The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1110 - Draw Water with a Sieve

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The Central Prefecture’s King, who had been annoyed, said coldly, “Unlike me, you are not powerful enough to kill your Master! What a pity! Get lost!”

His body trembled a bit. Then, the magnificent energy of a Mortal Fairy gushed out in all directions like surging waves.

However, his attack was useless in front of Qin Xian’er as if his energy had flown through her body but failed to cause any damage to her.

Now, even Su Yu was puzzled by the actual strength of Qin Xian’er.

She could approach Su Yu without being detected by him. Now, she could handle the attack of a Mortal Fairy easily.

Qin Xian’er let go of the handle of the dagger as she said indifferently, “As expected, the Death Dagger can’t kill a person who has experienced the Divine Tribulation like you!”

Then, the dagger which had been stabbed into the body of the Central Prefecture’s King was turned into a lump of gray air. The next moment, the gray air disappeared in his body.

The blood and flesh where the gray airflow through died immediately.

If this gray air, which was full of deadly energy, flew through the entire body of a person, the body of a Mortal Fairy could also be killed. Even the soul could also be eliminated.

However, Central Prefecture’s King had experienced the Divine Tribulation. The divine fire in his body could stop the deadly energy and burn it into ashes slowly.

“Curse you, Death Phoenix Constitution! If I knew from the start, I shouldn’t have instructed you to activate the strength in your bloodline!” Qin Xian’er was standing in front of Central Prefecture’s King. However, he didn’t have time to kill her but just stood there motionlessly.

Because he had to eliminate the deadly energy in his body by gathering all his divine fire.

Qin Xian’er created another black Death Dagger with her hand quietly. Then, she stabbed it into the waist of the Central Prefecture’s King calmly.

The Central Prefecture’s King said as he clenched his teeth angrily, “You plan to kill me from the very beginning, right? So, you pretended you hate Su Yu very much, right?”

Qin Xian’er took back her palm. Vaguely, her palm became transparent for a while as if it disappeared suddenly.

Then, she replied as she nodded her head calmly, “Yes! I have to earn your trust so that I can attack you at such a short distance. In this way, I could solve my brother Su Yu’s Tribulation of Human. Therefore, I agree to become your disciple immediately when you found me!”

Hearing this, Central Prefecture’s King was even angrier. He thought he was bound to win by taking everything into consideration. He didn’t expect he could fall into the trap of this little girl at last.

Her deep hatred was so vivid that he had no reason to doubt it.

“The only mistake in your plan is that you are not able to kill me!” The Central Prefecture’s King sneered.

Hearing this, Qin Xian’er said as she shook her head slightly with an expression of pity, “No, someone else is able to kill you!”

“Who?” The Central Prefecture’s King sneered.

“The Celestial Destroying Arrow!” Qin Xian’er tossed her eyes at the golden arrow in Su Yu’s hands.

The Central Prefecture’s King couldn’t help but laugh loudly, “Only a peak Mortal Fairy could attack with the full strength of the Celestial Destroying Arrow! I don’t think anyone of you has reached the level of the peak Mortal Fairy!”

Qin Xian’er said, “Exactly! But I can create one here!”

Create…The Central Prefecture’s King sneered disdainfully until he saw a chilly heart in the hand of Qin Xian’er. Then, he darkened his face and shouted crazily as he trembled with anger, “What have you done to Hanxuan?”

“Nothing! I just did what you want to do!” Qin Xian’er replied calmly, “I asked her to acquire the Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art to the highest level. Then, I took away her…divine bloodline!”

Hearing this, the Central Prefecture’s King constricted his eye pupils because of shock and anger. His face was also twisted because of his fury. Then, he shouted angrily like a greedy rich man whose treasure was stolen, “How do you know he had the divine bloodline? Her bloodline is very special. You shouldn’t have sensed the aura of her who is a descendant of a deity!”

“Very special? Yes! It is special, indeed. A sleeping bloodline of a Cultivation Deity could help you to reach the level of deity effectively like a miraculous elixir!” Qin Xian’er said.

Central Prefecture’s King changed his expression abruptly again. Then, he darkened his face and asked seriously, “Who told you that? All those who know this secret are dead!”

Qin Xian’er said by pointing at her ears, “As the Death Phoenix Constitution, I can hear the sound of all deceased creatures in this world. A living person could keep silent. But I can get information from the dead. Those who were killed by you told me your secret!”

After activating the Death Phoenix Constitution, she acquired the secret of Hanxuan unintentionally.

Hanxuan didn’t know she had a rare divine bloodline of a Cultivation Deity.

The Cultivation Deity was also a kind of deity who could outspeed the other people in training and cultivation.

This kind of deity could improve their level rapidly. Their descendants could also realize fast progress as long as their divine bloodline was awakened.

Inexplicably, the blood of the Cultivation Deity in Hanxuan’s body was sleeping. A sleeping bloodline, which was not activated, was an unowned item. Therefore, it would be obtained by anyone who activated it.

With this special bloodline, anyone could realize rapid progress in a short time.

Although the effect could only last for a short period, it meant a lot for those peak Mortal Fairies like the Central Prefecture’s King, who was about to reach the level of deity. At least it could increase the possibility of reaching the level of deity!

However, it was quite difficult for other people to take out the sleeping bloodline from Hanxuan’s body forcibly. If they awakened the bloodline by mistake, the bloodline would belong to Hanxuan forever.

This Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art was a vicious method designed to take away the bloodline.

If someone who had a sleeping bloodline acquired the top level of this technique unknowingly, the bloodline would be frozen and could be taken away easily.

The thing which looked like a chilly heart in the hand of Qin Xian’er was the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity taken out from Hanxuan’s body.

“Are you going to devour it?” The Central Prefecture’s King darkened his face. With fiery-red eyes, he looked like a horrible devil. It was a sign that he was about to become a devil soon.

Qin Xian’er replied by shaking her head, “No!”

What? Hearing this, the Central Prefecture’s King was stunned a bit. Qin Xian’er did her best to earn his trust after obtaining the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity. Why didn’t she want to devour it?

Qin Xian’er nestled herself into the arms of Su Yu like a young swallow. Then, she placed her little hand on Su Yu’s chest lovingly.

Then, the gray air in his body was absorbed by her palm gradually.

“Sorry, brother Su Yu! In order to earn the trust of the C, I didn’t tell you my plan in advance!” Like a little girl who made a mistake, Qin Xian’er said anxiously.

Su Yu sigh as he touched her head with a smile, “Silly girl, I know your plan clearly!”

Qin Xian’er was stunned and said in surprise, “How do you know I didn’t betray you?”

“If you really want to kill me, you could have killed me a thousand times when you hugged me from behind yesterday. Why did you choose to kill me with the toxin?” Su Yu replied with a smile.

When Xian’er hugged Su Yu from behind, it was quite easy for her to stab a Death Dagger into his back!

The Central Prefecture’s King was able to withstand the attack of the Death Dagger. But Su Yu was not powerful enough to do that!

Therefore, when Su Yu found Xian’er poisoned him with a slow toxin, he knew this girl was trying to deceive the Central Prefecture’s King.

“It turns out that my plan has already been seen through by brother Su Yu!” Qin Xian’er blushed. Then, she turned around and pouted, “Then, why did you say that? Humph!”

What? Die in the hands of Qin Xian’er willingly?

“When I heard those words, I almost burst into tears. I really worried you believed my words! How could I kill brother Su Yu?” Qin Xian’er said, and her beautiful eyes were full of tears. It was so risky this time that she was also feared after that.

Su Yu said as he hugged Xian’er into his arms again, “My good Xian’er, you can deceive me! Why can’t I do that to you?”

Qin Xian’er blushed again and pouted, “I don’t care! Anyway, I have been terrified by you!”

“Hah! Hah! Hah…” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh loudly. He didn’t know when Xian’er started to act like a spoiled girl.

“You can punish me at will after this. Now, let’s handle the difficult situation in front of us!” Su Yu said seriously.

Even the Central Prefecture’s King had been trapped, Su Yu had nothing to hurt him unless the Celestial Destroying Arrow in his hand.

“Don’t worry! I will give the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity to you. Even you can’t reach the level of a deity. You could reach the level of a peak Mortal Fairy easily!” Qin Xian’er said as she placed the chilly heart into Su Yu’s hands carefully, “Lord Shen Yichen gave you the Celestial Destroying Arrow because he hoped you could avenge him. So, please don’t refuse it!”

Hearing this, Su Yu felt he loved Xian’er even more than before.

When they were separated, Xian’er would always prepare a lot of things for him. Then, she could give all those things to him when they met again.

She would always do that every time without fail.

This time, she risked her life to obtain the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity. By planning everything half a year ago, she must be waiting for this day eagerly.

After receiving the heart, Su Yu said, “How do you know I have the Celestial Destroying Arrow? Also, I guess you guided Gang Dalei into the Five Elements Mountain, right? Does it mean you know everything I’ve done before?”

It should be quite easy for the Death Phoenix Constitution to control a corpse.

This was also the reason that Gang Dalei, whose body and soul had been eliminated, could move freely.

Qin Xian’er lit up her eyes as she nodded her head, “This is the result of sister Jingyu’s divination! She has inherited Senior Tian Jizi’s divine decree of the path. Half a year ago, she forecast today’s situation through divination. So, she prepared a plan in advance. I tried to kill Central Prefecture’s King by becoming his disciple. If my plan fails, I can also obtain the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity. This is also sister Jingyu’s plan. She knows everything through her path, divination!”

Prepared a plan half a year ago? Su Yu was surprised by what he heard. Xia Jingyu’s technique of the divine decree of the path must have reached a high level. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to know everything half a year ago.

She even managed to lead Su Yu to this place to realize her plan.

Suddenly, Su Yu remembered Yun Yazi used to tell him the one who could solve his Tribulation of Human was related to a “Phoenix”!

Qin Xian’er and Xia Jingyu had no phoenix in their name. However, Qin Xian’er was the Death Phoenix Constitution. Also, she had a phoenix mark on the back of her neck!

Therefore, it seemed Qin Xian’er was his hope to solve his Tribulation of Human according to everything happened before.

These two girls started to plan for Su Yu half a year ago because they really cherished him.

A man who could have two soul mates like them would have no other request in his life!

“How could I refine this bloodline?” Su Yu asked. He knew it would need a lot of time if he tried to refine it with the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which could also impair its effect.

Qin Xian’er replied, “You can devour it directly. The Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art is a technique designed to take away bloodlines. It has suppressed the power of this divine bloodline. Anyone who has reached the level of fairy could devour it without being harmed by any adverse effect!”

Then, it would be a simple task!