The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1204 - The New Pet Puppy

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In the evening, Su Yu and his teammates sat beside a campfire.

The little white beast was trussed up tightly on a bracket. It kept growling ferociously and showing its teeth.

“Wow! How cute it is! What is this creature? I haven’t heard of it before!” Sha’er said affectionately as she squatted in front of the small beast with her hands cupped around her cheeks.

Qian Jun, who was still puzzled, rubbed his aching chest and said, “It seems this small beast is not a martial artist. However, the strength in its body makes it a powerful expert. It is almost like a Demon King!”

No, it is more powerful than a Demon King! Su Yu shook his head secretly. A creature who was able to raise the Five Elements Mountain was at least an Initial Stage prospective deity!

Qian Jun had survived the attack of the small beast because the small beast didn’t want to kill him. Otherwise, he would have been killed by its kick.

“Lord Demon King, it’s so cute! Please don’t torture it, OK?” Sha’er entreated Su Yu.

Su Yu placed a big pot above the campfire and started to add different seasonings to it. Then, he replied by nodding his head with a smile. “Of course! I bet such a cute beast is very delicious! Tonight, let’s enjoy the dog meat hot pot!”

Squeak! Squeak!

Hearing this, the little white beast showed its teeth angrily again as if totally annoyed by being called a dog.

Sha’er opened her mouth and was about to ask Su Yu for mercy again.

“Oh? Do you want to roast it?” Su Yu touched his chin as he looked at this little white beast carefully. Then, he said, “We could also barbeque it! I don’t know whether it could be as tender as roasted suckling pig!”

Sha’er was so embarrassed. Why was the Lord Demon King so fond of eating small cute animals?

As expected, the little white beast continued to show its teeth by staring at Su Yu angrily.

Before long, the water in the pot started to boil.

Su Yu walked to the bracket as he took out a knife. Then, he looked at the belly of the little white beast and said, “Don’t move! You will regret it if I stab the knife into the wrong position!”

The little white beast was so annoyed that it did its best to struggle. However, the black rope had suppressed most of the strength in its body and had greatly weakened it. Right now, it was feeble.

The little white beast didn’t expect Su Yu to touch its belly with two of his fingers.

It stared at Su Yu with its eyes wide. “What the hell are you going to do?”

“Oh, your heart is here!” Su Yu gently touched the left part of its chest after making sure its heart was there.

Then, Su Yu placed the knife on the small beast’s chest and prepared to stab it into its heart.

When the little white beast felt the cold blade on its skin, its eyes were full of sorrow and grievance.

It seemed it tried to express its grievance that it was about to be killed miserably and cooked.

“Lord Demon King, please don’t do that!” Sha’er almost burst into tears when she looked at the little white beast. She didn’t dare to stop Su Yu although she really wanted to save the small beast.

Su Yu replied by shrugging his shoulders. “I have no other option! It is so powerful. If I release it, it will be extremely dangerous for us. So, we have to eat it. Maybe we can enhance our training stage by eating its meat!”

Hearing this, the little white beast lowered its eyes as if it was asking mercy from Su Yu.

“You are asking for mercy from me, right?”

The little white beast nodded its small head.

“You don’t want to be eaten in this dog meat hot pot, do you?”

Hearing this, the little white beast immediately nodded its head. Then, it shook its head and stared at Su Yu angrily as if to say, you are a dog! All your family members are dogs!

“Then, are you willing to become a spiritual pet?”

The little white beast reluctantly nodded its head. Its eyes were dim and full of grievances.

“Can you cook?”

The little white beast shook its head.

Su Yu was a little bit unhappy. Then, he asked, “Can you warm my bed?”

Ah! The little white beast shook its head like a rattle drum.

Su Yu said coldly, “You can’t cook! You can’t warm my bed! You are useless to me! You can only waste food! Forget it! Maybe it is a good idea to eat you in this hot pot!”

Su Yu pressed the knife tightly against the chest of the little white beast.

The little white beast was so terrified that it even started to shout in demon language, “OK! OK! I can warm your bed for you…”

It cried miserably and its two big eyes were full of tears because it had been completely terrified.

Then, the knife on its chest stopped moving forward.

“Why don’t you say that earlier?” Su Yu said with a sinister smile. He was like a villain who had managed to bully a lady.

“Since you have decided to warm my bed for me, you are my pet now! However, you are too powerful and could escape at any time. So, I have to place a seal in your body!”

Hearing this, the small beast nodded its head hurriedly as if it was quite afraid.

Actually, a strand of disdain flashed deep in its eyes because no seal in this world could control it.

“OK!” the beast thought. “I will pretend to obey his orders. When he lowers his vigilance, I will run away… Wait! Why should I run away? I will defeat him when he lets his guard down. Then, I will force him to warm my bed for me!”

“Right! An eye for an eye! I will also force him to warm my bed for me!”

The little white beast started to look at Su Yu with a sturdy but thoughtful smile as if it had gained a great sense of accomplishment by forcing this abhorrent guy to warm its bed for it.

“Open your soul!” Su Yu said.

The little white beast obediently followed Su Yu’s order. Then, it closed its eyes and murmured in its heart secretly, “Humph! I will punish you severely when I remove this seal. I will tie you to a bracket and terrify you by placing a knife against your chest. I will ask you to cook for me and warm my bed for me! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah… What? Wait!”

Suddenly, the little white beast realized that the seal that had been placed in its soul was quite peculiar. It looked down and saw a strand of light with nine colors. Then, its soul was closed.

After feeling the seal carefully, the little white beast was totally terrified.

This… is… the Seal of Nine Deities… It was not a seal that could be taken out by an ordinary All Creation demon! It was a combined seal of nine deities!

The little white beast could remove anyone of these seals easily.

However, if it wanted to remove combined seals, it would need at least two kinds of different divine strength.

The seal which was placed in its soul contained nine kinds of divine strength. In other words, it would need nine deities to help it to remove this seal.

It was impossible for it to remove this soul alone!

“Ah! No!” the little white beast shouted reluctantly.

It knew it was really going to have to warm this guy’s bed!

“Good!” Su Yu touched its hairy little head and released the black rope with a smile. Now, Su Yu could destroy the small beast’s soul easily through that seal. So, it was unnecessary to keep it tied up.

This seal was the backup artifact prepared for the Misfortune Deity. Su Yu didn’t expect he could use it on this little white beast.

Although he didn’t know this small beast, he knew it was worthwhile to use it on a powerful and intelligent creature that could even speak demon language.

After being released, the little white beast lowered its head miserably like a frosted eggplant.

“There! There!” Sha’er said as she touched the small beast’s head lovingly. “As long as you do your best to warm Lord Demon King’s bed, he will never treat you badly! Lord Demon King is a generous demon!”

The little white beast shook Sha’er’s hand from its head. Then, it walked to the campfire and stood there with its front legs folded in front of its chest as it stared at the flame seriously. It seemed it was thinking about its life in the future.

“What now? What should I do? I am really going to have to warm this b*stard’s bed!” the little white beast murmured in its heart to itself. “I need to run away! Right! I have to escape from his evil hands!”

“Puppy, come here!” Su Yu shouted.

Hearing this, the little white beast moved its ears. Puppy? Was that the name of a dog? What a countrified name!

“Hey! You! Puppy, come here!”

The little white beast turned around and looked at Su Yu with puzzlement. Where was this Puppy?

When the little white beast made eye contact with Su Yu, it trembled a bit. Then, it pointed to itself with its paw and looked at Su Yu in disbelief. Are you calling me?

“Right! Puppy is your new name!”


The little white beast felt a fit of dizziness in its head as Su Yu’s words echoed in its ears.

Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

Then, the little white beast rolled its eyes and fainted because of anger. Before it lost its consciousness, it could still hear its new name being repeated by that b*stard!

In its dream, the little white beast heard the word Puppy many times.

After a long time, it came round again and the word Puppy disappeared from its ears at last. Then, it let out a sigh of relief. Phew! What a long and horrible nightmare!

“Hey! Puppy! Are you awake? If you continue to sleep, we plan to stew you before you die to avoid wasting any food!”

The word and the voice in its nightmare came into its ears again!

“No! I don’t want this name!” the little white beast roared angrily in demon language again.

Five days later

In a restaurant that was very close to the mansion of the Agile Demon Master in the demonic city controlled by her.

Su Yu, Qian Jun, Sha’er, and Puppy were sitting around a table. The atmosphere was a little bit tense.

Qian Jun and Sha’er were quite worried at the moment.

“I didn’t expect the City Master of the Seawatch City could be taken away by the Giant of the Bitter Sea! Princess Jingyu also disappeared after being wounded by the Giant of the Bitter Sea! How could this be? They have a secret way to expel the Giant of the Bitter Sea. Why was she still wounded?” Qian Jun had been loyal to Princess Jingyu when he was a Patrol Envoy in the Jingyu Realm, So, he was quite frustrated when he heard the princess had disappeared.

Su Yu consoled them. “I believe God will bless the princess! Maybe she has been saved and is healing her wounds now!”

Suddenly, Su Yu looked at the little white beast. “Puppy, why are you staring at me?” he asked. “What do you want to say?”

Puppy shook its head. Now, it had accepted this name which would bring humiliation to its life.

“Oh? Do you want something to eat?” Su Yu said as he tossed a piece of bone to the floor. “Here! Your master loves you the best!”

Puppy rolled its eyes as it looked at the bone. However, it still rushed towards the bone and started to gnaw it with gusto. It seemed it had a conditioned reflex towards bones.

Puppy sobbed in its heart as it gnawed the bone. “Sob! Sob… Demon Emperor, please forgive my depravity! I… I am not able to resist him!”

Over the past five days, it had been tamed by Su Yu like a dog. Now, it had cultivated the conditioned reflex towards bones.

Qian Jun looked at the little white beast sympathetically. “My lord, we have reached the demonic city. You don’t want to visit the Agile Demon Master directly. Why do you choose to fish for information in the streets?” he asked.

They had stayed in this restaurant to try and get the latest information about the situation.

They were totally shocked when they heard that the City Master of the Seawatch City had been killed and the Ninth Princess had disappeared after being badly wounded.

Su Yu looked at the mansion of the Agile Demon Master and said thoughtfully, “I don’t think it is a good idea to visit the Demon Master directly when the Giant of the Bitter Sea is making trouble. Let’s check the recent visitors of the Agile Demon Master first!”

Qian Jun was surprised by Su Yu’s prudence although he didn’t regard it as right. But he continued to observe the visitors of the Agile Demon Master closely together with Su Yu.

However, as the observation went on, Qian Jun grew more and more surprised.