The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 228: Sending the Enemy Away with a Sentence

Chapter 228: Sending the Enemy Away with a Sentence

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At this moment, the 18-year-old youth following the group threw his arms behind his head, walking forward with exaggerated movements, his eyes burning with passion. He greedily observed Ouyang Yuxin.

"Yuxin, my wife!" he declared. "What you say is wrong. Since the Ouyang family donated the money to us, the money belongs to the Zeng family. When we gave the same amount to you, that is called lending. Where's the wrong in that?"

Ouyang Yuxin's eyes filled with disgust. "Scram! Who is your wife? Zeng Shenbao, mind your words! The Zeng family forgets the favors others have done for them! We, the Ouyang family, do not owe you anything!"

Zeng Nantian laughed coldly. "We the Zeng family decide if you owe us anything or not. Is the Ouyang family still living 100 years in the past?"

The Zeng family broke into fits of mocking laughter. The Ouyang family became enraged by the humiliation.

Not only were they in trouble, but they were being hounded—and hounded by a dog that the Ouyang family had once saved!

"I'll give the Ouyang family two choices," declared Zeng Nantian. "First, you can repay the money owed, 1 million alliance coins and not one less! Or, we meet at the Life and Death Stage, where we will have a deathmatch!"

The Life and Death Stage was a platform in the Alliance City designed for resolving conflicts. With the approval of both parties, participants could battle to the death on the stage. With the Zeng family's current battle powers, the Ouyang family would be exterminated.

Ouyang Taiyi was furious. "You would dare? My sister is going to marry Sir Feng Yue! Just try to touch the Ouyang family!"

But Zeng Shenbao would not even look at him. "Did I grant permission to this piece of trash to speak?"

Even though they were the same age, Zeng Shenbao was Dragon Realm Level Five. By that account, he had the right to call Ouyang Taiyi trash.

"You are looking at Sir Feng Yue to help you?" Zeng Shenbao went on. "Who doesn't know that Sir Feng Yue is a big flirt. My wife Yuxin? Marrying him? What joke are you playing? At most, she would sleep with him for a day and get a little benefit from the Feng family. That is all!"

Zeng Shenbao was direct and to the point. After saying this, Zeng Shenbao looked at Ouyang Yuxin, laughing as he said, "My wife Yuxin. Why don't you marry me? Once you become my wife, the debt your family owes us can be waived off!"

Zeng Nantian nodded. "As long as Ouyang Yuxin is willing to marry, I do not even need to make provision for my son!"

1 million alliance coins equaled half of the Ouyang family's possessions. How could they be willing to give that away?

The Ouyang family was furious, their hearts filled with a silent anger and grief. "Have the two of you, father and son, had enough yet?" demanded Ouyang Long, his face stern. "What debt? You are merely trying to obtain the Ouyang family's Gray Dragon Coffin! And you dare to set your sights on my daughter! You seek to get two birds with one stone! Do you really think I am old and senile?" Ouyang Long grunted in rage.

Immediately, the expressions of the Zeng family father and son changed. Marrying Ouyang Yuxin and asking for the Gray Dragon Coffin as a betrothal gift had been their plan all along. The Zeng family was, indeed, planning to kill two birds with one stone!

Zeng Shenbao went from a cheery mood to an icy expression. "Old thing, it is well that you understand! Hand over the Gray Dragon Coffin, or return us the 1 million alliance coins! If you refuse, then we step onto the Life and Death Stage immediately!"

Ouyang Long was furious. "You go too far! If you are plotting against the Ouyang family, you had best be prepared for us to go down together! The Life and Death Stage, we accept! Name the time! Speak!"

Ouyang Long, to everyone's surprise, had accepted the deathmatch!

The Zeng family father and son turned rigid. Even though they were stronger than the Ouyang family, a deathmatch could severely weaken them, too. The outcome was clear, but they had set themselves up for this and had to follow through.

"All right!" returned Zeng Nantian. "But we challenge only you, Ouyang Long! I shall have a deathmatch with you!"

His motives were clear. Even if they had casualties, theirs would be more manageable. On the other hand, killing Ouyang Long would cause the entire Ouyang family to fall into disarray, making them easy pickings.

Just as Ouyang Long was about to accept in fury, a gentle voice came from deep within the Ouyang family compound.

"Always leave some leeway for the other party."

A figure flickered overhead with his arms behind him: a White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe, a headful of smooth, silver hair, and a mysterious mask. He exuded a nobility beyond description, accentuated by an unexplainable aura of mystery.

"What are you?" Zeng Shenbao instinctively called out.

Su Yu did not answer. Never once looking at Zeng Shenbao, he instead let his gaze fall on Zeng Nantian, calmly saying, "How much does he owe you?"

The pressing aura of nobility was overbearing, causing Zeng Nantian to doubt if this person was from the Ouyang family!

"Who are you?" Zeng Nantian said, deliberately speaking in a fierce tone. "You wish to interfere in our affairs?"

But Su Yu remained calm, repeating without emotion, "How much does he owe you?"

Seeing how he had been disregarded, Zeng Nantian felt even more certain that Su Yu was no ordinary person. Thinking for a moment, he said, "A million alliance coins. Why? Do you wish to return it for them?"

Su Yu did not answer. He took out a jade box from his robes. In the jade box lay a fiery feather. Shreds of pressing spirit energy spread from the feather. Bright red blood flowing within it.

Ouyang Long froze, observing the feather carefully, then gasped, "A Phoenix feather? Harboring the blood of the immortal Phoenix…?"

Even Zeng Nantian was shocked. "How can that be? In the Northern Continent, only the master of the Nine Phoenix Cabinet has a Phoenix. Where…? Where did you get this?"

But what Zeng Nantian really wanted to know was just who Su Yu was—and why he would have such an item. This feather was, indeed, from the fiery Phoenix from the Phoenix Cabinet. And there was no possibility of even touching the feathers of the Phoenix without the master of the Phoenix Cabinet's approval! Could this mysterious gentleman be… someone from the Phoenix Cabinet? Perhaps even with close relations with the master of the Phoenix Cabinet?

"It looks like you already understand the value of this item," said Su Yu. "Take it. From now on, the Ouyang family has nothing to do with the Zeng family."

Su Yu flicked his finger, shooting the feather of the Phoenix out. Zeng Nantian unconsciously grabbed the feather, feeling a weight in his hand.

"Leave," said Su Yu, devoid of passion. "I dislike noise."

Without another word, Su Yu turned around and went back into the yard of the Ouyang family.

Ouyang and Zeng family alike were silent, frozen on the spot! Neither could believe that Su Yu would appear and so casually throw out a Phoenix feather of such alarming value. His generosity, his noble demeanor, and his mysterious identity shook the souls of everybody present!

"Ouyang… family headmaster," Zeng Nantian said, after opening his mouth with difficulty. He forced a smile as he offered the Phoenix feather. "Please… Please give this item back to that gentleman! The Zeng family… cannot accept this!"

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet was the fabled powerhouse who lorded over a third of the Northern Continent. How could a mere Zeng family dare to offend this person?

But Su Yu's calm voice filled the surroundings. "Take it," he said.

In reality, Su Yu said the sentence rather quietly, but to Zeng Nantian's ears, it sounded like an order bellowed at a high volume, causing him to freeze on the spot.

"Yes, sir!" Zeng Nantian said.

After a while, he accepted the Phoenix feather with unease before leaving with the rest of the family.

Later, long after the Zeng family had left the Ouyang family, Zeng Shenbao spoke up, filled with indignance. "Father, why are you so afraid of that lad?"

"It is not being afraid," said Zeng Nantian. Zeng Nantian became pale as a sheet. "It is… fear itself! If this Phoenix feather is real, then that man's background is too terrifying to contemplate!"

Zeng Shenbao was furious, coldly grunting under his breath, "I do not believe it! Both Ouyang Yuxin and the Gray Dragon Coffin are rightfully mine, and I will kill whoever stops me from getting them!"

Back in the yard at the Ouyang family mansion, a crowd of Ouyang family members stood in cold sweat! Many of the Ouyang family members stared at Ouyang Yuxin with shocked expressions. Their gazes only had one meaning: Just what kind of terrifying person have you brought home?

For this person to be in possession of a feather from the pet of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet, his status must have been extraordinary!

Ouyang Yuxin's heart trembled. She had met this mysterious nobleman on the streets. How was she to have known that his background was so… unnerving? She felt like she was in a dream. Didn't these things only happen in books?

Ouyang Taiyi was pale, his palms wet with sweat. Just a few minutes prior, he had mocked this mysterious man for his unremarkable status and having to seek shelter in the Ouyang family. But, in the blink of an eye, this man had proven to have a terrifying status that the Ouyang family could never have hoped to come into contact with under ordinary circumstances!

Only Ouyang Long's expression remained unchanged: grim and ugly. He stared deeply at Ouyang Yuxin, letting out a light sigh.

"Yuxin," he said, "follow me. I think it is time to arrange your marriage."