The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1224 - Recurrence of Divine Ordeal

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The divine energy resonating from the voice devastated the greater half of the combined strength of the three, and only a small part of it managed to strike the Book Deity.

Half of his body shattered into a mangled mesh of flesh under the bombardment of the divine energy.

Su Yu’s foreign dimension had lost its impact at the moment too.

The Book Deity managed to secure his life at the final moment and was taken away by the Demon Cloud City Master.

Sensing that the spectating deities were leaving, Su Yu’s eyes turned icy cold. “Demon Cloud City Master!”

No one had ever expected the Book Deity to have conspired with the Demon Cloud City Master beforehand.

Hindered by his status, the Demon Cloud City Master could not simply attack Su Yu, but rescuing the Book Deity was not a problem.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God exclaimed, “It is truly astonishing how cunning this man is! He has prepared various means of retreat for himself, and even in such a hopeless predicament, he could still escape.”

The black dog and Kylin were ashamed as well. “We let him escape even after we have joined forces. It was truly a waste of your effort in laying out the strategy.”

“There is no need to blame yourselves. It wasn’t exactly surprising that he managed to run away,” Su Yu said indifferently. He had never pinned his hopes on the three of them eradicating him anyway.

Even with the combined efforts of the nine deities of the Great Eastern Alliance back then, the Book Deity managed to flee, and the three of them could not be compared in power to the nine deities.

“He has lost at least half of his divine blood, and more than half of his body has crumbled. The price he paid today will hold him back from taking any actions in the coming months, so my target has been fulfilled,” Su Yu said.

As he spoke, he gathered all of the Book Deity’s divine blood that was spilled over the ground, with a grasp of his hand.

At a rough count, there were around 200 drops of it, all of which could affect the outcome of the battle.

With so much divine blood, he could attempt activating the fifth dragon on the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

While collecting the divine blood, Su Yu found out by chance that the shattered half of the Book Deity’s body had a book glinting in the red light, which was clutched in his hand.

The words “Star River Scripture” were displayed right in front of him.

Su Yu’s pupils constricted and he could not help but burst out in laughter. “Book Deity, oh, Book Deity, the treasure you got with backbreaking efforts from your expeditions around the starry sky has become mine at the end of the day!”

That was the greatest gain of the day!

That was the greatest thing that the Book Deity relied upon!

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God fixed his gaze upon it, and the corners of his mouth started to twitch. He let out a bitter laugh. “We went through thick and thin and risked our lives for you, and you’re the one who gets the advantage in the end! Hide it now, before I lose my self-restraint and take it from you!”

There were a handful of divine-level wild beasts sealed within the book; the Book Deity almost summoned a second one not long ago.

Having the book in hand was equivalent to taking charge of all those deity fighters!

Even the Purple-Eyed Demonic God was moved. If he gave it to his heir, would he still need to worry about his future development?

The black dog’s eyes turned as it rubbed its paws together, chuckling. “Erm, just wanna say, I feel quite lonely lately. Do you mind if I borrow the scripture for a look?”

“If you can’t stand the loneliness, go read some erotic books. If not, you could also look at some female dogs to quench your thirst,” as he spoke, Su Yu hid the “Star River Scripture” away immediately.

After tidying up the battlefield, Su Yu looked over at the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. “Thank heavens Purple-Eyed Demonic God came in time. Otherwise, we would have ended up in an unfavorable situation.”

“Haha, that is an overboard compliment, Seawatch City Master. Without your various astounding powers, there was no way I could contend with the Book Deity.” The Purple-Eyed Demonic God wasn’t flattering him. He really meant what he said.

Su Yu scowled lightly when he heard it.

There were several deities watching the battle just now, and he had revealed way too many of his tactics.

“By the way…” The Purple-Eyed Demonic God put on a half-smile suddenly. “I used some tricks on my way here to conceal the atmosphere of some areas of Seawatch City.”

“Unless some of the deities have eyes better than mine, which can see through all worldly matters, all they would have been able to see were only blurred figures.”

Su Yu was delighted. “Thanks a lot, Purple-Eyed Demonic God!”

“Hahahaha, no problem at all. Having witnessed your fight with the Book Deity, I am more reassured to entrust you with my heir,” The Purple-Eyed Demonic God had made up his mind.

Su Yu’s battle had displayed his astonishing strategies, enormous potential, and his world-shaking powers. The Tao Tie’s eye and the foreign space were abilities that made the whole world marvel. If he rose to his highest limit in the future, he would definitely surpass the Purple-Eyed Demonic God.

Handing his heir to Su Yu was perhaps an unexpected choice, but an absolutely brilliant one.

“Your contribution this time around is much appreciated, Purple-Eyed Demonic God. I have one more presumptuous request that only you can help me with,” Su Yu stated solemnly.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God laughed softly. “Since I have decided to assist you to the best of my ability in my remaining years of life, do give me instructions whenever you need me.”

“Then I’ll be honest with you.” With a flip of his palm, Su Yu retrieved a snowy white letter that was written early on and passed it to the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. “I hope you could help me deliver this letter to someone. I need to meet her, and I need her help even more!”

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God was stunned. Upon taking a glance at the recipient’s name, his pupils constricted forcefully. “It is her!”

He stared at Su Yu in disbelief. “Are you sure it is her?”

“I am not sure, but if it is her, she will give me a response,” Su Yu replied. “You are the only one who is capable of this, and I hope you can help me, Purple-Eyed Demonic God.”

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God held the letter in his hand and heaved a sigh after a moment of brooding. “If there are some people in the Demonic Dimension whom I am reluctant to meet, and the Demonic Emperor is one of them, she is another.”

“This woman is very scary. Intuition tells me that she is even more dangerous than the Demonic Emperor!”

“However, if you insist on getting this letter delivered to her, I will help you with it.”

“Thanks a lot!”

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God left right away.

The black dog stared at Su Yu with narrowed eyes. “Brat, you have seriously injured the Book Deity, yet you don’t seem to be relieved. You look even glummer.”

Su Yu smiled. The black dog was one of the creatures who understood him the best. Su Yu heaved a deep sigh and said, “The Book Deity alone is big enough trouble, but if seven more deities come into the picture, we will reach a dead end with no solution.”

“You’re saying that the seven other deities would collaborate with the Book Deity and fight against you together?” The black dog shook its head. “Not quite possible. There certainly are conflicts among the seven great city masters; it would be a miracle for them to join forces.”

Su Yu said, “But it’ll be different with the Book Deity! If I were him, I would use a reason which no one could refuse to congregate the seven great city masters in one place and fight against me together!”

“What reason?” The black dog queried, stunned.

“Rid the emperor’s side of traitors!” Su Yu explained solemnly. “Therefore, I have to go into isolation and attempt a breakthrough into the Mortal Fairy realm and gain a drastic change in quality in terms of my capacity. Otherwise, once the enemy strikes, I will most probably die without a place to even bury myself.”

A Book Deity wasn’t frightening enough, and neither were the seven city masters who were on bad terms with each other.

However, if the two combined forces, it would be terrifying.

The only plan at the moment was to prepare as many means of retreat as possible, to contend with the imminent fatal blow.

At the Demon Cloud City…

The Book Deity, who had lost half of his body, had completely surrendered his image as a decent, elegant scholar. Even his temperament had become eerie and menacing.

Having been defeated by Su Yu time and time again, the Book Deity had experienced a drastic change of mentality.

“Demon Cloud City Master, this person Su Yu will definitely be a major worry of yours in the future. You did not seize the opportunity to eradicate him just now. Forgive my frankness, but you’ll regret it someday in the future.”

The Demon Cloud City Master was surrounded by demonic energy from every angle, and he snorted. “Do you think I didn’t want to kill him? He killed my emissary and showed it off to the public, making me extremely embarrassed!”

“But if I attacked a city master, even if I could kill him, this matter would certainly alert the royal house, and then I would end up with a worse fate than his!”

Shrewd light gleamed in the depths of the Book Deity’s eyes. He only wanted to test the Demon Cloud City Master’s attitude towards Su Yu, and well, it was fine as long as he had the intention of killing Su Yu.

“City master, if you wish to kill Su Yu, I have a plan which could make him die the cruelest death. Besides, it will fulfill your wish,” The Book Deity stated slowly.

The Demon Cloud City Master squinted. “Fulfill my wish? Hehe, tell me now, what do you think my wish is?”

“Get hold of the ruler so you could give orders to his people!”


Several bolts of deafening thunder boomed from the heavens all of a sudden, caused by the murderous vibe of the Demon Cloud City Master.

“City master, if you adopt the plan that I’m about to present, you could become the actual holder of the power of the Jingyu Realm, in a perfectly justifiable manner.”

Concealing part of his murderous desire, the Demon Cloud City Master said placidly, “Tell me about it.”

“Collaborate with the other six city masters and march into Seawatch City!”

The Demon Cloud City Master had an indifferent look on his face. “What would be the reason for the royal house to stay put when seven cities besiege one?”

“The reason would be to rid the emperor’s side of traitors and rectify the imperial regime!” The Book Deity’s eyes turned extremely ominous and intimidating.

“Declare to the outside world that Su Yu has taken control of the severely injured Ninth Princess and intends to conquer the entire Jingyu Realm. The seven city masters have come forth to meet the King, to rid his side of traitors, and to rectify the imperial regime!”

“This is a realistic and honest reason that not even the royal house could resist, and you could take the chance to seize the Ninth Princess and give orders to her people, becoming the holder of the power of the Jingyu Realm behind the scenes.”

Two rays of shrewd light shot out from the eyes of the Demon Cloud City Master as he fixed his gaze upon the Book Deity. “How can you be sure that the six other deities are willing to be my allies? The animosity among them is substantial, and it is impossible for them to simply form an alliance. Persuading them into an agreement is almost unrealistic!”

“Haha, conflicts only happen when they aim for different benefits! But what if they have a common goal?” The Book Deity put on half a smile.

The Demon Cloud City Master questioned slowly, “You meant that I should give them an opportunity to seize the ruler and give orders as well?”

“Exactly! All humans have ambitions. As city masters, all of them have sent their emissaries to the Seawatch City to take the Ninth Princess away, so it is conspicuous that all of them have ambitions that they can’t hide!”

“Due to their identities, they do not have an appropriate reason to strike. But now, with an open and honest reason to act, such as getting rid of traitors, they will form an alliance naturally to attack the Seawatch City and vie for the control over the Ninth Princess!”

“And among all the city masters, Demon Cloud City Master is the most powerful of all, and you have the best vantage point. By then, wouldn’t the Ninth Princess fall into your hands eventually?”

When he finished listening, the Demon Cloud City Master remained silent for a long, long while, staring at the Book Deity. Then he spoke.

“Intuition tells me that you’re a despicable man who is so cunning and malicious that you make me feel endangered, and that I am supposed to get rid of you first and foremost… However, I truly admire your plan, hahaha!”

Hearing the Demon Cloud City Master’s laughter, the Book Deity’s lips curled into a cold, wicked smile. “Su Yu, it seems like you won’t be able to run away this time!”

With seven cities joining forces to conquer the Seawatch City, the outcome would be obvious.

Just as Su Yu had expected, things were going in an extremely precarious direction.

What awaited Su Yu was the greatest calamity since he entered the Demonic Dimension.

In his isolation, Su Yu had also picked up the presence of an upcoming ordeal.

He had been in isolation for a month, and having experienced polishing by many resources, he had attained the limitless Top Tier of his All Creations cultivation and had touched the barrier beyond which was the Mortal Fairy realm.

He had foreseen that breaking into the Mortal Fairy realm wouldn’t be easy, and reality had proven his surmise.

An ominous feeling reverberated within Su Yu’s heart, making him slightly insecure.

The scent of the ordeal was very familiar.

It was… a divine ordeal!