The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1082 - The Royal Token

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Su Yu shook his head gently. “There isn’t anything I can do! The eastern continent is hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the middle continent. It will take years for my wooden bird to fly there! It is only reachable by using the divine transmission portal. And if even that is not good enough, then it needs the use of the super transmission array several times in a row in order to reach the eastern continent completely before the coming of the nine days of disaster. ”

The Evil God let out a sigh.”But this road is impassable. Our best solution is to break through it.”

“I’ve already thought about it. You can rest at ease and help me to refine the ten dragon tendons,” Su Yu said quietly.

The Evil God was surprised. “You have a solution to this problem?”

Su Yu nodded gently.

They looked for an inn to rest in until sunset. Suddenly, a dark shadow flitted outside the door and passed underneath the gap of the door like a piece of paper.

Su Yu took a deep breath, grabbed the shadow into his hand, unfolded it, and smiled happily as he looked at it.

In the darkness of the night, Central City was still ablaze with light.

Su Yu turned into a dark shadow and slipped into the dark alleyways leaving no trace of sound or smell.

There was a house in the narrow alley.

Standing in front of the house, Su Yu raised his fist and began to knock on the door. The door opened a crack, revealing a beautiful young girl who surveyed the space with her dark eyes. She crisply said. “Elder, may I ask, who are you looking for?”

Without a word, Su Yu flashed the purple jade pendant hidden in his palm. It had two characters carved onto it.

The young girl’s crystal eyes brightened. “Please come in.”

Stepping into the courtyard, Su Yu found that there was nothing else there. The interior layout was luxurious and was like a palace.

Several martial artists of different ages sat quietly in the courtyard. They talked in a low voice in groups of two and three. Suddenly, Su Yu came in and lowered his voice. His face was full of vigilance.

“Please wait, sir. When the time comes, it will start.”

Su Yu nodded in acknowledgment, looking for a quiet corner in which to sit alone.

“Haha, Central City is really domineering. The divine-level transmission portal is sealed. It doesn’t give us any time to prepare for other mainland warriors. Now if you want to go back, you have to rely on special channels!”

“In my opinion, Central City is guilty of theft. Soon after the powerful Jiuzhou entered Central City, they actually closed the super transmission portal and the divine level transmission portal. The Heavenly Knife Region colluded with the Ghost Race, and the shadow of the Central Prefecture’s King is vital!”

“Don’t you understand? How can a domain master suppress this matter for a hundred years without leaving any trace? In other states, the king knows that his heart is clear, but he is not afraid to make trouble because of the identity of the Central Prefecture’s King. ”

“Yes exactly, who in Jiuzhou doesn’t know that Central Prefecture’s King is colluding with the Ghost Race? It’s just that there were heavy casualties from the earlier war between Jiuzhou and Linlang. It’s inconvenient to fight Central Prefecture’s King right now. They’re just pretending not to know, that is all. ”

“Alas, the Central Prefecture’s King is a disciple of Lord Shen Yichen. I can’t believe that he can think of betraying my beloved Jiuzhou. This is really unexpected!”

“It’s not that you and I can be involved in the affairs of Jiuzhou. It’s better to take the information we have found back to our respective states as soon as possible.”

In the midst of the honest conversation, hearty laughter came from outside the door.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” said a middle-aged scholar in a plain robe as he pushed the door open to enter.

All the people in the hospital were immediately alert with caution.

“Everyone, I’m Wen Yiqing, the person in charge of Duanxian Cliff’s garrison here.” The middle-aged scholar had a clean face and a brilliant smile. He brought out a jade pendant hidden near his waist. On it was carved the word “Duanxian.”

His token was actually green in color!

“I do hope that you will show your own identification card to allow us to check your identity. It’s a big deal, and I don’t think you would want to make any mistakes. ”

Everyone in the courtyard silently took out his token. Most of them were blue in color. There was another one that was green, and other than that, one that was purple in color.

The token colors of Duanxian cliff represented the level of its owner.

Purple was ranked the lowest, followed by the blue color, and then above all of them was green.

The token color represented the members of Duanxian Cliff and their corresponding high and low statuses of contribution.

The middle-aged scholar paused slightly at the owner of the green jade pendant and the owner of the purple jade pendant, showing some signs of surprise.

For the former, it was a surprise of shock, and for the latter, a surprise laced with curiosity.

Many people in the courtyard looked curiously at the owner of the green jade pendant. It was a middle-aged woman with a humble appearance, who carried an aura of culture and wisdom that came with experience.

For a member of the Duanxian Cliff to upgrade from purple status to green status required an astronomical amount of financial contribution!

The crystal that Su Yu was using cost no less than 100 million and he had not even been promoted to the blue color!

To rise into the green status, at least one billion crystals must have been used.

How could she have amassed such a large amount of financial resources?

Then, they glanced at Su Yu with side-eyes of dismissal and unimportance.

“Very well, everyone is here to use the teleportation.” The middle-aged literati were open-minded.

He was right. The path that Su Yu wanted to take was this one of the Duanxian Cliff.

The super teleportation array and divine teleportation array were closed. Su Yu was not the only one who wanted to use this route.

They had to try their best to find underground channels, and Duanxian Cliff was the existence with an underground force.

Su Yu had sent out a message through the Tianya order and had received a notice half a day later informing him to gather here.

Like Su Yu, they were all contacted by Wen Yiqing, who was stationed in the Central City.

“Haha, from the looks of it there is no problem,” Wen Yiqing smiled and said. “To be honest with you, in order to use the channel of God level transmission array you must be able to afford the price tag on it.”

“Chueh Chueh…” The group of strongmen were either indifferent to what he had just said, or they sneered at it.

“Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? At least show us some proof to let us believe that your channels are true, and then you are entitled to raise the price. If you are so anxious, I don’t think it will be possible.” An old woman with a cold face smiled coldly.

Wen Yiqing was not upset. “Haha! As the person in charge of Tianya City, how could I deceive you? Otherwise, everyone knows the rules of Duanxian cliff. I wouldn’t want to bear the fate of being hunted.”

Again the old woman spoke up, sneering and shaking her head. “This time, that time! In a time like this, the mainland is in turmoil, the ghosts and demons are all showing themselves, and Duanxian Cliff is full of soldiers. Even if you really deceive us, I’m afraid that Duanxian Cliff might not be able to chase you all the way, so I would rather show some caution.”

Wen Yiqing was angry, but sighed, “Well, since you have doubts, I will show you something, and I believe that you will be able to make a rational judgment from there.”

At the end of the speech, Wen Yiqing took out a golden token, which contained a unique flavor that could not be imitated.

“The order of the Central Prefecture’s King?” The indifference in the old woman’s eyes faded slowly. This was an object that she recognized.

Su Yu’s eyes also lit up. The Central Prefecture’s King had actually granted him the order of power to allow them to violate some prohibitions and to do things in a way that was convenient for him.

For example, he was able to disregard the prohibitions, such as not to move in the Void or not to use force. In other words, he had privileges.

“Royal power order. That can overcome the ban of closing the divine level transmission portal?” said the old woman suspiciously.

With a smile, Wen Yiqing said, “I’ve tried it myself recently. It’s unimpeded! See this order, the forerunner of the array guard. It will be released automatically. There is no obstacle in its way! ”

Hearing this, all the people present showed surprise.

Following this, a leisurely light voice rang out. “I have another question, and I don’t know if I should ask it now or not?”

“Please speak your mind.” Wen Yiqing did not despise Su Yu because he was the only lowly purple member. On the contrary, he showed special respect for him, his eyes sparkling bright with interest.