The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 620 - Annihilated Small Group

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Despite Long Juexin’s coming from a place of kindness, he had still fallen into a trap! The crowd quieted down. Fu Cangshan’s other meaning was that everyone should work together to get rid of Long Juexin!

With Old Chen taking the lead, he was stunned on the spot. He showed mixed emotions. If he were truthful to himself, the current Long Juexin was not suitable to be the Alliance Master.

However, in terms of emotions, Long Juexin had led them for many years and had built a strong foundation of loyalty among them. All of a sudden, many of the elders were hesitant.

“I agree with the idea of deposing Long Juexin. The position of the Alliance Master should be held by a more capable elder!” The person who spoke was Old Zhang. For some reason, he was not accompanying Fu Hongxue.

“I agree!”

“I also agree, Long Juexin is not suitable as the Alliance Master!”

The elders who were roped in by Fu Cangshan were not using the opportunity to rise against him. This was their long-held plan of overthrowing Long Juexin!

“I also agree!” Some of the elders became decisive after being influenced by the current atmosphere.

Regardless of who became the Alliance Maser, Long Juexin was no longer suitable. After all, nobody knew who would be the next person executed if Long Juexin continued to lead.

Finally, Old Chen was the only remaining elder who had not yet taken a side. However, the moment had passed.

Old Chen sighed as he looked deeply at Long Juexin. “Alliance Master, you should take some time off to rest. It will be good for you, as well as everyone else!”

“I feel bad for Housemaster Zi, Lin Yunhe, and the rest, who all died senselessly. I truly feel bad for them.” Long Juexin’s heart was beating wildly. His heart hurt tremendously as he forcefully withheld a drop of sacrificial blood in his throat.

So this was the true scheme of Fu Cangshan!

Dethroning me!

After I am deposed, who will be the next Alliance Master? Isn’t it obvious?

He foolishly thought that he had succeeded in tricking Fu Cangshan and rescuing the others. In truth, he had just fallen into a trap!

“Alliance Master, for everyone’s safety, please allow us to take care of things from here.” Old Zhang did not show any weird facial expressions.

However, in his heart, he was laughing coldly. After all, their big plan had worked!

Long Juexin was now deposed! Thereafter, Fu Cangshan could take over his position.

The elders who had become Fu Cangshan’s followers would then have increased statuses. From today onwards, they would be able to enjoy endless wealth and honor.

The crowd was silent for a long while. After all, Long Juexin was a Three Vital Energy Crystals Peak martial artist. Now that he had lost his mind, he naturally could not be left to rule. Instead, he surely must be placed under surveillance.

Long Juexin did not retaliate. Even if his battle powers were as strong as before, if he dared attack now, he would only further prove to these awful people that he had truly lost his mind. By then, Fu Cangshan could use the opportunity to severely injure him at best, and if Fu Cangshan were merciless, he might kill him!

“In that case, Alliance Master, please hand over the Heavenly Law Core. You are no longer in the position to hold it.” Old Zhang extended his hands. “It is better to hand it over to the strongest person among us, in case of emergencies.”

The strongest person was naturally Fu Cangshan! The audience seemed not to have any opinion on this matter. However, since the object concerned the safety of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship, it indeed seemed most suitable to pass it to the strongest among them.

Fu Cangshan showed a look of horror. “All of you must trust me so much. I will certainly use my life to guard the Heavenly Law Core! If it exists, I will exist. If it dies, I shall die!”

After hearing his words, there were many murmurs of approval from the crowd. Although Long Juexin hesitated in his heart, he still handed over the Heavenly Law Core.

This object was normally only controlled by the Alliance Master. Now that Fu Cangshan was in control of it, he was officially the true Alliance Master.

In an instant, Long Juexin had lost everything! This shocking change in the Heavenly Law Alliance was the direct result of a tangled web of scheming plots! As such, most of the members of the Heavenly Law Alliance were still unaware that the master had been changed in the Heavenly Law Alliance!

In Long Juexin’s room, five of his most trusted personal guards had already been sent away. Those who stood guard at the door now were Fu Cangshan’s most trusted people.

In fact, his room had been modified with a special material of Fairy Binding Shackles. As such, there was no way that Long Juexin could escape. Although it was officially said that he was merely under surveillance, the truth of the matter was that the old Heavenly Law Alliance Master had already been imprisoned!

“Alliance Master, are you feeling comfortable here?” Standing by the door, Fu Cangshan stood with his hands crossed. He looked high and mighty as he smiled.

He did not even try to conceal his sarcasm. “I am sure you would not have thought that the great Alliance Master could fall into such a pitiful situation!”

As the place was now filled with his own men, he naturally was not concerned about being found out. With the door and window between them, Long Juexin had his back turned against Fu Cangshan, and the corners of Long Juexin’s mouth showed a sorrowful bitterness.

He could not believe that he had been imprisoned. Such humiliation was unbearable. But, as things had already gotten this far, it was pointless for him to retaliate.

The only thing he could feel good about was that, despite his own downfall, he had ensured that Housemaster Zi, Lin Yunhe, and Su Yu were able to escape successfully. As such, he had been able to do something good before he died.

“Hehe, I must say, you were quite thoughtful in your plan. Your acting skills are top-notch too! Yes… Killing my men and letting the Housemaster Zi and the other four go…” Fu Cangshan smiled creepily.

Hearing this, Long Juexin shivered. He turned his head suddenly and asked, “What are you talking about? I do not understand!”

“Haha, did you really think that you helped them escape? Do you think I was not aware of the formation? It seems like you were only able to discover the five traitors among your ten guards. There was actually another one who you did not discover!” Fu Cangshan laughed coldly as he spoke.

Another of his trusted members had been bribed to betray him! It was no wonder that Fu Cangshan and the others arrived at the execution place not long after he did! In other words, his plan was known by Fu Cangshan all along. Even Su Yu’s and the others’ whereabouts had already been known!

What awaited Housemaster Zi and the others was not freedom. Instead, it was an ambush!

It was obvious that Fu Cangshan would not allow them to live. He would truly make sure they suffered horrible deaths.

Long Juexin suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He looked towards the sky and sighed. “I have failed you all…”

Even though he had carefully planned everything, in the end, it all meant nothing. Getting himself into trouble was not the worst of it. The worst thing was that he could not save anyone else!

A hundred miles away from the battleship.

At the top of a mountain, waves of space energy could be felt. Then, five figures appeared. Looking at the spacious scenery and the huge battleship that was not far away, Housemaster Zi and the rest felt like they had just seen the sky for the first time

“The only unfortunate thing is that Alliance Master is still in the battleship. I hope he can handle things there,” Housemaster Zi said with a sigh.

Lin Yunhe also sighed and said, “Let us leave now. We should not waste Alliance Master Long’s thoughtful plan.”

However, Su Yu stood where he was and did not move. He turned towards Gang Dalei and said, “Dalei, please move on with the others. I have to return for a while.”

“What? Return?” Gang Dalei thought he had misheard Su Yu.

Zi Donglai was shocked. “We barely escaped the Heavenly Law Alliance. Why are you going back?”

Su Yu looked towards the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship. His gaze was cold. “Now that there is nothing to be concerned about, some people need to be dealt with once and for all.”

Lin Yunhe looked at Su Yu curiously. He then asked in a serious tone, “Su Yu, can you tell me what kind of capabilities you have?”

Gang Dalei and the rest also felt that something was amiss. It was as if Su Yu had never thought much of the Heavenly Law Alliance, as he dared to say such provocative words!

Su Yu shrugged. “I do not know. I can only give it a try to find out.” Without a true battle with a Fairy, he could not really know the extent of his capabilities.

“However, I believe that if I wished to leave the Heavenly Law Alliance on my own, nobody would be able to stop me, not even the First Void World Senior.” Su Yu was extremely confident about this. Even Sheng Ge, who was once a Divine Master, had to try very hard to capture Su Yu.


Zi Donglai sucked in a breath of cold air, her mind filled with so many thoughts and questions…

Such bold words!

What kind of a place is this Heavenly Law Alliance? It must be as high and mighty as the clouds and only second to the Empire of Darkness! It must be far greater than the Eight Great Ancient Clans!

This kind of power could only be belittled by Elder Jiu or someone as strong as him.

Lin Yunhe was also surprised somewhat. “After training in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, you have become a completely different person!”

Gang Dalei was stunned speechless. All this time that he had known Su Yu, Su Yu had never liked to brag or speak about himself too highly. Instead, he was always humble. Now that he had spoken so boldly, he realized that he had been being very conservative all this time!

Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful eyes were filled with a deep glow. Su Yu was even stronger than she had thought! It was unquestionable that the reason Su Yu held back earlier was because he wanted to ensure their safety!

“Alright, we will wait for you from a safe distance away in this direction.” Zi Donglai looked deeply at Su Yu, then sighed in his heart. Back when they were in the jail, he did not receive Su Yu’s promise of marrying Zi Yunxiang. Now, it seemed that would never happen.


However, right then, from fifty miles away, a black cloud was flying towards them! In fact, it was not a cloud, but a group of more than ten Two Crystal Half Fairies! Those were the strongest men in the Heavenly Law Alliance!

The leader was a young man in a fancy robe. Having discovered the presence of Su Yu and the rest, he looked relieved and laughed loudly. “So there you are! We have been looking for you all over the place!”

Although they had hidden in advance for the ambush, the transporting formation was completely random. They could not be sure of where they would be transported.

Hence, they could only search within a hundred miles’ radius from the battleship. Now that they had found Su Yu and the others, they could rest their hearts.

The Two Crystal Half Fairies’ speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they had surrounded Su Yu and the others in the big hall.

“Fu Hongxue, it is you! How did you know where we were?” Zi Yunxiang was very shocked. The leader was Fu Hongxue, who had come earlier to hide for the ambush.

“Hehe, you thought that Long Juexin had a perfect plan. However, you did not know that he fell into our trap!” Fu Hongxue laughed coldly.

Lin Yunhe’s heart instantly constricted. “What do you mean? How is Alliance Master Long now?”

Fu Hongxue did not mind them knowing the truth. He laughed. “Do I need to say more? Of course, he was naturally deposed by the elders and is no longer the Alliance Master. It should all be over by now. As for whether he is alive or dead, I would not know.”

What? Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe were equally shocked. Long Juexin had been deposed, and the status of his life or death remained unknown? Such shocking news was not received well by either of them.

“Since you have told us all of this, you must not be planning to let us live, right?” Zi Yunxiang was very smart, so he knew that they were all in a precarious situation.

Fu Hongxue had a greedy look on his face. “That’s right! You all must die! To complete my grandfather’s big plan, Yunxiang, I have no choice but to destroy a blossoming flower. However, worry not, before you die, I will naturally treat you very well!”

Fu Hongxue then approached her with big steps under the protection of two of the Two Crystal Half Fairy guards…