The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 139: Roar of the Angry Dragon

Chapter 139: Roar of the Angry Dragon

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Li Nian turned rigid as he heard the icy, stern voice.

A chill welled up in his heart turning him as cold as ice.

He feared he would definitely be killed if he killed Zhao Guang! Still, Li Nian clenched his teeth and continued his strike!

Firstly, he was following the orders of the faction in punishing Zhao Guang, it was all legitimate. If Su Yu were to stop him, he would also be breaking the rules of the faction!

Secondly, he might not need to fear Su Yu! In terms of abilities, he was confident that he would not lose!

"Execute according to the rules!" Li Nian grunted, striking the killing blow!


Before he could land the killing blow, a palm enveloped in Ice Flames pushed toward his head at a blinding speed!

There was no hesitation!

The expression on Li Nian's face changed! Su Yu had dared to attack him!

Li Nian was furious and surprised, changing his stance. The palm once directed at Zhao Guang clashed with Su Yu!

"Stopping the execution against the faction's orders, you are to be executed…"


But Li Nian's words stopped there and were replaced by a pathetic cry!

At the moment of impact between their two palms, a powerful spiritual pressure descended along with the Ice Flames, swallowing his life force! His technique could not hold up against the might and easily crumbled.

His opponent's palm had struck his palm with no challenge.

The immense impact felt like a mountain had crushed on him, causing him to spit out blood.

The absolute difference between their abilities caused Li Nian to be immensely shocked. Even though he had heard that Su Yu had bested Cao Xuan when he suppressed his cultivation level to Second Level Peak Holy King, who would have guessed that he would be so strong based off his spirit energy alone?

Thud Thud Thud—

He took multiple steps back, blood covering his entire mouth. He was furious. "Su Yu! You dare stop me from executing the punishment, and injure me in front of these people? Do you know that you have broken the forbidden laws of the faction?!"


The purple robe, the silver hair, the Icy Divine Wings... Who else could it be other than Su Yu?

"Rules? When you are dealing with other people, rules are your weapon! In times of danger, the rules are your life vest! Unfair rules can just be discarded!" Su Yu grunted, his Icy Divine Wings flapping!

All that was left at Su Yu's original location was an afterimage, and Li Nian's pathetic cry followed shortly after!

Li Nian had no time to react and was struck in the chest by Su Yu!

His robes turned to shreds, his flesh bloody. His bones and organs were all shaken!

Li Nian flew backward, the blood in his mouth spraying everywhere like a bright veil.

"You dare disregard the rules of the faction…" he started to say, but he was interrupted once again!


Su Yu struck him once again! His palm had a horrifying spirit energy, penetrating his body. It entered from his chest and left through his back!

His organs were decimated and his ribs were fractured!

His pathetic shouts were like a pig during slaughter, penetrating the clouds!


Li Nian crashed to the ground, his mouth full of blood as he groaned in pain.

Everyone was shocked!

The fabled King of the Fallen Star had descended without a word and had used his immense power to beat Li Nian, a manager, half to death!

The rumors said Su Yu had defeated Cao Xuan decisively, so the onlooking Outer Sanctum Disciples were all filled with respect and fear!

As a newcomer, Su Yu was too powerful!

Many of the Outer Sanctum Disciples had looks of gratitude. Su Yu had long since been their inspiration.

The heaven-defying scene back then at the Fallen Star Contest were still etched in their hearts. Their blood was boiling.

Su Yu's figure materialized, coldly staring at the groaning Li Nian. "These three strikes were for my Senior! Now scram!"

Li Nian endured the immense pain and crawled away with difficulty, his eyes full of fear.

Su Yu disregarding the rules of the faction like a god of war had greatly impacted him! Su Yu was ten times scarier than the rumors make him out to be!

But at this moment, a cold jeer came forth. "What bravado, daring to interfere with the affairs of the External Affairs Division just because you've entered the Inner Sanctum!"

A middle-aged man with a cold face walked forward with his hands behind his back! The aura around him was masculine and heavy, reaching Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King!

He was the Deputy Clan Master of the External Affairs Division, Qin Gang!

He was also the right-hand man of Xi Ruolan!

"Hmph! Do you all not have cultivation to do?" Qin Gang surveyed the surroundings with a cold glare.

Those within his gaze trembled, their hearts suddenly thumping wildly. The crowd went silent, filled with respect and fear for his authority. They scattered away with their heads held low.

In the blink of an eye, the area had become empty.

Then, Qin Gang scowled. "Su Yu! As an Inner Sanctum Disciple, you should keep your assignment and uphold the rules of the faction. How should we punish you for breaking up a punishment and disrupting its administration?"

"Rules? Then please tell me Deputy Clan Master Qin, do the rules allow forcing my Senior to condemn his own teacher as an excuse to kill him?" Su Yu pointed at Li Nian, grunting coldly.

Li Nian attempted to rebut Su Yu. "Nonsense! I was acting by the book…"

But he shut his mouth, for Su Yu had shot a murderous glare in his direction!

The guilty Li Nian did not dare talk back.

Qin Gang's eyes were fierce. "Su Yu! Do not attempt to distort the facts. Li Nian is an upright man, his heart is full of justice. Why would he take the opportunity to kill someone? It is clearly you who is being unreasonable, intentionally slandering him!"

A faint killing intent surfaced in Qin Gang's eyes.

Su Yu quietly closed his eyes. When he reopened his eyes, his gaze was clear and peaceful. A self-depreciating smile crept across his face. "How stupid am I to attempt to talk reason with you people! In your eyes, fists and strength are the true reason!"

It was extremely obvious that Qin Gang was protecting Li Nian! Coupled with the fact that he was the right-hand man of Xi Ruolan, there was no way that he would be partial toward Su Yu.

"Why, do you also wish to beat the Clan Master of the External Affairs Division?" Qin Gang let out a cold smile.

With the Second Elder backing Su Yu, it was hard for Qin Gang to teach him a lesson.

But if Su Yu did not know any better and initiate a challenge, he could legitimately kill him using mutiny as a justification—everyone would be happy, besides Su Yu!

Su Yu, you brought this upon yourself!

"Beat? No!" Su Yu calmly shook his head. "I just wish to avenge the injustice suffered by Senior Zhao!"

Qin Gang let out a cold laugh. "Who gave you the right to take back the injustice from my hands?"

"Rights are not given by someone else, they are…. fought for with your own abilities!" Su Yu's gaze turned cold, the Divine Ice Wings spreading behind his back!

The battle intent between them could be triggered at any second.

There was a clash of invisible energy waves, bringing up rolling waves of dust.

Debris and dust lingered in the air.

The horrifying energies of the two clashed!

At the corner, Li Nian's heart shivered." Just his battle intent causes ripples in the spiritual energy? Qin Gang was indeed powerful!"

The news that someone had challenged the External Affairs Division had spread with the dispersal of the onlookers.

Whoosh, whoosh—

Multiple figures descended, among them was Mo Wu.

There were a few other Law Enforcement Tribunal Disciples, including Wang Shenxue. In the blink of an eye, many people had gathered.

Mo Wu took a glance at the situation and felt angry. "Causing trouble everywhere! Just a few moments alone and you have caused trouble with Qin Gang!"

Even though she was grumbling, she could not hide the worry that was in her eyes. "Su Yu, you found trouble with the wrong person this time."

Wang Shenxue flew forward, his expression turning into respect and happiness when he spotted Su Yu. "I can finally witness another one of your fights."

But after he saw Su Yu's opponent, Wang Shenxue gasped. "Angry King Kong Buddha, Qin Gang? How… did Su Yu offend him?"

His expression was awful, worry spreading across his face. He was deeply anxious for Su Yu.

Clenching his teeth, Wang Shenxue charged forward but was stopped by Li Nian with a cold smile. "Why is the Law Enforcement Tribunal interfering with the challenge of the External Affairs Division?"

"Move aside! You are taking advantage of the fact that Su Yu is new here and does not know about Qin Gang. This match is unfair!" Wang Shenxue was furious.

Li Nian grunted. "That's none of your business! Stand back, unless you want to fight!"

"You guys… are too much!" Wang Shenxue was as surprised as he was furious, but he could not take Li Nian's words lightly. It was inconvenient for the Law Enforcement Tribunal to interfere in the matters of the External Affairs Division. He could only send anxious glances to Su Yu's direction, hoping he would notice.

It was not that he had no faith in Su Yu's abilities, but Qin Gang was too strong! His true strength lied within his body!

When Qin Gang was little, he had consumed treasures and they had caused a change in his body. His body and spirit were extremely hardy. Even though his cultivation level was at Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King, another fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King would find it hard to stand up against him.

In terms of overall strength, he was even better than Cao Xuan.

In their battle, Su Yu had defeated Cao Xuan in three moves. But, if it was Qin Gang who Cao Xuan had fought, there would have only been time for one move.

Su Yu, with his current abilities, could not hope to stand up against Qin Gang!

Qin Gang took his offensive stance, his lips forming a sarcastic smile. "Lad, I regret to tell you that challenging me was a wrong move! Harh!" With a low grunt, Qin Gang's robes blasted open, revealing a copper body!

His muscles were like stone, hardy and full of explosive energy! They were full of a brutal energy, much more powerful than the average person's. They spread forward slowly, causing many hearts to skip a beat.

Su Yu's eyelids twitched. He could sense that the man standing before him did not have a spirit of a human, but more of a wild beast.

What a powerful body and spirit! It was even more powerful than Cao Xuan's Dragon realm constitution!

It was no wonder that he could take the place of Deputy Clan Master even at Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King!

There was no shortage of people with higher cultivation levels than him in the faction, but he was still chosen to take the role as Deputy Clan Master.

A huge pressure assaulted Su Yu like a mountain.

"Challenging me is your greatest mistake!" Qin Gang let out a cold laugh, sure of his victory!

With a grunt, the muscles on Qin Gang's body twitched, each pulsing with a horrifying energy!

A layer of dull red light enveloped his body. It looked like a film of blood!

It was a phenomenon only observed in constitutions of the Dragon Realm—Blood Energy!

When a person's biological limits were raised to a certain point, the nature of their Blood Energy would change outside of the body.

The blood red film was a sign of this!

Thump, thump—

Qin Gang's muscular right leg rebounded against the floor.

His body was like a spring, turning into a blood red blur as he charged toward Su Yu!

"Roar of the Angry Dragon!" With a low growl, Qin Gang struck out with his right hand.

Surrounded by the terrifying Blood Energy, he was like a violent red dragon harboring a destructive power, roaring as it struck!

In that moment, Su Yu suppressed. He was breathless.

But his eyes remained calm. A three foot high Ice Flame enveloped his body, spreading toward Qin Gang.

Just how cold were the flames formed by consolidating chilly energy?

Even someone as powerful as Cao Xuan was robbed of his life force the moment he came into contact with it.

But Qin Gang just smiled. "You will never understand just how strong my body and spirit are!"


A shocking scene ensued. Qin Gang grabbed with his hand, extinguishing the Ice Flames that were flying toward him!

A ball of ice crystals turned into powder, scattering from his palm!

His palm did not take any damage from the Ice Flames!