The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 705 - Not Praying to the Universe

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As Chan Yufeng fixed her gaze forward, she saw an elegant lady sitting at the same table. The lady sat in an upright manner and looked somewhat embarrassed.

“That is Princess Yun Yan, Li Hao’s fiancée. I can’t believe she came,” Chan Yufei said with an odd look. Everyone in the Liuxian faction knew about Princess Yun Yan and her fiancé.

Li Hao had once tried to sabotage Su Yu, but ultimately failed to do so. In a surprising turn of events, Yun Yan was almost forced to marry Su Yu. It had actually become a running joke within the faction.

“I once heard that Yun Yan locked herself in her house in order to avoid Su Yu. Her presence here today must be the direct result of family pressure,” Ji Hongxue said with a laugh.

Chan Yufei nodded as she looked around. “It seems that everyone Su Yu knew is here. It makes sense, as everyone was invited. Even your disciple’s father is here.”

As their gazes shifted, they could see Ji Hongxue’s main disciple, Li Jun. He was only ten years old, but he sat very respectfully next to his father, who was dressed in a yellow robe.

“Father, the legend of the continent is truly your old friend,” Li Jun said respectfully as he stood up to bow before the middle-aged king. Li Jun looked very proud and amazed.

As he had immersed himself in the martial arts world, he understood the weight that Su Yu’s name carried, much more so than his father. Su Yu’s name represented the peak of the martial arts world.

As such, Su Yu was a legendary existence. It was for this reason that his invitation was a great source of pride for them.

“Brother Su, do you still remember me? I am the Third Prince,” The yellow-robed man said. “Congratulations, old friend.”

At a table not far away, Zi Donglai seemed a little depressed as he sighed.

“Hehe, fate is preordained. Why are you still not willing to let go, Housemaster? Her fate has already been decided. Let her handle it herself,” Lin Yunhe said as he chuckled. He was trying to console Housemaster Zi.

Zi Donglai sighed yet again as he glanced towards Zi Yunxiang, who was next to him. He felt helpless.

“Father, I am alright.” Zi Yunxiang smiled gently. However, it seemed like a forced smile. Anyone could tell that she was filled with burdensome thoughts.

Behind them, there was a table that attracted a lot of attention because of all of the shockingly beautiful women who were sitting at it. In the continent, the only group capable of yielding such attention was the Phoenix Cabinet.

“Cabinet Master, you must feel bad, don’t you?” Feng Xianzi asked in an almost laughing tone. However, she did try to keep her voice down.

The Phoenix Cabinet Master tried to act nonchalant. “There is nothing more between him and myself apart from the past. As for you, you must feel equally bad, don’t you?”

Feng Xianzi was stunned for a while as her smile faded away. She remained silent for some time before letting out a soft sigh.

After a few minutes had passed, all of the guests had finally sat down in their designated seats.

“Please welcome the groom and bride!” Old Chen shouted loudly.

Every suddenly cheered as their gazes turned towards the upper region of the palace. All of a sudden, fireworks that were every color of the rainbow filled the air.

In the midst of the resplendent lightshow, two figures in red appeared from the middle of the palace. The man was dressed in a red-colored robe, and his silver hair flowed in the air. His appearance looked as if a fairy had descended into the human realm.

The other figure was a woman, who was covered in a cloak and wore a beautiful jade crown above her head. Her fairy-like dress flowed behind her, and she looked exquisitely beautiful.

They looked like a match that had been made in heaven as they arrived before their wedding guests. It was a magnificent scene.

“Everything is so beautiful!” someone in the crowd exclaimed, then sighed out loud. The couple, the scenery, and the aura in the surroundings were all extremely lovely.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending my wedding. I am forever indebted to you all.” Su Yu bowed towards his guests as he thanked them.

“Congratulations, Alliance Master Su.” The crowd exclaimed in unison as they all began to move forward to offer their congratulations.

“Congratulations!” Even the Great Lord from the Empire of Darkness stood up to congratulate Su Yu.

Ever since the battle at the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, the Great Lord had thoroughly learned his lesson and was now truly grateful and respectful towards Su Yu.

As myriad congratulatory wishes filled the air, Su Yu looked at everyone and smiled. He then turned towards Qin Xianer and asked, “Xianer, all of these people are congratulating us. Are you satisfied with all of this?”

Xianer’s small hands held Su Yu’s palm tightly as her heart beat fast. When she heard him, her face turned red and tears filled her eyes.

She sounded like she was about to cry when she spoke, “Yes. This all feels like a dream. I am about to become Brother Su Yu’s bride! I am so happy…”

All of a sudden, her voice cracked and a few of her tears fell on Su Yu’s hand. Sensing the warmth in her tears, Su Yu held her hands even tighter.

“Xianer, do not worry. Today, I will give you a grand wedding that you will never forget,” Su Yu said softly.

Old Chen was thoroughly moved by the scene. “The grand wedding begins! First, bow towards the temple!”

As soon as he spoke, countless guests looked at each other. According to tradition, the first bow at a wedding should always be towards the universe. This was because the universe was the greatest power, followed by the temple. Then finally, the bride and groom would bow towards each other.

However, Su Yu’s wedding had completely ignored the bow towards the universe! The people were shocked to see that he would not even pray towards the universe! This break from tradition stirred up a conversation among the guests…

“It is Alliance Master Su, after all. He does not pray towards the universe, and he also does not have any respect for ghosts or gods,” someone in the crowd said.

“There are not many people who would dare to do such a thing! He is a unique person indeed,” someone else chimed in.

Only those who knew Su Yu’s past would understand Su Yu’s intentions. He had always done exactly as he wished.

So, it did not surprise them that he would choose not to bow towards the universe. After all, for the countless times that he had risen up in power and status, including the time when he forcefully cultivated the Pure Divine Decree, he had never once bowed before the heavens.

Everyone smiled as they looked at Su Yu in silence. He was going to carry out his wedding in his own way.

Su Yu looked extremely calm as he pulled Xianer’s little hands and bowed towards the Duke of Xianyu, who sat before them. However, as soon as they bowed, the sky suddenly turned dark. At the same time, a huge thunderstorm began to form all around them.

The entire Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds seemed to have been covered by dark clouds in an instant. This odd phenomenon, which had appeared out of the blue, caused the facial expressions of the entire audience to change drastically.

“What is going on?” the Phoenix Cabinet Master asked in surprise as she looked towards the skies with a confused expression on her face.

The only similar scene she had witnessed to this had occurred half a year ago, when the frightening aura had appeared in the Zhenlong Continent. All of a sudden, the cheerful atmosphere had been wiped away.

Many people were now becoming anxious and were unable to sit still. Elder Jiu gradually stood up from his seat, his aged face showing a worried expression as he fixed his gaze towards the sky. There was also a hint of fright in his eyes.

“Heavenly… Might…” Elder Jiu mumbled in a trembling voice.

On the stage, Xianer’s body was shaking. Her knees felt weak as an inexplicable pressure fell upon her. She subconsciously leaned toward Su Yu. He held Xianer’s small hands as he looked calmly towards the dark clouds in the sky.

“You are finally here, Heavenly Might. It’s been a long time.” Su Yu’s voice was completely calm. It almost seemed like he had expected this scene.

The sky rumbled as lightning began to appear. The loud thunder was causing people’s eardrums to vibrate painfully.

All of a sudden, the dark cloud above Su Yu’s head rapidly turned into a huge spinning vortex cloud. As he looked over with his head raised, he could see an opening in the air. A heart-stopping aura could be felt, and it was slowly coming out of the vortex!

“For the marriage to continue, you must bow towards the universe!” The illusory voice could be heard very clearly throughout all corners of the universe.

Although the sound came in through everyone’s ears, it felt as if the voice had come from the depths of each person’s heart. Everyone was shocked, and they all wondered…

Is the universe speaking?

Must Su Yu bow towards the universe before he bows towards the temple?

Elder Jiu looked very serious as he stared at the vortex in surprise. His contracted pupils seemed to have noticed something as his face shook slightly in fear.

However, Su Yu’s gaze remained calm as he replied, “It is my wedding. I do not need the universe’s approval. You should get lost! In fact, go as far away as possible.”

After he spoke, Su Yu took Xianer’s hands and said softly, “Xianer, let us continue.”

Sensing the strength in Su Yu’s hand, Xianer’s palpitating heart began to calm down. She then followed after Su Yu with her hands in his as they both knelt down and bowed. Although the Duke of Xianyu was shocked by the odd phenomenon in the sky, he also appeared very calm as he accepted their gestures.

“First bow,” Old Chen said as he tried to remain calm. Su Yu and Xianer bowed after they heard his direction.


Suddenly, the angered sound of rolling thunder could be heard. Then, the sound of rolling thunder began to fill the sky, while everyone became blinded by the bright lights of the storm.

In this same moment, huge waves formed on the surface of the sea. The waves were so tall, they reached the skies and caused huge, lapping sounds as they slammed back into the ocean.


All of a sudden, the thunder and lightning from the storm descended towards Su Yu and Qin Xianer. It looked like the end of the world!

“Young man, as you have defied the heavens, you will be killed!” The universe let out a loud illusory sound once again. It was filled with the Heavenly Might.

Each of the hundreds of thunder claps gave off a destructive feeling to everyone present. Even a Grade One Fairy would instantly be turned into dust by that kind of might. This was even more frightening than the disastrous thunder!

“Alliance Master!” the annihilation team shouted loudly. Although they wanted to help Su Yu, they were at a loss, as they couldn’t possibly be faster than lightning!

However, Su Yu did not even lift his head as he retrieved a colorful suit of armor from his sleeve casually, with his back still facing the lightning. The armor gave off a loud roar as hundreds of thunder claps and lightning bolts were emitted from it, which collided against the incoming thunder and lightning bolts. The collision caused a sudden expansion of energy.

All of a sudden, a loud bang could be heard, which caused the ground to shake. The impact that had been created by the collision resulted in bouts of huge waves, which swept across the entire island! But, the most terrifying thing was that the huge waves were about to collide with the guests!

“Formation!” A shout could be heard from somewhere to the side.

Just as the guests were about to be hit by the waves, a strong bright light was suddenly emitted from below their seats. A huge light screen, which appeared to be a semi-circle that was the color of dusk, began to take form around them. It was keeping them safe within it!

As the huge current swept over them, the huge light screen was vibrating strongly. However, it was not destroyed.

“The Phoenix Cabinet’s mountain-protecting great formation?” someone guessed.

“No. Although it does look similar, this shield’s might is even more shocking! Even a Grade Five Fairy would not be able to break through it!” Elder Jiu said in surprise. As he gazed upon it, he couldn’t help but wonder… Under whose instruction was such a strong formation spell created? This must not be someone from the Zhenlong Continent!

Even the Phoenix Cabinet Master’s eyes were wide open with surprise.

Then, Feng Xianzi asked with a tone of shock and confusion, “Half a year ago, Su Yu borrowed the mountain-protecting great formation from us before he went into seclusion. Could he have predicted this would happen?”

As everyone looked at Su Yu, who still looked calm as he stood on the stage, they started thinking that perhaps Su Yu had intentionally chosen not to bow towards the universe in order to cause this exact scene. He seemed too calm… Too prepared!

“Second bow,” Old Chen said, focusing on continuing the ceremony.

Su Yu and Qin Xianer bowed yet again. Right then, hundreds of thunder claps came forth once again. However, they were dispersed with ease by the thousands of disastrous thunders, which were stored in the Thunder Herb Armor.

“Third bow!” Old Chen instructed.

Finally, Su Yu and Qin Xianer had completed their three bows towards the Duke of Xianyu.

“Bride and groom, now bow towards each other!” Old Chen instructed.

The final bow would be between the soon-to-be newlyweds. This final bow would officially join them as husband and wife!

As Su Yu pulled Xianer up, he looked into Xianer’s eyes under the stormy sky. Xianer’s face was filled with joy and excitement.

Under the stormy sky, which seemed to be the sight of the end of the world, they bowed towards each other.