The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 599 - Fighting Gu Taixu

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The five words, “Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique,” clearly echoed in everyone’s ears.

Did she bestow such a crafting technique to Su Yu before she left?

It was only because she persistently clung to such a book, while disregarding her own safety, that she ended up meeting Su Yu in the first place. Their relationship had started and ended because of this book. Su Yu felt his heart becoming heavier, as he held onto the book that contained the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique.


At this moment, the sound of someone flying in the air echoed, as the angered Zi Qianchou overtook them and yelled, “Punk, where do you think you can run to?”

Su Yu just motionlessly stood in his place, not even attempting run away. After he left the crystal world, the crystals within his body had disappeared by themselves after losing contact with their power source. His Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy started revolving once again, and he could now use all of his techniques, even the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

What was bewildering was that Zi Qianchou, who was just one mile away from him, suddenly stopped approaching him, and his face, which was full of anger, became filled with wariness. He just fixedly stared at Su Yu, or more precisely, at what was behind Su Yu.

Su Yu’s heart shuddered. What is behind me?

“Can you tell me what happened between you and Yi’er?” The sound of a calm, clear, yet overbearing and imposing voice, brimming with killing intent, fluttered to his ears.

Su Yu turned his head around and looked at the person, who had his hands clasped behind his back and was standing just three feet away from him. Su Yu hadn’t even sensed or detected him at all!

“How long have you been standing so closely here?” Su Yu’s expression was calm and composed, and he didn’t rashly make a move. His instinct was informing him that once he made a move, the person behind him would easily take his life!

It was Gu Taixu, of course. He was unexpectedly facing Gu Taixu, all by himself!

Su Yu’s expression was composed as he calmly asked again, “How long have you been here?”

“I was already here when Yi’er found you. I have been observing you and waiting for you ever since then.” Gu Taixu’s voice was extremely calm. However, he gave off an oppressing and palpitating aura, as if his peacefulness was just the calm before the storm.

Gu Taixu had witnessed everything! He had heard the words that had been exchanged between them and witnessed how Su Yu had been chased by her, even how they were trying to save each other!

“It was my first time seeing Yi’er smiling in such way. Such a smile has never been directed at her fiance, only at a stranger like you.” Gu Taixu sighed a sigh filled with constrained anger.

“So, inform me what happened between the two of you. What exactly is your relationship?” Gu Taixu clasped his hands behind his back and softly spoke. “I will ask such a question just one time, so you have just one opportunity to explain yourself.”

What was our relationship? Su Yu turned his head around and faced Gu Taixu, while his expression became somewhat cold.

Gu Taixu had been spying on them from the beginning, or in other words, he deliberately sent Lü Chuyi here to act as bait, so that he could sense what was really going on between them! Su Yu was somewhat angered upon figuring this out.

Su Yu felt like it wasn’t worth it for Lü Chuyi to be deeply in love with Gu Taixu, as in Gu Taixu’s eyes, she was just a pretty piece of art to control and add to his collection!

“You aren’t worthy of her,” Su Yu said calmly.

“Whether I’m worthy of her or not isn’t for you to decide, nor anyone else.” Gu Taixu’s expression was still calm, and he extended one of his fingers and pointed it at himself then said, “It’s up to me alone. If I say I’m worthy of her, then it is so! Alright, now answer my question, as you have already exhausted my patience.”

Gu Taixu’s gaze was apathetic. He somewhat hated him because of his repeated intervention while he was competing for the blood of a Real Dragon in the Exchange Festival’s stage.

Su Yu sucked in a breath. “You want me to satisfy your curiosity? Dream on!”

Gu Taixu’s expression was still calm as he indifferently replied, “Are you trying to anger me? Tread carefully, as for me, there is no difference between crushing you to death and crushing an ant to death!”

His attitude was full of arrogance and disdain. “I already gave you an opportunity, and I won’t ask you again. Regardless of what your relationship with Yi’er is, you have just one fate, which is death. However, since you didn’t harm Yi’er, I will give you an opportunity to flee for your life like a pitiful dog.”

After Gu Taixu spoke, he stopped caring about Su Yu and clasped his hands behind his back, then strode toward Zi Qianchou. His pace seemed quite slow, yet in fact, he was moving as fast as lightning.

Zi Qianchou was obviously swiftly retreating, but Gu Taixu still overtook him in just two breath’s time. Gu Taixu, extended one of his hands and waved it at Zi Qianchou.

An extremely powerful oppressing and crushing force immediately went after Zi Qianchou. As Zi Qianchou was quite afraid of him, his demonic energy surged out of his body and formed a golden bell-like light screen around him.

“It’s useless,” calmly said Gu Taixu, while he leisurely clenched his hand.


The golden bell was shattered, while the dumbstruck Zi Qianchou, who was within it, was held and confined by a tremendous power. It was too terrifying!

Gu Taixu was even more terrifying than what he had expected or imagined.

Another puppet appeared in his hand, and it was exactly the same as the one before it. He had two puppets!

After he poured his Vital Energy into it, it started flickering in a blue light, while the transformation of a crystal world started once again. Gu Taixu didn’t evade or flee from it, and the hand which had had just extended still didn’t stop. He then said, “I told you that it’s useless.”

An astounding scene appeared just after that. As Gu Taixu pressed down his palm toward him, the blue light emitted from the puppet not only didn’t manage to crystalize his palm, but was instead forced back into the puppet!

After Gu Taixu quelled the puppet, he clenched his hand and the puppet immediately shattered into pieces. In that instant, the terrifying blue light, which burst out of it at such a moment, was also forcefully annihilated by his palm. After he opened his palm, only splinters could be seen.

“The supervisor Hong Luan, is it? It will be fine if she personally comes here, but if it’s just a puppet, then it’s still not worth considering.” Gu Taixu said.

As a light breeze blew over, it swept the puppet’s fragments into the air. At this moment, Zi Qianchou’s expression was extremely unsightly, and he decisively, and without caring about Su Yu anymore, fled away.

However, after he fled for just several hundred meters, he felt the space surrounding him tightening, firmly confining him. Gu Taixu waved his hand and took him into it.

“It will come to an end here.” Gu Taixu clenched his hand.

“No! Ahh!” A miserable shriek echoed out, as Zi Qianchou’s soul body was destroyed., It immediately turned into specks of light that fluttered down onto the ground.

As his soul was annihilated, his true soul also suffered irreversible damages. If he didn’t manage to heal it and recover it, it would be difficult for his cultivation to progress by even a little throughout his whole life!

They were both at the Divine Master Realm, and the current cultivation of their souls that descended down here was just at the middle-stage of the Fairy Realm and the later stage of the Fairy Realm! However, despite such a small difference in their cultivations, killing him was extremely easy for Gu Taixu. It was as if he was just crushing an ant to death!

After he put down his palm, Gu Taixu calmly turned his head around and asked, “Why didn’t you flee?” Su Yu had just remained standing in place this whole time.

“Did you realize that you wouldn’t manage to escape, so you preferred to die in a dignified manner, unwilling to flee like a dog?” It seemed as if Gu Taixu had seen through Su Yu’s mind. Regardless, Su Yu’s expression remained extremely calm and composed.

“I didn’t flee to wait for my death, but to wait for your death!” Su Yu, whose expression was still dignified, started weaving signs with both of his hands. It seemed like he was using some obscure technique.

He had clearly decided that he would fight Gu Taixu all by himself!