The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1376 - The Demon Amongst the People

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“Oh, the battle was just too exciting just now. I didn’t expect that in addition to the wretched soul called Yongye Wuheng, there are still other people who can comprehend the essence of the Emperor of War. It truly is an eye-opener!”

Su Yu’s heart sank. It turned out that the fluctuations of earlier were simply so great that they attracted this top-notch warrior to come forth.

Against such a person, Su Yu had no chance of winning.

At this moment, the First Prince smiled and waved his sword again.

Suddenly, another terrible vibration came forth.

Su Yu hurriedly dodged and only just managed to avoid it.

However, he suddenly heard a scream. He then saw that the soul of Prince Yun was pierced and killed by the sword.

Su Yu suddenly realized that the prince was going to kill Prince Yun and silence him for good!

Prince Yun said before his death that the Great Prince of the Heaven-defying Empire was actually … Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to finish.

“A disobedient dog. What’s the point of him staying alive?” Said the First Prince indifferently.

Prince Yun had spoken of Hua Chen as if he were a dog. However, in the eyes of the First Prince, Prince Yun was a dog as well and ended up like Hua Chen.

The First Prince looked towards Su Yu and Yongye Chuxue. “Hahaha, even Yongye Chuxue is here. So, have you changed your mind and decided that you want to become my concubine?”

Yongye Chuxue looked cold and aloof. She didn’t say a word.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter if you don’t answer. Anyway, I have already decided you would be mine. Since you are here, there is no reason for you to leave. You can start serving me tonight.” The First Prince laughed as he spoke. Su Yu did not exist in his eyes at all.

Heaven-defying Cool Star, Nitian Hanxing, was always arrogant and used to having his way. In addition, he liked two things in his life.

First, battles.

Second, women.

Whenever there was a battle, he jumped in with great enthusiasm. Wherever he went, he would get wounded and injured, and his soul would be covered in a charcoal-like substance.

As for women, he lusted after pretty faces and once vowed to have the most beautiful women in the world in his harem.

There were two women whom he especially desired.

The first was the Greatest Saint Lady of the Moonwatch Sect. He once threatened to invade the Moonwatch Sect with his father and imprison her, forcefully inducing her into his harem.

The second was the top beauty of the Empire of Darkness, Yongye Chuxue. He threatened that whoever married her would be his enemy for life. In his eyes, he was the only one that was eligible to have Yongye Chuxue.

When dealing with women, he had quite a bit of his father’s, Nitian Guyun’s, charm.

With that, the First Prince took a breath of air, and a violent suction emerged from his palm. It pulled Yongye Chuxue in towards him.

“Come here! Let me have a taste of you!”

However, at this moment, Su Yu gripped the Divine Feather of Frost, set off a gust of wind, and used it to pull Yongye Chuxue, who had flown up into the sky, back toward him.

The jade tiger lying on the ground and the remains of Prince Yun and Asura were carried away in the wind as well.

The First Prince had missed his shot and was rather indignant about it. “If I, the prince, came here personally, wouldn’t it be a joke if you managed to flee from me?”


The First Prince rushed into the air and chased after them.

The place was still shrouded in the yin and yang chill, and the two yin and yang flows were still disordered. Thus, they could not use the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Wings to get away.

A crisis was looming, but Su Yu’s face had a calm expression.

“Pearl of Godly Thunder!” Su Yu threw out a dense thunder ball the size of a fist.

Right after the bead dispersed, it released a great surge of Divine Tribulation of Ice and Thunder.

The First Prince, however, did not even glance at it. He was staring greedily at Yongye Chuxue. “Yongye Chuxue, you can’t escape the hands of the prince.”


As soon as he turned his hand, the Life Reversal Snake Sword immediately shattered the attacking divine Tribulation of Ice and Thunder. Even the Pearl of Godly Thunder was destroyed on the spot as well.

Su Yu’s pupils shrank a little. What an overbearing imperial sacred artifact!

He remembered that it was, in fact, ranked 30th on the sacred artifact list!

Compared to Yongye Wuheng’s Heaven-Striped Dragon Sword, it was eight ranks higher.

“Oh, almost forgot… you should take one of my sword’s attacks too!” The prince sneered and stabbed at Su Yu.

This sword was, in fact, aimed at Su Yu’s head!

Without a black scale to block it, Ice Blue Divine Armor to offset the attack, or Rule fragments to resist it, the blade was going to slice Su Yu’s skull open.

A desperate sense of danger rose up in Su Yu’s heart.

Seeing that he was in mortal peril, Su Yu channeled and released the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control at this critical moment.

The look on the First Prince’s face changed and the Life Reversal Snake Sword in his hand suddenly got out of control.

“Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control! You Are Su Yu!” The prince suddenly realized who the person in front of him was.

Outside of the Empire of Darkness, the only person who had mastery of the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control was a foreigner, an upstart named Su Yu.

This outsider was wanted by the four empires because he had many treasures superior to those that they had acquired.

The First Prince could not help but laugh wildly. “Hahaha! You are actually Su Yu! You are like a godsend to me. To think that I have you here in front of me!”

As he spoke, he regained control of the Life Reversal Snake Sword once more.

Although Su Yu was manipulating it, the First Prince held it forcibly by virtue of his overbearing power, and the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control could not take over the sword completely.

“If you were a little higher in your cultivation, you could perhaps be able to take away the Life Reversal Snake Sword. Unfortunately, you have no chance!” The prince licked his lips excitedly. “Today is really a good day, a beautiful woman and treasures on hand. Today, I will have a big celebration in the city and spend the night with the beauties! Hahahaha…”

As he laughed wildly, several overwhelming breaths suddenly came forth.

The First Prince’s face changed slightly and his smile faded away. “The leader of the Empire of Darkness?”

Sure enough, four figures quickly emerged on the horizon.

One of them was Yongye Wuheng!

And the other three all exuded the terrifying aura of Level Three deities.

Even as the Empire of Darkness faced a difficult situation, they actually sent three such powerful individuals just to rescue Yongye Chuxue? The First Prince found that hard to believe.

Yongye Chuxue’s eyes were as cold as ice. Staring at the First Prince, she said, “The nature of rivers and mountains is hard to change. So many years have passed, but you are still the same, a demon amongst the people!”

Everyone knew that Nitian Hanxing was as promiscuous as his father.

However, few people knew that he was even worse than his father and had almost become a demon.

How much did the world know of the women he trapped? His father’s harem consisted entirely of women he forced in. Even his own mother was given the same treatment. Thus, the women in the harem have become beaten down and willing to accept that other women would be forced into the harem as well.

This kind of complete submission to the men was shocking to outsiders.

It was, however, not impossible to change things in the Heaven-defying Empire. There had been an increase in opposition.

Going against humanity, against heaven, and against rules was very typical of the Heaven-defying Empire.

Hearing these words, the First Prince laughed. “Why, do you still want your fiancée? I have tamed her and she obeys me completely, hahaha!”

Yongye Wuheng had a tingling sensation in his heart. His eyes were filled with rage.

Long ago, he and the princess of the Taiching Empire, Taiching Xuanxuan, fell in love, and the two parties even made a marriage contract.

Alas, Nitian Hanxing lusted for her. He vowed to get her at all costs.

He actually did fulfill his promise. While Taiching Xuanxuan was on her way for a visit, Nitian Hanxing led an army to intercept her, snatched Taiching Xuanxuan away, forced himself on her, and brought her into his harem.

For this reason, a war nearly broke out between the Taiching Empire and the Heaven-defying Empire.

In the end, due to Nitian Guyun’s superior power, the Taiching Empire had to submit and the emperor was forced to allow Taiching Xuanxuan to become one of Nitian Hanxing’s wives.

Ten years have passed since then, and Taiching Xuanxuan has never been able to leave the Heaven-defying Empire after she had become one of the many imprisoned damsels of Nitian Hanxing’s harem.

“I have to say, you have good taste. Taiching Xuanxuan is wonderful in bed, simply extraordinary. Amongst the many women I have, she definitely ranks in the top ten.”

Yongye Wuheng clenched his fist, his killing intent shooting through the sky.

Of the three major things he hated in life, one was men who took away other men’s women.

So many times he had dreamed of revenge, coming up with ways to make Nitian Hanxing pay for what he did.

“Hahaha, thank you for sending me your beautiful younger sister as well.” Nitian Hanxing looked down on everyone and did not give the three Level Three deities much thought. “If I put your fiancée and sister on the same bed, wouldn’t it be interesting?”

A peal of insane laughter issued out of his mouth, revealing his true colors.

Yongye Wuheng’s eyes flashed with rage. “You can only dream of doing that! My companions, please stop him!”

“Chuxue, Su Yu, you both go now!” Yongye Wuheng yelled.

“Hahaha! Do you really think you can take her away? Try to stop me and you shall die!” Nitian Hanxing roared, and the Life Reversal Snake Sword swept through the air.

Yongye Wuheng’s three companions looked solemn and apprehensive despite the fact that their adversary was alone. They proceeded with caution.

Su Yu, Yongye Chuxue, and Yongye Wuheng took the opportunity to escape deeper into the woods and headed towards the mist.

Reaching the edge of the mist, if they took just one step forward, they would cross the border to the Lost Nation.

Yongye Wuheng stopped and stared intently at Yongye Chuxue. With a look of infinite love on his face, he said, “Sister, you must protect yourself.”

Yongye Chuxue replied. “Brother, why don’t you flee with us? It’s too dangerous for you to fight Nitian Hanxing.”

“Some things had been a lingering wound in my heart. I have escaped for too long, and I don’t want to continue running away,” Yongye Wuheng said as he shook his fist.

The world knew that Yongye Wuheng had acquired his achievements thanks to his many talents.

Yet only Yongye Chuxue knew that he cultivated with stubborn determination because of the desire for revenge.

Even so, the gap in abilities between him and Nitian Hanxing was getting bigger and bigger.

Ten years had passed. Yongye Wuheng was frustrated and ready to meet whatever fate that awaited him.

Yongye Wuheng took out a sealed Great Desolation Smelter and gave it to Yongye Chuxue. He then looked towards Su Yu. “The Great Desolation Smelter has a special seal belonging to the Empire of Darkness. Unless Yongye Chuxue voluntarily chooses to do so, no external force can break it. I hope you will keep your promise and help my sister complete the escort mission. ”

Su Yu nodded. “No problem,” He said.

Yongye Wuheng looked at Su Yu for a long time and sighed in resignation. “Then don’t come back in the future, and don’t set foot in any part of the Ancient God Realm.”

Yongye Chuxue thought this was strange, but Su Yu nodded slightly. “Thank you, thank you for letting me go.”

Yongye Wuheng was shocked, but thought of the power of Su Yu’s calculations and smiled bitterly. “You had planned for this.”

“Well, when you came here, you were actually ordered to arrest me, but you just happened to meet Nitian Hanxing. Isn’t that so?” Su Yu asked.

Yongye Wuheng sighed and said, “I might have to be grateful to Nitian Hanxing. If it were not for him stopping my three companions, I would not be able to prevent them from arresting you.”

“So, Su Yu, now that you know everything, don’t come back once you cross over to the Lost Nation. There is no place for you in the Ancient God Realm.”