The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1357 - The Four Faction Leaders

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Yongye Jiuyang’s face darkened face and said as he stared at Su Yu coldly, “You are seeking death!”

Then, Yongye Jiuyang prepared to kill Su Yu immediately.

Su Yu retorted coldly, “You are the one who is seeking death here!”

He said that as his two hands formed a mysterious seal in the air.

Seeing this, Yongye Jiuyang shouted in surprise, “The top class of the elementary part! How… how could you reach such a high level in less than ten minutes?”

Su Yu ignored his question and continued to attack with terrifying energy by controlling the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior.

This time, horrible flames replaced the chilly ice.

“The Absolute Fire Eye!” Even Nitian Guyun was shocked by this mighty attack.

Before this, he believed he had overestimated Su Yu. Now he was beginning to realize just how powerful this stranger was.

He did not expect this young man could control the corpse of a Divine Warrior in such a proficient way.

Now, both Nitian Guyun and Yongye Jiuyang were unable to resist the joint attack of the Extreme Ice Eye and the Absolute Fire Eye, even if they could work together at this time.

Nitian Guyun, who was quite angry, said as he looked at Su Yu coldly, “Young man, don’t be complacent. Now you can control the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior, which means you have become the target of the four great Empires and the Moonwatch Sect in the Ancient God Realm. My instinct tells me we will meet again!”

After saying that, he fled the Frozen River without any hesitation.

Yongye Jiuyang shouted and raved, but he also chose to run away at last.

Nitian Guyun paid a tremendous price to dig out the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior. However, Su Yu was the one who took advantage of his work at last.

Yongye Jiuyang gave the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control to Su Yu without asking for anything in return. It was a secret art created by the Eternal Darkness Divine Warrior, and was as precious as the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior.

Nobody else in the Ancient God Realm had succeeded in making two Emperors choke with anger after taking great advantages from them.

Although the two leaders ran away, the light beams of ice and fire did not stop their pursuit.

The light beams penetrated the Frozen River. Then, half of the river was frozen again. The other half was filled with horrible flames.

Su Yu was enjoying this fantastic view of fire and ice while he stood on the riverbed. Finally, he figured out where the horrible flames that melted the ice in this river came from.

In addition, he knew why this river could be frozen for so many years.

The corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior caused all of this!

Once in a century, the Frozen River would be unfrozen by the Absolute Fire Eye. Then the Extreme Ice Eye would freeze the river again.

After driving off the two Emperors, Su Yu didn’t dare to stay there any longer. Therefore, he dashed towards the center of the Saint Realm immediately.

He guessed that the flame-filled crystal ball that he saw at the very beginning was the Absolute Fire Eye. The other one, which was hidden in the abyss, was supposed to be the Extreme Ice Eye. These two eyes were the only remains of the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior!

However, Su Yu didn’t find the Absolute Fire Eye in the abyss at the center of the Saint Realm.

The other side of the abyss had also collapsed. Now there was only a giant pit there. It was supposed to be the place where the Extreme Ice Eye was buried.

However, the two eyes had disappeared!

“Where are they now?” Su Yu said in surprise.

Just at this time, Su Yu felt something pulling at his robe.

Su Yu was totally shocked.

His perception was as powerful as a deity’s! How could he miss something that approached him from behind?

If this thing tried to kill him, he would have been an easy target.

Su Yu turned around but saw nothing.

When he looked down, he saw a pudgy little boy, who looked no older than three, pulling at his robe!

The eyes of the little boy were quite strange.

One was as red as fire.

The other one was icy blue.

When Su Yu saw the little boy’s eyes, he was even more shocked. Did it mean… was this the corpse of the Divine Warrior?

Did it mean the corpse of the Divine Warrior had taken the shape of a three-year-old boy?

Su Yu examined the little boy with the Six Fundamental Laws of Mind Control and found the aura of the World Annihilation Emperor’s blood in his body.

“I’m hungry,” the little boy said piteously as he looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu was stunned. He didn’t know whether he should treat this boy as a creature or a weapon.

The boy sobbed when he saw Su Yu’s hesitation. Then, a red tear and a blue tear rolled down his cheeks.

When the tears touched the ground, horrible energy gushed out and flew towards Su Yu. Seeing this, Su Yu stepped back to dodge the attack. He didn’t dare to approach that little boy again.

“This is way too dangerous!” Su Yu was surprised. Had he been a little bit slower just now, the two tears would have killed him.

After wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, Su Yu took out a piece of fresh Golden Flames Forbidden Wood and threw it to the little boy after a short hesitation.

The little boy picked up the piece of wood and had a look at it. Then he dropped it and started to beg Su Yu for food again.

It seemed the little boy was about to cry once more. Su Yu was terrified. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. He took out a freshly refined drop of Divine Warrior blood and offered it to the boy.

Seeing this, the little boy was quite happy. He smiled and walked up with tottering steps to grab the divine blood in his hand. Then he devoured the blood with a delighted smile.

Su Yu calmed down as he scanned the little boy with his Transparent Eyes. Then, he sighed in disappointment.

The little boy only had a body, but no soul.

He was not really a person, but something with very basic intelligence.

“From now on, you stay with me and I guarantee you won’t be hungry again,” Su Yu said.

The boy nodded his head as if he had understood what Su Yu said.

“And your name is Bing Huo from now on,” Su Yu added.

The little boy smiled delightedly as if he liked this name very much.

“From now on, you are not allowed to cry or use the energy in your eyes without my permission!”

Putting his finger in his mouth, the little boy nodded as he turned his head sideways.

Su Yu was quite perplexed. He did not know whether it was safe to take such a dangerous thing with him.

“I’m sleepy!” While Su Yu was considering his options, the little boy, who was already full, wanted to sleep.

This suited Su Yu just fine. He took the little boy into the space of the Buddha Bead.

After that, Su Yu left the Frozen River.

In the place of the great combat between Yongye Jiuyang and Nitian Guyun…

One hour later, the Holy Maiden, who had been left there, broke the spell restraining her body with her incantations.

After searching the Saint Realm, she said in disappointment, “As expected, he has run away!”

“He has controlled the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior! He has obtained the secret art of the Eternal Darkness Divine Warrior! He had mastered the essence of the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior’s skills! Furthermore, he even has the Emperor-based Saint Artifact of the Taiqing Divine Warrior… How could a man have so many artifacts belonging to the nine Divine Warriors?” The Holy Maiden was still trembling in terror. “Maybe what the dragon said is correct! What kind of creature is he? How could he be so favored by the nine Divine Warriors?”

“In addition…” the Holy Maiden said wistfully, “This guy is so smart that he could even fool the two Emperors easily. Even Nitian Guyun, who is famous for his wisdom, did not see his true nature in the beginning. It would be so amazing if this man could be recruited to work for the Moonwatch Sect!”

An extraordinarily clever man who could control the corpse of a powerful Divine Warrior was exactly the talent needed by the Moonwatch Sect.

Unfortunately, this man was too smart. He ran away as soon as he could.

“However, it seems this man conceals his true identity. I could sense the Divine Path of disguise in his body!” The Holy Maiden’s perception was quite sharp. She murmured thoughtfully, “And his aura is quite familiar!”

After pondering it for a while, the Holy Maiden looked around the area. Except for the collapsed abyss, this barren place only had its barriers left!

A hundred wizards she took with her, along with the several Grand Wizards of the Holy Son, had been devoured by the World Annihilation Dragon.

“I guess all of them are in that dragon scale now, and that mysterious man has the scale. It seems I have to find him!” The Holy Maiden murmured as she left the Ice Sealed River Bottom and returned to the Xueman Building in the Xue Nation of the North Territory.

When she came into the building, Cailin walked up and asked in surprise, “Are you wounded? Where are the Grand Wizards?”

Hearing this, the Holy Maiden said with a wry smile, “Many things happened in the ruins. Let me tell you everything step by step!”

Cailin was quite surprised when she heard about the appearance of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior’s corpse, as well as of the two Emperors’ battle.

“I didn’t expect this was a trap set up by Nitian Guyun for the Moonwatch Sect,” Cailin said. “He is really good at scheming!”

The Holy Maiden said, “We are not his primary target. He was after the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior.”

Then, the Holy Maiden couldn’t help but add with a smile, “However, all his clever plans helped that mysterious guy at last. He has obtained the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior! Hah! I feel much better at the thought of this!”

Cailin said as she raised her eyebrows, “Are you talking about Su Yu? If it is him, I won’t be surprised at all!”

The Holy Maiden was stunned. “Do you mean to say that the mysterious man is Su Yu? Your friend we met here last time?”

“That’s right,” Cailin said confidently. “Although he had taken the form of a man with a beast’s head, from your description I am sure it could only be him! He is the smartest man I have met in my life. Nobody is cleverer than him!”

The Holy Maiden’s perplexed expression was gradually replaced by tentative hope. “If that was him, could you help me to get him to join the Moonwatch Sect? He is your friend!”

Cailin replied with a wry smile, “It won’t be that easy! I used to be his sworn enemy. I am not sure at all I would be able to convince him!”

“Then try to convince him by playing on his interests!” The Holy Maiden said.

Cailin shook her head. “As far as I know, nothing we have would tempt him to accept!”

What Cailin said was correct. Su Yu had many precious items. This time he had obtained the corpse of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior and the reverse scale that contained all items found in the ruins. What other treasures could the Moonwatch Sect possibly offer him?

“If you really want to get assistance from this man, you need to appeal to his emotions. This is his only weakness!”

“Appeal to his emotions?” The Holy Maiden blinked with puzzlement.

The Ice Sealed River Bottom…

After a while, several powerful auras descended at the same time.

Yongye Jiuyang and Nitian Guyun appeared together with a man and a woman who were almost as powerful as they were.

“Yongye Jiuyang, you know this place is the tomb of the Ice and Fire Divine Warrior, who was my ancestor. Still, you chose to excavate it! Why did you do that?” The strongly built man, whose body was filled with the auras of fire and ice, was Binghuo Cangxing, the leader of the Binghuo Imperial Sacred Faction.

Yongye Jiuyang replied calmly, “When the nine Divine Warriors passed away, their corpses were scattered in this world. All royal families have come to an agreement that whoever finds a corpse of a Divine Warrior first has the right to excavate it. Why do you blame me now?”

Binghuo Cangxing said angrily, “We reached that agreement because we had to gather strength to resist the Moonwatch Sect. The situation has been different for a while now. Why did you conceal your discovery from us? Are you harboring something evil in your mind?”