The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1172 - The Tree God Strikes

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The boundless green light around him expelled the idea of ​​destroying Su Yu from the Glaze Fairy Deity’s mind.

“Why? I haven’t been allocated the property of the commons. If you kill him, what about those properties? Anyway, give him some time and let him make a will for me.” The elegant and natural woman spoke clearly. Although once she started speaking, she became the opposite of her physical image.

Glaze Fairy Deity’s pupil shrunk. “A new god!”

Among the hundred gods, there was no Tree God. Despite this, the woman was a Tree God who had never appeared before her!

“If you know that I am a new god, why don’t you hurry and send me a red envelope or something to be a meeting gift?” The Tree God smiled and slapped the Glaze Fairy Deity’s face.

The Glaze Fairy Deity’s heart shook immense;y. It was no wonder that Su Yu wasn’t afraid. It turned out that he managed to somehow find a god!

The power of this god was far greater than that of the Jing Deity!

“This deity, Su Yu is currently wanted by a hundred deities of my Great Eastern Alliance. No matter what relationship you have with him, we will not make it difficult for you if you give up now. Please just leave now. Go,” Glaze Fairy Deity urged.

The Tree God received no gifts from their first meeting and fiercely said, “Horrible ghost! You gave me little to nothing but want me to throw my owner away. I’m not that stupid!”

Owner… The Glaze Fairy Deity grinned; this was a godless spirit with no self-respect!

Although she thought the Tree God was crazy, the Glaze Fairy Deity couldn’t give up on her grand plan. “So, if that is the case, I am sorry to offend you!”

After all that, she took the initiative to strike first.

The battle between the gods was mostly done through Soul Concealment. It was invisible and intangible, hidden and cannot be realized.

Su Yu only felt that everything in front of him was a blur. The Tree God and the Glazed Fairy Deity them simultaneously disappeared into the sky, and he never felt any fluctuations in the air at all.

However, the extremely coercive divine oppression in the air told Su Yu that the two gods were fighting fiercely.

After a short while, the Glaze Fairy Deity appeared with a bang, the corner of her mouth was filled with golden blood.

She still stood in front of him without moving at all.

The Tree God’s elegant figure also appeared in front of him, but she had on a pink corset in her palm. She shook her hand, smiled and said, “I’m old, and I’m still wearing pink, hehe.”

From the other side, the Glazed Fairy Deity looked reddish and felt ashamed for her. “How shameless!”

Su Yu glanced at the red bellyband and remained silent for a while. Did the Tree God fight so shamelessly without a lower limit? Did she actually tear off a woman’s corset?

However, the confrontation between the two sides was clear at a glance. The Tree God, whose strength was restored, had been stabilized and was way above the Glazed Fairy Deity.

After all, the Glazed Fairy Deity was a powerful god ranked in the top dozens!

“Ha! With such low strength, I’m sorry that you even try to kill my owner. Let the two goons hiding in the dark come out together! I will strip you all out!” The Tree God swept coldly to the side.

The sacred light swept by, and a large piece of jade blue light suddenly flickered from the endless distance. Then, a towering giant tree covered almost the entire Cavern World!

The tree leaves were shot densely, and two gods were being extracted from somewhere!

“Water God, and Stone God?” Su Yu smiled calmly from the corners of his mouth. It was as if everything was planned as if his prey had finally stepped into his trap.

Both of them swept through the leaves and flew near the Glaze Fairy Deity and stood beside her, vigilantly watching the Tree God.

“Who the hell are you?” the Glaze Fairy Deity’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley. She thought that the god Su Yu found was a nobody. Who would have expected that she was no match for this god?

Base on intuition, the Tree God was strong enough to rank in the top nine in the Great Eastern Alliance.

The tree god casually threw the Glaze Fairy Deity’s corset to Su Yu. “Take it. When the night is quiet and lonely, it can be used to quench your thirst.”

Su Yu was nearly immune to her nonsense. However, after hearing this, he could not help but twitch his mouth.

The lower limit was something the Tree God always sought to breakthrough. Nobody could guess where her lower limit was.

“How shameless!” the Glaze Fairy Deity was very angry. “Water God, Stone God, this Tree God is strange. Attack her together while she’s restrained. I’ll have someone else take care of Su Yu!”

The three gods worked together, and their aura hit through the sky.

The Tree God wasn’t afraid. “Yeah, I have recovered, so let’s exercise with wasteful gods like you!”

After being nailed to the throne for thousands of years, the Tree God was in dire need to move around.

Suddenly, the four gods exchanged invisible blows.

The huge divine power in the air had more than doubled!

Even though he was accustomed to the power of the gods, Su Yu struggled with what he was now experiencing.


At the same time, several figures came from afar.

It was Liu Li law enforcement officer, Qin Feichen, and a law enforcement team of about 100 people.

As a law enforcement officer, Liu Li didn’t have a problem mobilizing law enforcement teams to arrest wanted criminals. If these one hundred people weren’t trusted confidants, they would have mobilized hundreds of thousands of people instead.

“Su Yu! You must die today!” Qin Feichen looked at Su Yu with a glimmer in his eyes.

But Su Yu didn’t even look at him. Why would he bother responding to a dead man?

“Attack and kill Su Yu!” Liu Li’s order was not to arrest him, but for him to be killed on the spot.

although they knew it was a violation of the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities, one hundred law enforcement officers did not hesitate to execute the order.

After all, the order given by the gods was to slaughter and not kill. Still, it blatantly violated the orders of the hundred gods.

However, they obeyed Liu Li’s orders and rushed towards Su Yu.

Su Yu took out the Memory Jade Pendant and recorded down Liu Li giving the order as proof that the law enforcement team did not hesitate to react to her orders. Every detail was recorded.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if I kill you openly now!” Su Yu smiled slightly, taking out the Tower of Wuta from his arms.

He opened one of the layers. Suddenly, several channels of extreme immortal dust led to several strong people flocking out.

The strongest among them was only at the Three Realms of Dust Fairies whereas the weakest was only at the Vientiane realm.

The strength of a single person was far from enough to compete with these hundred people, but they could still win with as many as thousands!

They were the Crane Deity family’s resources that Su Yu borrowed and secretly cultivated in the Tower of Wuta. They mainly included the black and white dust fairy to upgrade their realm by one or two levels. The other domain masters also focused on training and created a large number of dust fairy powerhouses. As for the emergence of Vientiane realm powerhouses, their numbers are countless.

Jiuzhou creatures had been suppressing growth in the fading environment of Jiuzhou for a long time, and they have suddenly obtained the powerful resources of the Great Eastern Alliance. Thus, their strength had most certainly soared.

Against so many strong men, Liu Li and Qin Feichen both raised their eyebrows!

“Do you carry a Cavern World around with you?” Liu Li was a little surprised. As a descendant of the gods, it was easy to own one or two Cavern Worlds. As long as his father was willing to sacrifice a little bit of the Great Path Divine Origin, it could be easily created. However, the Cavern world in Su Yu’s hand didn’t seem like a small Cavern World.

The Jiuzhou strongmen answered his question.

Although the law enforcement team was strong, how would it fare against a team consisting of a lot more people? As soon as they fought, they were swiftly brought down and quickly showed signs of defeat. Fortunately, they were good enough people to quickly cease their attach, creating a stalemate with the strong souls in Jiuzhou.

“It looks like I have to get involved!” Liu Li snorted as she took out a spear from her palm, her slim body flickering in a flash.

Su Yu’s face was calm, and there was a chuckle in the Tower of Wuta as a huge black unicorn with three feet emerged from it.

Looking at God Kylin, Liu Li’s face changed dramatically. “The god of the Jiuzhou Cavern World, God Kylin?”

“Hey, you remember this old god. That’s something not many can do!”

Liu Li said, “Aren’t you only left with one bit of Great Path Divine Origins? How could you still be so powerful?”

The current God Kylin had a strong source of Great Path Divine Origins, and an early quasi-god was simply no match for her.

The situation was very different from what they were told!

Suddenly, Liu Li thought of something and was surprised. “Don’t tell me you plundered the Great Path Divine Origin in the tomb of the Gods …”

Hearing this, Qin Feichen was also surprised and immediately stared at Su Yu with fiercely flashing eyes. “Su Yu, where did all this Great Path Divine Origin come from…?”

“Of course, I just reused the waste of all your ancestors,” Su Yu did not wait for him to ask and admitted very happily. “Anyway, it’s better to save a former god that lost some power. This is also a good thing for your ancestors to do. ”

What?! Qin Feichen felt like he was about to explode!

These Great Path Divine Origin have not been released for half a century, but it was for a good reason. These were rules set out by the ancient book gods. If one day the contemporary current Book Deity’s Great Path Divine Origin was damaged with an irreparable deficiency, he would go to the ancestral tomb and absorb the ancestors’ Great Path Divine Origin as a replacement source!

For hundreds of thousands of years, several Book Deities were in a similar situation. They had to sneak into the tomb of God to absorb the Great Path Divine Origin. Over the past ten Book Deities, only five of them have complete sources of God while the other five used up all of their power.

Alas, these Great Path Divine Origin prepared for the current Book God were taken away by this traitor, Su Yu!

“Because of Su Yu, I’m afraid that not a single bit is left for the Book God family home!”

“Ah, what? You should rush over here now,” Su Yu said lightly.

Qin Feichen’s tightly clenched his fists, but he forced himself to calm down without rushing into the situation. Su Yu easily defeated the son of the Sword God, and he was not Su Yu’s opponent at all.

God Kylin and Liu Li quickly fought, and both of them were early quasi-gods. However, God Kylin was a real deity in the past. Experience, supernatural powers, and reaction to the battle were far above that of a quasi-god who had lived for 100 years. They were therefore incomparable.

Liu Li had the practice and strength not to lose to the God Kylin, but the spear in her hand could hardly touch any part of God Kylin.

The two of them exchanged blows with one another. However, listening to God Kylin’s laugh frightened Liu Li until she gradually fell into a downwind.

Just then, a scream came out suddenly and spread throughout the Water God’s Cavern World!

The sky was a wave of golden light, and even the clouds turned golden yellow.

At the same time, the mountains, rivers, and living beings in the Water God’s Cavern World all sent out their sorrows as if mourning the fall of a god.

The gods fell, and everything wept.

Layers of golden yellow rainwater descended from the endless blue sky to nourish the mountains, rivers, and all living vegetation.

Upon seeing everything, Su Yu felt overjoyed. The Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl opened and swallowed wildly, swallowing the golden rain falling from the sky.

This wasn’t rain, but rather precious god blood!