The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 209: Ruolan's Dream

Chapter 209: Ruolan's Dream

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That earth and heaven shaking spirit of his had caused him to become undefeatable!

The arrogance that the Seventh Elder had collapsed with a bang at that very moment!

What replaced it was fear, a fear felt by his soul!

While all was quiet and still, Su Yu stuck out his legs and walked toward him with murderous intent.

"You keep on saying evil creature. If I am the evil creature that you mentioned, then what are you, who collapsed after just one blow?"

Su Yu's voice was extremely hoarse.

"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"had strong repercussions on the wielder's body. When Su Yu unleashed the full power of it, his vocal cords were completely destroyed and required a long time for recovery.

Against Su Yu, who had arrived in front him, the Seventh Elder felt extremely remorseful.

Undoubtedly, Su Yu had been enduring a long time now. Undoubtedly, Su Yu had given many warnings. Undoubtedly, he could have stayed away from the matter.

Why did he want to place Su Yu at death's door?

He understood that because, within his heart, Su Yu could be crushed to death with a flick of his finger.

Hence, he could not control himself.

As the Seventh Elder faced death, he cast aside his arrogance: "Let me off, I…"

However, Su Yu's eyes did not hold his silhouette.

His eyes only held Han Zhi!

Han Zhi's face was ghastly pale and completely filled with fear.

He finally understood that Su Yu could really acquire his head!

"When you go to the underworld, don't forget to repent for your sins in front of my master." Su Yu had a dull gaze.

"Wind Shadow Step!"

Rumble, puff-

However, at that moment, a sinister expression flashed past Han Zhi's eyes. He grabbed the Seventh Elder, who was in front of him, to block the attack!

The Seventh Elder's chest was stepped upon, to the point that it broke, and his heart turned into powder!


The Seventh Elder spit out blood that was the same color as his heart. He then turned his head. Han Zhi's sinister expression was reflected in his eyes!

At that moment, the Seventh Elder laughed. He laughed at himself!

In the end, he did not die at the hands of Su Yu. He died at the hands of the Tenth Elder, whom he defended!

He defended Han Zhi, believing that he would not be so despicable to the point that he would frame Li Guang.

However, the reality was that Su Yu's words were right. He was a dog that would not wake up any longer, no matter how many times people called him!

As the Seventh Elder mocked himself, he was also killed!

Su Yu's expression turned cold and he muttered cold words: "Wind Shadow Step…"

As he was about to give Han Zhi the final attack, he heard sounds of people roaring with rage behind him!

"Evil creature!!"

Rumble, rumble-

Six unmatched silhouettes finally returned from the Icy Azure Lake hastily.

However, what they saw upon their return was a piece of ruins!

Moreover, they also saw three bodies lying of the floor- three Elders' bodies!

The shocking scene filled with blood caused the Liuxian Faction Master to be unable to accept what he was seeing!

For an Elder to emerge in the faction, many years of hard work and painstaking care were required.

However, at that very moment, three of them died in one shot!

The Fifth Elder and Sixth Elder gasped!

The Seventh Elder's abilities were not far from theirs, yet he had died so tragically!

Were all these things done by the silver-haired disciple?

The miserable scene in front of them was so unreal, it was like an illusion.

The Liuxian Faction Master staggered and retreated. His expression turned pale, as he could not accept the reality in front of him.

Why… Why did it become like this?

It was just killing a disciple, who could not fight back. It was just acquiring the rumored great treasure. It was just something that could be done by turning his hand over.

Why was the price so huge, that it made him have such a deep feeling of grief?

The price was the blood of the four Elders, Fourth Elder, Seventh Elder, Eighth Elder and Ninth Elder. Moreover, it was still not finished!!

At that very moment, the Liuxian Faction Master felt remorseful from the bottom of his heart!!

If he had known that he would need the pay the price with the blood of four Elders, even if Su Yu held a complete manual of an immortal level cultivation technique, he would not have made the decision back then!

The sacrifice of four Elders was not something that could be redeemed with a rumored great treasure!

Without a doubt, he had made the most stupid decision in the whole history of the Liuxian faction.

For a treasure reward that he did not know, he sacrificed four Elders!

Almost half of the Elders in the faction were killed!!!

It would be difficult to restore such heavy losses, even after tens of years.

At that moment, the Liuxian Faction Master regretted these things deeply. When Su Yu killed Cao Xuan, Shen Jiuyin, and the Fourth Elder, undoubtedly, he had the chance to stop Su Yu. Undoubtedly, he could have resolved everything. Undoubtedly, he could have prevented this horrible disaster from occurring. Undoubtedly, he could also have obtained a super genius with astonishing abilities, whose name would shake the whole faction!

However, to save face, and for the greed within his heart, he convinced himself that the situation could not be turned around, and could only carry on.

Hence, the consequences of allowing the situation to carry on were not as he expected. He had expected Su Yu, the ruffian, to be killed and the faction's face to then remain.

However, three more Elders had fallen, and he had paid a bloody price that he found difficult to accept!

Ji Hongxue looked at the Faction Master and felt disappointed.

In his eyes, the Faction Master was a tall and sturdy silhouette that was undefeatable. However, at that very moment, the Faction Master's silhouette had become gloomy.

In his life, his biggest mistake was scheming against Su Yu!

A unique genius that was an overlord in the human world should have belonged to Liuxian faction.

However, his master forced Su Yu to the opposite end, and also expelled him from the faction. Moreover, his master had done that at the cost of four Elders' lives, which made him have a deep feeling of grief!

That stupidity, that absurdness, and that ridiculous decision, all of which could make the Heaven and Earth laugh!

After that very day, if Liuxian Faction did not fall, his master would have to bear the blame and become the biggest sinner in the history of the faction!

The Second Elder's anxiousness solidified, and changed into a shock which was rarely seen!

She rushed back with impatience, as she was worried that Su Yu had already been killed.

However, the field was littered with corpses of the Elders!

On that afternoon, amidst the bright and beautiful sunlight, when did that thin and weak young man, who smiled and inquired of her about the rules of the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, rise to such a high level, like her group of people?

The Great Elder's pupils shrank, and he had the jitters without reason!


Su Yu's potential was too frightening!

Everyone had returned. Su Yu swept his eyes past them dully and stamped his leg expressionlessly.

Han Zhi gave a sad and horrible shriek: "Quick, save me!!"

The Great Elder reacted and revealed a thick murderous intent: "I dare you!!"

After his speech, the Great Elder flew toward them.

Su Yu could not help but laugh loudly: "Since you are already coming to kill me, why do I need to listen to your orders?"

"Han Zhi's head, I, Su Yu, will acquire it! Today, no one can save him!" Su Yu said forcefully. Without hesitation, he stamped his foot.

"Presumptuousness!" The Great Elder raised his palm, swayed out a lump of fierce energy from his robe, and carried that energy with him as he headed to them!

The energy was fierce and passed through the void. Its power was so strong that it was frightening!

Under the attack, the air became still!

An attack that surpassed the Dragon Realm could kill all the strong martial artists!

Su Yu felt nervous and uneasy. His heart was beating extremely fast. At that moment, he felt the existence of the shadow of death.

That attack was so strong that Su Yu had no way of blocking it!

If he escaped at that very moment, he would make it. If he insisted on killing Han Zhi and stayed for a short while, he would be able to kill Han Zhi, but he would be killed as well!

However, if he escaped at that very moment, he might not have the chance to kill Han Zhi and exact revenge for Li Guang ever again.

His oath would forever be left unfulfilled.

Which choice should he choose?

Live for himself, or be responsible for Li Guang's revenge?

Su Yu bit his teeth and gave a light roar: "Time to go all out!"

If he killed Han Zhi quickly, he might still have a chance of escaping!

However, at the exact moment when Su Yu was about to make his move...

The speed of that attack which swept across the air rose hastily strangely!

Not good!

Not to mention killing Han Zhi, it was difficult for him to escape successfully at that very moment!

When he looked back, he discovered that the attack was a chain. The other end of the chain was in the hands of the Great Elder. Hence, its speed could be adjusted to become fast or slow!

At that moment, that attack came with a speed as fast as lightning, to the point that Su Yu hardly had any time to react!

Su Yu's pupils shrank. The chain in his eyes was about to hit his chest.

As for Su Yu himself, he had no opportunity to avoid it!

Su Yu saw that he was about to be killed!

At that moment, a frail body flashed in front of Su Yu and blocked the attack!

Woman! It was a woman who blocked that sure-kill attack!

Was it Mo Wu or the Second Elder?

Among the faction, only those two would save Su Yu!

However, at the corner of his eyes, he saw that the Second Elder and Mo Wu were rushing to save him.

It was not them!

Who was it?

Su Yu's heart shook, and he could not understand.

Among the faction, who would use their body to help Su Yu block an attack, an action that would cause his death?


The chain attack passed through the frail body, from the front to the back, bringing it with a big pool of blood that splashed onto Su Yu's whole face!

Under the attack, the frail body banged into Su Yu's chest.

Su Yu subconsciously caught the body and looked at the face of the woman clearly. For the first time in his life, he became speechless: "It's you… Xi Ruolan!!"

Su Yu felt as if he had suffered a heavy blow, and his mind became blank.

The person who saved him was Xi Ruolan, who had killed Li Guang and who also wanted to put him at death's door!

Xi Ruolan's body was dyed red by blood, looking as if it was a rose that was in full bloom and had burst into bloom sorrowfully.

Blood was flowing out from the corners of Xi Ruolan's mouth. Her delicate five sense organs revealed painful expressions.

Because of the extreme pain, her frail body was shivering. As she lay on Su Yu's chest, her life was gradually fading.

"You… Why?" Su Yu's throat was mute and his mind remained blank.

Xi Ruolan felt so much pain that the corners of her mouth twitched. She spit out chilly words with difficulty: "Quickly, take revenge for Li Guang, kill me!!"

Su Yu was stunned and did not do it, even after some time.

Xi Ruolan was in pain and gave a light hum. She sneered at Su Yu: "What, Li Guang took in such an incompetent disciple? The enemy who killed your master is right in front of you, yet you dare not do it?"

"If you let me go, I will dig out his grave eventually, causing his corpse to be in the wilderness and making him unable to feel at ease forever!" Xi Ruolan laughed coldly. That laughter caused her injuries to flare up, and she coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Her life force was fading hastily, along with the trembling of her body.

Su Yu placed her on his thighs. He then said with a hoarse and low voice: "I only wish to know, why did you do this?"


The Second Elder and Mo Wu flew over.

As they gazed at Xi Ruolan who was at death's door due to her fatal injuries, the Second Elder sighed lightly: "Because… she hopes that you will use your identity as Li Guang's disciple to exact revenge for Li Guang, thus freeing her as a result!"

"Free her?" Su Yu laughed. He laughed mockingly: "If that is the case, why did you cruelly end master's life with your own hands?"

Su Yu felt depressed and dreary. He cried out in solitude: "Do you know that master lived on in degradation, for the sake of seeing you again, for the sake of explaining to you, for the sake of getting the woman he loved most to forgive him, when he was still alive, during the last ten days of his life, and at the last moment of his life?"

"However… What have you done? Master had waited for a whole hundred years and experienced many hardships. By keeping watch on Shenyue island dully, from a dashing and spirited young man, he waited as great changes occurred during the years, and he gradually grew older. All of these things were to wait for a chance to return to Zhenlong continent and meet you!"

"However, when you met him, you completely shattered his hundred-year-old wish! You used the most heartless sword and ended his life!" Su Yu's eyes were filled with sorrow, anger, and hatred.

"Do you know that what died first was not his body, but rather… it was his heart! At that moment when you attacked him, at that moment when you revealed the hundred-year-old truth, which made him realize that he was wrong, he was dead! He was killed by you, heartlessly and ruthlessly!!"

Su Yu's eyes were filled with tears, and he laughed mockingly, loudly: "Now, you are telling me that you wish to atone for your crime and be freed from it? You want to wash off your wrongdoing? If that is the case, why did you do that?"


The Second Elder squatted down and her jade-like hand touched Xi Ruolan's body. The Second Elder stopped Xi Ruolan's bleeding and saved her on the spot. The Second Elder then said indifferently: "Because… She still loves Li Guang, and she has always been deep in love with him."


Su Yu's mind felt as if numerous thunderbolts flashed past, causing it to turn blank: "How is that… possible?"

If she loved Li Guang, why did she throw herself into Han Zhi's arms? Why did she accuse Li Guang wrongfully and waste hundred years of his time? Why did she kill Li Guang with her own hands?