The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 573 - Bloodline of the Evil Ghost

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In the tightly sealed space, the Ghost King was commanded by the soul old man. He had no choice but to go against Su Yu.

When he had the chance, Su Yu secretly communicated with the Ghost King. That was the only reason the current scene was even possible.

The ghost energy quickly spread across the soul old man’s body. It was as if he was being burned by a black flame.

Recovering from the shock, his matured eyes were filled with anger as he spat out the words, “How dare you betray me?”

The Ghost King moved backwards and laughed coldly. “Betray you? Do you think I should be your slave and simply do as you say?”

“You are just seeking your own death now!” The soul old man yelled coolly.

Then, with a thought in his mind, he attempted to manipulate the Buddhism Relic in the Ghost King’s body! It was the relic’s existence that allowed the soul old man to have control over the Ghost King’s life.

However, the imagined scene where the Buddhism Relic would destroy the Ghost King did not occur. Instead, the Ghost King smiled playfully and said, “I am an Evil Spirit Envoy, so your little tricks can only control me for a short period, not forever! You are too naïve! Die, you ignorant old man!”

The soul old man was gravely shocked. He couldn’t figure out how the Ghost King had escaped from his manipulation! As the ghost energy spread across his soul, the soul old man vibrated and used the same technique to separate a part of his soul.

His eyes were filled with a dark color as he said, “Alright! I was fooled by the two of you! But, I swear on my grave that I will kill you both today!”

“Hehe, is that so? I don’t think you will even survive!” Su Yu said coldly. He had finally recovered from the attack of the soul ice flame.

The soul old man was severely injured, so his soul attack had been interrupted. Naturally, Su Yu was able to escape from it. As Su Yu looked at the Ghost King, one could not tell if he was smiling or not.

“Hmph, do you think the two of you are capable of doing anything to me? My soul body is not something you can handle!” the soul old man yelled coolly.

As soon as he finished speaking, a vortex started to appear. It was rotating right in front of the Ghost King’s abdomen! A bloody red ball of light suddenly came out from the vortex, then condensed into the face of a ghost. It then unexpectedly bit onto the soul old man’s body!

Suddenly, the soul old man let out a pitiful cry. He was clearly in great pain!

All that could be seen was that his body was partially torn by the bloody red ghost face! The ghost face chewed greedily, as if it was enjoying the feast of this soul.

With a part of his soul gone, the soul old man’s body was expanding and contracting at a rapid rate. This was a sign that his body was about to explode!

“A swallower of souls! Who is it?” The soul old man was doubly angered!


With a vibrating sound, a light shadow flew out from the vortex in front of the Ghost King’s abdomen. The light shadow gradually grew into the size of a normal human being. The body of the figure was surrounded by a bloody light.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar face appeared in front of everyone. The face had very strong features, including a sharp nose and thick lips. The skin of the figure had a bloody red hue, and on its forehead, there was a tattoo of a half crescent moon. The figure gave off a very stern and peculiar aura.

“Bloodline of the Evil Ghost?” The soul old man was shocked.

He then turned and asked the Ghost King, “Is he not your descendant? Why would he appear from within your abdomen?”

The soul old man could not understand how the Ghost King was able to hide someone else within his abdomen!

“My abdomen has always had two openings. One is located at my own physical abdomen, and the other lies in the hands of my descendant! Do you still have any questions?” The Ghost King laughed coldly.

He had already trained his abdomen to be able to contain the treasure of space. So, his having another method of entry was not surprising at all. However, the soul old man would not have dreamed that the Ghost King was capable of such deception!

“What you mean to say is that the Buddhism Relic has long been removed from your abdomen?” The soul old man’s facial expression grew more perturbed.

The Ghost King nodded slightly. “It was left behind long ago, given to the ghost clan of the Zhenlong Continent by my descendant!”

“In that case, why did you wait so long to attack me?” The soul old man’s body was expanding and contracting at an even higher rate as he spoke. His soul was at the brink of complete destruction.

The Ghost King laughed coolly. “If I did not wait until you let your guard down, do you think that I would have the opportunity to carry out such a lethal strike against you?”

The soul old man had the soul of a Divine Master, after all. As such, the Ghost King would underestimate him.

The soul old man was even more angered. He blinked slightly with his eyes, which were flushed red. He stared at both Su Yu and the Ghost King in anger.

“Even if I become a ghost, I will not let you go!” he yelled, while pointing at Su Yu. After all, he was the person that the soul old man hated the most!

If it had not been for Su Yu’s continuous scheming, the Ghost King might not have ever found the opportunity to attack the soul old man!

“In that case, just become a ghost!” Su Yu yelled back coolly.

After he finished speaking, two beams of white flames shot out from his eyes and engulfed the soul old man within them. The rapidly expanding soul old man’s body immediately turned into a white smoky dust, which gradually fell to the floor and broke into millions of pieces of crystal-clear light.

The light then seeped into the ground below. After his death, Su Yu finally let out a sigh of relief.

He knew that he had just gone through a very dangerous situation! This was especially true in the case of the soul ice flame that was released by the soul old man. It had posed a real threat to Su Yu!

He had to admit that there was an element of luck involved for he and the Ghost King to have been able to work together to defeat the soul old man. If the soul old man had suspected the Ghost King in any way, the only people dying today would have been the two of them!

As Su Yu sighed with relief, he suddenly became aware of the gazes of the two people in front of him. Su Yu lifted his head and looked over, noticing that, although the Ghost King was somewhat smiling in a relaxed manner, his eyes were filled with a certain complicated and hesitant look.

The other person staring back at him in an unfriendly way was the big man…

“You seemed to have known since some time ago that I had been inside the Ghost King’s abdomen.” the big man commented coolly, while locking eyes with Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded his head. “Yes, I knew.”

The Ghost King looked oddly surprised. While he was communicating with Su Yu secretly, he had kept his sentences short in order to not be discovered by the soul old man. However, he had never told Su Yu that his descendant had been hiding in his abdomen.

“When did you find out? And do you know who I am?” For some unknown reason, the big man’s tone had become even more unfriendly.

Su Yu said leisurely, “I found out when Chou Zeming died.”

At the place of Legacy of Elixirs, Su Yu had gotten into trouble with Chou Zeming, as Chou Zeming had been waiting outside the tunnel to ambush Su Yu!

However, when Su Yu went out, he noticed that Chou Zeming had already been killed! At the time, he could tell that this murder had been committed by someone like him, who was of the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost.

However, he pretended not to know this, but instead said that the Silver Puppet had done it. That was when he knew about the existence of the people with the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost!

In other words, the ghost clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans had been at the eighth Divine Pavilion. When all of the capable people from the Eight Great Ancient Clans had arrived, the ghost clan remained silent. Thus, it appeared that they had not entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion at all!

Therefore, the only possibility that Su Yu could think of was that mysterious space inside the Ghost King’s abdomen. Today, it was proven that this was indeed the case!

“Since you know where I came from, then you should know how I will deal with you, right?” The big man spoke coolly.

Su Yu was calm. “Of course I do, you’re the Master of the ghost clan!”

“You turned into the Black Snow Devil King and pretended to be one of our ghost clan members. Isn’t that true?” the Master of the ghost clan asked coolly.

Su Yu did not try to explain himself, only nodded. He then said, “Yes, everyone from the external world believed that I belonged to the ghost clan. What is the matter? Have I affected the reputation of the ghost clan? Do you seek revenge?”

Unexpectedly, the Master of the ghost clan shook his head coolly. “Our ghost clan has always thought nothing about our reputation. So what if you pretended to be one of us? There is only one mistake that you made, but it is an unforgivable one!”

Su Yu was stunned. He immediately asked, “Are you talking about the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost that I acquired from Palace Master Ling?”

“So, you truly did acquire the bloodline legacy of Ling Xiaotian…” The Master of the ghost clan took a deep breath.

Su Yu took a few steps backwards and was prepared to attack. He then asked softly, “What is the matter? Do you wish to retrieve the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost?”

Su Yu was surprised, as the Master of the ghost clan only responded with a fit of cold laughter. He then said, “The Bloodline of the Evil Ghost? Who told you that Ling Xiaotian’s bloodline was the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost?” It seems that he kept something a secret from you too! Although it was probably meant for your own good, it looks like it has backfired against you!”