The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1098 - Home Delivery

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After hearing Su Yu’s flippant reply, the other people on the summit of the mountain became speechless.

Liu Chen was also dumbfounded. “What are you talking about? You even don’t know who the person you want to visit is! How could you take this test so rashly?” he thought.

Although the woman in a white dress was polite and well-educated, she was still annoyed right now.

This test related to her marriage which was one of the most important events of her life. How could this guy be so rash?

Therefore, the woman in the white dress, who was angry and embarrassed, stared at Su Yu indignantly. “My name is Dongfang Yue, and I am the elder daughter of the Great Oriental Family. Please tell me who you are looking for? And why are you participating in this test?” she asked.

The woman’s angry reaction surprised and embarrassed Su Yu, so he hurriedly apologized. “I didn’t mean to cause confusion in the test. I came here to visit Miss Dongfang. I remembered that everybody calls her Miss Dongfang, and she is also a member of the Great Oriental Family. Her name is Dongfang Tianfeng. I don’t know why I was brought to you!”

Hearing this, the other people were totally embarrassed on his behalf, and they began to snigger. Even Dongfang Yue laughed like an extremely charming snow lotus.

The pretty little maidservant also laughed out loud. “My lord,” she said, “you know the Great Oriental Family has two daughters, right? The elder daughter is standing in front of you. The other one is the younger daughter!”

“Wait!” Suddenly, Su Yu thought of something which shocked him. He seemed to remember that the people in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland had called Dongfang Tianfeng the younger lady.

“Does that mean I’ve made a serious mistake?” he thought.

Although Su Yu believed that he would remain indifferent whether granted favors or subjected to humiliation, he couldn’t help but blush at this moment.

“Mr. Su, why do you want to see my younger sister?” Dongfang Yue asked curiously after putting her heart at rest. Since this guy was not here to compete to be her husband, he would never marry her, which meant she didn’t need to worry about him.

“Oh, Miss Dongfang and I were acquainted with each other in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. I am here to pay an official visit to her!” Su Yu gave an ambiguous reply.

Dongfang Yue didn’t doubt his reply. She knew her younger sister, who was different from her, was active and had a lot of friends who visited her from time to time.

But nobody had paid a visit to Dongfang Yue’s test before.

“My younger sister is at home now. Let me take you to her!” Dongfang Yue decided to show a friendly gesture to Su Yu without extra cost to herself. In this way, she could make a clean break with Su Yu.

Su Yu stood up. “Thank you, my lady!” he said.

When Su Yu was taken away, Liu Chen and the rest of the people also left this place with mixed feelings.

The two daughters of the Great Oriental Family were born of the same mother. They were very close to each other and even lived side by side.

When Dongfang Yue and Su Yu arrived at the courtyard of Dongfang Tianfeng, they didn’t find her there. Upon making inquiries, they were told that Dongfang Tianfeng had been summoned by the North Mansion Mistress.

“Let’s wait for a while. She will be back soon!” Dongfang Yue said as she sat down and looked at Su Yu curiously. “Could you tell me how you defeated the Su Yu’s Virtual Shadow? I have studied this carefully, and I only know of a few people in the younger generation who could defeat Su Yu’s Virtual Shadow. Besides Zhan Wushuang, only Su Yu is certain of doing so! So, where are you from? Why haven’t I heard of you before?”

She didn’t believe an expert with such tremendous strength could be nameless!

Su Yu was embarrassed by her question, but he couldn’t tell her he was Su Yu now. So, he said, “I am from an isolated region of the Central Prefecture. I always perform training alone and seldom show my face in public!”

“Is that so?” Dongfang Yue thought. She looked at Su Yu with her sparkling eyes. Then, she started to think things over as her eyes ranged over the sword box behind Su Yu’s back from time to time.

Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Had she recognized him?

Luckily, they heard the sound of light and hurried footsteps coming from outside the yard.

One of those approaching was Dongfang Tianfeng. She looked like an innocent girl but was actually quite crafty. Several elders were walking beside her.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up. Finally, he had managed to meet Dongfang Tianfeng.

However, when he was stood in front of her, the pressure caused by the Ordeal of People was not alleviated, which disappointed Su Yu a lot.

Dongfang Tianfeng was not the right person!

The woman who could resolve the Ordeal of People for Su Yu mentioned by Yun Yazi was not Dongfang Tianfeng!

After expending so much energy, he realized the one he found was not the correct person! Disappointment was a natural reaction at this moment!

Fortunately, he still had seven days to continue his search.

“Hey, what brings you here, elder sister? Who’s he?” Dongfang Tianfeng asked. She had run into the yard briskly to see her elder sister standing with a stranger.

Dongfang Yue worried that Su Yu would say he was the final winner of her test. So, she said hurriedly, “This is your friend. He came here to visit you… Wait! Don’t you know him?”

Dongfang Yue realized that something was wrong and stared at Su Yu vigilantly as she walked over to her younger sister. Then, the elders walked up to protect them.

“I don’t know him!” Dongfang Tianfeng replied as she blinked her eyes in puzzlement.

“Who are you?” Dongfang Yue asked seriously. This guy said he was her younger sister’s friend. How could Dongfang Tianfeng say she didn’t know him?

“Yue’er, what’s going on?” Behind them, two middle-aged elders were standing vigilantly.

A middle-aged woman, who had a majestic and imposing appearance, asked Dongfang Yue to explain what was going on.

Dongfang Yue told the woman everything, including the things that had happened during the test. She believed that this guy, who had pretended to be Dongfang Tianfeng’s friend, must have other intentions.

“Sir, I really admire your courage. However, you’ve offended the Great Oriental Family. I’m afraid you can’t leave here easily!” the middle-aged woman said as she looked at Su Yu calmly.

The other middle-aged woman who was standing beside her looked at Su Yu with a puzzled expression.

After being misunderstood, Su Yu didn’t want to cause conflict with the Great Oriental Family. The woman in front of him, who must be the North Mansion Mistress, was a peak All Creations expert.

“Ahem! Miss Dongfang, you really forget things easily!” Su Yu replied with a wry smile. Then, he took off his mask to show Dongfang Tianfeng his old face.

It was the appearance he had used when he was in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

Dongfang Tianfeng felt the sword box behind Su Yu’s back was quite familiar. When he took off his mask, she widened her mouth in surprise and said, “Su… Su Yuxian?”

She never expected that Su Yuxian would pay an official visit to her!

She clearly knew the gap in strength between her and this man after the fight in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

In front of Zhan Wushuang, who was the second most powerful expert, her talents were nothing!

Now, her heart was full of mixed feelings like surprise, joy, and satisfaction. She blushed with excitement and shouted, “What made you think of visiting me?”

Su Yu didn’t want to tell her that he had tried to solve his Ordeal of People by visiting her. So, he said calmly, “I thought of you on my way through the Eastern Continent, so I decided to visit you on the way back!”

Their conversation shocked the other people watching.

Even the North Mansion Mistress, who was always calm, was surprised. She immediately asked, “So, you are Su Yuxian who is the rising star of the Jiuzhou Continent, right?”

Su Yu knelt down as he folded his hands at her. “Mistress, please forgive my sudden visit!”

The North Mansion Mistress was quite bold and generous. In some ways, she was like a man. She tried to pull Su Yu up and laughed loudly, “You fought heroically with Tianfeng. You are always welcome to visit us! I am so happy about your arrival. Please get up!”

Such an outstanding young expert from the Jiuzhou Continent had visited the Great Oriental Family. How could she stay calm?

As an experienced expert, she clearly knew that Su Yu, who might not yet have reached the level of the Mortal Fairy, would absolutely reach the summit of All Creations in the future!

Such a rough diamond would always be welcome to keep a friendly relationship with the Great Oriental Family.

More importantly, all members of the Great Oriental Family had a favorable impression of this young man who solved the crisis of Demonic Gods by fighting against the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Without Su Yuxian, the Great Oriental Family would have been the first family wiped out by the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Now, the Great Oriental Family would do its best to treat him with warm hospitality.

The only concern in her mind was whether this man could become a member of her family. Then, she looked at her two daughters and secretly sighed in her heart as she looked at her elder daughter.

The middle-aged woman beside her sneered suddenly. “As I expected, it’s you!”

What? Who are you talking about? Su Yu had only paid close attention to Dongfang Tianfeng and hadn’t checked the other people here carefully. Hearing that, he turned around and changed his expression. Then, he said with embarrassment, “What a coincidence, South Mansion Mistress!”

The other middle-aged woman was the well-dressed lady who had been guarding the legendary transportation portal!

Su Yu remembered that the mistresses of the two mansions wouldn’t visit each other unless there was something urgent!

What had brought the South Mansion Mistress here?

“Younger sister, do you know him?” The North Mansion Mistress was surprised when she heard her younger sister’s words. It seemed she also knew Su Yu.

The South Mansion Mistress didn’t want to tell her she had been fooled by this young man or that the legendary transportation portal had been sealed. At last, she clenched her teeth with embarrassment and replied. “No!”

The North Mansion Mistress was puzzled by her reply, but she didn’t want to make a detailed inquiry because she knew her younger sister shouldn’t bear a deep grudge against Su Yu. So, she turned around and looked at Su Yu thoughtfully. “Heh! Heh! I remember you have another identity! Is that right?” she asked.

Of course, his other identity was Su Yu!

Because of his identity change, not everyone knew that Su Yuxian was actually Su Yu.

“I have issues with the Central Prefecture’s King. So, I have been forced to change my appearance. Please forgive my abruptness!” Su Yu said as he resumed his young appearance.


Dongfang Yue suddenly shouted out in surprise as she fixed her eyes on Su Yu in disbelief.

When her younger sister said that this guy was Su Yuxian, Dongfang Yue had doubted his identity till this moment.

“It’s you!” The South Mansion Mistress was also surprised. Then, she said delightedly, “Hah! Hah! Hah! The one I saw that day was you as expected!”

Then, she looked at Dongfang Yue in relief.

The next moment, the two mistresses made eye contact in excitement.

The South Mansion Mistress telepathically said, “My elder sister, this is really a windfall! I thought Yue’er would never get the chance to marry Su Yu. Now, it seems their marriage is predestined!”

The North Mansion Mistress smiled but said nothing. As Dongfang Yue’s mother, she knew her daughter very well.

Her elder daughter appreciated Su Yu who had saved the Great Oriental Family. As an extremely powerful expert, Su Yu had also successfully won her heart.

Although Dongfang Yue had not mentioned it, her reaction just then had revealed her secret.

The North Mansion Mistress hadn’t thought about the possibility before. Su Yu, who was in the Central Prefecture, hadn’t established a friendly relationship with the Great Oriental Family yet. And it was impossible to force him to marry Dongfang Yue!

In order to stop Dongfang Yue from her one-sided love, she arranged the tests to choose a husband for Dongfang Yue. She believed Dongfang Yue would be dragged out of her fantasy after marrying another man.

They never expected Su Yu would deliver himself to their gate!

Therefore, Su Yu was the best candidate on the Jiuzhou Continent to become Dongfang Yue’s husband, as well as becoming a member who could enhance the strength of the Great Oriental Family.

“Elder sister, this issue needs further consideration. Although he is here, he has nothing to do with Yue’er. We can’t force him to marry Yue’er. Otherwise, we could get the opposite outcome!”

The North Mansion Mistress said with an unfathomable smile, “Heh! Heh! My younger sister, don’t you forget how he got into this courtyard?”