The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1336 - The Heaven-trampling Three Steps

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Yongye Wuheng said seriously as he glanced at Su Yu, “The history of the Moonview Sect is even longer than all of the royal families. It is said that the Moonview Sect appeared before the arrival of the Ancient God Realm.”

Su Yu was surprised, he didn’t expect the history of this sect to be even longer than the history of the Ancient God Realm.

However, he knew this lost world used to be a part of the Star River. Its current location should be somewhere outside the Star River.

“Where did these people come from?” Su Yu asked.

“They are the aboriginals, we call them People of Remote Antiquity, who arrived at this place ahead of people of the Ancient God Realm. The Moon Deity is their god, and those who worship the Moon Deity formed the Moonview Sect.” Yongye Wuheng replied.

“When the nine Divine Warriors passed away, the Moonview Sect used the opportunity to launch a massive counterattack. They enslaved us, the new immigrants in this place, for several million years. After that, we accumulated strength secretly and fought back together with the nine Imperial Sacred Factions. At last, we managed to drive them into the Lost Nation.” Hearing this, Su Yu couldn’t help but look at Yongye Chuxue.

“The Moonview Sect has been quite active since then. They came back into this place periodically to make trouble or even launch wars. According to the historical records, two Imperial Sacred Factions were ruined by the invasion of the Moonview Sect. Until now, the Moonview Sect is still a mortal malady of the Ancient God Realm.”

Su Yu was not surprised. The people of the Ancient God Realm were invaders. Therefore, the Moonview Sect which was formed by the aboriginals would resist them.

But what was this place?

According to the Evil God’s narration, the Sinful Lady and the World Annihilation Dragon descended and ruined the entire Star River.

At last, all nine Divine Warriors subdued the Sinful Lady and the World Annihilation Dragon by exploding themselves.

After that, the Star River God Realm, which survived this disaster, was about to recuperate and build up strength.

However, an enormous shadow covered the battered Star River God Realm, and the Star River God Realm fell apart and a large part of it disappeared.

Now, it seemed this part of the Star River God Realm was transported to this mysterious world of water, where a lot of aboriginals were living inside this place.

Therefore, a brutal and prolonged war broke out between the two sides.

However, those Imperial Sacred Factions chose to conceal the history of this period. Except for the senior members of those Royal Families, nobody knew the existence of the People of Remote Antiquity.

After hearing Yongye Wuheng’s introduction, the people here became more serious.

For them, the Moonview Sect was an extremely horrible organization, and nobody could stay calm on hearing its name.

“The Moonview Sect has disappeared many times over the years. Maybe this trouble was not caused by them.” Bai Yunfei said.

Yongye Wuheng sighed deeply, “I hope so, however, I used to fight against a woman when I investigated the Ice Sealed River Bottom one month ago. According to her skills and techniques, she may be Luo Xueyi, the new Saint Lady of the Moonview Sect.”


Most people stood up in surprise, staring at Yongye Wuheng with widened eyes because all of them were shocked by what they had heard.

Oppositely, the members of the Royal Family were quite calm. They had already known about this issue.

Fu Hongchen asked, surprised, “Prince, how was your fight?”

He didn’t doubt Yongye Wuheng’s judgment, as the skills and techniques of the Moonview Sect’s members were quite special, making it impossible for that woman to hide her skills and techniques.

The rest of the people were also surprised. This was the most important question: Who was the winner between Yongye Wuheng and the new Saint Lady?

If that Saint Lady was more powerful, all of them would be in great danger.

Yongye Wuheng untied his robe to reveal his chest with a warm smile, revealing a small, gray palm print on his chest.

They could sense weird strength in that palm print. This weird and creepy strength was neither Spiritual Energy nor Divine Strength.

“As expected, it is the unique Wizard Strength of the Moonview Sect.” Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but gasp on the spot before speaking.

Fu Hongchen also said as his eye pupils constricted abruptly, “With this, the result of the fight…”

“We reached a draw, we were equally matched.” Yongye Wuheng said calmly. He hid the truth in his heart.

The Moonview Sect’s Saint Lady didn’t want to continue the fight. Otherwise, Yongye Wuheng would have been killed within the next 10 rounds.

Hearing this, the rest of the people let out a sigh of relief.

“According to the information we got before, a lot of strangers have been spotted in the Ice Sealed River Bottom in the past 10 years. I guess the sudden change in the ruins of the Ice Sealed River Bottom should be caused by the Moonview Sect.”

Nobody objected to this issue again.

Only the mysterious Moonview Sect, which was formed by the aboriginals of this place, could make changes in the ruins which couldn’t be changed by the Imperial Sacred Factions.

“They removed the restrictions of those ruins. I guess they also targeted those ruins.” Yongye Wuheng said, “I’ve sent messages back to the Empire to ask for reinforcements from those powerful experts. If necessary, I will ask the Xue Lord in the North Territory to mobilize the creatures here. We can’t afford to lose this battle against the Moonview Sect.”

When Su Yu went back to where he lived, he became more serious.

Behind him, his enemies were still chasing him. In front of him, he had to face the unknown danger in those ruins. Now, the mysterious People of Remote Antiquity who used the Wizard Strength became his new enemy.

Su Yu knew this was a great risk. If he couldn’t make full preparation, he would fail miserably in this task.

After sitting down with his legs crossed, Su Yu took out a jade pendant where the Heaven-fighting Three Strokes of the Shangguan Family’s mansion were recorded.

This skill was the essence of all the skills of the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior in his life.

If Su Yu could acquire some skills before entering the Ice Sealed River Bottom, his trip might be safer.

Just then, Su Yu’s soul went into the jade pendant and started to acquire those skills.

Almost at the same time, Yongye Wuheng, who furrowed his eyebrows, also sat in his secret room with his legs crossed. After a while, he opened his eyes and sighed helplessly, “As expected, it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to acquire the essence left by the Heaven-fighting Divine Warrior! 10 years have passed, but I only get some superficial understanding of the first move of it!” He exclaimed as he closed his eyes to continue his comprehension.

When Su Yu’s soul entered the jade pendant, he found that he was standing on a vast and endless land, the sky was so high and deep above his head.

Su Yu murmured in his heart in surprise, “Is this a world created by skills? But how could I acquire this skill?”

When Su Yu was thinking, he saw a figure in this place with his peripheral vision.

Su Yu turned around but didn’t see anyone.


Suddenly, a big bang came in from the sky and the high sky started to fall as if it had collapsed, which could kill all creatures in this world.

The land was crying because it would be ruined by the falling sky.

An unwilling roar started to echo in this vast area and even the universe.

“Heaven is immortal! Heaven will never die! The first move, The Heaven-trampling Three Steps!” A magnificent figure appeared in the spot that Su Yu saw with his peripheral vision.

This figure was very strong and had a majestic face. His long beard, which had touched the ground, was whirling about when there was no wind.

Without any fear, he looked up at the falling sky with the magnificent fighting will and yelled as he stepped into the sky.

“The first step crumbles the sky! The second step shoots down the sky! The third step inverts the universe!” After the three steps, the falling sky, which was about to ruin this place, was broken into ashes which fell to the ground.

Now, this world only had ground left, where that majestic figure was standing.

This scene cheered Su Yu up. It seemed the strength hiding in his blood had been woken up. Unconsciously, the figure of the Heaven-defying Divine Warrior, who had black hairs and black eyes, appeared behind his back to resist all injustices in this world.

Su Yu felt he had lost control of his mind, which was acquiring the Heaven-trampling Three Steps rapidly.

The first step crumbles the sky.

The second step shoots down the sky.

The third step inverts the universe.

Su Yu was absorbed in the acquisition of this skill completely.

At last, he was startled by a tiny sound in the outside world.

Instantly, that mystical feeling disappeared as Su Yu went back to the real world.

The feeling of trampling heaven was still lingering in his heart, leaving him quite frustrated.

After taking a slight breath, Su Yu concealed the feeling in his mind before he stood up and walked towards the door of his secret room.

However, Su Yu didn’t expect his casual footsteps to sound like the Heaven-trampling Three Steps.


That door made of a special stone material, which couldn’t even be ruined by Deities, was broken into small parts by Su Yu’s casual footstep.

Someone shouted from outside the secret room in surprise, “Look out! Something is wrong with his secluded training!”

Su Yu was immediately shocked. He controlled the strength of his legs quickly. When he looked at what happened outside the room, he knew he had landed himself in trouble.

A lot of people were standing outside his secret room.

Su Yu saw the five descendants of courtiers who were led by Fu Hongchen, Bai Yunfei and his three friends, five members of the Imperial Sacred Faction, and another two unfamiliar powerful experts who looked quite gloomy.

At this moment, except for the two experts, the rest of the group of 14 people were looking at the ruined secret door and Su Yu in surprise.

When they were standing outside this room just now, a gust of horrible strength poured out. This strength ruined the door of this room which couldn’t even be ruined by Deities directly.

The remaining strength continued to fly towards them. If the two powerful experts didn’t resolve this strength, all of them would have been seriously wounded or even killed.

Bai Yunfei swallowed with difficulty as he murmured in his heart in surprise. “My God, what did he learn in the past 15 days? Why is his strength so horrible now?”

Zheng Shaoliang also wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. For him, Su Yu was just like a monster.

All of them were shocked. Yongye Wuheng’s eyes lit up because the strength that poured out just now was quite familiar.

Su Yu walked out calmly and spoke after folding his hands at them, “I’m sorry for the disturbance. I failed to control my strength. Could you tell me how long I have been absorbed in the secluded training, please?”

Yongye Wuheng said as surprise disappeared from his face, “Half a month, several days ago, we tried to wake you up, but it seemed like you have been absorbed in a highly-concentrated status and we couldn’t wake you. We tried to wake you up by startling your soul. I hope we didn’t influence your important training.” He said calmly as he fixed his eyes on Su Yu without blinking. It seemed like he tried to find something from Su Yu’s expression.

Pitifully, Su Yu hid the truth with a surprised face, “I didn’t expect I had performed training for so long a time.”

Su Yu felt like he only spent several hours in that place with the crumbling sky when 15 days had passed in the outside world.

“Sorry for keeping all of you waiting for me. Let’s go.” Su Yu didn’t mention a word about the noise he made just now.

Yongye Wuheng nodded his head as his lips moved. He was sending a message through telepathy.

The two powerful experts who were sent here as reinforcement behind Yongye Wuheng replied through telepathy as they looked at Su Yu thoughtfully, “His strength was horrible. I guess he used his strength unintentionally just now. If he uses that strength intentionally, it will be even more horrible.”

Hearing this, Yongye Wuheng was shocked. These two Deities were commanders of the imperial guards who were trusted by the Emperor completely. These two Level 3 Deities could defeat everyone in this empire except Shangguan Feiyu.

This was the first time Yongye Wuheng heard the word “horrible” from these two powerful Deities.

Yongye Wuheng looked at Su Yu thoughtfully as crafty light flashing in his eyes.