The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 589 - The Blood of a Real Dragon

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Su Yu was bewildered by his words. After all, he didn’t even know the old man, so why would he try to please him?

After they were all reminded by the old man, many people secretly nodded and thought to themselves…

This lad is truly shrewd!

It isn’t easy to leave such a deep impression on Yu Tianci!

Su Yu then expressed his thanks and collected the precious puppet. Lately, Su Yu had become somewhat interested in puppets. This was actually quite an uncommon field, especially for middle stage Fairy Realm expert, as such a field was truly profound and mysterious.

He looked at the puppet and thought that, if he could learn something more about it, it could help him increase his strength in the future! Ever since Su Yu had gotten the main part of the Silver Puppet, he had set his sights on studying the field, hoping that he might be able to reconstruct the Silver Puppet, to help it recover, or even to cause it to become even more powerful than it was before!

“Lad, you did well.” One of the two later stage Fairy Realm experts said, while the other one looked coldly looked at Su Yu.

They saw that this lad was truly shrewd and scheming, as not only did he obtain the old monster Yu’s protection, but he had also gotten a puppet that wasn’t any weaker than the two of them! The pair then soared up into the sky and returned to the Jiuzhou Continent.

The old monster Yu watched them while they left. Su Yu hesitated for a while, wondering whether to ask for a secret technique of refining puppets from him or not. In the end, he decided against it.

After all, they had just gotten acquainted, so it would be just be a pipe dream for him to assume that the man would pass his puppets refining technique to him so soon. So, for the time being, he decided that he shouldn’t mention the subject.

“Alright, who’s next? don’t tarry for too long.” Gu Taixu indifferently gazed at them, his loud voice causing several waves to appear in the air.

Su Yu was startled by it, as he still had two objects!

“Wait! I need more time! I have two more objects that I want to exchange,” said Su Yu, his heart shuddering at the apathy in Gu Taixu’s voice.

“There is no need for your objects here. Give up your place,” Gu Taixu commanded him coldly.

Sheng Xuelian slightly furrowed her brows upon hearing this, as according to the rules, Su Yu was allowed to exchange all of his treasures. Hence, his being forcefully chased him away was against the rules!

However, no one dared to question Gu Taixu. After all, he was the most powerful Divine Master here, which meant that he could basically get away with anything!

The Yin-Yang old man swept his gaze over Su Yu with his gaze, then averted his eyes and said, “We must observe the following people to know whether the Divine Master Tu Mo’s remnants were found or not. I hope that they were found by some disciples of the factions that are controlled by my Purple Cloud Palace.”

When he heard his words, Gu Taixu looked at the Red Blood Palace’s three Divine Masters and lightly nodded. He then said, “Em, those three old codgers are truly somewhat thorny, so it would be better if they were found by one of our side disciples. Otherwise, I may be forced to use some rough means to procure them.”

His unspoken implication was that he would rob them, and the Yin-Yang old man unobtrusively nodded his approval at them. At this time, the three people from the Red Blood Palace were closely observing the Exchange Festival. Hence, the occurrence of a great fight would be unavoidable once the Divine Master Tu Mo’s treasures appeared!

Su Yu furrowed his brows and went down the stage. He still had two broken objects that had belonged to the Divine Master Tu Mo that he hadn’t taken out yet.

Su Yu had discovered a skeleton, a broken sword, and a torn scroll in a secret room within the Evil Ghost Valley. The small kylin was within the skeleton, and as for the torn scroll and the broken sword, they were both quite damaged. However, he still figured that he could exchange them for several crystals.

However, after he thought of the forty-one crystals that he already had in his hands, he got over it. After all, he already had enough crystals to save Ling Xiaotian, so it wouldn’t really matter if he lost or gained several other crystals from now on.

After deciding this, Su Yu calmed down and returned to a corner of the stage to quietly watch the Exchange Festival. Before he knew it, a half a day had already passed…

The Divine Masters on the Jiuzhou continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage furrowed their brows, as they still didn’t had no clue whether the Divine Master Tu Mo’s corpse had been found by anyone. Sadly, they didn’t hold any hope in the people who still remained. This was because the average strength of the people remaining was far inferior to those who had already passed, and the stronger they were, the greater their chances were of getting the Divine Master Tu Mo’s corpse.

The other person who also furrowed his brows at this moment was Su Yu, as he now realized that trying to get the Blood of a Real Dragon or the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl from those disciples was quite unrealistic.


At this moment, a youngster, whose face was hidden by a black robe and hood, spoke in a low and deep voice, “I need nine Thunder Herbs, and if someone has them, I’m willing to buy them for a price that will surely satisfy you.”

“Nine Thunder Herbs? Are you cracking a joke?” Heiyue Langjun softly chuckled, his chuckle revealing a trace of mockery. “It’s difficult for even Fairy Realm elders to get such an amount, as it only grows in extremely dangerous and treacherous lands! Plus, it’s difficult to find even one of them in the market, so how is it possible for you to pay for such a precious herb?”

Sheng Xuelian looked at him and reminded him, “Please take out some treasures for them to choose among. This way they can know whether they want to exchange with you or not.”

The black-clothed man hesitated for a while, as it seemed like he wasn’t willing to display any treasure, but wanting to only purchase items instead. After he hesitated for a long while, he clenched his teeth and took out a piece of amber. The amber had been formed by the condensation of a type of Divine Tree’s juices, and it was so dense, it wouldn’t melt, even after ten thousand years!

“It’s just an ordinary tree’s amber! Is this really your item to exchange?” Heiyue Langjun snorted disdainfully. “Don’t waste our time…”

His speech suddenly came to an end abruptly as he stared wide-eyed at the amber. As for Mister Nan Wu, shock and disbelief also appeared in his eyes at this moment.

“Brother, can I ask where you got this amber?” Heiyue Langjun curbed his pride and politely cupped his hands at him as he smiled.

The black-clothed man didn’t speak, as he was unwilling to reply to the man who had just rudely mocked him.

Mister Nan Wu directed his gaze to him and asked, “Brother, will you only take Thunder Herb in exchange for the amber? Won’t you consider taking crystals for it?”

The black-clothed man replied jeered at him, then replied, “How many crystals do you have? I wonder if you can afford it…”

A trace of anxiety appeared on Mister Nan Wu’s face, and when he was just about to speak, a thunderous voice came from the sky. “Make way! The blood of a Real Dragon isn’t something which you ordinary beings can even dream about.”

As the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion shook and trembled, a gigantic phantom image fell from the sky. The phantom image was a dozen times bigger than a Fairy Realm expert’s, making it seem like a giant!

Its refined face, which was filled with pride, belonged to none other than Gu Taixu. The strongest Divine Master had personally descended down among them!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Following his, the Yin-Yang old man’s, Lü Chuyi’s, and the others’ phantom images also descended down, then appeared behind him. The phantom images of the Red Blood Palace’s three Divine Masters had now descended down, too!

“Hehe, that is the blood of a Real Dragon, right?” The leader of the Red Blood Palace’s three Divine Masters revealed a meaningful smile, then chuckled as he gazed at the blood of a Real Dragon.

The pupils of Su Yu, who was in the audience, contracted at this moment. The blood of a Real Dragon had finally appeared, and moreover, it had appeared in Gang Dalei’s hand!