The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 742 - Ancient Elixir Recipe

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Yuan Yingying lowered her head. She was frightened because she was being stared at by such a large number of people. She was so nervous, she almost started to cry.

“Uncle Su Yu.” Yuan Yingying looked around before glancing at Su Yu with an entreating gaze.

Su Yu opened his eyes and walked towards her as he said, “Congratulations, Second Miss, for getting such a great expert teaching! It’s really worthy of a celebration.”

Their words broke the hall’s silence and brought all of the people back to their senses. The Yuan Family’s Master couldn’t help but rub his hands together as he laughed heartily and said, “Today is a day of exultation for our family. Yingying, come over and tell us in detail how you got to meet such a senior.”

Yuan Yingying was baffled and confused, and she could only tell them once again what had happened. It was exactly the same as what Yuan Wanbi had said. But, she recounted it in a more detailed way, and the elders listened earnestly to her words. After they heard all of her account, they couldn’t help but look at Yuan Yingying with complex gazes.

Although they all disliked her, they couldn’t help but reconsider her worth, as well as the benefits that she could bring them. Although they still didn’t accept her, they at least stopped looking at her coldly and bullying her.

They Yuan Family’s Master then said, “Since matters have already reached this juncture, all of you should already understand what happened. Yingying got a Divine Master’s favor and made a great contribution for our Yuan family.”

He then added, “As it’s a second-rate contribution, she should be awarded four Seven Stars Precious Crystals and forty ordinary crystals. She should also be allowed to enter the Elixir Pond one time.”

He had doubled her rewards, meaning that she was awarded double what Yuan Wanbi had received. It was clear that the Yuan Family’s Master was really happy for his daughter.

The white-haired elder named Pojun opened his mouth, yet he could only swallow back his words in the end.

“Many thanks, dad.” Delight appeared in Yuan Yingying’s eyes, and with a flushed face, she returned to Su Yu’s side.

This Second Miss, who had always been deliberately disregarded by them in the past, had finally caught their attention. Only now did they notice that there was a strange old man among the guards. He wore a guard suit and had an outstanding bearing, as well as an air of otherworldliness.

“May I ask who you are?” Since the Yuan Family’s Master noticed that he had outstanding bearings as well, he didn’t dare disrespect the strange old man.

Yuan Yingying hugged Su Yu’s arm as she replied, “Dad, Uncle Su Yu is an old vagrant. We met him on the road. He was alone and seemed pitiful, so I brought him back with us.”

A vagrant? As the Yuan Family’s Master had discerning eyes, he couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard her description of Su Yu. This was because he seemed more like a martial artist in dire straits than a vagrant!

Although this old man seemed like he didn’t possess any cultivation base, one could tell a lot about him just from his posture and gaze. Just by looking at him, the Yuan Family’s Master sensed that he was confident and calm.

These qualities did not coincide with his being a vagrant! However, the Yuan Family’s Master didn’t expose him, as there were many people like him who had suffered hard fates in the Blue Mountain Range.

“Well, Yingying’s disposition is still the same as it was in the past.” The Yuan Family’s Master sighed out of affection for her. “Just let him stay with the Yuan family, as the northern palace needs a sweeper. So, you can set your mind at rest and stay.”

Su Yu cupped his fists at him. “Many thanks, Yuan Family’s Master.”

“It’s fine. Now, all of you leave, but as for you, Wanbi, please stay behind.” The Yuan Family’s Master waved his hand at them in dismissal.

Yuan Yingying looked at Yuan Wanbi, who was still kneeling on the ground, and came over to her and pulled her up. She then said, “Sister, the senior already left, so stand up…”


Her hand was immediately slapped away by Yuan Wanbi before she stood up by herself. She then looked at her coldly and said, “Congratulations to you, my good sister, you really hid it finely! I can’t help but admire you for that.”

Yuan Yingying was startled by her words. “Sister, what are you saying?”

“Don’t act dumb.” Yuan Wanbi wore a cold smile. “How could such a coincidence occur? When you were just being pushed aside by them, that senior suddenly appeared! It’s obvious that he did it deliberately.”

It couldn’t be denied that this woman had sharp senses.

She then added, “Moreover, that senior just happened to target me on purpose, letting you step on me and take the limelight!” Yuan Wanbi felt greatly humiliated by this.

When all of the people believed that the Divine Master senior had saved them because of her, that senior had appeared and pointed out the truth to them. This had shamed her and left her in an awkward position.

A Divine Master senior would disdain to bully a woman, especially one who was just a total stranger to him. So, the only explication for this was that it had been requested by her younger sister, who clearly wanted to be in the limelight herself!

“Sister, I didn’t do it!” Yuan Yingying’s eyes were brimming with tears as she tried to explain, “I…”

“You don’t need to say anything. I was too stupid and believed that you were really as pure as you seemed. So, I can’t blame anyone but myself.” Yuan Wanbi snorted coldly.

Yuan Yingying still wanted to explain things to her, yet she was pulled by Su Yu, who spoke to her calmly, “Let’s leave. You and the Eldest Miss belong to two different worlds, and it would be better for you to rarely interact with her from now on.”

Su Yu loathed women who were like Yuan Wanbi, and it was only because she was scheming and devious herself that she assumed that all people were like her! Su Yu didn’t target her deliberately. Instead, he had just wanted to help Yuan Yingying!

“You are not mistaken. We really do belong to two different worlds. One is flying in the sky, while the other is crawling on the ground.” Yuan Wanbi looked at Su Yu coldly.

Su Yu replied calmly, “That’s actually right. She’s flying in the sky, while you are crawling on the ground.”

“You!” Yuan Wanbi’s expression became gloomy and she clenched her teeth.

Yuan Yingying was in a daze, as she was being pulled away by Su Yu. She was quite downcast at such a moment.

“Wanbi, how did your secret trip to the Shangguan Family end?” When all of them had left the room, the Yuan Family’s Master’s eyes lit up with expectation.

Yuan Wanbi’s expression changed, and delight appeared on her face. “Do you still need to even ask?”

“Then… This means that the Shangguan Family is willing to abide by their past promise and connect our families by marriage?” The Yuan Family’s Master was overjoyed.

While the Yuan Family’s Master was traveling in his early years, he had ended up saving the injured Shangguan Family’s Master by chance. To repay him, he had promised him to connect their families by marriage if their descendants turned out to be of the opposite sex.

The Yuan Family’s Master didn’t care about it at the moment, as he felt like he couldn’t claim a connection with the great Shangguan Family then. But, in recent years, the Yuan Family’s situation in the Blue Mountain Range was getting worse, and they were being suppressed by the Elixir Production Alliance.

He had even been forced to betroth his daughter, Yuan Yingying, to Zhao Yin in order to appease their relationship with the alliance. As all of this was happening, the anxious Yuan Family’s Master had remembered the promise and decided to just see if the offer was still on the table at such a time. So, he sent his two daughters there, along with the keepsake that had been given to him by the Shangguan Family’s Master.

He didn’t really hold any hopes or expectations about their journey’s success, yet Yuan Wanbi had brought a nice surprise to him after returning!

“The Shangguan Family’s young master, Shangguan Yunque, had a good impression of me, so he didn’t oppose an engagement.” Yuan Wanbi’s face became flushed as she thought of Shangguan Yunque’s handsome face and great status, her heart skipping a beat as she smiled.

The Yuan Family’s Master wore a smile as he said with admiration, “The Shangguan Family’s Master’s promise is really worth a thousand pieces of gold! Just as I expected of a great family, even though twenty years had already passed, they still cared about keeping this promise.”

As he had just gotten rid of a huge burden that had been weighing on him, he couldn’t help but think of his daughter, Yuan Yingying, and a sad expression appeared on his face.

He then sighed and said, “We really let Yingying suffer, as Zhao Yin first fancined you, yet Yuan Yingying agreed to take your place and made an engagement with him. So, you shouldn’t let her down in the future, as she has always respected and loved you.”

Any person with a discerning eye could realize that a woman who was married off wouldn’t get to hold a high position, and she would surely suffer many hardships in life. So, the Yuan family opposed it greatly. But, as the Elixir Production Alliance had a great influence, in the end, Yuan Yingying had agreed on her own accord, which left the Elixir Production Alliance at a loss for words.

“I know,” Yuan Wanbi replied calmly.

The Yuan Family’s Master nodded. “Okay, did the Shangguan Family say anything else?”

“No, so we should just patiently wait for them to come here to propose the marriage.” Yuan Wanbi was full of expectations about this.

As Su Yu came to the servants quarters, he wore a servant’s uniform. He then started sweeping the floor patiently.

When it was nighttime, Yuan Wanbi came over, followed by two servants. “How’s it going? It can’t be easy for you to do such hard work at such an old age…”

Su Yu shook his head. “Thanks for your concern, but I’m still capable of lifting a broom. What did you come here for? It’s certainly not to just chat with an old man like me!”


Yuan Wanbi wore a faint smile as she clapped her hands softly. Immediately, a servant carried a plate over to Su Yu.

“A hundred thousand pieces of silver… That should be enough for you to live the rest of your life at ease,” Yuan Wanbi said.

Su Yu continued sweeping, without even raising his head. “If you have something to say, then just say it.”

“Leave the Yuan Family! Also, let’s agree to never see each other again.” Yuan Wanbi’s expression became cold.

It was only by driving Su Yu away that she could create an opportunity for Zhao Yin to get rid of him!

“Even if I stay in the Yuan family’s manor, we won’t have to see each other.” Su Yu spoke calmly, as he looked at her, “Eldest Miss, if you don’t have anything else to say, then I will take my leave now.”

Yuan Wanbi’s gaze became ice-cold as she looked at Su Yu. “Don’t be too proud of yourself, as I will surely make you regret it.”

Su Yu just turned a deaf ear to her words, and after he rested for a moment, he returned to a wooden house and laid on a wooden bed calmly. But, in actual fact, his soul left his body and wandered around in the Yuan family’s manor.

It would be better for me to find a way of healing my injuries by myself, rather than having to ask someone, as it would allow me to avoid unnecessary trouble. Su Yu felt like he could find information about how to heal himself in the Yuan family’s elixir production room.

After a short while, he found the place where the Yuan Family stored many pill recipes, as well as their pill-refining techniques. The room was strictly guarded, and there were no less than 10 Fairy Realm experts protecting it. There had even been some alarm formations set.

However, it was a pity for them that Su Yu was now just a soul body, as he could disregard all walls and defensive measures. So, Su Yu started searching through their great treasure-trove patiently.

He directly disregarded the pill-refining techniques, as he already had Tian Jizi’s Mysterious Heavenly Elixir Manufacturing Secret Technique and he didn’t care about the Yuan family’s secret techniques. He only cared about their pill and elixir recipes.

“Raging Flames Powder?” Su Yu murmured as he found a recipe, which he took just a single look at before shaking his head…

Its medicinal energy is too intense, and it’s only suitable for youths and those with a strong body. As such, it isn’t suitable for my current body.

After a short while, he found another pill recipe. Spring Sun Pill? It can nurse internal organs to health, but my highest priority now is letting my internal blood energy channel recover, so I don’t need it now.

He continued searching like this for two hours, finding that the Yuan family had indeed stored many elixir pills, many of which were suitable for healing bodies’ injuries. But, he still didn’t find any that were suitable for him. Likewise, he passed through all of the recipes on the shelves, yet he still didn’t find a recipe to his liking.

“It shouldn’t be like this,” Su Yu muttered. “The Yuan family is an old and respected alchemist family, so it shouldn’t have such low-grade elixir recipes.”

It would have been fine if this was the case for only those elixirs related to the healing of the body, but it was even the case for cultivation elixirs! They had, at most, pills that were suitable for the early stages of the Fairy Realm, but this shouldn’t be all that they had!

Su Yu squinted his eyes and started inspecting his surroundings more carefully. At that moment, he suddenly felt a faint soul fluctuation.

It was coming from a fire pit that was used for refining elixirs, and its flames hadn’t been put out for more than a hundred years. Su Yu’s soul went to the bottom of the fire pit, only to discover that there was a room there!

Inside the room, there was a metal book that had been laid on a giant boulder. The book had innumerable words written on it, and as he looked closer, he saw that they were all high-grade elixir recipes!

Pure Yang Vital Return Pill? Su Yu quickly found a high-grade healing pill recipe, which was for a pill that was effective for all people who hadn’t yet reached the Divine Master Realm. But, it was most effective for people at the early stage of the Fairy Realm.

It could also nourish the internal blood energy channel and heal crippled energy channels. Its medicinal power was mild and gentle, and it could be repeatedly consumed. The healing pill recipe in front of him was just the one that he had been looking for!

He quickly memorized all of the ingredients that were needed to make it, as well as its refining methods. When he found that he had ample time on his hands, he then continued to read the other recipes aloud…

“Fairy Expansion Pill… A pill that can increase someone’s chances of reaching the Fairy Realm by thirty percent.” Su Yu’s eyes lit up when he read this. If he could get such a pill, then he would have a greater chance of succeeding!

He continued to read aloud, “There is a high chance of failure during the refining process of this pill, as it has complex and precious ingredients. Hence, you should be careful while refining it.”

After he finished reading the recipe, he found some more notes beneath it, which appeared to have been added by the Yuan family members as a warning for their descendants.

A high chance of failure? Su Yu chuckled confidently as he also memorized this pill recipe. He then continued flipping through the book before he came to the last page, which caused his facial expression to turn grave.

“Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid,” Su Yu murmured as he furrowed his brows.

An ancient elixir recipe? Su Yu’s heart shuddered when his eyes fell on an eye-catching red note.