five Element Mysteries Arts do you want to study?”

Su Yu raised his brows and asked, “The Five Element Mysteries Arts have different versions?”

“Yes, the Five Element Mysteries Arts have both the Human Clan’s language version and the Demon Clan’s language version. I made the former by translating the latter. This made it easier for my past nine masters to read and understand it.”

“What’s the difference between the two of them?” Su Yu asked.

Yuan Jiao spoke solemnly, There is an obvious difference between them. The Five Element Mysteries Arts deal with the comprehension of the five elements, and it’s something that can only be understood, not taught by words.”

Yuan Jiao then added, “The translated version was just my understanding and comprehension of it, which I wrote by using the Human Clan’s language, and it’s content didn’t amount to even half of the true Five Element Mysteries Arts. Thus, even if someone learned everything in my version, they could only exhibit half of the Five Elements Divine Prison’s might.”

Yuan Jiao continued to explain, “As for the Demon Clan’s language version, it’s the original version, which had a large amount of enlightening info within it. If one wanted to master the Five Element Mysteries Arts and use the Five Elements Divine Prison’s whole power, then he must first learn the Demon Clan’s language version.”

Su Yu pondered this for quite some time. Since he knew the Demon Clan’s language, then he obviously needed to study the original version of the Five Element Mysteries Arts.

As he thought about such a matter, Su Yu couldn’t help but be grateful to Yun Yazi for his gift. It was an inexhaustible wealth, which would be very useful to him.

“I’d like to read the Demon Clan’s language version.” Su Yu announced.

Yuan Jiao’s eyes flickered with delight. “Fine! It’s ideal that you know the Demon Clan’s language anyway, as the sooner you get full control over the Saint Artifact, the sooner I can recover to my peak state.”

Yuan Jiao then returned to the Five Elements Divine Prison, while a large number of golden complex symbols started revolving around it. They seemed like a swarm of mysterious fireflies.

“The Five Element Mysteries Arts have a total of 900 Demon Clan’s characters, and each character has 9,900 different concepts. If a human wanted to comprehend a single character, they would need 100 days, and to comprehend all 900 characters, they would need, at the very least, 300 years! So, you’d better get started!” Yuan Jiao said.

Su Yu pondered this for a moment before he emitted a wisp of his soul energy and touched the first symbol with it. Su Yu’s soul energy immediately felt like it had collided with a cyclone, which had sucked it in, the result of which was a dazzling sky that had five different auras, which soon appeared in Su Yu’s mind.

“Metal, wood, water, fire, earth!” Su Yu identified all of them aloud, and he was quite surprised. “What auspicious and peaceful auras!”

All five elements had unstable relationships with each other. This was because some of them were the bane of the others, which caused them to constantly descend into chaos and obliterate each other. However, the five elements’ auras in this space were quite stable.

While Su Yu was observing them, the five elements’ auras started descending into chaos, just like he had expected them to. The five elements then started extinguishing each other, which caused their collective aura to grow weaker and weaker.

As the five elements were the origin of myriad matters, all of this realm’s matters and substances had been made from them. Even the splendid sky here was made by the five elements, and the obliteration of the five elements caused this place’s space to start to crumble, and in just the twinkling of the eye, the sky was torn apart.

As Su Yu stood blankly amid a pitch-black world, he couldn’t determine which part of it was real. It was at this moment that a wisp of the five elements’ auras was born in this chaotic world. It was quite weak, like a blaze that would be extinguished among such a boundless, chaotic world at any time.

However, the five elements’ auras supported each other and depended on each other to become stronger until they reached the point where they filled the whole world. After the earth attribute’s aura stabilized, it turned into soil and formed a whole continent.

The water attribute’s aura fused with the former and turned into rain, which moistened the land. As for the wood attribute’s aura, it descended and turned into vegetation, which covered the whole world. Then, the metal attribute’s aura turned into towering mountain ranges, while the fire attribute’s aura ignited many of those mountains ablaze, thus warming the surroundings.

“This is the formation of a world!” Su Yu muttered in awe.

Just after that, when the five elements world reached its most prosperous state, it descended once again into disorder and was annihilated. Immediately, the world turned into chaos once again. It then repeated this same process over and over again.

As Su Yu witnessed this happening, he felt like he had passed countless years here, and he soon got lost in his thoughts.

In the outside world, Yuan Jiao stuck out his head and looked at Su Yu, who was lost in his thoughts. Yuan Jiao then said calmly, “I must wait, at the very least, for 100 years, as only then can he comprehend a single Demon Clan’s character. Ah! Why did I end up falling into a human’s hand once again? I really don’t have much time left.”

He still had a great feeling of superiority when facing humans. He sighed, then said, “If it was a talented demon instead, then he could comprehend one character in just three days.”

Yuan Jiao sighed once more. “I will return after 100 days to check on him once again. If he can comprehend one character in 100 days, then he can still be considered as someone with a great perception among all humans. But, if he can’t achieve this, then I should probably look for a way to escape and look for a new master.”

When he was just about to retract his head back, he was startled. As he looked fixedly at one of the 900 Demon Clan’s characters, he witnessed the radiance of one of them quickly dimming before it disappeared.

Yuan Jiao’s eyes widened as he wondered aloud, “Did he already compare the concepts within the Demon Clan’s characters? That’s impossible! And if so, how long did it take? Even two hours haven’t yet passed, and even peerless geniuses of my own Demon Clan couldn’t achieve such a feat in just two hours!”

In Yuan Jiao’s eyes, such petty and low beings as humans couldn’t rival demons, yet Su Yu’s performance has surpassed everything that he knew! At this moment, Su Yu’s eyes snapped open slowly. If someone carefully observed him, he would find that the five elements’ auras around him were now slightly denser, but they were still becoming weaker as time passed.

“The five elements are the origin of the world, and all myriad matters were born from them. As for me, I will control the five elements,” Su Yu muttered, while he extended his palm and grabbed at the air in front of him. At that time, five faintly discernible gaseous masses started revolving around his fist.

Seeing this, Yuan Jiao’s pupils contracted and he gasped. “Five Elements Follows One’s Heart’s Desire Realm! He unexpectedly got close to it!”

“Who is he?” Yuan Jiao pondered aloud excitedly, “Is he really a human? Only the members of legendary top notch clans, like the Goddess Clan, possess such terrifying perceptions. But, the Goddess Clan’s members are all women, so to which clan does this youth belong?”

He felt like it was impossible for Su Yu to be human, and figured that he should belong to some unknown and mysterious clan instead.

Follow one’s heart’s desire? It wasn’t Su Yu’s first time hearing the term mentioned by Yuan Jiao, as it seemed like Bing Wuxin had also reached this realm. Su Yu didn’t know what kind of realm it was exactly, but while he was inside the Demon Clan’s character, he finally understood it.

Everything possessed a limit, and no matter how high and brilliant one’s sword techniques were, they still had an upper limit. Such a limit was like a bottleneck in every sword cultivator’s eyes, and this bottleneck led directly toward a higher sword path.

The level of sword techniques of ordinary people would come to a halt when they reached such a realm, while geniuses could break through such a bottleneck and step into another completely new sword path. The realm behind such a bottleneck was the this Sword Follow One’s Heart’s Desire.

It seemed to Yuan Jiao like Su Yu had only gone through two hours, yet Su Yu himself knew that, because he had used his power to speed the flow of time, he had already gone through 1,000 hours and experienced the destruction and rebirth of the world about 50 times each of those hours!

While being between the edge of rebirth and destruction, he came into contact with the true essence of the five elements. At this time, he felt like his bottleneck had given way.

In the past, he was proficient in the ice, fire, and lighting paths, but they all came to an end before the Fairy Realm, as they couldn’t progress further on. He now understood why he was forced to come to a halt at such a time and why he didn’t manage to take a higher and broader path.

By grasping the five elements’ auras circle, Su Yu felt like a completely new world was opened before his eyes, and when he came into contact with the Five Elements Follows One’s Heart’s Desire Realm, he felt like he became the five elements themselves, thus making him capable of easily controlling them.

However, he still had a long path to walk before truly reaching the apex of such a realm. The ray that was flickering in Su Yu’s eyes gradually disappeared, while his eyes soon regained their clarity.

It was only at such a moment that a tingling sound rang out, while the door opened by itself. His stay in the Illusory Fighting Room had come to an end.

Su Yu immediately collected the Five Elements Divine Prison,and put it in his spatial ring. He then hid his five elements’ aura and wore his usual expression as he strode out of the Illusory Fighting Room.

His cultivation had officially come to an end, and it was now time to go to the Mission Division and accept the mission of going to Tianya City. However, just when Su Yu had taken a single step out of the room, the symbols on the wall behind him erupted out, while a dazzling light beam shot out of them and soared into the sky!

The light beam’s rays were so dazzling that they illuminated ten thousand miles, and not only was the outer sanctum illuminated by them, even the remote Fairy Confining Forest was illuminated by its dazzling rays!

In the inner sanctum, the eyes of Mo Tianxuan, who was now cultivating, snapped open, and shock appeared on her face. “Jian Wusheng’s phantom image was defeated by someone…”

In a private room, an extremely beautiful and proud woman looked fixedly at the sky as she stood up, clenched her fists, and asked coldly, “Who defeated the phantom image? Who is it?”

In the outer sanctum, the Great Palace Master opened his eyes suddenly, shock immediately appearing in them. “The Illusory Fighting Room… Jian Wusheng’s phantom image was defeated… Who is it?”

The two Lesser Palace Masters soared into the sky and looked at the extremely dazzling light beam. One of them asked in shock, “The hundred-year-old phantom image was annihilated in one move! Was it done by one of the outer sanctum’s disciples?”

All of the people below raised their heads and observed this impressive sight. It was only when the light beam became dimmer that they were able to look at its source, the Illusory Fighting Room, with flickering gazes.