The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 543 - The Wisest Milky Way

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As Su Yu questioned himself, the image of a beautiful woman suddenly appeared in a flash. Her entire body was covered in a mist of water that concealed her exotic beauty. If it were not Xia Jingyu, who else could it be?

“You are finally awake!” It was difficult to tell if Xia Jingyu was happily surprised or in a state of panic. Perhaps it was a mixture of both.

Su Yu secretly sighed in relief. Her disappearance had given him a fright. Unknowingly, an affection for this woman, who had silently sacrificed herself for his sake, had already been etched in the depths of his heart.

“What happened?” Su Yu asked in surprise.

Xia Jingyu’s face brightened up. As she usually looked calm and composed in all situations, this made Su Yu very confused.

“Su Yu, stop talking and follow me! A Real Spirit has appeared!” Xia Jingyu looked surprised and joyful.

A Real Spirit? Su Yu felt like he had been struck by a thunderbolt! After all, a Real Spirit’s existence would be a miraculous sighting, even in the Jiuzhou continent. In fact, it was even rarer than the Beast of All Creations!

Su Yu had once read a very short passage about the Real Spirit in the Thunder Emperor’s Nine Books. According to the information given, every single Real Spirit’s existence exceeded that of a Beast of All Creations. It also had the power of immortality!

He had even heard that once, there was a severely injured thunder-based Ancient Real Spirit that fell to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It was then chased after by three Beasts of All Creations.

In the end, the three Beasts of All Creations never returned. The only thing that was left of them was their ashes, which were spread all around!

Thus, after knowing that they possessed such power, after he heard the words Real Spirit, of course he was surprised! Moreover, it was never mentioned in Tian Jizi’s Last Testament that a Real Spirit could exist inside the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

“That is a young Real Spirit. It has not grown up yet! It looks like it has only just hatched!” Xia Jingyu’s pupils filled with excitement.

A young Real Spirit? Su Yu wondered to himself.

If it were an adult Real Spirit, Xia Jingyu would not have been able to escape. So she was indeed grateful!

“Who discovered it? How did it appear in this place, the Legacy of Materials?” Su Yu asked, deep in thought.

Xia Jingyu had a weird look on her face, as she turned and stared at Su Yu. She then attempted to explain, “We were all originally training around the spiritual pool. All of a sudden, the Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions was suddenly torn apart. The Real Spirit had broken in, just like that!”

It broke in to this place out of the blue? Su Yu frowned deeply. He then asked, “From my understanding, a Real Spirit has great Spiritual Qualities. So, even as a young Real Spirit, it would have a great deal of intelligence. So, why would it break in for no reason at all? Could it be because of the spiritual pool?”

Xia Jingyu looked at Su Yu in a strange way, then challenged him. “Perhaps you should answer that!”

Eh? Me? Su Yu was shocked. He had been immersed in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl all this time. As such, he couldn’t possibly know what was happening on the outside!

“You were the young Real Spirit’s target!” Xia Jingyu said. “If it were not for Shangguan Qinger’s quick reaction, which stopped it in the nick of time, I am afraid that the Real Spirit would have pounced on you and killed you while you were deep in meditation!”

The Real Spirit came for me? Su Yu was both surprised and befuddled. He could not understand how he had become the target of a Real Spirit.

“What about the others?” Su Yu’s eyes shone with excitement. If I could catch this young Real Spirit and raise it myself…

Thinking about the idea alone was enough to stir his heart with great excitement. At this point, even if a Beast of All Creations was here, it would not make a difference!

“Let us also chase after it!” Su Yu hastily made a decision.

Xia Jingyu beamed with joy. “That was precisely why I came back to inform you. I will definitely help Brother Yu capture the Real Spirit!”

Su Yu was stunned. Did Xia Jingyu really have no intentions of capturing the Real Spirit for herself?

Did she only ever have Su Yu’s best interest at heart?

Su Yu suddenly felt a heavy weight in his heart, a shapeless form of pressure.

“Alright. Thank you.” Su Yu nodded. Then, like the wind, he gushed through the torn bright screen and left.

Immediately, the Vital Energy Crystal within Su Yu’s body released a significant amount of Vital Energy. Su Yu suddenly felt an immense energy rolling about in his body. It was one which he had never felt before! It made Su Yu feel inexplicably powerful.

“So this is what the Vital Energy feels like! It is more than five times stronger than the power generated by the Spiritual Energy!” Feeling the might of the Vital Energy for the first time, Su Yu was beyond delighted.

After all, it had taken such a long time for him to finally complete the condensation of the Vital Energy. Hence, this was a real occasion!

Now that he had one crystal with the cultivation of a Half Fairy, he would not have too many real opponents within the realm of Half Fairies. In fact, the only ones that he would need to be concerned with were the Strong Fairies! However, even under the most dire circumstances, it would not be impossible to defeat them!

With the nourishment of the Vital Energy, Su Yu’s movement techniques were more than twice as fast as before. In less time than is needed to drink half a cup of tea, Su Yu had already arrived at the end of the stairs.

Standing at the edge of the stairs, Su Yu stared ahead at the magnificent view before him in complete shock. At the end of the stairs was not a wall of rocks, but a sky full of silvery, glimmering stars!

Each star shone brightly, like a pearl. Together, the stars lit up the surrounding dark screen that resembled the night sky.

They formed a starry sky that was indistinguishable from the average sky full of stars. With many galaxies and starry skies in the world, this looked the same as any other.

The sun, the moon, the stars and the constellations each cruised along the starry sky on their own paths. The entire formation painted a scene of bright pathways that flickered, disappearing and reappearing in a unique pattern.

“Is this the spell formation?” Su Yu asked.

Also at the end of the stairs, a few others stood and stared at the starry sky intently. These people were Shangguan Qinger, the Ghost King, and Zhou Jin. All three of them seemed slightly worn out.

They stared at the starry sky with mixed emotions. They felt impatient, but also helpless and dissatisfied.

“You are right. It is a spell formation.” Shangguan Qinger turned to look at Su Yu for a moment. Without a hint of playfulness, she then said solemnly, “In fact, it is the Wisest Milky Way Formation, the most difficult formation to overcome. It is known as the strongest defensive formation in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It is even stronger than the Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions! As such, there is no way I can unseal it!”

Shangguan Qinger was secretly furious about this. In actual fact, the spell formation had already been around for some time. Even so, its might was still far from a real Wisest Milky Way Formation. Based on her capabilities as a Fairy, it was not impossible for her to unseal it forcefully.

However, there was another seal at the center of the formation. As long as someone was above the level of a Fairy, the person would be forcefully removed from the Wisest Milky Way Formation and returned to the stairs.

As a result, regardless of how close Shangguan Qinger could get to the central area, she was still being deflected to the original spot. Hence, there was no opportunity for her to get close to the center of the formation, and all of her efforts thus far had been a waste.

What was more annoying was the fact that the Real Spirit had significant spiritual intelligence. As such, it intentionally hid within the center of the formation and would not budge. Hence, Shangguan Qinger could only look on with exasperation, unable to do anything about it.

Sensing Su Yu’s arrival, Zhou Jin frowned slightly. The Ghost King was also a little unhappy. This was because the young Real Spirit was such a rare find, so any additional persons around meant additional competitors!

“I refuse to believe there is no way of breaking into the central area!” Zhou Jin was unwilling to give up. The long black blade within his hand shone with a dark aura that engulfed the surrounding region in an airtight formation. Not a single corner was missed.