The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 721 - Zhenlong’s Lonely King

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“It’s still not enough,” Su Yu muttered.

Venerable Fu Gu was one of the Ten Great Bright Light Guards, and as such, he should be an extremely powerful existence, even among all of the Bright Light Guards. This meant that his power was greater than ordinary Divine Masters by a great deal.

It would be easy for the Eternal Stone King Armor to block a Fairy’s strike, but it would be barely adequate to face such an almighty existence. Hence, he needed a more powerful defensive measure.

Su Yu’s soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and went to the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. A caterpillar was lazily lounging among its feather-like snow-white leaves.

After the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly consumed the Blood Emperor’s blood essence, its body became bigger than before, and according to what Wu Aoyue had said, it should now be close to exuding silk.

However, when Su Yu arrived here, he found that it still hadn’t started exuding silk, but was just lounging about lazily as usual! It was rumored that its silk was impenetrable, and it would be difficult for even All Creation Old Monsters to tear it apart. Clearly, it would be highly effective when used for Su Yu’s defense!

Su Yu turned around expressionlessly. He knew that his soul was about to leave this place. However, he noticed something as he fixed his gaze on the leaf that was under the caterpillar.

He could faintly sense that there was an object there, but his naked eye couldn’t see anything clearly. He pondered for a moment before he raised his hand and snapped off the green leaf, then let it fell upon his palm. He extended his left index finger and lifted up the caterpillar, then started to observe it closely.

The caterpillar, who had been enjoying the warm sun’s rays lazily, slightly twisted its round and fat body around in displeasure before it accepted its fate and let itself be suspended upside down in the air. After he moved the caterpillar away, Su Yu turned over the green leaf in his palm and looked at its surface carefully. But, he didn’t find anything unusual.

But, he knew deep down that the odd feeling that he had suddenly had was surely not just a figment of his imagination. “Why I can’t perceive it?” Su Yu muttered, and after he pondered for a moment, a scarlet flame appeared in his palm, which burned the leaf into ashes before it was extinguished suddenly.

Su Yu immediately understood what had just happened. The scarlet flame was absorbed by some matter!

“There was really some object on the leaf! Moreover, after the leaf was burned, it stuck to my palm!” Su Yu exclaimed.

“There is only one way for me to verify it now.” Su Yu murmured.

He then bit his tongue and spouted a mouthful of blood into his palm. After the blood filled his palm, a fine thread of blood appeared before him.

Su Yu then used his eye power to the extreme as he looked at the blood thread, and it was only then that he managed to see through its true nature. It was a colorless invisible thread, which was extremely thin and fine, and it almost didn’t have any substance to it at all.

As such, it was difficult for a naked eye to see it. If the blood spouted on his palm hadn’t exposed it, then Su Yu wouldn’t have known that such an object was even in his palm!

He emitted a wisp of Vital Energy and tried to batter the fine thread with it. However, it didn’t manage to even shake such an extremely fine thread.

After Su Yu reconstructed his Dantian, he gained six perfect Vital Energy Crystals, which meant that he had a pure Vital Energy. This wisp of Vital Energy could easily give rise to giant waves in the sea, yet it didn’t even manage to affect the thread!

When the thread had suffered the flames’ attack, it absorbed them by itself because of its special defensive power. Hence, it was obvious that this thread was the silk of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly!

It was rumored that it was difficult for even an All Creation’s power to damage the silk of a true Chaos Multicolored Butterfly, and although the silk before him belonged to a variant butterfly, which wasn’t as powerful as a true one’s, it still should possess a great defensive power. Thus, Su Yu collected the silk carefully, then swept over a corner of the valley with his flickering gaze.

He saw that a small and delicate girl was being suppressed by disastrous lightning. Her face was deathly pale, and her expression was dispirited and listless. He could also see that she had a feeble life force.

She had lost all of her past haughtiness, while suffering the disastrous lightning’s torture, and even a part of her consciousness had been erased by the lightning.


Su Yu snapped his fingers and scattered the disastrous lightning. Sheng Ge, who had just been freed from them, weakly fell on the ground.

“Are you still not willing to lower your head to me?” Su Yu asked calmly.

Sheng Ge’s whole body shuddered, as Su Yu’s voice was like the sound of a ferocious evil ghost to her, even though she was the true ghost here. She raised her head with great difficulty.

“Master, please spare me.” Sheng Ge had been tortured to the point that she now feared him from the bottom of her heart.

Su Yu looked at her expressionlessly. “You should pray that I come back safe and sound, as if I die, then the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl will disappear into oblivion and you will be sealed here forever.”

Su Yu didn’t wait for her reply before his soul returned to his body. When he opened his eyes slowly, he found that a woman was standing beside him quietly. She had a voluptuous body and a cold but pretty face.

“Young master, will you leave now? Please, bring me with you.” Wu Aoyue looked at Su Yu, while begging to be able to follow him.

When she was first captured by him because of a misunderstanding, she had resented and hated him, but she had since let go off those emotions. Now, she felt grateful to him. She had even offered her body to him and had become his woman, which is why she wanted to accompany him, to fight the last battle with him, and to live with him.

As Su Yu turned to look at Wu Aoyue, warmth appeared in his cold gaze. However, he still shook his head and rejected her request.

“You should stay here. Then, regardless of whether I can return alive or not, you will still have hope and a future life. You will only face grave danger if you follow me.” Su Yu took a step forward as lightning surged around his body and he crossed 10 miles with just a single step.

He didn’t even give Wu Aoyue an opportunity to chase after him. After all, he had already let Qin Xianer down, and he didn’t want to disappoint Wu Aoyue as well.

“Alliance Master Su has shown himself.”

“Alliance Master Su, how are your injuries?”

Many people gazed up at Su Yu, all of them filled with concern, respect, and doubts.

They wondered what they would do now, as even a Level Nine Fairy had almost beaten Su Yu to death and crippled his cultivation! With such an existence eying them covetously, they could only hide them themselves at the bottom of the Dragon Abyss.

Su Yu didn’t reply to their shouts, but raised his head and looked at the sky outside of the Dragon Abyss. The sky had an azure color to it, and it seemed like a bright mirror that had just been washed.

At this moment, all that Su Yu had in his eyes was the image of the faint smile that Qin Xianer had worn just before her death. Even though she loved Su Yu and was reluctant to part with him, she had still handed him over to Xia Jingyu and put an end to any entanglement between them before her death. As such, she didn’t leave behind any regrets or complaints.

Ripples rose in Su Yu’s heart, which was usually as calm as a lake. Su Yu stroked his chest, where he had felt a griping pain ever since the moment Qin Xianer had died.

“I still have a matter to handle, as well as a battle to finish. I also have an emotional debt, so I must leave. Take care of yourselves.” Su Yu swept his gaze over all of the people in the Dragon Abyss.

He then cupped his fists and saluted them. The faces of Jiu Yuanzhou, Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, Fairy Feng, Zi Yunxiang, as well as Wu Aoyue, who had just overtook him, were all brimming with mixed emotions. They all knew that Su Yu was going to his death, yet no one tried to stop him.

“Su Yu, regardless of whether you can return alive or not, you will still live inside of the hearts of all of Zhenglong’s people. Take care of yourself.” Old Chen bowed to him as bitter tears fell from his eyes.

When such beautiful words echoed out, all of Zhenglong’s people shouted in unison, “Alliance Master Su, take care of yourself!”

Their words of farewell reverberated throughout the Dragon Abyss and shook even the white clouds. It was a solemn and stirring scene.

Old Chen then lifted his robe with his aged hand and knelt on one leg in an extremely solemn way, while he kowtowed in a dignified manner and said, “Alliance Master, I, Chen Weizi, bid you farewell.”

Luo Xiong wore a mournful expression as he held his weapon in his left hand and knelt on his right knee, then shouted at the top of his lungs, “Alliance Master, the annihilation team bids you farewell.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The crowd followed after them and knelt down, while shouting in unison, “Alliance Master, the Heavenly Law Alliance bids you farewell.”

There were 100,000 people from all across the continent here, and even though they didn’t belong to the Heavenly Law Alliance, they still knelt at this moment solemnly and respectfully, while emitting a roar-like shout, “Alliance Master, Zhenlong’s people bid you farewell.”

Their deafening shout was shocking, and their faces were filled with warm tears as they looked at their king. He was a lonely king, who had fought for their survival.

Su Yu swept over them with his gaze and nodded softly. He then flew away.

When he reached the Dragon Abyss’ entrance, he touched the golden leaves with his hand as a surging killing intent appeared in his listless eyes.

“Seal, open up!” he shouted.


The golden leaves started scattering around, while a surging killing intent soared into the sky.

A white-haired person flew into the sky and stood calmly above the Dragon Abyss. His eyes were bloodshot and were filled with killing intent. They seemed like the eyes of a Devil God!

A vertical blood thread was between his eyebrows, and it seemed like a devilish blood seal. He had white hair and scarlet eyes, which really made him look like a Devil God!

Su Yu stood motionlessly and had an ice-cold gaze as he spoke calmly, “Come out and die.”

His commanding words gave rise to numerous waves, which battered the reefs and splashed upon the surface of the snow-white water. At this moment, it seemed like there wasn’t anyone above the desolate ocean apart from Su Yu.

“Do you need me to invite you here, Three Divine Masters?” Su Yu asked in an extremely apathetic voice.

Three Divine Masters? The pupils of the people in the Dragon Abyss contracted and despair welled up in their hearts upon hearing this. They knew that Alliance Master Su would surely die when facing just a single Divine Master, let alone three!


The sound of waves scattering echoed out from the sea beneath him as three people flew from it and surrounded Su Yu. Two of them were middle-aged men, while the last one was a middle-aged woman.

They all had calm auras, while their gazes were austere. They also seemed quite disciplined.

They wore yellow suits of armor and had jade crowns on top of their heads. A scorching sun was carved on the men’s jade crowns, while a bright moon was carved on the woman’s jade crown.

The suns and moons atop their heads symbolized bright lights. They were the Bright Light Guards’ symbols!

These were three Almighty Divine Masters, who had been dispatched here to kill Su Yu! This was extraordinary, as even in Jiuzhou, it would be nearly impossible to witness a group of Divine Masters joining hands to kill a Half Fairy!