The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 764 - Reaping Without Sowing

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As Su Yu looked forward, he saw a one-eyed man, who had an eye-patch. He seemed ferocious, yet his gaze was serene and warm. However, Su Yu’s pupils still couldn’t help but slightly contract, as this person was a Divine Master!

The one-eyed man was now curiously observing Su Yu, and his gaze was filled with praise, as they were few people who could easily deal with spatial teleportation! Even Shangguan Yunque couldn’t achieve it!

“Well, Uncle Qin! You were the one protecting the formation?” Shangguan Yunque was surprised. “In the past, wasn’t it always protected by the elders?”

The one-eyed man in front of them was the person in charge of protecting the formation.

Uncle Qin averted his gaze from Su Yu as his expression changed slightly. “It’s good that you managed to come back, as the Family’s Master was just about to send some experts to go and get you.”

“Uncle Qin, what happened?” Shangguan Yunque raised his eyebrows as he realized that something was amiss.

This teleportation formation was extremely important because it led directly to the Shangguan family’s manor. As such, it was constantly guarded by three Level Nine Fairy Realm branch elders.

It was only in critical situations that a Divine Master would be dispatched to protect it. Such a situation had rarely occurred in the Shangguan family’s thousand years history.

“It’s hard to explain in a few words,so let’s go see the Family’s Master.” Shangguan Yunque had already realized that they were in a state of emergency, so he didn’t dare tarry.

“Uncle Qin, I will trouble you with the task of settling in my two friends. I will quickly go back.” Shangguan Yunque cupped his fists at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying before he left.

Yuan Yingying then whispered in Su Yu’s ear, “It seems like something major occurred in the Shangguan family…”

Su Yu nodded slightly. He had already managed to get some clues about it just from the accident in the birds’ island three days ago.

“Sirs, the attendant will take you to your room. As I’m in charge of protecting this place, I can’t escort you there myself,” Uncle Qin said.

Su Yu nodded and cupped his fists at him.

A pretty female attendant came and led them to the place where the Shangguan family usually received guests. According to Shangguan Yunque’s instructions, the room that had been prepared for them was quite luxurious. In fact, it was one of their best rooms.



But, before they could even approach the courtyard, they heard someone shouting, followed by a loud sound. It appeared as if someone was training within the courtyard.

As they looked into the courtyard from its entrance, they saw a group of youngsters, who were practicing their fighting skills. Their ages ranged from sixteen years old to twenty years old, and the weakest among them was at the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, while the strongest was a Level Four Fairy.

The Level Four Fairy was an eighteen-year-old youth, who was practicing his fist techniques. His strikes were smooth and fluid, and they all left countless ripples in the air.

As Su Yu had already been in Jiuzhou for more than a month now, he knew that the Jiuzhou World was much more firm and stable than Zhenlong. As such, although it would be easy for Su Yu to shatter Zhenlong’s space, it would be difficult for him to even slightly shake Jiuzhou’s space.

Since this lad had just managed to slightly shake its space, it could be seen that he possessed a great physical power, which wasn’t any weaker than Su Yu’s First Dragon Body’s! Although, if Su Yu’s cultivation advanced further, his body would also become more powerful, so it wasn’t really fair to compare a Half Fairy like him with a Level Four Fairy.

“As expected of the Thousand Water Mountain Range’s greatest genius, his strike possesses five elephants’ power, and it’s higher by a whole elephant than ordinary Level Four Fairies’! Brother Zhang Fan, you will surely get one of the Red Blood Palace’s Outer Sanctum Quotas!” A short-haired youth beside him, who wore a leopard’s fur, couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

Elephants were Jiuzhou’s martial artists’ power measuring unit. Vigorous Diamond Elephants were one of Jiuzhou’s most commonly seen demonic beasts, and they were famous for their great physical power.

The power of each Vigorous Diamond Elephant was equivalent to the power of a human who just reached Level One Fairy Realm, and it was because of this that it was used as a power measuring unit. On average, a Level One Fairy possessed one elephant’s power, while Level Two Fairies possessed two elephants’ power, and along with each level advancement, his power would increase by a whole elephant.

Once one’s cultivation reached the All Creation Realm, then he would possess ten thousand elephants’ power. From just this point, the great difference between a Fairy and the All Creation Old monsters could be clearly seen.

This youth, called Zhang Fan, was a Level Four Fairy, and people with such a cultivation possessed, on average, just four elephants’ power. But he had already reached five elephants’ power, which was quite outstanding!

Su Yu had already heard many things about this group of youngsters. They also wanted to enter the Red Blood Palace, which is why they were all preparing for passing the Shangguan family’s test in order to do so.

Zhang Fan sighed. “Although I am not worried, I’ve heard that the test for entering the Red Blood Palace won’t be easy for most people. In fact, it is said that even those with six elephants’ power aren’t assured of passing it.”

Although he was sighing, it was obvious from his tone that he was implying that it would be impossible for anyone other than him to pass. But, the others still pretended that they didn’t understand his meaning and continued to praise and compliment him.

They couldn’t be blamed for such behavior, as the Red Blood Palace’s entry exam was extremely dangerous, and if they could befriend some experts before taking it, then they would have higher chances of passing it.

Su Yu took a look at Zhang Fan and nodded. It seemed like entering the Red Blood Palace wasn’t some easy matter as he had first thought.

“Well, everyone, look over there! It seems we have two new neighbors! It’s a young girl and her servant.” The youth who wore a leopard fur noticed them out of the corners of his eyes. “It’s really strange, as more than half a month has already passed since the deadline for recommendations… So, why are there still people arriving here?”

He then asked, “Well, where did you come from?”

Yuan Yingying replied, “The Blue Mountain Range.”

“That’s impossible!” the youth in the leopard fur exclaimed. “The Shangguan family already gave up on looking for talents from that place, so how’s it possible that you came from there?”

The Shangguan family had placed a martial arts institute in all of the Nine Mountain Ranges, the Seven Great Mountains, the Six Blessed Lands and the five villas. They then observed the new talents as they emerged in each place carefully.

However, the impoverished Blue Mountain Range never had any good talents, so the Shangguan family soon stopped caring about it. Moreover, the Blue Mountain Range was close to the Soul Seizing Palace, which yearly held a great competition in the Blue Mountain Range, where it would steal away its best talents, making it even more impossible for the Shangguan Family to find any outstanding geniuses there!

After several hundred years passed without any talent being recommended from there, they had directly excluded it and stopped taking any recommendations from there. This was why the youngsters were so bewildered by the fact that they had come from the Blue Mountain Range.

“Did you rely on your close relationship with someone important to come here?” The youth in a leopard fur squinted his eyes.

Yuan Yingying was angered by his insulting words. “What does it matter to you?”

He chuckled, then replied, “It matters to all of us here, as those who have used underhanded means to get here surely aren’t welcome!”

Yuan Yingying was angered by his words, as she felt like she was being targeted for no reason. Su Yu looked at the youth in a leopard fur and said with a disdain scowl, “You really don’t seem any better!”

After all, Su Yu could clearly tell that this particular youngster didn’t depend on his power, but instead wanted to depend on his luck, as well as trying to better his odds by bullying other would-be contenders to back out. Su Yu had to wonder…

What good could come of such people, even if they managed to pass the exam?

“Well? How can a spoiled young miss, who takes her servant everywhere with her, be any better than me?” The youth curled his mouth into a mocking smile.

Su Yu didn’t want to bother with him at the moment, so he just pulled Yuan Yingying away and walked towards their room.

“Stop! I said that you aren’t welcome here, so you should look for another place to stay!” the youth in a leopard fur said.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Oh? Can you please inform which young master of the Shangguan family you are? What authority do you have to drive us away, while the Shangguan family has invited us here? You really quite full of yourself!”

The youth in a leopard fur was taken aback by Su Yu’s bold response. “What are you talking about? I just found you unacceptable, as you got here by doing nothing, while we all passed the exam fairly. As such, the two of you are no match for us.”

Su Yu squinted his eyes. “Oh really? Why don’t you show me how powerful an upright genius like you is versus a person like me, who just took a shortcut to get here?”

Many people had heard the commotion and gathered to watch, as they were intrigued at the scene that was unfolding before their very eyes. Although the behavior of the youth in a leopard fur was improper, the tone of this old man was too arrogant, and they were all displeased by it, so they wanted to see how powerful he really was.

The youth in a leopard fur revealed a crafty smile and said, “Fine, I, Tang Feng, accept your challenge!”

Su Yu’s expression remained calm and indifferent. In his eyes, Tang Feng was just a noisy, spoiled brat, and it would be easy for Su Yu to defeat him.

Su Yu had challenged him of his own accord because he didn’t want any more trouble. After all, it was his opinion that people should always keep a low-profile. However, when it was time to demonstrate their might, they also mustn’t cower! Otherwise, they would get into even more annoying trouble down the road.