The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 568 - The Chaos Butterfly

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When he carefully observed the creature, he found that it was a worm the size of a grain of rice, which had a round and smooth translucent body that was faintly glowing. A faint fragrance of flowers was permeating out of its body, along with an extremely intense Life Force.

This seemingly weak and puny worm had a Life Force that was as strong as the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s, which made it extremely marvelous! Wu Aoyue took out a thick book from her space ring, which had the words “Ancient Spirits Record” written on its cover.

“This is the Purple Cloud Palace’s ancient record. It details all of the ancient spirits who appeared in the Jiuzhou Continent in the past, and it even has some Ancient Spiritual Worms recorded in it.” Wu Aoyue swiftly flipped through its pages and started comparing the worm to the illustration in each of the book’s pages.

However, even after she went through most of its pages, she still didn’t find a picture of this particular worm, so she weakly said, “I probably just remembered incorrectly.”

Su Yu was discouraged by her words. If this worm wasn’t recorded within that book, then it was probably just some peculiar ordinary worm.

“I’m just happy that you tried to help me, so it isn’t really important whether it’s an Ancient Spiritual Worm or not.” Su Yu warmly smiled to ease the awkward tension in the air.

When Wu Aoyue heard his words, she slightly blushed, then muttered in embarrassment, “I was just curious about Ancient Spiritual Worms… I didn’t do it for you…”

Her tone was weak, and even Wu Aoyue herself didn’t believe her own words. She inwardly reprimanded herself for being so disappointing.

“I wasn’t of any help to you just now.” Wu Aoyue’s expression was somewhat downcast, as she placed her notebook down.

At this moment, the small kylin suddenly bit the notebook, while snatching it from her hands. It then threw it on the ground and used its right foreleg to swiftly flip through its pages.

It seemed quite earnest and serious. After a short while, the kylin stopped upon the ninth page and pointed to the illustration on it. It then started gesticulating towards Su Yu.

“Are you saying that the worm before us is the spiritual worm in this picture?” Su Yu was somewhat astonished, so he picked up the record and started to carefully examine it.

Wu Aoyue came over to him, looked at the image and description, then asked in confusion, “Is it the Ancient Spiritual Worm, Chaos Multicolored Butterfly?”

The ninth illustration was a lifelike picture of a beautiful and extraordinary-looking butterfly, with a body that glowed in nine bright colors. It seemed transcendent, like a fairy, and it was extremely beautiful. Su Yu was somewhat enchanted by it.

“It’s impossible for it to be such a Spiritual Worm.” Wu Aoyue dismissed such a possibility and firmly shook her head. However, the small kylin waved its forelegs to express how certain it was of it.

“It’s impossible! The Chaos Multicolored Butterfly was an Ancient Spiritual Worm, which has already been extinct for a long time, so how is this possible?” Wu Aoyue had a broad knowledge of the species, so she was skeptical.

“The Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s appearance doesn’t resemble the one before us. Instead, it has a human-like appearance.” Wu Aoyue spoke slowly, “When it’s born, it’s perfectly similar to a human. Only after going through an extremely long transition phase will it turn into a butterfly. Also, it doesn’t have any stages where it’s just a worm.”

This made Su Yu wonder many things…

Was there really a Spiritual Worm that had a human appearance as a newborn? And, would it really only turn from a human to a butterfly later on?

If it was truly the case, then there was a great possibility that this worm wasn’t a Chaos Multicolored Butterfly! But, then why was the small kylin so sure of it?

Suddenly, Wu Aoyue’s eyes lit up. “I recalled something!” she exclaimed. “I finally recalled where I once saw such worm! It is not a Chaos Multicolored Butterfly, but rather a variation of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly! Pure Chaos Multicolored Butterflies are born as humans, but their variations are born as worms! Now I remember that there were missing pages of the ‘Ancient Spirits Record,’ which had been torn out, and this worm was recorded on one of them!”

As such, the variations of the Chaos Multicolored Butterflies were also Ancient Spiritual Worms! Su Yu was astounded by such a fact.

Seeing his excitement, Wu Aoyue issued a warning, “Master, you shouldn’t let anyone know about this, as all Ancient Spiritual Worms possess some peculiar and special abilities from ancient times. This means that this worm’s ability is powerful, so you may be in danger, should someone want to take it from you. They may even kill you for it!”

Su Yu nodded at her, then asked, “What is this one’s special ability?”

“Silk!” Wu Aoyue’s face was filled with envy and excitement. “The silk made by it is extremely hardy and durable. In fact, it’s rumored that even All Creation Realm old monsters are incapable of cutting it open!”

Su Yu’s pupils contracted when he heard her words. Obviously, the silk spouted by this variation of Chaos Multicolored Butterfly was truly precious!

“However, there are many kinds of variations of Chaos Multicolored Butterfly. They are divided into nine grades, and only a nine-grade variation Chaos Multicolored Butterfly is capable of creating such extraordinary silk,” Wu Aoyue explained.

Su Yu wasn’t truly surprised by such a fact, so he asked, “How can we judge this worm’s grade?”

In response to his question, Wu Aoyue took out a bowl the size of someone’s palm in which nine demonic beasts of different form and shapes were depicted. She then said, “This is a bowl that is capable of testing its Spiritual Qualities. If we put this worm in it, the pictures of the demonic beasts that are depicted on this bowl will start glowing, and the number of demonic beasts’ pictures that glow will reveal its grade. This is a technique that is habitually used in the Jiuzhou Continent, and it’s extremely accurate.”

Wu Aoyue put the bowl down and placed the worm in it. When the variation Chaos Multicolored Butterfly fell into it, it wasn’t flustered at all.

Both Wu Aoyue and Su Yu were filled with expectation, wondering what the grade of this variation Spiritual Worm would be. It was at this moment that the bowl started glowing.

A faint red glow was emitted from just one demonic beast’s picture. Wu Aoyue was startled by it, and her face stiffened. “The first grade. That is the lowest grade,” she said lowly.

Su Yu was disappointed, as he now had no hope of obtaining a silk that was capable of withstanding an All Creation Realm old monster’s attacks.

“A first grade variation worm has only a faint trace of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s bloodline, so the silk that it makes is worse than even the kind made by some amazing ordinary worms,” said Wu Aoyue. She paused for a while, then asked softly, “Master, how should we handle this?”

Her unspoken implication was that there was no use in their keeping the worm. Su Yu looked at it and hesitated for a while, then looked at the bleak sapling, which had started withering. He then said, “Let’s keep it and raise it for now. We can feed her the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling, which incubated it. In any case, it’s already impossible for the sapling to survive.”

After all, this worm had already eaten one Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, and it would be a pity to just throw it away now. So, he figured that he would try this route and at least collect some of its silk.