The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 6: The Fight That Made Him Famous

Chapter 6: The Fight That Made Him Famous

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"Zheng Tao? Ha ha, I know, he is wooing the pretty female senior who was disfigured. Most likely, he secretly complained about Chen Feng, and she found out and issued him a challenge.

Among the silver students, Zheng Tao was in the top 100. He ranked about 98. Seeing that he was ranked slightly below Chen Feng, the outcome should not be that awful since he had also achieved Level Two Upper Tier. His abilities should not be that low.

"Begin the duel!" the referee declared emphatically.

Not only was Zheng Tao frightened, he also hated Chen Feng. He bit his teeth and roared lightly, "Dragon Drill!"

Zheng Tao's right leg exerted a great force, and he was like a big bird soaring in the sky. His left leg turned into a drill and from the sky, he headed towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng laughed coldly and jumped backwards. Zheng Tao's leg kicked the air. When both his feet landed on the ground, he continued his attack once again.

Suddenly, Zheng Tao started to foam at the mouth and his body started to twitch. His face had a ruddy color and it quickly turned pale! His body turned stiff, and he became unable to move!

Using this opportunity, Chen Feng closed in on Zheng Tao with a vicious smile on her face. On her delicate right hand, she revealed five sharp nails, turned them into a ghostly claw and ruthlessly pierced the flesh of Zheng Tao's face. After that, she sneered, streaked across the flesh vigorously and gorged out a piece, splashed with blood.


"My face!" There were five bloody grooves that were so deep the bone was almost visible. Every bloody groove was hideous and shaped like a centipede.

The audience gasped.

"Zheng Tao is done for!"

"The fingernails were coated with poison. Unless Zheng Tao manages to find a cure, he will follow the footsteps of the female senior and withdraw from the institute."

"Chen Feng is so strange! I still don't understand how Zheng Tao lost."

As Su Yu watched, his eyes turned cold; what a sinister woman! The referee frowned. According to the rules, the students could not kill one another.

As Chen Feng had only injured her opponent and not killed him, swimming along the edge of the rules, the referee could not do anything to her. The referee looked at Chen Feng with detest and suddenly declared, "Zheng Tao has lost!"

A strand of dim and silvery white color came out of Zheng Tao's student number plate and went into Chen Feng's number plate. Her student number plate had a pure silvery color free of any impurity. When compared to Xu Se, it was slightly less superior than his magnificent silvery white color.

Among the students who had achieved Level Two, her student number plate was the brightest because she had participated in duels regularly and had lost very few of them.

Another few rounds of duels were completed. Compared to Chen Feng's duel, none of them reeked of blood or were as cruel.

"Last round, silver student, Chen Feng, versus silver student, Su Yu!"

The audience was in awe. "Sadly, it's another unlucky guy."

"If I were him, I would go on stage and admit defeat immediately. Since he will lose anyway, why does he still want to suffer at the hands of Chen Feng?"

Su Yu went onto the stage indifferently.

Chen Feng laughed, "Big sister has said before that I would treat you nicely!"

"Cut the crap," Su Yu said coldly.

"Humph!" Chen Feng groaned coldly and leaped towards Su Yu.

A layer of thin, grey smoke was wrapped within three inches of her and was clad in poison, making it impossible to touch her body.

"Datura Dance!" Chen Feng's body was revolving like wind, allowing her to close in quickly on Su Yu.

Su Yu was not scared of her. Instead, he faced her brazenly.

"Idiot! You can't get close to her! Chen Feng's body is full of poisonous mist!"

Beneath the stage, some audience members scolded him, saying he was silly. Chen Feng smirked. Chen Feng moved backward and stopped the attack, leaving behind a large empty space.

"What a foolish little brother. Have you still not realized how Zheng Tao was poisoned?" Chen Feng's mouth was filled with evil mockery. "That face of yours, big sister will treat it nicely!"

Hiss—"I understand now! The bottom of Chen Feng's feet were laced with a layer of poisonous substance. The spots that she had stepped on before generated poisonous gas. If an ignorant person stepped on it, he would be poisoned immediately, causing him to foam at the mouth and his body to twitch. That person would then be at the mercy of Chen Feng!"

Although Su Yu understood her trick, it was too late. He stepped onto the spot that Chen Feng had stepped on before, and the poisonous gas quickly surrounded him.

However, it was strange. Su Yu did not show any symptoms of being poisoned. Instead, his lips carried a cool smile. His silhouette was like the wind, drifting away like the shadow of a cloud. He was also agile like duckweed, dodging and sweeping past the obstacles. He got within 10 feet of Chen Feng.

The audience was surprised. "How is it that he is not poisoned?"

"Heavens, what movement technique is that? He was agile and elegant, as though he was taking a stroll. Even though he has just achieved the realm of Level Two, the speed that he is displaying is as fast as that of a Level Two Upper Tier!"

The expression of sarcasm and mockery on Chen Feng's face froze and was replaced by an expression of shock. "How is it possible? Don't tell me you brought an antidote with you?" Chen Feng gasped with astonishment, but she immediately returned to her senses.

She changed to a different poisonous substance every time. How was it possible for her opponent to have known which poison she would use beforehand and then prepare an antidote for it?

What answered her was a pair of vast, deep and starry eyes that seemed to shine forever like the stars in the sky.

When Su Yu observed her match with Zheng Tao, he understood her trick.

To counter the unusual and enigmatic poisonous substance, the key was to remember the spots that Chen Feng had stepped on before. When attacking, as long as one did not step on the spots that Chen Feng had stepped on before, he would not be poisoned.

Moreover, there was a limit to how much poisonous substance the bottom of the feet could carry. Hence, the poisonous gas was only effective within a small radius.

Although Chen Feng's steps were fast and messy, which made them difficult to remember, within the space where he experienced a faster time flow, by relying on his space-time manipulation, it was easy for him to remember the spots that Chen Feng already stepped on.

Lastly, using Cloud Shadow to move and avoid those areas, it was easy to get close to Chen Feng.

"Universal Stroke!" shouted Su Yu.

A punch and a kick, staggered like a shadow, maneuvered between one another and struck Chen Feng's chest at the same time. The poisonous mist that covered her body was spreading, causing a space free of poison to appear.

If Su Yu managed to find a space free of poison, that would be his opportunity to strike. Chen Feng's expression changed, and she immediately used her arms to defend herself.

When the punch landed, Chen Feng immediately felt its pain, and her arms went numb. Her mind was full of hatred, and she only wanted to counterattack.

However, a kick followed straight away after the punch, and a cracking sound was heard from Chen Feng's arms. Chen Feng's mind was in a state of panic. If her arms were broken, there would be a higher chance of her losing.

However, before she had time to react, a punch came again. The punches and kicks were continuous, airtight and had no openings. This time around, Chen Feng's arms were completely broken.

Chen Feng screamed loudly in pain. Her scream was so loud it resonated within the entire arena. However, it was not over yet! The final kick, reverse kick!

Chen Feng could not hold it in anymore. She spat out a pool of blood, and just like a rock that was sent flying by a kick, she collapsed on the floor with her mouth full of blood and fainted on the spot.

As the audience gazed upon the results of the fight, they breathed in a mouthful of cold air. Chen Feng's arms, which she used to guard her chest, were caved in downwards, with a hideous bone spur that was colored in blood and had penetrated the skin. It was a compound fracture!

Unless there was an elixir to restore the connection between the bone and the internal blood channel, her arms would be crippled.

The arena became quiet for a short while.

Hiss—"What a frightening fist and leg cultivation technique! It was fierce, violent and airtight! Who is he? To be able to defeat Chen Feng, he should not be someone without a title!"

"When the referee called for him just now, I believe he was called Su Yu. However, I have never heard of that person before."

"Ah! Su Yu? Is he the Su Yu who got dumped by Jiang Xueqing, one of the three prettiest ladies in the training institute?"

"Wait, that's him? What I last heard was that his abilities were average, and he was unable to keep his love by his side. Hence, he changed his target to the woman of other men? But now, why is he…"

For him to be able to inflict serious damage on Chen Feng, then among the silver students, he must be one of the top 100 students who were aiming to be number one. No matter how one looked at it, it was impossible for him to be described as someone with average abilities. After all, there were more than 10,000 silver students in the training institute!

As the audience looked at the miserable Chen Feng, their hearts started to brighten up. Although they were secretly frightened by Su Yu's ruthlessness, their hearts were filled with happiness at the same time.

As a girl, Chen Feng was evil and ruthless. It seemed that she did not expect to meet with failure and get her arms crippled at the same time!

There were only a few words to be said to her, and that was "Serves you right!"

However, when the audience remembered the Silver King, they felt worried for Su Yu. The Silver King! Chen Feng's biological brother!

Su Yu might be done for. The silver assessment was eight days away, and it was bound to have battles.

The Silver King had the authority to issue anyone a challenge. When the time came, how would Su Yu fight against the number one silver student, the Silver King?

The referee stared at Su Yu profoundly and suddenly declared, "Silver student, Su Yu, since this is your first battle, I will overlook your actions. Please do not go too far in the future.

Crippling Chen Feng could be both a big and small matter. The referee detested Chen Feng for her cruelty and ruthlessness; hence he deliberately looked the other way for Su Yu.

The color of Chen Feng's student number plate instantly became a lot dimmer and turned a silvery grey color. As for Su Yu's student number plate, it became a brighter silvery grey color. He was only a little bit away from silvery white.

"Why do I have so much martial art energy all of sudden?" Su Yu was different. In the other battles, the victors did not get as much martial art energy as him.

The referee revealed a rare smile. "If the challenger wins the match, he will only get 25 percent of the martial art energy. However, if the challenger loses the match, he will lose half of his martial art energy to the challenged. As Chen Feng has challenged you, she is automatically considered the challenger. Since she lost the match, she must give you half of her energy."

Su Yu was delighted. He was able to get so much martial art energy from this one match, saving him the trouble of participating in more battles.

Meanwhile, at someone's turf outside the arena.

Jiang Xueqing was unable to hold back the surprise she had in her eyes. She suspected her eyes were playing tricks on her. Was the silhouette of the guy standing upright in the arena really Su Yu?

The Su Yu of the past had abilities that were average and was unable to go beyond Level One Peak even after training for a long time. Moreover, he might also be eliminated this year during the assessment.

However, the Su Yu of the present had not only achieved Level Two, he also fought against and defeated Chen Feng, a very strong silver student who was of a higher tier than him and was distinguished for her cruelty and ruthlessness.

Seeing this Su Yu, Jiang Xueqing felt great distress in her heart. She had no idea why, but she was unwilling to see Su Yu become stronger.

"It's just Chen Feng. I could easily defeat her with one finger. Su Yu winning against her is nothing incredible." Standing beside Jiang Xueqing was the handsome and elegant Qin Feng, who was shaking his head with disdain.

The unsettled feeling in Jiang Xueqing's heart started to go away.

"Qing-er, don't worry. I have spent a huge sum of money to buy a few spirit elixirs. I guarantee that you would be able to make a breakthrough to Level Three in a very short amount of time! During the silver assessment, you will be amazing!"

Her graceful and pretty eyes were extraordinarily splendid, and she was over the moon.

As she looked at Su Yu again, Jiang Xueqing's eyes turned cold. She shook her head lightly and said secretly, "The dragon and the snake cannot co-exist with one another. Su Yu, we are not fated to be in the same world. My choice is definitely not wrong."

The dragon and the snake cannot co-exist. You, Su Yu, would forever be unworthy of me, Jiang Xueqing.

The two of them left. Qin Feng turned his head by accident. When he saw the silhouette of Su Yu, his eyes immediately turned cold and gloomy.

As he brought Jiang Xueqing around, he "coincidentally" passed by the arena in order to let Jiang Xueqing witness a miserable Su Yu, who had been disfigured with her own eyes so that she would completely give up on him.

However, what they witnessed was instead a scene of Su Yu so amazing that for a split second, Jiang Xueqing's heart was moved.

"This Su Yu has grown too fast. The silver assessment will no longer be able to eliminate him. Seems like I have to think of some other ways to get him expelled. Oh, that's right, Chen Feng's brother is the Silver King. If I could get him to work for me, it will be enough to cripple Su Yu in the duel eight days from now."

A cold laughter flashed through the eyes of Qin Feng.

"That Silver King Chen Tiannan is an extremely vicious man who knows how to cover up his mistakes. He is very powerful, more powerful than many of the gold students. If anyone offended him, even if they did not do anything, the offender would still be unable to escape from his adversity!"