The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 186: News of Jingyu

Chapter 186: News of Jingyu

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He had to find the Phoenix Blood Elixir, there could be no delays!

"Goodbye Second Elder." Half a day had passed, Su Yu had to immediately head for the Ancient Xianyun Temple.

The Second Elder lightly grunted. "As you wish!"

Leaving the depository, a female figure was standing under the sun at the door.

The sunset was just starting, pulling the shadow of the female figure. It also dyed her dancing green hair a layer of dull gold.

Her slender figure in the sunset was beautiful and moving.

Hearing the movement at her back, Mo Wu did not turn her head. "Before entering the Ancient Xianyun Temple, follow me. You are not to leave three miles away from me!"

Su Yu squinted, surveying the surrounding. He had the filling that there were multiple eyes observing him. Had he shown too much during the battle just now and invited unnecessary attention?

Following Mo Wu should be the orders of the Second Elder. With Mo Wu around, people would be cautious of the Second Elder when they wanted anything to do with Su Yu!

"Thank you." Su Yu turned back, facing the depository as he exhaled What he got in return was the Second Elder's fierce look. But Su Yu could feel that deep within the gaze hid a certain gentleness.

As he walked, Su Yu's heart was filled with excitement.

After settling the incident of Xianer and Li Guang, he should be headed to the Shentian Manor, towards greater stages.

Suddenly, Su Yu thought about someone he had forgotten—Xia Jingyu!

During their farewell, she had once promised to be his eyes, helping Su Yu look at the excitement of the Zhenlong Continent.

But ever since Su Yu had entered the faction, he had been on edge for the entire duration, never once having the opportunity to look for her.

Today, it was finally time to meet her.

They could witness the excitement of the Zhenlong Continent together!

"Senior Mo, may I ask if you know of a female disciple called Xia Jingyu? She entered the faction a month earlier than me, her level of perception is good. She's beautiful as a painting." Su Yu simply described the Xia Jingyu in his heart.


Mo Wu, who was leading the way, suddenly froze in her tracks, violently turning back. Her gaze was locked on Su Yu. "How did you know about Xia Jingyu?"

Su Yu was a little shocked, a bad premonition rising in his heart. "Senior Mo, Jingyu is a good friend of mine. We both came from Shenyue Island. Had she met with any accidents?"

Thinking back to Su Yu's history, Mo Wu understood. She was silent for a moment before she said. "Her situation is classified information in the faction and by right I cannot tell you! But considering your relationship, I shall tell you, but you cannot spread it around!"

Classified information in the faction? Su Yu's breath turned rapid, his heart getting flustered. Could it be that Jingyu had met with some accident?

"Do you remember that when you first entered, the faction dispatched you all towards the vast ocean to kill the Sea Wolves Pirates for a mission?"

Su Yu exclaimed. "I remember!"

"Then do you know why the faction did that?"

That…Could it be to find the silver robed guard that was snatching disciples?

"The motive of the faction was not to find the Sea Wolves Pirates, but a mysterious person hiding within the Sea Wolves Pirates! He had been loitering around the seas near the Liuxian faction, obtaining information about the new disciples entering the Liuxian faction. Furthermore, he had discovered the new batch of disciples coming from the Shenyue Island, and informed the more powerful members of his organization to ambush them!"

What? Su Yu was shocked!

Cao Xuan had lead Xia Jingyu, Qin Xianer, Liu Guang and the rest on the garuda. Did they get ambushed by the Empire of Darkness?

"The Xia Jingyu you speak of was taken away by them!" Mo Wu's expression was grave. "To remove further threads, the faction sent you all on a mission to lure the scout out."

Su Yu was as if struck by lightning... Jingyu had been taken away by the Empire of Darkness?

"She... has been taken hostage?" Su Yu was anxious.

Mo Wu lightly shook her head. "No, she was a willing party!"

"She volunteered? Why?" Su Yu let out a raspy shout, unable to accept this truth.

The elegant, pretty and petite figure had volunteered to join the Empire of Darkness?

"Hearing it from Cao Xuan, Xia Jingyu had two motives. The first was to protect Qin Xianer. The Empire of Darkness had originally also wanted to take Qin Xianer away. It was Xia Jingyu who volunteered to go with them that they lett Qin Xianer keep her life.

"Second, and also Xia Jingyu's most important reason... It was to help someone witness the excitement of the Zhenlong Continent! She discovered how insignificant the Liuxian faction really was and thus volunteered to join the Empire of Darkness."

Thud Thud—

Su Yu took two steps back, a huge wave rising in his heart.

Jingyu... for him and Xianer, had sacrificed herself!

Touched by being friends with her caused the corners of Su Yu's eyes to turn red.

She was still sacrificing herself for others!

"Xianer... Why didn't you tell me?" Su Yu's voice was dejected.

Mo Wu looked at Su Yu's red eyes, her heart filled with shock. Just who was Xia Jingyu to Su Yu?

Hearing this, she sighed. "I'm afraid that even Xianer doesn't know about this incident! Other than Cao Xuan and Xia Jingyu, the other people fainted from the powerful aura then. Coupled with how Qin Xianer was imprisoned by her granny when she entered the Liuxian faction, I'm afraid she would be like you, still thinking that Xia Jingyu was in the faction."

"Who was it that brought her away? Was Cao Xuan unable to stop them?" Su Yu's fists were clenched tightly. He could not imagine the kind of harsh treatment Xia Jingyu would face in the Empire of Darkness.

Should she suffer any injuries, Su Yu would not be able to live with his guilt!

Mo Wu shook her head. "That's impossible! Cao Xuan was not able to stop them, for even teacher might not be able to do anything against the opponent!"

"Who is he?" Su Yu continued questioning as if Mo Wu knew the name of the person!

Mo Wu fell silent for a moment. "I can tell you, but you must not tell anyone else. Only the Second Elder knows this information!"

"According to Cao Xuan's description, our teacher could think of one person. This person was called the teen prodigy. When our teacher left the Shentian Manor, she had just entered. She was a Holy King when she was only eight, deserving the title of the prodigy of the Shentian Manor! Now that she's eighteen, she's already at the Dragon Realm Level Seven!"

"But five years ago, she had been scouted by the Empire of Darkness, and had willingly joined them, becoming a vice-master of the Empire of Darkness's outpost here at the hundred territories! Her name is... Hua Zhilan!

Hua Zhilan? A figure flashed past Su Yu's mind!

Mo Wu squinted. "We have both seen this person before! That's the same Miss Hua who was trying to kill us!"

"It's her!" Su Yu achieved a realization!

"If you wish to save Xia Jingyu, I would advise you to not seek your own death! The Empire of Darkness is not an organization you can afford to offend!" Mo Wu sternly warned, then her tone turned gentle. "Since Xia Jingyu had willingly entered, it would be safe to presume that she won't be tortured. If her potential is good, she might even receive nurturing far from our imaginations. You would only have the right to meet her if your cultivation level was high enough."

Su Yu gradually regained his composure.

With his current abilities, he would be obliterated with just a finger should he face off against the Empire of Darkness, much less searching for Xia Jingyu?

With guilt in his heart, Su Yu bitterly nodded. "I understand!"

Power! It was all about power!

If he had enough power, would Xianer, Jingyu, and Li Guang suffer such fates?

"Let's go." Su Yu was dejected, the fists in his sleeves were tightly clenched!

Somewhere within the hundred territories, a slender lady as standing respectfully in front of a plain room.

"Miss Xia, it is time to head to the empire, to see the King of Darkness." The slender lady had a veil over her face, her clear eyes were like crescent moons, pretty and beautiful. She was Miss Hua, Hua Zhilan!

Even though her crescent moon-like eyes were beautiful, they could not hide the jealousy and injustice she felt.

Miss Xia in the house was a disciple that she had accidentally abducted, but she did not expect her level of perception to be this exceptional, able to even gain insight into immortal level techniques with little effort!

After this was reported by the master of the outpost to the empire, she had gained the attention of the King of Darkness, asking them to send her to the empire safely. The King of Darkness wanted to personally test her!

Hua Zhilan knew that the one of the King of Darkness's Seven Lords of Darkness had passed on and there was a need for replacement. Now they were prospecting new candidates.

Xia Jingyu's test might be the selection test for the Seven Lords of Darkness!

How could Hua Zhilan, being regarded as the prodigy, not be jealous at this?

There was no shortage of people jealous of Xia Jingyu in the outpost. There were equally many who call her demon lady in secret.

Without her, those that have such heaven-defying levels of perception were similar to demons!

The house was silent as a pleasing voice spread forth. "Alright, I understand... But after I leave, help me do one thing!"

"Please speak, Miss Xia." Hua Zhilan suppressed her jealousy, cordially speaking.

"I wish for you to head to the Shenyue Island and find someone name Su Yu for me."

Su Yu? Hua Zhilan had some impression of that name. She thought about the person who had escaped from her after killing her spirit pet, her heart slipped into a slight frenzy. But she calmed down, the two should not be the same person.

"Alright! Might I know what to do after that, Miss Xia? Do I need to bring techniques, elixirs or divine artifacts?"

"No." The person in the house had melancholy in her voice. "This would only hurt his pride, you only need to help me say something."

"And what is that?" Hua Zhilan's eyes were lost.

"Tell him that I am fine."

"Alright." Hua Zhilan was shocked but obediently promised.


An air crackling sound came from within the house. It was a smooth, round green rock, carved with many small words.

"This is a thunder based Immortal level technique. I have finished learning it, you can hand it over."

Hua Zhilan grabbed with her hands, her heart full of shock. She muttered. "Demon lady! Learning another immortal level technique!"

She had gotten this technique from the Abyss of Wutong and was going to hand it over to the master. But to curry favor with Xia Jingyu, she had kept this and first gave it to Xia Jingyu to cultivate.

For Xia Jingyu had once said that she was going to learn all the techniques in the world and show them to one person.

In just two months, the demon lady had learned another immortal level technique, much to the shock of Hua Zhilan.

"There are some of my learnings on the technique before you hand it over to the master, you can try learning it yourself, as an expression of my thanks to you." Xia Jingyu's melodious voice floated out.

Hua Zhilan was elated, her feelings of jealousy subsiding greatly. She smiled happily. "Thanks, Miss Xia."

"You're welcome, remember to help me deliver my message to Su Yu. His cultivation level should be Level Nine of the Martial Paths. He would be easy to find in the Shenyue Island."

"I would definitely do that for you!" Hua Zhilan laughed in response. She was secretly elated. "I was just going to the Liuxian faction to get retribution from that lad! Shenyue Island is just on the way."

In the Abyss of Wutong, deep within the forbidden wasteland.

In the forbidden ground where death was commonplace, a faint red-robed figure flickered to under the cracks, standing in front of a grave.

The grave was empty, the spirit of Yun Yazi was long gone!

"Su Yu!" The red-robed figure was clear under the illumination from the light of the setting sun.

It was the Fourth Elder, his fate originally unknown!

His cultivation level had dropped from Dragon Realm Level Five to Dragon Realm Level Three!

It had been caused by using a cultivation level damaging skill during Hua Zhilan's pursuit.

In this two months, he had been hiding in the shadows to cultivate, treating his injuries and stabilizing his cultivation level.

Now that he inspected the ashes of the forbidden grounds again, he had realized that the spirit of Yun Yazi had disappeared!

Yun Yazi had been sealed at this place unless he was taken away by someone!

And the only person who had been here was Su Yu!

"Taking what belonged to me?" The Fourth Elder had a ferocious look. He turned into a red afterimage, disappearing into the air.