The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1295 - Ancient God Realm

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The little mermaid was terrified, while the big mermaid stared at Su Yu coldly, blabbering away.

“Strange. It turns out to be a rare ancient divine language. This language has disappeared from Xing River many years ago,” Su Yu thought, then responded in a choppy manner using the mermaid language. He learned various clan languages from Yun Yazi, including the lost languages that were also part of the extensive syllabus.

The big mermaid was taken aback. She did not expect Su Yu to be able to speak their language. “Kill us! We will not submit to you.”

Su Yu touched his chin. “Do I have the words ‘I’m a bad guy’ written on my face or do I simply look like one?”

Su Yu actually looked very handsome and intelligent, but the frightened mermaids couldn’t be expected to notice that.

“There is no need to pretend! You were sent by the Yaksha clan to catch us and force us to get married, right? We swore to rather die!” the big mermaid said firmly.

Su Yu shook his head. “What is the Yaksha clan? Not that I really care. What exactly is this place?”

The two mermaids stared at each other with suspicious expressions.

The little mermaid said, “Sister, he doesn’t seem to be from the Yaksha clan. He actually looks a little bit better than the Yaksha.”

Su Yu’s face fell. “Although I don’t know what the Yaksha look like, I cannot help but feel deeply insulted.”

“Don’t bully her, come at me instead!” The big mermaid squared her shoulders and threw out her plump chest. She looked straight at Su Yu and said, “These are the territorial waters of the mermaid clan.”

“I’m asking about the whole place.”

The big mermaid was stunned. “The whole place…you mean the Empire of Darkness?”

“I mean all of it. Basically, what do you call this world?”

The big mermaid was astonished. “Why do you ask this? This world is the Ancient God Realm.”


Su Yu’s heart trembled and his divine power went out of control. The Strength of Five Elements became disorderly, causing water to form in his mouth, nearly making him choke.

Barely managing to stabilize his turbulent state of mind, Su Yu said, “What did you say this place was called again?”

The big mermaid gave him a baffling look. “What a strange man you are! Have you never heard of the Ancient God Realm?”


Su Yu took a long deep breath!

This place was… the Ancient God Realm!

The legendary Ancient God Realm that the Xing River Overlords, the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth inhabited?

Under the Heavenly Pond, there was hidden an ancient civilization that had been lost for eons!

Shell-shocked, Su Yu managed to calm down after some time.

Staring at the two mermaids in front of him, Su Yu said, “Don’t be afraid, I didn’t come to hurt you, I just arrived here by accident and wanted to gather some information.”

As he explained, he released them from the Chain of Five Elements.

After exchanging a few words, the mermaids realized that Su Yu had no malicious intentions towards them.

The little mermaid hid behind the big mermaid and stuck out her head. “Actually, my sister and I are not hiding from you.”

“Oh? If you are not hiding here from me, then who are you hiding from?” Su Yu inquired.

“The Nine-headed Alien Deity.” The big mermaid’s eyes were suddenly filled with fear.

Su Yu recalled that a huge mysterious shadow had flashed over his head just a moment ago and his heart trembled.

At the moment, there were no deities by his side to support him. If he encountered any ordinary deities, Su Yu could still hold his own.

But what was an Alien Deity?

Suddenly, there was a trace of movement outside the ruins.

The expressions of the two mermaids changed dramatically and the elder one said, “This is not good. It’s the tomb guard spirit! Leave now!”

She grabbed the little mermaid’s hand and prepared to flee.

Before going, she looked back at Su Yu and said hesitantly, “You don’t seem to be familiar with this place. Come with us and we will take you to a safe place.”

Tomb guard spirit? What was that?

In the end, Su Yu decided to go with them.

The mermaids could move extremely fast in the water. Very soon, Su Yu was lagging far behind them.

Exasperated, Su Yu transformed all the Strength of Five Elements into the power of water, shrouded his body with it and created currents that propelled him through the water.

His speed spiked sharply, allowing him to catch up with the mermaids in an instant.

The little mermaid who was in the arms of the big mermaid opened her mouth wide in astonishment and exclaimed, “Oh my god, what kind of species are you? How can you swim so fast?”

Su Yu’s forehead twitched. The words that came out from the little mermaid’s mouth seemed to tick him off constantly.

“Stop talking, the tomb guard spirit has extremely keen hearing!” the older mermaid said in a low voice.

Su Yu fled with them through the underwater ruins. Within a day, they actually covered the distance of the whole cavern world.

Su Yu was surprised to see that the ruins were not severed at any point along the way.

It was obvious that this place was extremely prosperous in the past.

“We are almost there!” the big mermaid said.

Su Yu looked into the distance and faintly saw a dark object standing obliquely in the water.

The size of the object was simply staggering. It was one-tenth the size of a Cavern World!

Upon getting closer, it became clear that it was a giant sunken ship.

The whole ship was dark and gave off a strong sense of oppression.

On the hull, a series of extremely complicated spell symbols were outlined. Each of those ancient symbols was deemed lost within the Xing River!

On each side of the giant ship, there were several dark holes, and inside each of them stood an extremely large cannon.

The giant cannons looked old-fashioned and were shaped like dragon heads. They were really majestic and awe-inspiring.

Su Yu stared directly at the huge cannon and felt chills down his spine. He asked, “What is this?”

“The Heavenly Sacred Ship. Haven’t you seen it before?” the big mermaid replied.

Heavenly Sacred Ship… was this something that only existed in the Ancient God Realm?

“Can’t believe that you don’t even know that,” the little mermaid sniggered.


At this moment, a stream of water stirred from behind.

The big mermaid’s face changed. “Something is catching up with us! It must be the tomb guard spirit!”

Su Yu frowned. “Not one, but thousands of them,” He corrected

In terms of perception, Su Yu was far superior to the mermaids.

“Can you tell me what this tomb guard spirit you are talking about is?” Su Yu asked. After running for so long, he did not encounter any such spirit yet.

The big mermaid was shocked at the lack of common knowledge that Su Yu displayed and said, “The tomb guard spirit was born from the ancient tomb of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth. Wherever the tomb of the Divine Warriors of Heavens and Earth resides, there is bound to be a tomb guard spirit! They are truly terrifying and savage beings. After leaving the ancient tomb, they will move around the Ancient God Realm in packs and eat any live spirit they see.”

“What does it look like?” Su Yu asked, having recollected something familiar about it.

“They all look different,” The little mermaid made an exaggerated gesture. “They are hideous and only look a little bit better than Yaksha.”

Su Yu glared at her. Just now, she had described his own appearance in a similar manner.

However, Su Yu had heard something like this before and his mind was beginning to form a picture.

“This is not good! We can’t escape!” The big mermaid noticed the rapid changes in the current, and her heart sank.

She turned her head, looked at Su Yu and gritted her teeth while thrusting the little mermaid into his arms. “You swim faster than me, please take my sister while I hold back the tomb guard spirits!”

The little mermaid moved her tail, turned back and said, “No, sister, there is no way you can hold them back! Even Brother Ba Yi would be swallowed up immediately.”

“There is no other way! Either you two leave, or none of us can leave!” the big mermaid yelled.

At this moment, Su Yu put an arm around the waist of each mermaid and said, “Shall we escape together then?”

The big mermaid blushed, apparently uncomfortable with such familiarity. However, the situation was desperate and she said hurriedly, “You can’t possibly escape with both of us.”

Su Yu shrugged, grabbed one of them in each hand, and swam away quickly.

The giant ship seemed far and would take about two hours to reach.

After an hour, the tomb guard spirits finally caught up with them. There was a dark mass behind them, and the endless brutality and despair could be felt across the distance.

Su Yu was startled. “It really is as you described!” he gasped.

The mermaids’ faces were full of despair and hopelessness!

The big mermaid became resentful, “I already told you that if you take me, you and my sister will not be able to escape…Hey, what are you doing, why did you stop?”

Su Yu put the two of them down and said, “You said it yourself; if we can’t escape then what is the point of doing so?”

“You…” The big mermaid was angry at his carefree tone, but once she thought about it, what was the difference between fleeing or not?

“Both of you wait here for a little while, and I will come back as soon as I can!” Su Yu said, turned back and took off in a flash!

“Ah! You’re crazy!” both of the mermaids were shocked.


However, shortly after, a sea of blood exploded from the dark presences of the tomb guard spirits behind them.

Thousands of tomb guard spirits were killed almost instantly.

Boundless fresh blood and shredded meat moved along the turbulent water and appeared in front of the mermaids.

The heads from the corpses showed up in front of them, their ferociousness gone.

“Okay, all cleaned up.” Suddenly, a person walked out of the sea of blood with a relaxed look and smiled lightly. “It turns out that the tomb guard spirits are wild beasts, but it is not too far off from what I expected.”

The tomb guard spirits, ferocious and devouring everything within their sight, moved in large packs and were very similar to the wild beasts residing in Xing River.

The problem was that these beasts were born from the tombs of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

In that case, where did the wild beasts in Xing River come from? Were they from the Tombs of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth too?

The mermaids were stunned and stared at Su Yu as if he were a monster.

As the bloody water slowly swept across them, the big mermaid stuttered, “You… you killed them all?”

Su Yu replied, “Not really.”

The big mermaid was stupefied. How could it be possible that this stranger killed thousands of tomb guard spirits? Where did so much blood come from then?

“About two or three of them managed to get away,” Su Yu continued.

The big mermaid’s jaw fell.

The little mermaid took a deep breath and said in astonishment, “You killed them all? Even Brother Ba Yi could not have done that!”

“Alright, come on, let’s go.” Su Yu said, but as soon as he moved, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked back. He frowned deeply and said, “This is really troublesome. There are still some of them left!”

The mermaids managed to calm down and said, “Can you kill them?”

Su Yu shook his head. “I used to be able to kill them at will, but now it’s a bit tricky.”

The mermaids were puzzled. He was so fearsome just a moment ago, but unable to kill the next instance?

“Come on, I don’t want to battle head-on with the God-level tomb guard spirits for the time being,” Su Yu said faintly, grabbed the two mermaids again and flew towards the giant ship.

What? God-level tomb guard spirits? Both mermaids were petrified again.