The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1180 - God of Killers

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“Ah San, ask them who they are.”

Upon receiving the command, the third-ranking Prospective Deity flew forward. After having a conversation with Su Yu and the rest, he returned a brief moment later.

“The Tuoba Deity’s family?” The Pirate Deity scowled lightly. The matter concerning the death of the Tuoba Deity of the Great Western Alliance and the fact that his three sons had been vying for his divine throne was not a secret in the World of Divine Remains.

Occasion rumors about Tuoba Yun, the third son, were also heard in the World of Divine Remains.

As the Pirate Deity, he had heard those rumors too.

Most of the misgivings he had in mind were banished by now. It was no wonder those people looked so unnatural and unlike real pirates. They were descendants of the depraved deity who had switched to a profession which they weren’t trained for.

“Pirate Deity, shall we take the chance and…” Ah San was short of stature and had a dark yellowish face. He made a throat-slitting gesture with his hand.

The Tuoba Deity’s family was a divine family after all. As a descendant, Tuoba Yun must have brought some valuable items with him.

Hearing that, the Pirate Deity glared at him. “We are galactic pirates, not bandits! We never rob in the World of Divine Remains; neither do we harm the people who come to seek refuge here. Are you trying to make me breach the promise to the Alliance of Nine Deities?”

The nine deities of the World of Divine Remains had made a similar promise. To make the World of Divine Remains forceful, they generously received the traitors of various cavern worlds with open arms.

Hence anyone who had come to seek refuge should not be harmed by any party, such as the Netherworld Faction and the Pirate Deity. Neither should they refuse their entry. Otherwise, if words got around, who would dare to come to seek refuge again?

As a galactic pirate, the Pirate Deity experienced the most restrictions.

Ah San turned timid. He stepped back behind the Pirate Deity and kept silent, but his eyes kept moving around. When he had gone on board just now, there was a flirtatious woman in revealing clothes, and she was extremely attractive.

Ah San’s desires were aroused after just a few glances. The reason he helped the Pirate Deity was that he was coveting that woman.

“Let them in.” The Pirate Deity waved his hand, and the soldiers waiting in ambush at the harbor made way.


On the battleship, Tuoba Yun and the others drove ashore brazenly.

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity, as well as all the other deities on board, had different roles to play.

Their godly spirits were sealed so well that not a single trace could be discovered. Even the Pirate Deity would never be able to detect their godly spirits.

The group of deities alighted. They were unruffled when they saw the numerous troops in ambush, but when they caught a glimpse of the nine God-Destroying Crossbows hidden among the troops, their hearts skipped a beat and chills cascaded down their spines.

It was just like Su Yu had predicted. There were heavy troops lying in ambush at the harbor, waiting for them to walk right into the trap.

Besides, they even discovered that the Pirate Deity’s targets for inspection weren’t big ships like theirs, but small-sized Divine Bone Ships.

Their perception of Su Yu had attained a whole new level now.

This guy never failed to foresee events with heavenly accuracy!

If they had adhered to their initial plan, in which nine the deities infiltrated separately in the guise of commoners, they would have fallen into the trap.

“The Pirate Deity is preoccupied with something else and is not free to meet you at the moment. You just have to park your battleship here, and you can move around freely in the World of Divine Remains,” Ah San told them.

Without the battleship, this bunch of people had no way of leaving the World of Divine Remains, so he would keep an eye on them by staying behind to look after battleship.

“No problem.” Su Yu nodded lightly. With a wave of his sleeve, the several deities who had disguised themselves as sinister-looking pirates dragged out two “captives” from the cabin.

One of them was the real captive Qin Feichen and the other was the fake one, Sheng Yuanxin.

When Ah San saw the two of them, he gasped in shock. “Prospective Deity? Deity’s descendant?”

“This one… Ah San, which auction house in the World of Divine Remains is the most reliable? I have caught two deity’s descendants along the way, a Peak Mortal Fairy, and a Prospective Deity, and I’m thinking of selling them at high prices.”

Having known that they had the capability to capture Prospective Deities, Ah San became a lot more serious all of a sudden.

Where more chaos arose, martial strength would be cherished more.

“Good question, Mister Tuoba! The auction house that is the most suitable is certainly the Pirate Deity’s cavern world. The valuable things that many pirates have plundered from the galaxies will be sold there.”

“In the long run, the Pirate Deity’s cavern world became the central black market of the World of Divine Remains. You can sell anything and purchase anything there.” Ah San glanced at the alluring, sexy lady who was the Sheng Deity in disguise and couldn’t help but swallow his drool.

Su Yu was amused. Was he actually thinking of getting his hands on the Sheng Deity? The Pirate Deity was way below her standard!

“Thanks a lot.” Su Yu smiled and led the members of his pirate squad as they pompously swaggered into the World of Divine Remains while escorting the two captives.

In an inn, all the deities, captives, and Su Yu sat in a circle.

“Haha, the Feather Deity is great at foretelling circumstances. We have entered in a bright and honest way and have not aroused any suspicion.” The All-Access Merchant God offered high praise.

Clever people were drawn to clever people. Su Yu’s performance had undoubtedly gained the All Access Merchant God’s favor.

The Sword Deity burst out laughing too. “If only the Feather Deity had assisted us in attacking troops back then, the outcome would have been different.”

Only the Sheng Deity hung her head low with her fists clenched tight. Indignantly, she said, “That insect called Ah San! If I hadn’t been controlling myself, he would have had his body and soul reduced to ashes with the look that he gave me!”

Hearing that, the deities exchanged smiles with one another.

All of them had noticed the licentious look that Ah San gave her. It would be strange if the Sheng Deity wasn’t furious.

But the Sheng Deity’s acting skill was worth mentioning. It was astonishing. Her interpretation of the flirtatious and sexy qualities was exceptionally impeccable.

Even some of the deities had secretly fallen for her. They thought that the Sheng Deity could be this enchanting too.

If they had had such thoughts, it was understandable someone like Ah San would.

Sheng Yuanxin’s face was flushed red. It was such an ignominious challenge to her mother that even she felt ashamed.

“Haha, alright, getting into the World of Divine Remains with hidden identities was only the first step. Next up is killing those two deity fugitives. That’s the most important of all,” Su Yu said.

“There are two difficulties in capturing them! Firstly, we need to identify their exact location; secondly, we need to deal with the deities who come forward while we are capturing them.”

The two deities must be in hiding at the moment, manipulating the situation in secret. To find them, solely depending on the intelligence system was far from sufficient.

Once they were discovered, a fight was bound to happen. A great war among deities would simply trigger the occurrence of unusual phenomena in the world, and an entire cavern world could collapse.

Worse still, there were only nine great cavern worlds in the World of Divine Remains and all of them were almost interconnected.

In just a few seconds, the deities would receive the news and come forward.

At that time, they would become the ones under siege instead.

If that was the case, not even would they fail in killing the two traitors, but they would even suffer a total defeat and be buried right here, after being attacked by the deities of the World of Divine Remains with all their powers combined.

“For the first aspect, I have some channels that we could perhaps try using,” the All Access Merchant God said. “I travel around the galaxies all year round and inevitably have connections with some of those merchants.”

“I also know some despicable, unscrupulous figures in the World of Divine Remains. If we can have them investigate things for us in secret, maybe we can obtain clues about those two traitors.”

But not even the All-Access Merchant God himself had enough confidence in the method that he proposed.

The reason was very simple. The disadvantage was too great and could be fatal.

Rubbing elbows with the unscrupulous figures meant that their presence would very likely be exposed.

After all, none of those people could be fully trusted.

“As for the second aspect, we could only lure the two deities out of the World of Divine Remains before getting our hands on them. Other than that, we have no other options,” the Sheng Deity said.

Attacking them in the World of Divine Remains was like digging their own graves.

However, the disadvantage was equally tremendous. With the Book Deity’s wisdom, would he be fooled easily and lured out of the World of Divine Remains? Perhaps not.

The joy of getting into the World of Divine Remains successfully was instantly banished by the two enormous challenges.

Perhaps if they fought with all their might, they could manage to kill the two traitor deities, but it would lose its meaning.

The purpose of their trip this time was to eradicate the threat, but if they sacrificed things instead, the order would have been reversed and the loss would outweigh the gain.

Right at that moment, Su Yu’s mouth broke into a grin. “Since I brought us all here, I certainly have thought of a surefire plan.”

Oh? The deities’ eyes shone when they heard him. Su Yu had apparently become their source of wisdom now.

“Tell us, your intrigues and conspiracies… Oh, I mean, we truly admire your wise ideas and brilliant plans,” a female deity corrected herself hurriedly.

The green veins on Su Yu’s forehead pulsated. “I find it hard to be pleased by your admiration!”

After a pause, Su Yu said, “I have detailed plans on how to find the two traitors and how to capture them, and I’ll delegate the tasks to you right now. You can carry them out on your own. If you don’t make any mistakes, the outcome this time will be far greater than just getting hold of the two deities!”

Having heard Su Yu’s intention, the nine deities at the scene took in cold sharp breaths and stared at Su Yu with terror in their eyes.

Even the seasoned All Access Merchant God exclaimed upon hearing, “Your plan really is… absurdly unpredictable!”

“Are you sure you have got your goals right?” the Sheng Deity asked in shock.

Su Yu nodded with a solemn look on his face. “The World of Divine Remains has existed for far too long, and has become a meeting place for the filthy figures of all the cavern worlds.”

“When the galaxies are at peace, they go into hiding without ever showing themselves; when the galaxies are in chaos, they lead the way for the demon race, bringing disasters and threats to the various cavern worlds, with the convenience of being familiar with their respective cavern worlds!”

“This poisonous tumor has to be excised! Especially now that the demon race is restless and all ready to cause trouble. I’m afraid that if they aren’t gotten rid of once and for all, the consequences will be deadly.”

Upon hearing his words, the deities’ hearts felt heavy.

The World of Divine Remains was inhabited by many traitors from the Great Eastern Alliance. If they showed the way for the demon race, the Great Eastern Alliance which was already at a disadvantage would be laded in an even more perilous predicament.

Getting rid of him was the common goal of the two great alliances, both the Eastern and the Western. But this place was too unique. Unless they paid the high price of severely injuring their spirits, the World of Divine Remains would not be shaken at all, and those parasites would be left ungoverned.

Yet Su Yu had the mighty aspiration to annihilate the World of Divine Remains! Just how dauntless was his spirit?

Looking at Su Yu whose cultivation was only Stage Five All Creations, the deities felt a deep sense of guilt.

Having ventured into the World of Divine Remains together, their horizon was merely limited to eradicating the traitors. Su Yu however, was looking at the entire World of Divine Remains as a whole.

“But the risks involved in this will be way too tremendous, won’t they? If any of us slips up, the entire group will be exposed, and it will be very dangerous by then,” the All-Access Merchant God said.

The Sheng Deity felt it deeply. “Is it just about the great risks? It is totally impossible! The nine great deities of the World of Divine Remains each hold a God-Destroying Crossbow. Combined with their own strength, any one of them could be stronger than the All-Access Merchant God and I. We stand zero chances of killing them.”

Su Yu smiled. “If we fight them face to face, we will no doubt suffer a thorough defeat because when enemies show up, the World of Divine Remains will unite their forces and fight against the enemies together! But what if they can’t unite their forces?”

What? The deities raised their brows.

“Why does the World of Divine Remains exists?” Su Yu answered his own question. “The reason is the pressure faced by each great cavern world!”

“The nine deities face pressure and that is why they share the same enemies and were able to build the World of Divine Remains in harmony! Take a guess, what if one of the deities seeks refuge from us? What is going to happen?”

The deity who had turned to them would definitely not be tolerated any longer. He could be expelled from the World of Divine Remains, but would more likely be killed by the eight other deities.

Once the seeds of suspicion were sown, they would never stop propagating.

If one deity could turn against them, would there be any other deities who had secretly betrayed them as well?

Once the deities that had been united for countless years began suspecting each other, the harmonious relationship would only be maintained on a superficial level. If division further happened among them, triggering civil unrest in the World of Divine Remains was no challenge.

And if these nine hidden deities secretly launched their attack…

The nine deities and even Sheng Yuanxin looked at Su Yu in intense dread, as chills ran down their backs.

Su Yu could have used the same exact tactic on the Great Eastern Alliance!

Fear, trepidation, and gratitude filled their hearts at the same time. Fortunately, someone like him was standing beside them. If he had turned to the demon race instead… The mere thought of it was horrendous and dreadful enough.

“Who do you plan to begin with?” If they were to find a deity who would seek refuge from the Great Eastern Alliance, he or she must be trustworthy.

The deities worked out it was likely to be the Pirate Deity.

Ah San’s greedy eyes on the Sheng Deity could be an ideal footboard on which Su Yu could step and kick-start his plan.

However, Su Yu replied dispassionately, “The most terrifying deity in the World of Divine Remains.”

The Death Deity!

“What? The Death Deity of the Netherworld Faction? Are you insane?” the Sheng Deity gasped in utter shock. Even the All-Access Merchant God was terribly stunned too.

Any deity could possibly be persuaded to turn to the Great Eastern Alliance, all except for the Death Deity! It was absolutely impossible!

This man was renowned as the Head of the Nine Deities of the World of Divine Remains. Not only was he the most powerful of all, but he also managed the organization of assassins that even the galaxy was terrified of, the Netherworld Faction. He was feared by all deities.

In the past, the Death Deity was the one who killed most of the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance that had joined the attack!

Besides, not long ago, the Netherworld Faction had even dispatched two assassins to murder Su Yu.

The outcome was that the Netherworld Faction that had never missed any of its targets had failed for the first time ever.

If Su Yu went to meet the Death Deity, it would be like a sheep walking right into the mouth of a tiger.

“Calm down everyone. Since I have decided to go, I surely have a reason.” Su Yu had a thoughtful smile at the corners of his mouth.

Sheng Yuanxin was worried and anxious. “Can’t you change to another deity? I think the Pirate Deity is fine. My mother could seduce that Ah San and take the chance to tame him, making him one of ours. Won’t it be easier to slowly persuade the Pirate Deity then? Don’t even think of the Death Deity! It is just not possible.”

Hearing her daughter suggest that she seduce Ah San, the Sheng Deity glared at Sheng Yuanxin in shame and anger. “What nonsense are you talking?”

However, she also advised very somberly, “Su Yu, it is not that we don’t trust you, but we should not simply meet the Death Deity. Even the Dakini herself is frightened of that man. She used to say that in the galaxies, apart from the Demonic Emperor, no one would ever be a match of the Death Deity!”

“Not just in terms of capabilities, rumor has it that his personality is extremely distorted as well. His moods are totally capricious and he could start killing randomly, without any warning. If you plan to convince him, I am afraid that you will be killed before you even have a chance to speak.”

Su Yu chuckled, and said, “How does a person with a distorted personality get along so harmoniously with the eight other deities? I have decided early on to pay a visit to the Netherworld Faction. And since we are here today, of course, we have to visit as guests, and we have to do it bright and honest!”

Standing beside Su Yu, the Black Phoenix couldn’t help but sigh. He was indeed going to visit the Netherworld Faction sooner or later, just like he had said.

It was coming true today!

He was going to visit the most horrifying God of Killers of the Netherworld Faction and the galaxies, the Death Deity!