The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1422 - Meeting the Dead Soul Worm Again

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Boom! Boom!

Bolts of lightning suddenly flashed across the heavens as thunder rumbled.

The ground trembled out of nowhere, The feeble creatures in the nearest million miles seemed to have sensed something and instinctively they scurried out of the area in overwhelming fear.

Beyond the horizon, masses of bizarre-looking clouds flickered in and out of existence. The whole world was illuminated in an eerie, capricious state. The air was filled with a spine-chilling creepiness.

The peculiar phenomena suddenly happening signified the presence of demons and evil spirits.

The Blood Demon, the Giant Falcon, and the Duckbill Beast killing two deities turned around all at once, their eyes filled with shock and suspicion. “What is this scent?”

Disbelief was etched all over the Blood Demon’s hideous face as he cried out in horror, “It’s the Dead Soul Worm!!”

The fragments of a shattered tomb were gradually covered with numerous cracks, exuding a rather pungent scent!


A rather quiet sound rang in everyone’s ears.

It was extremely insignificant amidst the growling thunder, making it almost negligible. However, everyone witnessing the sight thought it sounded like the heavens were collapsing!

An extremely evil, malicious scent surged forth as if coming from the barbarous ancient era, instilling an unknown sense of frantic dread in them.

The creatures crawling out from the smithereens the size of a palm weren’t small creatures, but rather ancient ferocious beasts capable of devouring the heavens and the lands.

The fragments of the tomb shattered into even smaller pieces, revealing a space vortex the size of a thumb.

Chaotic creaking and screeching sounded from within the space vortex. Shortly after, a small dot as dark as black ink slowly flew out from within.

The insect was entirely pitch-dark, with a ferocious and hideous appearance. Most fascinatingly, it posed a powerful restraining effect on souls.

At least Su Yu’s soul was extremely horrified and insecure.

This was not the first time Su Yu encountered such an incident.

“It really is the Dead Soul Worm!” Su Yu’s eyes were solemn. Back in the Demonic Dimension, he got a middle-stage-deity-level Dead Soul Worm who failed to pass its ordeal and remained an empty shell.

With a whiff of remaining consciousness, it ferociously and relentlessly hunted down the Level 2 Demonic God of Six Paths on its own. It was an adventure filled with horrible perils.

Right before his eyes, the Dead Soul Worm was now in an intact, living state!

When Wuxin caught sight of the insect, her face turned extremely pale. “The Triple Morphosis Worm!!”

The Dead Soul Worm was also known as the Triple Morphosis Worm, famous among the Wizard Tribe. In the past, this worm killed both the Saint Temple Master and the Saint Lady Temple Mistress.

Wizards feared the intensity of its poison, regarding it as the most terrifying object of the Asura Forbidden Lands.

“Yes, it is the worm. Its true identity is the Dead Soul Worm!” Su Yu stated.

When he first heard Wang Qingchen talk about the horror of the Triple Morphosis Worm, Su Yu had related it to the Dead Soul Worm!

He had gathered extensive knowledge about the worm through the classic books of the god realm.

Nobody knew where it came from. All they knew was that an extremely rare species, a creature that was almost extinct even back during ancient times. It was ranked… third!!!

The Dead Soul Worm’s ranking far surpassed that of the Penta-colored Chaos Butterfly!

In its matured phase of life, the Dead Soul Worm acquired the nature-defying ability to devour the souls of all living creatures.

Although its devouring ability was far more inferior before it fully matured, it still possessed an incomparably potent poison.

Level 2 deities could hardly withstand one bite from it. They would be forever infected by the poison, forced to live in extreme agony after they were first bitten. It was truly horrifying.

When he learned that the Triple Morphosis Worm possessed the nature-defying acute poison that could easily kill Level 3 strongmen, Su Yu had realized the Triple Morphosis Worm’s true identity.

Now that he saw it with his very eyes, his guess was proven to be correct!

Wuxin gasped in shock. “How did you know that this Triple Morphosis Worm… this Dead Soul Worm was hiding within the jade tomb!”

Su Yu looked at the miniature space vortex forming and said, “I have been to the relic where the Saint Temple Master’s body was buried, but I couldn’t find his remains. The only possible explanation… is that his remains had been used to build the space vortex.”

The concept of the space vortex was to create another space by force within the original one.

To prevent the newly built space from being crushed by the external space, it had to be stabilized.

There were many methods of reinforcing it, like using the impregnable skeletal remains of powerful people!

When he realized that the Saint Temple Master’s remains had gone missing, Su Yu had speculated that there was a hidden space in the vicinity most likely being occupied by the Triple Morphosis Worm.

When he glanced across the jade tomb, Su Yu felt the subtle undulation of space as he expected. This confirmed that the Triple Morphosis Worm was hiding within the jade tomb.

To prevent Wang Qingchen from unwittingly alarming the Triple Morphosis Worm and getting himself killed, Su Yu inconspicuously asked for the object.

He had thought of secretly sealing it so the Dead Soul Worm couldn’t come out into the world to harm people.

Now that things had turned out this way, he had no choice but to unleash the trump card he used to hurt both others and himself.

The surroundings were submerged in deadly silence as if the insects and the birds had simultaneously fallen silent.

The five Level 3 powerful warriors in the sky went stiff as well, standing motionless as they fixed their stares on the Dead Soul Worm ahead of them.

The Dead Soul Worm fluttered its wings, looking as if it had just woken from its deep slumber and was still groggy and dazed.

Its dark red eyes shortly emanated a scent that was far more ferocious than the Blood Demon and the others. A mix of bloodthirst, rapacity, and ferocity spurted out from its eyes!

At that moment, no one dared to budge. The Dead Soul Worm would recognize any sort of movement would be recognized as a form of provocation.

The Dead Soul Worm glanced at the people present with a deadly icy look, its bloodthirsty desires growing exponentially intense.

The people before it would soon become the first breakfast since its wakening!

It was suddenly startled for a second when it flew past Su Yu, its bloodthirsty eyes filled with bafflement. Shortly after, it shrieked in an insects’ language that no one else understood.

Much to their astonishment, Su Yu understood the worm and replied in the same language, “I never thought the Dead Soul Worm left behind remnants of its scent on me.”

The Dead Soul Worm was asking Su Yu why there was a scent of its own species on Su Yu.

“Where is it?” The Dead Soul Worm was somewhat agitated.

Su Yu replied, “It had died a long time ago. It had probably perished when it failed to attain a breakthrough from the middle-stage deity level.”

A tinge of sorrow flashed across the Dead Soul Worn’s fierce eyes as it heaved a sentimental sigh. “So my older sister is dead too… I am the only Dead Soul Worm left in the whole world now!”

Su Yu was moved. That Dead Soul Worm was its older sister?

“Xuanming Path Master, you have inflicted immense misery upon the bloodline of us Dead Soul Worms!!” In the ferocious eyes of the Dead Soul Worm burned an intense hatred. “I must get stronger. I will have my revenge!!”

Suddenly, it stared coldly at Su Yu. “Stand right there and do not move. I will eat them first, and then I’ll ask you about the details afterward!”

When it finished, it pounced onto the nearest Blood Demon with a flashing black gleam.

The Blood Demon was terrified. Without realizing it, he raised the spine in his hand and used it as a shield before him.


Much to the Blood Demon’s horror, the Dead Soul Worm’s bite had pierced through the spine brimming with boundless Power of Asura!

The Power of Asura in the spine was sucked into the Dead Soul Worm like a whale swallowing the water of the ocean, quickly sucking the spine dry.

In immense horror, the Blood Demon hastily threw away the spine and recoiled to the side of the Giant Eagle and the Duckbill Beast and said, “Retreat! We are no match for the Dead Soul Worm!”


Why would the Giant Eagle hesitate for another second? It immediately spread its humongous wings and carried the two of them and flew swiftly into the heavens, vanishing without leaving behind a trace.

They couldn’t care less about Su Yu anymore!

A black worm fully drenched in blood wriggled out from the spine that was thrown to the ground, seeming even more hideous and ferocious.

With a cold grim smile, it watched as the Giant Eagle and the others left before instantly spreading its wings and chasing after them like a black bolt of lightning.

Before taking flight, it stared at the four people at the scene and said, “Stand right here and do not move! I have memorized your scents, so don’t think you could get lucky and escape my trailing. In this world, those with a better sense of smell than me are no more than three!”

Su Yu did not doubt its words at all, as he had come into contact with its older sister before.

However, that had been so long ago. He did not notice the scent left on him at all, yet the worm immediately picked up on it.

Wuxin turned pale with fright. With the Dead Soul Worm now before her eyes right, she could not even muster the strength to resist!

“Don’t move. We still have a chance to survive,” Su Yu said with somber eyes. His thoughts were racing, trying to figure out a way to coax the Dead Soul Worm.

The yellow-robed elder and the fat middle-aged man wore looks of despair as extreme dread filled their hearts.

As citizens of the Divine Path who once reigned the Star River, they were certainly familiar with the name of the Dead Soul Worm.

Even if the four great Empire Monarchs encountered the worm, they would fear it as well. It made sense for these two to fear them.

The yellow-robed elder squeezed the jade pendant in his sleeve into pieces and telepathically reported, “Replying to General, we have found Su Yu’s whereabouts. Please send aid to us as soon as possible!”

By now, they had given up on keeping Su Yu all to themselves and staunchly decided to ask for auxiliary forces!

No one budged. Having been severely injured and short on divine energy, Su Yu couldn’t fight against the two Level-Three deities.

Frightened by the Dead Soul Worm, its opponents didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Just like that, they waited patiently with each passing minute.

If the auxiliary forces returned first, there was no doubt that Su Yu would wind up dead!

If the Dead Soul Worm returned first, it was certain that the yellow-robed elder and the fat man would meet the same fate!

Right at that moment, a shrill, ear-shattering shriek pierced through the heavens above.

Shortly after, a black bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and charged downwards with the Blood Demon and the Giant Eagle standing on it!

The Dead Soul Worm did not manage to finish them off, so they had fled right back here!

However, the Blood Demon’s already wounded body was covered with even more injuries now and damage to his internal organs. Left with only ten percent of vitality, he was doing his best to support his motion.

Despite that, the Giant Eagle and the Duckbill Beast sustained no serious injuries!

Once they appeared, the Giant Eagle penetrated the fat man and the yellow-robed elder with its sharp claw, moving with a force as swift as a sudden clap of thunder.

The latter was more alert and his response was more agile. By a hair’s breadth, the assault missed his vital regions but tore his arm apart.

The fat man was not so fortunate. The sharp claw destroyed both his physical body and his soul, killing him on the spot.

The yellow-robed elder was horrified. Before the Dead Soul Worm even returned, he frantically ran for his life!

The Giant Eagle smirked coldly but did not go after him.

The yellow-robed elder thought the three ferocious beasts would have mercy on him once he gave up on Su Yu.

Seeing that he was close to escaping this place, a gargantuan mouth the shape of a duck’s bill appeared abruptly from the Void ahead of him and grabbed the yellow-robed elder.

The attack instantly chopped the yellow-robed elder into two halves, who let out a miserable scream as he died.

Only then was the duckbill beast revealed from its invisible state!

Alongside the Giant Eagle and the Blood Demon, it walked up to Su Yu.

The Blood Demon held back the pain from his wounds and said in a grim voice, “So it’s true; when man proposes, God disposes. It looks like your life-saving trump card got into an accident!”

Accident? Su Yu secretly gasped in shock. With the greatness of the Dead Soul Worm, how could it get into an accident?

“Second Brother, take his life right away. Do not give him another chance. This man is too cunning; he shouldn’t be given another chance at all,” the Blood Demon asserted.

Having fought against him, the Blood Demon greatly feared Su Yu’s various tactics and schemes.

He did not doubt that if he didn’t die now, he would surprise them again later!