The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 156: Divine Ice Battle Armor

Chapter 156: Divine Ice Battle Armor

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"You're fated to be my stepping stone, and you still dare to resist?" Yang Fan's sharp gaze pierced through Su Yu!

Su Yu's gaze was calm. His bluish-green ice flame clustered around his fingertips.

The extreme cold spread throughout the entire place.

In a split second, the ring had misted over and was covered with a dense mist. It was dreamily hazy and looked like a paradise on earth.

"Glazed Ice Flame!" Su Yu took the lead and attacked!

The bluish-green ice flames on his fingertips made a faint glow wafting in the cold mist.

In the blink of an eye, it flitted across to quietly strike Yang Fan!

Just when it was close to Yang Fan, it suddenly burst into a brilliant ice flame!

The sixty-foot high raging flame blazed everywhere in the competition room!

The place was plunged into a world of icicles in a flash!

The surging cold air with its power to freeze all living things rumbled toward Yang Fan!

The powerful Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King was frozen into an ice sculpture without the slightest bit of resistance.

However, Yang Fan's sharp gaze hid a hint of mockery.

"Has no one ever told you that fire can control chill?" Yang Fan smiled with contempt as both his pupils burned with two balls of scarlet fire. "Divine Pupils Flames!"

Growling, Yang Fan's pupils projected two beams of weak scarlet flames.

Although they looked weak and faint, all the chill disappeared wherever he looked!

It was like the ice-cold world was consumed by a raging flame; it had completely shattered!

With the scarlet flames penetrating through space, all the mist instantly dissipated!

Every icicle had shattered and splashed and was turned into scalding water droplets which spattered everywhere.

When faced with the Divine Pupils Flames, Su Yu's most powerful strike had unexpectedly crumbled at the first counterblow!

Furthermore, when the flames headed straight for Su Yu, their power was only slightly weakened! Within one move, the stronger of the two was immediately determined!

Yang Fan absolutely crushed Su Yu with his ability! It was almost without a doubt that Yang Fan would win this duel!

Mo Wu softly sighed. "In the end, he was not as resolute as he had been at that time. Su Yu will not be able to embark on the road to the Xianyun Contest."

Previously, Su Yu had emphatically and forcefully pledged an oath in front of the Second Elder; that no matter how arduous and hard-pressed he would feel, he would use whatever means necessary to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple and to seize the Phoenix Blood Elixir.

Now, he could not even participate in the competition to qualify for a spot, how could he talk about saving Xianer?

Unsurprisingly, Su Yu would have to make the most humiliating choice in his life.

He either had to watch his beloved woman die in front of him or let his beloved woman become his enemy's woman.

How similar was Su Yu's fate to his former master's, Li Guang's, fate?

The Fourth Elder's lips revealed a hint of coldness since Su Yu had refused to accept his request he would become Yang Fan's stepping stone!

Several defeated Fifth Level Holy Kings felt deep regret for themselves. So, it appeared that Su Yu had no chance of entering the Abyss of Wutong in the end.

Su Yu's eyes were calm and clear.

Up until the two beams of scarlet flames came attacking, he still never panicked.

That pair of calm and placid eyes reflected the two oncoming beams of scarlet flames. When they got close to his body Su Yu finally moved!

He lifted a single finger.


The Divine Ice Threads streamed out everywhere like a volcanic eruption from the Divine Ice Ring!

The countless strands of threads, densely woven, had quick-wittedly wrapped around Su Yu's body on their own.

At the same time, they rapidly interlaced and had woven into a layer of airtight surface!!

On closer examination, they were woven into a suit of battle armor!

A helmet, chest plate, and leg armor... An entire suit of armor covered Su Yu's body. The battle armor was crystalline and refracted ice-cold rays of light. Seen from a distance, it looked like a carved crystal battle armor. It was beautiful beyond compare.

But, within its beauty, there was dominance and might!

The extensions of the shoulder plates were turned up into the shapes of two spikes. The chest plate had a carving of nine dragons, looking like they were soaring to the highest of heavens. Row upon row of armor lamellae emitted an awe-inspiring astonishing chill.

The top of the helmet had a clear engraving of these two words 'Divine Ice'! The puny Su Yu, bolstered by the battle armor, had never looked so tall and mighty till now!

He stood tall like he was a crystal god of battle!

At this exact moment, the two beams of scarlet flames finally struck! With a flash of lightning, they shot straight at Su Yu's face!

Su Yu's eyes slowly opened and radiated ice-cold rays through the crystal helmet. "Divine Ice Battle Armor! Begin!"

In the middle of his shout, Su Yu's body suddenly erupted in bluish-green raging flames!

Before this, what was clearly only a sixty feet tall bluish-green ice flame, had now unexpectedly soared to seventy feet high!

The throbbing cold air was thirty percent stronger than before!

The power of his divine artifact, the Divine Ice Ring had finally come alive after his Artifact Control Technique had reached Stage One Lower Class!

After countless of years, the silent divine artifact of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom had returned to the world!

The ice-based attack power of the Divine Ice Battle Armor had been elevated, and at the same time, this greatly strengthened his defense.

As it was a divine artifact, this was part of the Divine Ice Ring's power!

As Su Yu raised his palm, his Divine Ice Battle Armor was lifted.

The terrible two beams of scarlet flames had unexpectedly been seized in mid-air by Su Yu's right hand!

His movement was effortless and fluid. Everyone gasped!


The terrible scarlet flames had unexpectedly... been seized and extinguished!!

How terrible was the temperature of the bluish-green raging flame to have instantaneously dissolved the terrifying scarlet flames?

Even a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King would not dare to seize the flames with his bare hands!

Looking at Su Yu again, his Divine Ice Battle Armor was not damaged at all! It was like such terrible scarlet flames had never caused him any harm!

It was such a frightening defense and such a terrible chill! Everyone's eyes quaked with horror as they stared at the crystal battle armor on Su Yu!

The Third Elder and Fourth Elder gasped in shock at the same time. "A divine artifact!"

Both supreme Elders' eyes were ablaze. A divine artifact was something which even the Liuxian Faction only had a few, and only the Elders could have them.

But there were only one or two people who could control a divine artifact! Divine artifacts were from the ancient times and had previous masters. Those that came afterward in the chain of ownership could not control them.

But Su Yu, merely a disciple from outside of the Sanctum, held a divine artifact in his hands!

Moreover, he could successfully control the divine artifact and unleash the power of this divine artifact!

Could it be that the divine artifact in Su Yu's hand had already acknowledged him as its master?

If so, could Su Yu be ordered to give up his right as its master and change the acknowledgment of its master to them?

The two Elders betrayed the greed in their hearts at the same time.

Mo Wu was taken aback. "A divine artifact? He... controls a divine artifact?"

It was like a stone had stirred up a thousand waves! Su Yu had successfully controlled a divine artifact!

He had never done something so shocking!

Opposite him was Yang Fan, whose expression was stiff and frozen, he could not believe the scene before his eyes.

It was... a divine artifact!

The divine artifact had effortlessly seized and extinguished the scarlet flames!

That body which was protected by the crystal battle armor, that calm towering figure, had unexpectedly given Yang Fan an enormous amount of pressure at this moment!

An oppressive sense of being crushed by a mountain surged within him for the first time!

After a long while, the shaking on the ground gradually came to a stop.

The Third Elder's breathing slightly labored, and his old eyes stared at Su Yu's finger projecting a terrifying radiance.

At this moment, despite everyone being present, he said. "Su Yu, regardless of the outcome of this duel, come with me afterward, I've something to ask you!"

"Su Yu! I too have something to ask you!" The Fourth Elder's eyes burned with a greed of his pressing need.

If he could control the divine artifact, would his ability be raised to a whole new level?

The two Elders openly coveted his Divine Ice Ring!

Standing on the ring, Su Yu looked calm and indifferent as usual. "Wait till I finish this duel, then we'll see."

Once he finished speaking, his gaze shot towards Yang Fan from afar. In a flash, he took a single step forward, and a cold air came rolling in like it was accompanying the majestic arrival of a king on earth. "Now, it's my turn to make a move!"