The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1271 - Feeding Sheep in Pens

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“Not surprisingly, you are on the side of the Alliance Leader. Could the Ximen family not target you? Also, the Alliance leader seemed willing for the contradictions to grow larger without interfering at all.”

Su Yu said, “It’s not that simple. The Alliance Leader has intensified the contradiction between the Ximen family and me. There must be a conspiracy brewing!”

“What conspiracy?”

“Using me to get rid of the Ximen family.”

“Ah! Even if it is just you, you can’t destroy the Ximen family, right? The top anti-demon family did not get to its position by mere chance. It’s by no means comparable to the Gongsun Deity family you dealt with prior.”

“What I mean is, the Alliance Leader would secretly kill Ximen Jian. However, since I am the one who has the feud with him, wouldn’t I become a major suspect?”

The tree goddess had a eureka moment and continued, “Then, the leader issues a warrant for you, and you become a scapegoat? In this manner, the Alliance Leader could, without any suspicion, get rid of his greatest rival?”

“That’s it!” Su Yu’s eyes flickered, and he felt had thoroughly understood the leader’s plan.

“Then you had better hurry and think of a way. It’s not your style to simply sit and wait.”

Su Yu said, ” I will send you to do something for me secretly.”

“Give me money and I will do anything for you,” The tree goddess stretched out her hand.

Su Yu rolled his eyes. “If this thing is done properly, it will be good for you too!”

“It had better be.” The tree goddess leaned close to Su Yu’s mouth to hear the secret task.

When she heard it, her eyes widened. “It sounds very interesting. Fine, I’ll do it.”

The next day passed.

On the evening of the next day, Glittering Deity’s family came and invited Su Yu to their home for dinner.

The dinner had not yet started. Su Yu was first taken to Glittering Deity’s study. This was an acceptable way to treat VIP guests.

“The Glittering Deity is receiving other gods. Please wait for a moment.” A well-dressed maid served Su Yu tea and then waited quietly at the back.

Su Yu looked around the study, and from the books he saw, he could infer what kind of person the Glittering Deity was.

He was a peaceful person with an aura of righteousness.

The father and daughter of the Gongsun family suffered persecution all those years prior. The Glittering Deity was the only one who had spoken out to prevent it but was dismissed by the Alliance Leader and the Gongsun Deity. They claimed that it was an internal affair and he had no right to interfere.

Su Yu had a positive vibe towards him.

Suddenly, Su Yu saw a painting on the wall. It was very old and looked past its glory days.

It depicted the top of a cliff.

A youth of about eighteen, dressed in red, was down on one knee in front of an old man.

The old man turned his back away from her, pointed towards the heavens and seemed to be explaining something to her.

It felt like a regular picture. However, when he carefully observed the old man, Su Yu was shocked. It was Yun Yazi!

“What is this picture?” Su Yu asked the maid.

The maid took a look and seemed embarrassed. However, when she recalled the order of her master, namely that no request of the guest could be refused, she spoke carefully: “This is an ancestor of the Anti-Demon Family, Linlang Meng, who accepted the guidance of a senior on something.”

“Who is Linlang Meng?”

The servant girl said, “Long ago, he betrayed the Glittering Family and became the deity of the demons!”

Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy? Su Yu suddenly understood.

He only knew the Glittering Deity’s surname, but his name was unknown.

In his opinion, Glittering Deity was probably the Glittering Jewel Demonic Deity.

“Well, who is this old man then?” Su Yu asked. He remembered that Yun Yazi had said he had pointed out some training problems that Linlang had.

It seems that this picture recorded the situation at that time.

“I don’t know who it is, I only know he is very powerful and calls himself the Book God,” the maid said.

What? Su Yu was taken aback. “What did he call himself?”

“Was he not called the Book God? These are written in the historical records of the Glittering Family, and I remember it well.”

How is this possible? Su Yu was shocked.

Yun Yazi was the Book God?

What was his relationship with the Book God in the demon world?

Su Yu remembered that he had asked Yun Yazi what his God Powers were.

Yun Yazi did not answer.

Why did he hide it from him?

“Haha, sorry, I’ve neglected the Silver God!” There was a hearty voice from the Glittering Deity outside the door.

Su Yu turned back, composed himself, and said, “Oh, no problem at all.”

“All the gods have arrived and are waiting for the Silver God.”

“Let’s go now. The situation in the demon world is something you all really need to understand well.”

He came to a wide and empty room. Except for the Ximen family, the other nine gods were present.

As for the Alliance Leader, Gongsun Deity was present and would relay the news to him.

After everyone sat down, Su Yu explained his experience of the Demon World, including the local customs.

Except for some truly secret information, Su Yu did not conceal much.

The information he shared was exceptionally useful for all the Gods present.

“The original creatures in the Demon Realm are no different from the Xing River creatures, then,” Glittering Deity said in surprise.

In the memory of all Xing River’s creatures, the creatures of the Demon Realm were cruel and tyrannical, and they constituted evil part of the world.

“Yeah, I really didn’t expect it! The demons of the demon world are also divided into ordinary demons and demon gods. We are always facing the latter.”

Everyone was astonished and had many questions.

“How many demon gods are in the Holy Magic Hall? How strong are they?” Glittering Deity asked the most important questions everyone wondered about.

According to Su Yu, the Holy Magic Hall was the core force of the demon world and was where the strongest elite warriors resided.

In the future, if there were a decisive battle with the demon world, it most certainly would mean colliding with this part of the realm.

Su Yu’s face grew somber. “As far as I know, there are no less than a hundred of them! As for their strength, they are divided into three levels, top general, mid-general, and finally, the entry-general. This is almost the same as our gods. The mid-general will be similar in strength to everyone here. As for the top general, only the Alliance Leader can fight them! ”

Upon hearing these words, the gods held their breath.

As the heads of anti-demon families, they were only ranked at the middle level in the Holy Magic Hall of the demon world!

“How many of them are there?”

“There are three top generals, ten mid-generals, and the rest are entry generals.”

Three powerful demons that were equivalent to the Alliance Leader…

The gods shivered. If those came out of their nest, the Great Western Alliance would be destroyed.

“But above them, there is an existence that is even more terrible! Commander of the Holy Magic Hall, the Demonic God of Six Paths,” Su Yu solemnly said.

“He is a disciple of the Demon Emperor, the utmost power of the demon world, and the emperor’s princes and princesses are all trained by him!” Su Yu said. “If he enters the Xing River, no god can rival him!”

Upon hearing these words, the gods fell silent.

“Is there really such a powerful demon?” Glittering Deity asked.

“I’ve seen it myself!”

Suddenly, the mood amongst the crowd grew heavy.

No wonder Su Yu was unwilling to speak of the Demon Realm publicly. If it were learned that there was such an invincible existence within the Demon Realm, the army spirit would grow desolate even while the war had not yet begun. The soldiers might scatter and choose to escape even before any conflict started.

“The demon world is so terrible!” Many gods had cold swear across their foreheads.

They thought that since they had been fighting against the demons for ten thousand years, their overall strength should have been comparable to that of the demons. Who would have expected otherwise…

“That being the case, why didn’t the Demon Realm dispatch all their troops, but instead has kept fighting with us on a small scale?”

Su Yu thought for a while, and then said, “I don’t know if you have heard the story of captivity.”

“A wolf raised a group of sheep in captivity. The wolf did not eat all the sheep, but ate one at a time, giving other sheep a chance to reproduce. In this way, one sheep was eaten but another was born. There was therefore always food. ”

Hearing this, the gods’ throats seemed to be constricted.

“You mean to say that our galaxy creatures are actually held captive as food for the demon world?” Glittering Deity mumbled.

Su Yu then said, “From the perspective of the Demon World, this is indeed true. They could exterminate all the souls of Xing River, but no army has been dispatched. Instead, we have been harvested little by little for tens of millions of years.”

“There is no doubt that our Xing River Creatures are actually food for the Demon World! To be precise, food for the Giant of the Bitter Sea!” Su Yu’s words permeated the room.

“Wait! Who is the Giant of the Bitter Sea?” Glittering Deity asked.

Su Yu said, “The founder of the demon world, the first demon emperor. An ancient being that has survived for millions of years!!”

There was a moment of terrified silence.

“How is that possible? There are creatures that can survive for millions of years?” Glittering Deity was horrified.

“It’s impossible. How could there be such a long-lived creature? It totally violates the Laws of Heaven.”

“Yes, are you sure you got it right?”

Su Yu asked in return, “Then let me ask you, how long has that giant shadow in the Demon World existed? It is the first Demon Emperor himself!”

The gods were silent.

“Its strength is impossible to measure. The Demonic God of Six Paths is probably just an ant in front of it,” Su Yu said. “Many gods in the Holy Magic Hall swallowed Xing River creatures, and then they were swallowed up by the Giant of the Bitter Sea. A giant that is like a wolf that raises us, the flock of sheep! ”

“Once this wolf catches the flock, it is time to eat all the sheep!”

“As far as I know the Demon Realm, it will not be long before the creatures of the Holy Magic Hall come out of their nest, and we will all be reduced to becoming food for the Giant of the Bitter Sea!”

Hearing all these, even the battle-hardened ones amongst them felt deeply desperate.

Wouldn’t it be pointless to fight now?

If they tried to escape, where could they go?

Although the Xing River was large, it was still a cage for the flock.

“So, do you understand your situation? If all the living beings of Xing River come together, we still have a glimmer of hope. If we don’t, we will die!”

When the meeting was over, all the gods were pale, and it seemed that their spirit had left them.

The news that Su Yu imparted gave them a good dose of reality.

Let them be shaken from their former complacency!

“Silver God, thank you very much.”

Su Yu said, “We are all creatures of the Xing River. It was my duty.”

“If there is any difficulty in the Great Western Alliance, let me…”

Suddenly, a terrible divine power with a terrifying intention swept across the Alliance City.

The gods who just left had returned.


A very old man with a cold look on his face appeared in front of Su Yu.

The Glittering Deity was stunned. “Ximen Jian? You only came here now, but the meeting is over. If you want to know what we talked about, I will tell you later …”

“No! I don’t want to know what you discussed, I just want to know why he killed my son!” Ximen Jian exuded madness and a killing intention. He pointed straight at Su Yu.

What the hell?! Ximen Chen was dead?

Ximen Chen was one of the few who had become a god solely on his own merit and had not inherited his father’s divine powers. How could he have suddenly died?

Su Yu’s eyebrows rose. The Alliance Leader had indeed acted decisively!

It was indeed a great time to strike!