The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1076 - Almighty Su Yu

Chapter 1076: Almighty Su Yu

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The flash of lightning closest to Su Yu was swallowed in the blink of an eye. The struggle had not even lasted for half a second.

A second flash followed.

Then, there was a third flash.

Then a fourth.

A million bolts of lightning flashed in the sky. A breathtaking force swept across the mountains and the rivers and rolled into the pair of eyes that held a deep, eternal darkness.

It was as though the pair of eyes were not eyes but a gateway to another world of infinite darkness.

At the same time as the lightning struck, an endless number of dangerous clouds also appeared in the sky.

The clouds rumbled agitatedly, roaring loudly and setting off stormy waves that came one after another. They set off flash after flash of lightning that was so powerful it could destroy heaven and earth.

However, they could not resist the strange power that was swallowing them.

One after another, the clouds were sucked into the eyes of the sky goblin.

Looking at it from afar, it seemed as though millions of miles of plundering clouds were flowing like a river, in a chaotic rush into the bottomless hole that was sucking them in.

In a very short time, the space that it occupied shrank from a million square meters to half a million square meters, and then quickly went down to two hundred thousand square meters.

In just the time it took to drink half a cup of tea, the very last cloud was also, unwillingly, sucked into the deepness of the sky goblin’s eyes!

In the soul space, the evil spirit’s jaw dropped. Startled for a long time, he could not help but wipe the sweat on his forehead. “Oh goodness me, this… this is the devouring eye of the sky goblin? D*mn it, let me out of here right now! Even I would not dare to pick a fight with this boy! Even the large number of clouds were so quickly devoured! What wouldn’t be swallowed by it? ”

Just thinking about the stories he had heard many years ago about this devouring feast made the evil spirit shiver and tremble with the cold fear he felt.

Millions of miles away, a white-robed woman bearing a sword had witnessed the whole process, and her flawless jade appearance registered a look of surprise.

Back to life, time and space, and… Soon it would be time for the most terrible creature that could exist in heaven and earth, the devouring god of gluttony!

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, even the white-robed women would have thought that it was a descendant of some powerful almighty God!

She would never have thought that a non-divine warrior would face the wrath of the thirty-nine disasters!

What was more unthinkable was that the thirty-nine disasters had finally been swallowed by him!

Stepping onto a cloud, she hesitated before taking another step forward. In her eyes, there was an unmistakable sign of fear.

Su Yu, still standing in his original position, fell to the ground in great exhaustion as soon as the devouring eyes slowly and firmly closed.

His entire body felt weak and faint, and he was unable to exert even half his strength. However, the eyelids remained strong.

At this moment, there seemed to be another bottomless hole that emerged in his heart. A greedy desire was released from the bottomless hole and began to invade Su Yu’s soul.

“This is the price for opening the eyes of the goblin,” Su Yu said with a bitter chuckle. After opening it, he needed to devour everything and feast continuously to satisfy his greedy heart and the eyes of gluttony. One day, when he could no longer satisfy its appetite, the eyes of gluttony would devour its very owner.

From the moment he had opened those eyes, Su Yu had realized what would follow.

However, it was all worth it.

At least he did not have to die unnecessarily in the wrath of the thirty-nine disasters. He was just an ordinary warrior, not a descendant of the gods.

However, what Su Yu, the evil spirit, and even the white-robed woman had not considered was this.

In the brilliant blue sky, a new disaster cloud emerged. One cloud, then two clouds and then three clouds appeared, followed by a new blanket of clouds that spread millions of miles over mountains and lakes.

The sense of impending disaster was not decreasing but increasing!

Su Yu, however, had already lost the chance to open the sky demon’s eyes again, because the sky demon’s eyes had fallen into a deep sleep as it digested the power of the sky disaster.

Gazing at the reborn blanket of disaster clouds, Su Yu could only smile bitterly. He had already given it his best effort.

“Seriously, boy, do you have such a deep feud with heaven and earth? Even if you were a true descendant of the gods, what’s done is done. There’s no way to say it’s over again! Will you please just let me go! There’s no future for me if I have to follow you! ”

Even the white-robed woman found it hard to believe. “It’s impossible. Why would he feel that the heavens and earth were intentionally going against him?”


As the thunder struck, the lightning appeared and floated gracefully to Su Yu.

At this moment, there was no one who could help him.

Su Yu slowly and unwillingly closed his eyes as he waited for the moment of destruction.

However, unexpectedly, just as the lightning was about to drift onto his body, it suddenly stopped in its tracks and then fell back and flew into the disaster clouds.

At the same time, there were some strange waves inside the clouds. The clouds seemed to struggle for a while before finally being dispersed.

The sky was once again a brilliant blue.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s going on here? Those three exclamations are not enough to capture the full extent of my frustration!” The evil spirit’s eyes opened wide in wonder.

The thirty-nine disasters had actually dispersed by itself!

Moreover, he also felt that before the clouds were gone, the strange fluctuations had appeared, as if something existed in the dark.

The white-robed woman was also shocked. What exactly was going on here?

The second round of disaster had magically appeared, but it had dispersed by itself?

This also aroused Su Yu’s curiosity. “What exactly is this?”

The evil spirit was shocked for a long time and said to himself, “Could it be that the great director finally realized that the disaster flash was hitting the wrong person and so took it back?”

It had attacked the wrong person? Su Yu wanted to split blood.

Its attack on the wrong person had killed him twice and exhausted all of his resources, leaving him with only a little inventory of nine green pearls.

It could be said that it was a night before liberation.

It had brought him so much personal injury and caused such great damage, and it had been targeting the wrong person?

Seeing Su Yu’s unwillingness, the evil spirit was still frightened and said, “Boy, it’s a miracle that you have survived the thirty-nine disasters. I haven’t seen anything so strange in my life. A small flying fairy has passed the divine robberies of the Peak Dust Fairy! No one would believe it!”

Su Yu controlled his frustration and sense of defiance and propped himself up, looking extremely gloomy. “To be a god, other people spend a lot of time or a lot of money, and it is worth it. I have done the same. But what do I get in return? A body full of wounds? Furthermore, I have now opened the goblin eyes. I have paid a very hefty price and got nothing in return! ”

In the end, he couldn’t contain himself and all of his frustrations burst out of him.

All of his regret and complaints echoed in the world.

All of a sudden, a wonderful breath appeared between the heaven and the earth.

A milky light glowed evenly in the sky. It descended to earth and shot at Su Yu’s abdomen.

Su Yu was shocked. He wanted to dodge it, but he didn’t have any strength.

Su Yu’s stomach was covered by the milky-white light.

The pain that he had imagined would follow did not come. Instead, a very comfortable feeling flowed through his body and into his four limbs.

He momentarily lost his mental and physical strength but had recovered completely an instant later.

When the milky light disappeared, Su Yu was alert again and felt surprised. What had just happened? Did the great director hear my cries of frustration and decide to balance the books?”

“You, you…” In the soul space, the evil spirit was in disbelief and extremely excited. “You… you’d better hurry and take a look at your abdomen. Has anything happened to it?”

Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately looked inside himself to check his abdomen.

If he had not looked, he would not have seen. And what he saw made him jump back in shock.

In his belly button, there was a light spot the size of a grain of rice. It was emitting a glittering light.

The breath of light was familiar.

When he looked at it carefully, Su Yu could see that it was not just a light. It seemed that there was something rotating within the light. Su Yu tried his best to look inside and was finally surprised to see that there was a rotating galaxy in the grain of rice. One star after another was turning constantly.

Among the grains of rice, there was a shrinking dynamic star map!

“It’s like there’s an extra dot of light, and there’s a dynamic map of the stars in it. Besides that, there’s not much different about my body,” Su Yu said to the evil spirit.

However, the evil god did not respond for a long time.

“Hey, there’s a cesspit?”

Still no response.


There was still no response.

“Dead dog, that’s enough!” Su Yu shouted.

Finally, the response of the evil spirit floated into Su Yu’s mind.

“Su Yu, I have an important message for you. I hope you are prepared psychologically.” The voice of the evil god was solemn and stern.

Since they had met, Su Yu had never seen such the evil spirit being so solemn. They had spent a lot of time together.

“What message?” Su Yu’s heart was pounding. He knew that what he was going to say next must be about the brilliance of the rice grains.

The evil spirit took a deep breath, full of solemnity and complexity. “Congratulations, you have become a God.”

Su Yu seemed to feel the infinite thunder blowing in his ear.

What? He had become a God?

Su Yu was stunned. He had considered most possibilities, but he hadn’t expected the evil spirit to say this.

“Don’t be surprised. I believe that the rice grains you see will not be strange to you after the experience of Linlang’s immortals. That is the source of divinity, the source of power! It belongs to your unique God source, and it is also the God source given by the great director after you have so bravely faced the thirty-nine disasters! ”

“There is only one way to judge the difference between a living creature and a God. A God needs no source to give them life!”

“So, congratulations, almighty Su Yu.”

The evil spirit’s words lingered in Su Yu’s mind for a long time, making him unable to be calm for a long time.

Overnight, he had become e a God from being a mere fairy? This kind of unreal feeling put him at a loss for words.

However, after all, Su Yu had experienced great storms. After shaking for a long time, he gradually calmed down and said, “It’s different from being a real god, isn’t it?”

He didn’t feel any earth-shaking changes in him.

“It’s not that there’s a difference; it’s that you’re just kind of a god-like existence,” the evil spirit sighed, full of admiration.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. Another kind of existence?

“If the peak dust immortal succeeds in crossing the calamity and gets a God source, then the power of the dust immortal in his body can be integrated into this God source, and the power of the dust immortal in the body can be transformed into a God power. The God power can then stabilize the God source and make the God source develop and grow. They complement each other! To a certain extent, the divine position will be stable, and the person will be officially promoted to a God. ”

“And you, in the realm of the flying immortals, have been given a divine source, but there is no actual divine source. There is no power of dust immortals to transform into divine power, and the divine source is idle, so you can’t be promoted to a God.”

After hearing the explanation given by the evil god, Su Yu understood his situation.

He was qualified to become a God, but he was not in the physical condition to become a God.

“Then, when I break through the immortal realm and transform my power, will I become a God?” Su Yu asked.

But the evil spirit said, “How could it be so easy? Your God source is not stable enough and needs to be maintained by divine power. Unfortunately, there is no power of the immortal dust in your body to be converted into divine power. If the God source is not stable, it will shrink gradually. I’m afraid that the God source will be destroyed before you can cultivate the power of the immortal dust. ”

“If you want to regain the God’s source, you have to go through the thirty-nine disasters again.”