The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 759 - The Elder Sister's Revenge

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Yuan Wanbi was delighted and startled as she thought… The Yuan family?

Yuan Wanbi shook her head as she thought back to what the Yuan family had done. She then said, “It isn’t related to the Yuan family, as it was my half younger sister who colluded with an outsider to get control of the Yuan family. Even my father was deceived by her! As such, the Yuan family mustn’t be blamed!”

She had quickly spoken up because she feared that Shangguan Yunque would direct his anger toward the whole Yuan family. After hearing her words, Shangguan Yunque replied coldly, “Let’s go see your younger sister then, as well as the outsider who supposedly bullied you.”

Yuan Wanbi was delighted by his words. After all, Shangguan Yunque didn’t just have a high status, but he was also a powerful martial artist, whose cultivation had already reached the Level Seven Fairy Realm. In fact, she could not think of anyone in the whole city who could face him!

Although it was extremely likely that Su Yuxian was an Almighty Divine Master, she knew that Shangguan Yunque was not to be underestimated. Also, she was certain that he had a powerful magical treasure. Otherwise, the Shangguan family wouldn’t let its young master travel alone to the Blue Mountain Range.

She felt almost mad at the moment as she vowed in her heart… Su Yuxian, Yuan Yingying, your good days will soon come to an end!

In the Yuan family’s manor.

Su Yu and Yuan Yingying were sent to the central hall, which was being decorated with lanterns and colorful banners. At the moment, the entire manor was bustling with noise, and a cheerful atmosphere engulfed the entire place.

Delight was apparent on each member of the family members’ faces, and all of the people who were oblivious to what had just happened, might even assume that this was a joyful wedding ceremony.

“Yingying, come here.” As the Yuan Family’s Master looked at the Yuan Manor, he felt delighted and carefree.

After all, the Yuan family’s greatest threat, the Elixir Production Alliance, had crumbled in a single night, while his precious daughter, Yingying, had become the most talented woman in the history of the family. Moreover, she would shortly join the Soul Seizing Palace before experiencing a meteoric rise to even greater success!

Also, an intermediate alchemist had even appeared in the family a few days ago, and if the primary alchemists that had come from the Elixir Production Alliance were counted, the Yuan family’s elixir production manpower had increased exponentially. This meant that it could rule now the whole Blue Mountain Range!

“Father, is such extravagance really necessary?” Yuan Yingying asked, clearly speaking of the lavish banquet that they were preparing.

The Yuan Family’s Master chuckled, then replied, “Our family has just received three pieces of good news, which is a magnificent and unprecedented event! So, why shouldn’t we celebrate without restraint?”

“Yingying, as you are this night’s leading lady and star, you should go rest for a while. You will need to be ready to shine!” The Yuan Family’s Master laughed, then returned to taking care of banquet preparations.

As Su Yu observed the Yuan family, he realized that it was time for him to leave. He figured that he should wait until more people arrived, which would then allow him to leave quietly.

Now that the Yuan family dominated the Blue Mountain Range completely, Yuan Yingying’s road would be smooth. In fact, the only matter that Su Yu was still unsatisfied with what that she was going to the Soul Seizing Palace. After all, Su Yu knew that he would have to seek revenge on the Soul Seizing Palace’s Master for putting him in a dangerous situation.

At the moment, people were running around and the atmosphere was cheerful. However, a shout that shook the whole Yuan family was suddenly heard, coming from outside the gate, “Yuan family members, obey my orders and bring out Su Yu and Yuan Yingying!”

The deafening shout infuriated the Yuan family members, who considered it to be

quite impudent! After all, the Yuan family was now at the peak of its power. Moreover, it was getting ready to hold a festive banquet!

The people were aghast at such a rude imposition, and they couldn’t help but wonder… How dare this man shout at us in such a brazen manner? He isn’t showing our family our due respect!

Pojun’s expression became gloomy as he yelled, “Guards, capture him!”

Immediately, a group of ferocious martial artists charged over to obey the command.

“Wait! Don’t attack him! He’s quite strong!” The Yuan Family’s Master extended his hand and stopped them.

Su Yu also stood up slowly and looked outside. As he furrowed his brows slightly, he said, “It appears that an expert really has come here, as such an aura couldn’t belong to an ordinary Fairy. According to my senses, he has almost reached the late stage of the Fairy Realm.”

Shock appeared on Yuan Yingying’s face as she asked for confirmation, “You mean… A late stage Fairy has come here to make trouble?”

She tried to recollect a time when she had somehow offended a late stage Fairy… Did I offend someone inadvertently in the Blue Mountain Meet?

“Well… We will know everything after we go out and meet him. Also, since he has already announced himself, wouldn’t it be disrespectful of us to refuse to meet with him?” Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold.

He couldn’t help but think that it would be ideal for him if enemies who wanted to harm the family came out now. In this way, he could get rid of all of them before leaving the Blue Mountain Range!

After hearing Su Yu’s logical reasoning, the Yuan family members reluctantly left their banquet preparation duties and exited the manor. However, when they got outside, they were all astonished.

They saw a youth, who was clad in white-feathered clothes, standing imposingly in front of the gate. Moreover, Yuan Wanbi was unexpectedly standing beside him!

“Wanbi, what are you up to? Why did you bring someone with you to our Yuan Manor? Are you looking for trouble?” Pojun furrowed his brows as he spoke.

Yuan Wanbi just smiled and said, “Elder Pojun, I came here for personal reason. I want to talk with Su Yuxian and my younger sister. I really didn’t come here to make trouble.”

The Yuan Family’s Master barely looked at his daughter, as his gaze was focused on the youth. “May I ask who you are?”

They youth seemed to be no more than twenty years old, yet he was already a Level Seven Fairy. Such talent astonished the Yuan Family’s Master.

“I’m Shangguan Yunque, and soon, I will probably be calling you father-in-law,” Shangguan Yunque said.

Pojun’s eyes flickered as he spoke in surprise, “Shangguan Yunque? Are you from the While Cloud Lake’s Shangguan family? Wait… Why would you need to call our Yuan Family’s Master father-in-law?”

The Yuan family members were shocked to learn his identity. After all, the Shangguan family was a great faction, which was almost comparable to the eighteen great factions, and it ruled the Nine Mountain Ranges, the Seven Great Mountains, six Blessed Lands and five villas!

Shangguan Yunque wore a faint smile as he looked at the Yuan Family’s Master and asked, “You mean that you still haven’t made my engagement to Yuan Wanbi public?”

The Yuan family members gasped in surprise when they heard his question and read between the lines. Immediately, countless whispers were heard…

“What? The Shangguan family has an engagement with our Yuan family?”

“That’s impossible! How could our small Yuan family manage to engineer a connection to the Shangguan family?”

Amazed, delighted, and excited voices echoed for quite a while among the crowd. After all, it was a glorious thing to be connected by marriage with such a great faction. With such a connection, few factions in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands would dare to provoke them in the future, let alone the Blue Mountain Range’s factions!

This was even more exciting than the fact that the second miss had become a Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum disciple! Upon seeing their reactions, Yuan Wanbi’s vanity was satisfied. She reveled in the fact that all of the gazes of the family members were focused on her again. It was clear that her younger sister’s new Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum disciple status paled in comparison to the news of her current engagement.

Pojun laughed, then said, “Wanbi, I knew that you would have good fortune in your life. Congratulations are in order!”

The other family members congratulated her too, while all of their gazes became filled with envy. Now, they respected her even more than they had in the past.

After all, there was a great kind of glory that was attached to becoming the Shangguan Family’s young master’s wife! Now, even the Yuan Family’s Master’s status would be vastly inferior to hers.

Everyone was shocked as they realized that she was now an influential person, whose name would resound in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands for centuries. The best part was that she had come from their family, which gave them a great sense of pride.

However, Shangguan Yunque spoke again before they could rejoice too much, “Thank you all for your congratulations, but I need to first settle one matter. Wanbi was bullied by Yuan Yingying and Su Yuxian, and as such a matter is related to my Shangguan family’s prestige, I can’t ignore it.”

He then added, “Both of you should come out now. Let’s discuss this matter.”

After he finished speaking, Shangguan Yunque’s expression became cold. In fact, the entire place’s ambiance immediately became ice-cold.

As Shangguan Yunque was overbearing and resolute, the family members knew that they couldn’t prevent him from getting exactly what he wanted. But, they knew that if they handed Yuan Yingying over to him, they would surely disappoint her. Then, if she had success in the future, she might not take care of them!

But, they also knew that if they refused him, they would offend Yuan Wanbi, the future wife of the Shangguan family’s young master. With her new status, she could really make life difficult for the Yuan family, especially for the Yuan Family’s Master. In fact, if she truly hardened her heart, she might even destroy the family altogether!

If they compared the two consequences, complying with Yuan Wanbi seemed to be the better option. Thus, most of them quieted down and chose to look the other way and not resist at this moment.

Yuan Yingying clenched her fists as she looked at her elder sister. However, she wasn’t really saddened. Instead, she just wondered… Why does she hate me so much? After all, Yuan Yingying had never done anything to purposefully harm her older sister.

After the whole Yuan family quieted down, a tall person strode forward. It was the Yuan Family’s Master.

After he looked around the crowd, he said, “Young Master Shangguan, this is, after all, my family, not your family. If you feel like you can meddle in our family’s matters just because of an engagement, then we don’t need this engagement after all.”

His words were like a hammer, landing heavy on every eardrum that heard them. Everyone knew that he was deathly serious, as if the woman’s family went back on the engagement, it would indeed invalidate it.

Shock appeared on Yuan Wanbi’s face as she quickly asked, “Father, how can you do this to me? This is the most important thing in my life! So…”

The Yuan Family’s Master interrupted her, shouting angrily, “Shut up!”

Yuan Wanbi cowered when she heard his shout. She had never seen her father this angry.

“I can’t believe that my good daughter, Wanbi, colluded with an outsider and came to our door to bully her younger sister. She was really a good daughter, who was educated well by our family!” The Yuan Family’s Master face was filled with disappointment as he addressed the crowd, then swept his gaze across Yuan Wanbi.

The Yuan Family’s Master then said to Yuan Yingying, “Come over here and discuss this matter with your sister with me first. How did your younger sister wrong you? What could have caused you to have such a deep hatred of her? Speak!”

Fright welled up in Yuan Wanbi’s heart as she faced her angry father. She started striving hard to remember just why she had taken such actions against her sister. However, she found herself incapable of finding even a single reason!

Yuan Yingying had never once harmed her. In fact, she had always treated her kindly. As for Yuan Yingying, she had always abhorred her younger sister. She was jealous of her when she started succeeding, and this resentment continued until her younger sister finally surpassed her. It was then that a full-blown hatred welled up in Yuan Wanbi’s heart.

But, she couldn’t possibly say all of that to her father. Sensing his daughter’s hesitation, the Yuan Family’s Master asked, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

The Yuan Family’s Master leaned forward to look her in the eye, then asked, “Is it because you are vain and were jealous of her? Were you unable to tolerate the fact that your younger sister was better than you?”

He shook his head in disappointment, then said, “You are just jealous of her success! It’s our Yuan family’s elders’ faults, as they pampered you too much, allowing you to get away with being such a child!”

The Yuan Family’s Master added sharply, “I will give you just three breaths’ time to either you admit your mistake or leave us forever! If you choose the latter option, you can never come back to the Yuan family!”

Yuan Wanbi’s whole body shivered when she heard him. This wasn’t the outcome she had desired! She had just wanted to vent her anger and get back her former position in the Yuan family! She didn’t expect that her father would react in such a way, even threatening to drive her out of the Yuan family forever!

“One… Two…” The Yuan Family’s Master began to count.

Hesitation filled Yuan Wanbi’s eyes as she wondered… What should I do? Should I leave the Yuan family and marry into the Shangguan family? But, if I’m no longer a part of the Yuan family, I won’t be qualified to marry into the Shangguan family as a descendant of the Yuan family…

When the Yuan Family’s Master was about to utter the last number, Yuan Yingying unexpectedly stepped in front of her father and said, “Father, let me settle this matter. After all, this is a personal grudge between the two of us. It does not concern you.”

The Yuan Family’s Master quieted for a moment before he closed his eyes and replied slowly, “I will give you just five minutes.”

He sighed inwardly as he looked at Yuan Yingying. He was amazed that she was still so kind hearted, enough that she couldn’t bear witnessing her elder sister being driven out of the Yuan family.

However, in Yuan Wanbi’s eyes, her younger sister’s kindness seemed like charity that was given to the weak. So, Yuan Wanbi lashed out at Yuan Yingying, saying, “I don’t need your insincere concern.”

Shangguan Yunque, after sizing up Yuan Yingying, asked, “Is it really you? Wanbi, how do you want me to handle her? Your wish is my command. Say anything, and I will surely do it! If anyone dares to try to obstruct me, he will become the Shangguan family’s enemy!”

Yuan Wanbi became more confident upon hearing that someone was supporting her. As she looked at her younger sister, she wore an insincere smile and asked, “You didn’t expect such a day would come, did you? Now, I will repay you for everything that you took from me!”