The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 754 - Genius Girl

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All of the Yuan family members present were greatly shocked by Yuan Yingying’s behavior. She seemed quite strange to them, as not only was she powerful, but she had even dared to attack her sister!

They remembered that, in the past, Yuan Yingying was always following behind Yuan Wanbi’s, and they recalled that she was quite timid, never even daring to speak loudly to her, let alone attack her! The Yuan Family’s Master was also shocked. In his eyes, however, his daughter had changed for the better.

Yuan Yingying’s gaze was calm and indifferent as she looked at the resentful Yuan Wanbi. She then said, “Big sister, you are too weak.”

After defeating her elder sister, Yuan Yingying felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. The power that her sister had once had over her had diminished. Now, when she looked at her sister, all she saw was the image of a pitiful sore loser.

Feeling lighter than ever, Yuan Yingying descended from the stage and revealed a radiant smile as she stood beside Su Yu. At that moment, the audience was cheering loudly and whispering amongst themselves…

“I really didn’t expect that the Yuan family would have such a talented girl! It turns out that their true expert is unexpectedly the Second Miss!”

“Hehe, she was just a pitiful child, but it seems like her hard times have finally come to an end.”

The Yuan family’s elders had mixed feelings about this, and they begin looking at Yuan Yingying in a different light. Zhao Yin was also surprised by Yuan Yingying, and he had to wonder… When did this girl become this powerful?

As he looked at her now, he felt like marrying her wouldn’t really be that bad, as although she wasn’t pretty, she was naive, which would make her easy for him to control.

“Yingying, you did well, but in the next round, I won’t go so easy on you.” Zhao Yin came over and tried to pat her shoulder, but Yuan Yingying retreated quietly and evaded his touch.

“Well… Are you dissatisfied with me? Hehe, after this competition ends, we can try to get to know each other better.” Zhao Yin revealed a smile, which he assumed was quite amiable.

Yuan Yingying looked at him calmly, but spoke coldly, “You can go to get intimate with my sister. I won’t stop you.”

When he heard her words, Zhao Yin’s expression revealed his shock… How does she know that I was secretly meeting with Yuan Wanbi?

It seemed like this simple and naive-looking girl was actually quite smart. He looked earnestly at her for a while before he said, “No matter what you feel right now, this won’t change our relationship, and before long, you will become my woman!”

After he finished speaking, he swaggered off. As she watched him leave, Yuan Yingying’s expression was still calm, but she was tightly clenching her fists out of anger and fear.

All of a sudden, a big and rough hand took her hand within it. It was Su Yu’s hand. “Don’t worry. He isn’t good for you, and you won’t end up marrying him.”

Su Yu was determined that, before he left, he would surely get rid of of this Zhao Yin to save Yuan Yingying from many troubles in the future!

The next match was that of Zhao Yin against an opponent of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm. When this person faced Zhao Yin, whose face was filled with displeasure, he chose sensibly to concede immediately.

“The last battle will match Zhao Yin against Yuan Yingying. You may now start competing!” Just as the announcement was heard, the two of them quickly flew to the stage.

“As it’s already so impressive that Yuan Yingying has managed to reach such a high-profile match, regardless of whether she wins or loses, we must treat her with the proper respect that she deserves from now on.” The person who said such words was Pojun, who had always belittled Yuan Yingying in the past.

Now, he saw great potential in Yuan Yingying, potential which surpassed even Yuan Wanbi’s. As many elders agreed with him, they all nodded their heads.

At the moment, they were discussing the future’s matters, without caring much about the final battle. After all, in their eyes, they had no hope for their side winning this battle.

Hence, they were looking forward to the Soul Seizing Palace’s elder examination. After all, with Yuan Yingying’s sudden promising performance, she might actually catch his eye.

As for the people from the Elixir Production Alliance, they observed the battle nervously, while occasionally looking at Su Yu with gazes that were filled with excitement. It seemed like Su Yu detected their gazes, as he looked back at them meaningfully.

“Yingying, just concede. You are my fiancee, and I don’t want to harm you,” Zhao Yin spoke to her in a proud and grand fashion.

Yuan Yingying’s expression remained calm. “No, let’s fight. I must beat you for Uncle Su.”

For him? Zhao Yin was seething inwardly.

“Haha, since you asked for it…” Zhao Yin chuckled calmly as he swiftly attacked.

However, Yuan Yingying just turned around and walked towards the edge of the stage. Her actions bewildered the audience… Is she wanting to concede?

Zhao Yin was also bewildered. “Yingying, do you want to concede now?”

Yuan Yingying replied, “No. It’s just that the fight has already come to an end!”

Before the audience understood what she meant, Zhao Yin’s expression changed gravely, while his face suddenly became flushed and his eyes rolled around in his head. Then, he promptly fainted!

The judge was startled, and after he came over to him and verified that he had really fainted, the judge announced, “Yuan Yingying has won the fight!”

The audience went into an uproar, when his words echoed out.

“What? The Yuan family won? How did she win? And… Why did Zhao Yin suddenly collapse?”

“Did he let her win deliberately? He really played that last part skillfully, if so.”

“Hehe, that’s probably really the case, as the Elixir Production Alliance is really generous. Could it be that all of this was done as some sort of betrothal gift?”

It was really only the people from the Yuan family and the Elixir Production Alliance who were truly shocked. The Yuan family was sure that it was impossible that Zhao Yin had let her win deliberately, as once he lost, the Elixir Production Alliance would lose a whole market.

The only possibility that remained was that Yuan Yingying had used some powerful technique to defeat Zhao Yin, whose cultivation was much higher than hers.


At that moment, Zhao Yin’s father, the Elixir Production Alliance’s yellow-robed scholar, suddenly flew to the stage and inspected his son’s injuries.

Then, the red-nosed middle-aged man also flew to his side and inspected him.

This scene made the audience calm down, as it didn’t seem like they were faking it, and it was obvious from their stunned expressions that they didn’t have any idea about all of this. Thus, the only explication for was that Zhao Yin had really lost!

“He was knocked down by Yuan Yingying before he even had a chance to do anything! What the heck? What’s wrong with this world?” someone, whose face was filled with disbelief, asked.

All of the people present started wagging their tongues and discussing it for quite some time.

The yellow-robed scholar, whose expression was gloomy, turned his head around and glared viciously at Yuan Yingying as he berated her, “Speak! What did you do to my son?”

Yuan Yingying’s whole body shivered, as her internal organs were shaken because of the wave of pressure he had just sent at her.

A cold snorting sound was heard from the Yuan family’s side at this moment, and all of the Yuan family’s people came over and stood in a confrontational manner before the people of the Elixir Production Alliance.

“Zhao Yinghao, grow up! Even if you can’t afford to lose, why do you still need to attack a junior? Do you still care about your reputation or not?” The Yuan Family’s Master’s face was filled with anger.

Zhao Yinghao replied angrily, “Anyone with a discerning eye can see that something is fishy about all of this! So, you speak! What kind of shameless method did your daughter just use? I don’t believe that a Three Crystal Half Fairy Realm woman could defeat a Level Two Fairy without resorting to some shady tricks.”

The Yuan Family’s Master didn’t know how to explain it, as he was also incapable of understanding how Yuan Yingying had managed to defeat him. It was indeed an odd victory.

“It’s a soul secret technique that my teacher, Uncle Zhao, taught me. If you don’t believe it, then you can try it yourself.” Yuan Yingying looked coldly at Zhao Yinghao.

Her teacher? Immediately, the Yuan family members suddenly understood everything.

“Your teacher? Ha! Do I look like a three-year-old child, who could be deceived by such words?” Zhao Yinghao was so infuriated that he laughed.

“Zhao Yinghao, there is a matter that we have kept secret until now. An Almighty Divine Master has taken our family’s Yuan Yingying as his disciple, and he taught her some powerful techniques. If you don’t believe it, then we will just let her use them on you, so that you can be assured…” the Yuan Family’s Master offered.

He then added, “Also, as a matter of course, if anyone here is doubtful, they can also do the same, then determine that she won this battle justly, without cheating.”

As everyone nodded, many experts, who didn’t belong to those two factions, came over.

“Yingying, are you ready?” the Yuan Family’s Master asked her.

Yuan Yingying nodded. “Anyone in the early stage of the Fairy Realm or lower mustn’t test this power, as it may endanger their life. As for middle-stage Fairies, they should also properly prepare themselves for sustaining injuries. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!”

“You are just talking nonsense now, just go ahead and use it,” Zhao Yinghao said.

Yuan Yingying looked at him as she asked calmly, “Are you ready?”

Zhao Yinghao took a deep breath and engulfed his body with his Vital Energy. He then nodded and replied, “I’m already ready. Go ahead and start…”

“Well, I already used it! Didn’t you detect it?” Yuan Yingying chuckled.

“What? You…” Zhao Yinghao was angered by her, and just when he was about to berate her, a sharp, scalding pain suddenly transmitted from the deepest part of his soul.

“Ah!” A miserable scream resounded throughout the martial arts plaza as Zhao Yinghao’s face became deathly pale. His expression became quite hideous, as if he was enduring intense pain.

The pained Zhao Yinghao seemed like a demonic beast that had gone mad, and he bombarded his surroundings, shattering a large part of the arena and scaring away many martial artists. Finally, the Yuan Family’s Master and the others joined forces to bring him under control, but even after that, he still continued screaming for quite some time.

In the end, Zhao Yinghao seemed like he had been stripped of all of his power, and as he gasped for breath, fear and pain were still apparent on his face.

“Uncles, does anyone else want to see for themselves?” Yuan Yingying revealed a seemingly innocent smile as she looked at all of the people who come here to test her powers.

“Wait… There is no need… I believe you.” A martial artist, who didn’t believe her a moment ago, quickly waved his hand and he flew away.

The faces of the other people were now filled with fright, and they also quickly distanced themselves from Yuan Yingying, as if she was a malevolent ghost.

Seeing this, the Yuan Family’s Master was greatly delighted, and his nervous heart finally calmed down. He couldn’t help but hug his lovely daughter tightly as he looked at her. She had brought their family many nice surprises, including the Soul Seizing Palace’s quota and that new market!

“Yingying, you did well, so after we return home tonight, we will hold a dinner to honor you.” Pojun smiled as he congratulated her.

This day was a day of exultation for the Yuan family. Yesterday, the Yuan Family’s Master had just announced the appearance of another intermediate alchemist, and today, such a super genius as Yuan Yingying had appeared.

They really had reaped great rewards! As such, if they didn’t hold a great celebration, they would really be unworthy of this great fortune.

Yuan Yingying was also delighted, and she couldn’t help but look at Su Yu out of the corners of her eyes. She knew that everything she had was because of him. At this moment, Yuan Yingying couldn’t help but love and respect him, as she was so grateful to him.

The Yuan Family’s Master then turned to look at Zhao Yinghao, who had already recovered slightly from fainting earlier. He then asked, “Well… Shouldn’t you honor our deal?”