The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 690 - Old and New Feuds

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The Duke of Xianyu suddenly looked into the sky. It seemed like he had just detected something. He then asked, “Did Yu’er come back?” Excitement and an intense longing appeared in his eyes.

Luo Xiong took a deep breath, then entered the manor and passed a letter to him after presenting himself and declaring his status. After the Duke of Xianyu read the letter, warm tears streaked down his face.

Then, after half a day had passed, the Duke of Xianyu’s manor became utterly empty. Everybody had left.

After an entire day had passed, in the Fenglin Empire’s imperial household, a king who wore a Dragon Robe and had a noble and dignified bearing was bending over his desk and scribbling something on a piece of paper.

At this moment, a blaze flew into the hall and the guards immediately turned pale with fright. They then yelled, “Protect His Highness!”

The blaze didn’t assault the king, and after it flew to his desk’s side, it turned into two people’s phantom images. These images belonged to the Liuxian Faction Mistress and Li Jun.

“Greetings.” The king stood up and bowed.

Even though the two images before him were just phantoms and not real people, they were were still capable of replying.

“I already took Li Jun as my last disciple, and he will be incapable of coming back in ten years. So, if you don’t have any objections to it, you can crush this jade pendant, then my faction will immediately send someone to escort you,” the Lioxian Faction Mistress said.

The king was overjoyed when he heard this.

She then added, “Moreover, if the empire is ever in any danger, then you can ask us for help.”

The king became extremely excited, yet he was still somewhat confused by this, as his son’s talent was just average, and it might be difficult for him to even enter a martial arts top-notch faction like the Liuxian Faction, let alone became the Faction Mistress’ last disciple. Moreover, the Faction Mistress was being quite polite.

“As for why I took him, I hope that you are aware that it was the request of one of my old friends,” she added.

The king immediately understood everything, and he curled up the corners of his mouth to reveal a carefree smile. “He was really a dragon among men, and no matter where he was, he would always be in the limelight. So, it seems that Su Yu didn’t forget me.”

In the past’s Holy Meet, after Su Yu had managed to survive such a great crisis, he had helped him, when he was just the Third Prince. He did this by letting him ascend to the throne. The boy, Li Jun, who was examined by the Liuxian Faction, was his own son.

“I hope that you won’t spread any news about Alliance Master Su’s status. This is all that I wanted to inform you of.” After the Liuxian Faction Mistress finished speaking, the blaze was extinguished.

“Hehe, Su Yu… Is a mortal like me really worthy of witnessing you ascending with my own eyes?” The Third Prince looked towards the sky and got lost in his thoughts.

In the ocean.

A person was swiftly flying over the ocean. He was holding a communication pendant.

“Old Chen, after pacifying the northern continent, dispatch the army to the other continents. I hope that by the time I come back, there won’t be any otherworldly people left in the whole continent.” As Su Yu crushed the jade pendant, a sphere of blue light specks flew out of it.

With the issue of this command, even if Su Yu wasn’t in the Heavenly Law Alliance, they would still not be disoriented. After he became more relieved and at ease, Su Yu swiftly flew to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was one of his past benefactors, and she had once sacrificed herself to save him. Since she was now in danger, he would surely not give up on her, as he needed to repay her this favor.

After a day, the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, which was at the end of the ocean, appeared before him. Su Yu stood thirty miles from it and furrowed his brows.

There were many corpses floating on the ocean. In fact, there were more than a hundred of them, and they all had the Empire of Darkness’ emblem on their clothes.

“It seems like the battle was quite tragic.” Su Yu floated down and inspected the injuries of one of the soldiers.

The soldier had many wounds, and it seemed like he wasn’t killed in one strike by an expert. From these signs, it could be deduced that the battle must have been quite tragic.

Was this done by the Fifth Saint Master and his mysterious Black Invincible Army? As Su Yu pondered about this, he swiftly flew away like a beam of light.

After a short while, a small island could be faintly seen in the distance. It looked like a giant dragon that was hidden in the ocean’s depth, which revealed just a part of itself, yet still left people with a stifled feeling. After all, the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, which was protected by Elder Jiu in the past, became the source of a great disaster that befall the Zhenlong Continent.

After he landed on the island, he found that it was also filled with corpses. Some of them belonged to the enemies, while some of them belonged to the Empire of Darkness’ people. Even the Black Invincible Army’s soldiers corpses could be seen.

Did the Black Invincible Army flee back to here? Then, did the Ninth Saint Master manage to successfully escape?

Su Yu’s heart tightened, and he immediately went to the Dragon Abyss, which was opened and had traces of the Empire of Darkness’ invasion of it. When Su Yu entered it, he found that it was still black, gloomy, and eerie as usual. His surroundings were dark and obscure, and he couldn’t find where the crevice was located.

However, he didn’t have to look too carefully look for it, as the corpses that filled the ground would guide him to it soon enough. Su Yu’s body flickered as he sped along the path of the corpses. It was only in this way that he discovered that the Dragon Abyss had experienced many changes in the past three years.

Although it was still filled with abundant Yin Energy, it also had plentiful Spiritual Energy, which was ten times more intense than the outside world’s. Moreover, it still had an intensely odd aura. This aura, which was swallowing all of the living beings’ life forces, existed in all corners of the continent, and the one that was present here was especially intense.

Did this aura really spread out of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds? What plot are the otherworldly people concocting? Su Yu had a bad premonition.

Su Yu took just the time it would take to brew a half a cup of tea in order to cross the Dragon Abyss, which he found to be quite vast and boundless in the past. Along the way, he passed by Sin City, which was the Ghost Clan’s residence, where Shen Ge had lived in the past.

It had already been turned into a flat plain, and all of the ghosts that were within it were killed. All that remained there now were just humans’ and ghosts’ corpses. This was the furthest place that Su Yu had gone in the past, and after he reached it now, he tapped the ground with the tip of his feet and continued flying forward.

After a moment, Su Yu found himself on a bald and bare mountain range, and when he gazed at the deepest part of the Dragon Abyss from it, his eyes were filled with shock.

This was because he saw that, within the boundless darkness in the Dragon Abyss’ deepest part, there was a multi-colored crevice! The crevice was extremely resplendent and dazzling, and it was emitting a pure and otherworldly aura.

Is Jiuzhou on the other side of the crevice? Su Yu’s heart slightly shuddered at the thought.

As its radiance shone upon him, he discovered that he had finally overtaken the Empire of Darkness’ army. There were six Palace Masters and thousands of soldiers here, and at the end of the crevice, there were a hundred soldiers and several Fairy Realm experts.

Most of the soldiers at the end of the crevice were from the Black Invincible Army, and one of the Fairy Realm experts was a scholarly-looking middle-aged man, who was at the Level Five Fairy Realm. He was the Fifth Saint Master.

He wore white clothes, which fluttered by themselves without any wind, and his whole body emitted a terrifying aura. Just by his standing there, he gave Su Yu a stifled feeling.

What a powerful and imposing manner! Su Yu became somewhat apprehensive, as the Fifth Saint Master was even more powerful than he had imagined.

Commander Hong Yun, who once fought against Su Yu, was standing beside him, and behind him were the Ninth Saint Master and the Yue Clan’s ancestor, who had once hunted him in the past.

He had never sought him for revenge, yet he had unexpectedly dared to abduct the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master! So, today, Su Yu must take revenge for both their old and new feuds! However, Su Yu didn’t rashly make a move, as he felt that this place’s ambiance was somewhat odd.

The Empire of Darkness’ army had obviously already cornered them here, yet they hadn’t start attacking them. Even after such a long while, they were still hesitating.

When he carefully observed them, Su Yu noticed a giant cage before the Empire of Darkness’ army, and he saw a middle-aged woman within it. She had a pretty face and fair white skin, and it seemed like she was just in her thirties. She had both a youthful and mature charm, and such drastically different charms appeared on her body at the same time.

At this moment, she was gazing with her dim eyes, which were filled with worry, at the Empire of Darkness’ army. It seemed like she wasn’t confident in them. She was the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master.

Upon seeing her, Su Yu finally managed to relax, as at the very least, she was still alive. Moreover, as the battle was at such a critical juncture, the Fifth Saint Master shouldn’t have the leisure of harvesting her Primordial Yin, so he had come in time to save her!

At this moment, Su Yu suddenly noticed something here that was odd and strange…