The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1280 - Ascension to the Alliance Master

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Could anyone disagree?

Based solely on strength, Su Yu had the powers that no anti-demon families could match. He had with him the powers of the demon prince and princesses, six demon city masters, and the six deities that he took over from Gongsun Deity.

Even Luo Huan did not have such formidable force when he was at his peak.

Based on talents, Luo Huan was a formidable person of a kind that only appeared once every generation and he could manipulate the deities at his will. However, Luo Huan was a plaything in Su Yu’s hand.

No one was a more suitable candidate than Su Yu for the position of Alliance Master.

Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

They were thinking that the ancestors who founded the Western Alliance would not have expected that one day, a foreigner would lead the Alliance.

However, they also thought that Su Yu was more suitable than anyone else to be the Alliance Master.

Su Yu had no favorites in the Western Alliance. If he came into power, no other forces would be favored or suppressed.

At the same time, his status as the proxy god of the Eastern Alliance would be a moderating effect and would help to avoid fierce confrontations when the Eastern and Western Alliances merged to become one.

Furthermore, judging from the reactions of the deities just now, they were indeed not wise enough and needed someone capable to lead them.

After much deliberation, the two most prestigious family masters nodded and proclaimed: “I, Ximen Jian, recommend the Silver God to be the new Alliance Master!”

“I, Linlang Fan, recommend the Silver God to be the new Alliance Master!”

With their support, the position of the Alliance Master was basically settled.

Subsequently, the other deities also expressed their support of the decision. What other choices did they have but to support it?

Su Yu said with a calm expression, “I will take over the position of the Alliance Master, and I will accept it for the sake of everyone here!”

The deities were embarrassed. Did he deliberately come forward to lead them because he knew that they were incapable?

The deities could only smile awkwardly.

“Next, exterminate the remnants of Luo Huan’s evil!” Su Yu said coldly. “Luo Huan is not dead and this evil must be removed. Otherwise, he will become a thorn in the side of the Western Alliance!”

The deities all agreed on this matter.

Suppose that when they were fighting with the invading demons, Luo Huan suddenly appeared from behind and commanded his remaining faithful subordinates to backstab the Alliance. It would be a terrible possibility indeed.

This operation to exterminate him now would cause them some losses. However, it had to be done to prevent even more casualties in the future.

“The degree of extermination will be divided into two levels. First, those who participated in the conspiracy throughout the whole process shall all be exterminated! Their family members will be closely monitored by the remaining deity families. Their titles will all be stripped away. All their friends, disciples, masters, etc., will be subjected to investigations by the Alliance. Those who disobey will be regarded as part of the conspiracy and will be killed with no amnesty!”

Hearing those orders, even the deities who had been mentally prepared showed signs of fear.

This was nearly equal to destroying the Nine Clans!

Of course, Su Yu still left a way out for some of them. He would only imprison clan members and give them to the other deity families as slaves.

People who were related, such as old friends and disciples, would be under investigation first.

Although he showed some signs of mercy, his means were vicious and completely incompatible with his age.

“Second, you must work to clear your names! Deities who were unaware or under certain threats will be restricted and assigned to the rest of the families to obey their orders. If there are any signs of disloyalty, they will be killed without hesitation!”

Many deities secretly breathed a sigh of relief. They were afraid that the new title had caused Su Yu to abuse his powers and that he started getting overenthusiastic about killing them all.

If that were the case, the losses would be too great.

“That will be all for now! Ximen Jian, Linlang Fan, lead your forces respectively. Whoever encounters any forms of resistance, obstruction, or people that refuse to cooperate, execute first and report afterward!”

“Yes, Alliance Master!”

The murderous intent of the commands permeated the surroundings, chilling the deities to their bones.

Seeing Su Yu’s decisive, powerful nature, nobody else doubted his leadership anymore.

He was definitely a more powerful being than Luo Huan.

With awe and veneration, the deities carried on to execute the orders.

Ten days later…

The mansion and parliament hall of the Alliance Master were all renovated.

After ten days of intensive extermination operations, all three deity families attached to the previous Alliance Master were investigated and dealt with.

“Reporting to the Alliance Master: the three grandmasters of the anti-demon families headed by Gongsun Deity all took part in the conspiracy. Amongst them, Gongsun Deity was the chief planner. Now, I am seeking the Alliance Master’s advice on the next move.”

Su Yu said coldly, “The action plan to deal with the other two grandmasters of the deity families have been determined. Strip away the Celestial Energy of Gongsun Deity, take his divine blood, behead him and display his head in public. The Gongsun clan members will serve as slaves forever and will never be liberated.”

The conflicts between Gongsun Deity and Su Yu were well known, so no one pleaded for the unfortunate clan.

“So, the extermination operation is now finally completed,” Ximen Jian let out a deep breath. Countless people were executed and punished in successive days.

Glittering Deity was also getting tired. It seemed he had to behead a deity almost every day.

Even more prospective deities were killed, no less than thirty or forty. Most of them were descendants of the deities who had committed the crimes.

In short, this unprecedented killing had shaken the Western Alliance to its core.

However, because of this, he managed to clean up the Western Alliance once and for all by wiping out the factors that were causing unrest.

“Reporting to the Alliance Master: there is one more thing that needs to be addressed,” Glittering Deity said after much hesitation.

Su Yu said, “Yes? What is it?”

“Ximen Jian and I caught a group of people during the extermination process. They tried to plan an escape from the Western Alliance. After being discovered by my forces, we seized them for interrogation purposes.”

Su Yu was surprised. Who would require the combined powers of Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity to finally be captured?

“Tell me, who is it? If found not guilty, they can be forgiven,” Su Yu said.

Glittering Deity said, “Those are the Ambassador from the Eastern Alliance, Sheng Deity, Sword Deity, and the daughter of the Sheng Deity, Sheng Yuanxin.”

“They were responsible for the negotiations regarding matters of the alliances, but they found that the Western Alliance has undergone drastic changes and were worried about getting involved, so they tried to run away.”

Su Yu was taken aback. He had almost forgotten about them.

The ambassadors represented by Sheng Deity arrived in the Western Alliance more than half a year ago to discuss the merging of the two great alliances.

It was delayed for so long only because Gongsun Shan, the son of Gongsun Deity, lusted for the beauty of Sheng Yuanxin. When intimidation did not work, he tried to disrupt the joint alliance by introducing all kinds of obstacles, causing the delay that lasted until today

“The joint alliance is the talking point now. Let me personally handle this matter. Bring them to see me alone.”

The deities were leaning towards both alliances joining as one. However, in the past, Luo Huan was taking the lead and allowed vile characters to hinder the process.

Now that Su Yu, the new Alliance Master, had personally undertaken the matter, there would be no further delay.

After the meeting…

Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity arrived together at the Heaven’s Prison of the Western Alliance.

They went to the cell where the three captives were detained, and both of them smiled guiltily. “We have caused you great inconveniences. The Alliance Master has invited you all to meet him.”

The Sheng Deity said coldly, “A new Alliance Master? Well, you have a coup in the Western Alliance, so why did you all have to imprison us? The Eastern Alliance will not let you get away with this!”

To tell the truth, they did not deserve this kind of treatment.

After traveling a great distance to discuss the merging of the alliances, they were met with several grievances. In the past six months, they were unable to strike any deal and now were involved in a vicious coup in the Western Alliance.

Within the last few days, there was a bloodbath every day. Many deities fell and heads were rolling.

The entire Western Alliance was very disrupted and full of unrest.

Realizing that it was not the time to form an alliance, Sheng Deity led her people to leave in secret, but was detained by Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity for the sake of confidentiality and then locked up for about five days.

For half a year, the Sheng Deity endured the uncertainty of her position.

Naturally, she did not feel very positive about the new Alliance Master’s invitation after the coup d’etat.

Ximen Jian said, “Sheng Deity, please move along, the Alliance Master is waiting.”

Sheng Deity’s face turned livid and she sneered, “What if I don’t go? Will you kill me?”

She did not believe that the new Alliance Master would dare to kill her.

However, the indifferent expressions of the two deities caused Sheng Deity to think twice.

“Our new Alliance Master has got great talents and far higher ambitions than any of the previous generations of Alliance Masters. I advise you not to become his stumbling block,” Ximen Jian said lightly.

Glittering Deity said, “The Alliance Master will not tolerate anyone threatening his dominance of the universe. If you continue to be obstinate, I don’t think that being an Ambassador will help you or intimidate him.”

Hearing that from the two deities with the highest statuses in the Western Alliance, she could not believe that they were treating the new Alliance Master with such high regard.

Great talents? High Ambitions? Domination?

The previous Alliance Master, Luo Huan, was said to be a heroic figure the kind of which would appear once in 100,000 years.

Were they saying that the current Alliance Master was even more outstanding?

“Dominate the universe? Such boastful words! But I understand. After all, you have just chosen him, so naturally, you will be loyal,” Sheng Deity sneered.

Ximen Jian and Linlang Fan were both expressionless and shook their heads slightly.

“Heh, a man who can traverse the demon world, get the demon prince and princesses to obey him, and make the Demon City Masters loyally follow him… I think being loyal to him is in our interests.”

As Sheng Deity was about to get up, she suddenly stiffened, and then looked up, shell-shocked. “What are you talking about? The demon prince and princesses obey him?”

Back then, during the terrible battle at the World of Divine Remnant, the fearsome powers of the Seventh Prince and Sixth Princess were impossible to forget.

How could a live spirit lead such powerful beings?

Sheng Deity found it unbelievable.

Also, what was it about traversing in and out of the demon world?

Whenever did such a powerful being, who could make millions of ancient deities tremble, exist in Xing River?

“Not only that, our new Alliance Master’s sights are not just on the Western or Eastern Alliance, but on the entire Xing River! His next step is to unify the Xing River, get all the beings along it under control, and fight against the demon world! This is the new Alliance Master of the Western Alliance. He has unprecedented ambitions. ”

“He, he really…” Sheng Deity could not describe her astonishment. She could not believe the Western Alliance had such a fearsome leader.

Compared to this, the Eastern Alliance, which was already in a weak position, was even weaker now…

“Sheng Deity, you had better think about it. If you choose to hinder the Alliance Master, your status as the ambassador will not help you at all,” Ximen Jian said.

Sheng Deity’s expression changed completely. There were no longer any signs of rebellion and she said, “Do we leave now?”

“He is waiting for you.”

Sheng Deity shivered and was greatly disturbed. So, who exactly was this divine entity that wanted to control the whole Xing River? ”

Sheng Deity realized that she had not felt such tension in a long time. Her heart was aflutter.

The Sword Deity was also trembling slightly. Although Ximen Jian and Glittering Deity only said a few words, to him they were tales as magnificent as the ancient myths.

Su Yu had traversed in and out of the demon world, subdued the prince and the princesses of the demon world, gained immense powers, launched a coup and quickly earned himself the title of the Alliance Master.

Any single of those remarkable feats could take anyone’s breath away.

Both of them felt heavily pressured, just like when they were still little Mortal Fairies and had to go and meet the deities.

“It seems you all understand now, so let’s go,” Ximen Jian said. His eyes swept across the cell and he spotted Sheng Yuanxin. “You too, come along.”

Sheng Yuanxin remained motionless and seemed to be perturbed.

Sheng Deity sighed slightly. Losing Su Yu and her forced marriage had dealt her successive blows that nearly killed her soul.

However, this was not the time to be willful. They were about to meet an unparalleled and exalted being.

“Yuanxin, what are you doing? If you offend the Alliance Master, even your mother can’t save you!”

Heeding her mother’s warning, Sheng Yuanxin reluctantly rose up and followed them unwillingly.

She whispered softly, “What formidable being? If Su Yu were still alive, he could achieve the same things.”

She had absolute faith in Su Yu.

“Shut up!” Sheng Deity shouted loudly. “Su Yu is dead; I admit that he was remarkable, but a dead man is a dead man, and there is no point talking about it anymore. The being that you are going to see now is going to be the Great Emperor of Xing River, so stop spouting any more nonsense.”

Sheng Yuanxin remained stubborn. Her heart still insisted that if Su Yu were alive, he could also become the Great emperor of Xing River if he was given time.

Unfortunately, there was no news of him for more than two and a half years. Maybe he was really dead?