The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1229 - : A Young Demon Emperor

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When the divine tribulation arrived, a large mass of dark, demonic clouds also appeared in the sky.

Three deities stood proudly in the demonic clouds. They didn’t want to conceal their divine light, which had startled the entire city.

After two weeks of preparation, the Demon Cloud City Master decided to launch the attack.

In the name of protecting the princess, the Demon Cloud City Master would do his best to capture Seawatch City and take the Ninth Princess back. That way, he could control the Jingyu Realm.

“Yu Demon, your good days are over!” Li Ying said sinisterly. “I will use your blood to wash the seat of the city master!”

Then, as Li Ying looked at the Demon Cloud City Master, he said, “Demon Cloud City Master, after capturing Seawatch City, I will follow your lead! I didn’t expect the rest of the deities to refuse to participate in this attack! Humph!”

“Young man, you flatter me. After the heroic death of the former Seawatch City Master, the city was usurped by a cunning villain. I’m thrilled you could come back from the capital to help me kill this villain! Don’t worry! Seawatch City is yours! Nobody could change that fact!

“As for the Luminous Moon City Master and the rest of the city masters, humph! They are just a bunch of cowards who don’t care about the safety of the Ninth Princess! When I save the Ninth Princess, I will send a punitive expedition against them!” The Demon Cloud City Master said righteously. Those who didn’t know the situation would have thought he was really going to save the princess.

Now, they had arrived at Seawatch City.

“Divine tribulation? Does it mean a deity’s descendant is going to cross the divine tribulation to reach the level of prospective deity in the city?” Li Ying asked as he looked at the pitch-black clouds in the sky, surprised. “And I guess this descendant is from a declining deity’s family?”

Typically, the descendants of deities would be protected by the deities in their family when they tried to cross the divine tribulation so that the risk of being killed by it would be lower.

Therefore, only a descendant without the protection of a deity could choose to cross the divine tribulation in Seawatch City.

Looking at the horrible tribulation clouds, the Demon Cloud City Master said in surprise, “These tribulation clouds are pretty good! I would guess that at least a stage four divine tribulation could be generated from them!”

“It is estimated that a descendant from a declining deity’s family could inherit 50% of the deity’s Divine Path!” Li Ying exclaimed.

The intensity of divine tribulation was related to the Divine Path inherited by the deity’s descendant. The more Divine Path that was inherited, the more powerful the divine tribulation would be.

Li Ying inherited 50% of his father’s Divine Path, which ranked first among all the children of his family. So, a stage four divine tribulation appeared when he crossed it.

However, he managed to inherit that 50% of his father’s Divine Path under the instructions of his father and other seniors. This descendant of a declining deity’s family also had inherited 50% of the Divine Path without any help or instruction, which meant that guy must have been a genius!

“The higher a divine tribulation’s stage is, the more Divine Path can be inherited after crossing the divine tribulation. A stage four divine tribulation is pretty good!” The Demon Cloud City Master said with a faint smile. “My elder son inherited 80% of my Divine Path. So, he had to cross a stage three divine tribulation. In this way, the guy who is going to cross divine tribulation here is good enough…”

However, when the Demon Cloud City Master finished his words, a giant mass of tribulation clouds flew towards Seawatch City.

This tribulation cloud was not black, but instead, it was fiery red. The flame-like tribulation merged with the black tribulation cloud above the city.

“A tribulation cloud with two colors?” The Demon Cloud City Master said, shocked. “A tribulation cloud with two colors could generate a stage three divine tribulation!”

Hearing this, Li Ying was surprised. “What? A stage three divine tribulation? Who the hell is this guy? This guy managed to inherit 80% of the deity’s Divine Path. Is this guy really a descendant of a declining deity?” he asked.

The Demon Cloud City Master rolled his eyes and waved his hand. “Let’s stop here so we don’t interrupt this guy’s breakthrough!” he said.

If a descendant inherited 80% of the Divine Path, this descendant would be almost as powerful as his seniors. If the Demon Cloud City Master could recruit such a powerful deity, he would benefit greatly in the future!

When Li Ying realized the Demon Cloud City Master was going to recruit the guy, he said, “I don’t think this is a good idea! We need to launch an attack immediately…”

“Don’t worry! I don’t think Yu Demon could cause a lot of trouble for us. We don’t need to attack Seawatch City now. Let’s stay here while this genius crosses the stage three divine tribulation!” the Demon Cloud City Master said as he waved his hand disapprovingly.

Just then, a mass of white tribulation cloud, which was full of a horrible destruction aura, flew over their heads and merged with the other two tribulation clouds above Seawatch City.

“A tribulation cloud with three colors!” the Demon Cloud City Master’s eyes lit up as he spoke. “Only a descendant who inherits all Divine Path from the deity of his family could attract a tribulation cloud with three colors! Gasp! This guy must be an extraordinary genius!”

Only a few descendants of deities could inherit the complete Divine Path even with the instruction and assistance of their family’s seniors. However, this descendant of a declining deity was able to inherit the complete Divine Path. What a rare spectacle!

“Heh! Heh! I didn’t expect I can find such an extraordinary genius here!” the Demon Cloud City Master said excitedly.

However, when the Demon Cloud City Master turned around and looked at the sky, he suddenly looked shocked.

A mass of green tribulation was quickly flying towards Seawatch City.

Now, even the Demon Cloud City Master was utterly shocked. “A tribulation cloud with four colors! How could this be?”

Three colors meant the complete Divine Path! Then, four colors must mean… the Divine Path of this guy had exceeded the Divine Path he had inherited!

The tribulation cloud with four colors only existed in legends. Only extraordinary geniuses, who could look down upon all the other preeminent geniuses in the world, could attract a tribulation cloud with four colors!

Only several records in the history of the Realm of Demons supported that fact.

Because those who created those records were the previous mighty and heroic Demon Emperors!

Now, a descendant of a declining deity had shown his extraordinary gift. It could only belong to a young Demon Emperor. Even the Demon Cloud City Master couldn’t help but gasp at that moment.

This genius would definitely rise quickly in the world!

What if the Demon Cloud City Master could recruit the young genius now?

The Demon Cloud City Master was excited at the thought. As a deity, he hadn’t been that excited for a long time.

After a while, the Demon Cloud City Master couldn’t help but laugh wildly. “Hah! Hah! Hah! The heavens are on my side! I am so lucky that I could encounter such an extraordinary genius in this place!”

“Step back! We should avoid influencing the divine tribulation so that he can cross it successfully!” the Demon Cloud City Master said with a smile. “When he is about to be killed by the divine tribulation, I will offer some help to save his life!”

Su Yu looked up at the tribulation cloud with four colors, but he was not surprised at all!

“This is the best you can do to stop me, right? Heh! Heh! I am here. Show me what you can do!” Su Yu murmured in a low voice. It was as if he was speaking with someone in the unseen world.


Thunder rolled through the sky as if annoyed by Su Yu.

The tribulation cloud with four colors was surging in the sky. A whirlpool with four colors appeared at the center of the tribulation cloud.

Then, the whirlpool descended on a demon that was wrapped up by colorful divine light.

Although he was a demon, he looked exactly like a human being.

Only one kind of demon could look like a human being – a royal family member of the Demon Clan.

The Demon Cloud City Master spoke in a serious tone, his pupils constricting. “A young Demon Emperor!”