The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1054 - Domain of All Creations

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A thousand feet in front of them, a seam was torn in the Void. The Heavenly Knife Region Master strode out with his hands behind his back. He was carrying Gu Taixu’s soul with him.

“Using Void’s energy in front of an All Creations strong man is like teaching one’s grandmother how to suck eggs!” the Heavenly Knife Region Master said coldly.

“Since you have no wish to meet my King while you are alive, you can meet him when you’re dead! Allowing the three of you to die together is my greatest mercy to you.” The Region Master waved a hand. The space all around Su Yu froze, locked up by an enormous All Creations Mighty Force.

Now that his space power couldn’t be used anymore, Su Yu had to face the Heavenly Knife Region Master head-on.


Su Yu did not wait for the Heavenly Knife Region Master to make his next move. With a flip of his hand, the long silver sword formed a fascinating silver trajectory across the sky. Meanwhile, a gigantic hand emerged from the heavens, pressing down on the desolate lands. The sealed space was completely shattered!

“Peak Pure Divine Decree!” Hints of shock and awe finally appeared on the Heavenly Knife Region Master’s previously indifferent face.

He gave Su Yu an appraising glance and disbelievingly exclaimed, “It’s rare enough that one Divine Path genius was born in an era; now there’s a second one! No wonder you could kill many challengers from our Heavenly Knife Region! I can see you have some impressive skills.”

As he spoke, he looked at the sword’s silver trajectory. Greed was visible in his eyes as he squinted slightly.

“Eh! You made me marvel once again! That is the greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo! It is more than 1,000 years old and is of the best quality! It’ll be a waste if this sword belongs to you!”

The Heavenly Knife Region Master had some understanding of the nature of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword and knew that it could slice through anything. Therefore, he did not even try to fend off the attack but hid by tearing a seam in the Void.

When he reappeared, he was a thousand feet away from Su Yu. Slowly moving his hands from behind his back, he said placidly, “It seems like I will need to deal with you seriously.”


The bleak sound of ocean waves suddenly reverberated through the sky of clouds. It was as if an ocean had occupied the sky.

Very quickly, a far-reaching coastline appeared behind the Heavenly Knife Region Master. Endless turbulent waves were surging and churning, awakening everything that was withered and rotten along the way. They charged forward with a terrifying intensity.

The sounds of waves crashing resembled the rumbling of thunder, and the floating clouds even scampered away when they heard it. The spiritual energy in the area became violent, making the entire Void tremble.

The waves were fast approaching. Despite being only objects of illusion that were, in fact, non-existential, they posed a much more intimidating impact than real waves did.

No one doubted the power and impact of the crashing waves. Even Xue Di and the Five Golden Light Guards would choose to run away in the face of such an enormous threat.

“The Domain of All Creations!” Su Yu was fascinated. The so-called Domain was in fact, a grandeur that was conjured using the All Creations Mighty Force of powerful All Creations Old Monsters once the All Creations state was achieved.

It was a kind of impact, a grandeur, that was somewhere between the tangible and intangible, comprising both the strong and the weak.

Martial artists called it the Domain!

Being in the Domain almost put the All Creations Old Monsters in a position of invincibility. They would never be on the losing side. With the help of the Domain, they could destroy their enemies without suffering any loss. The Domain could even allow them to avoid their opponents’ attacks, so it was extremely difficult to contend with.

All Creations Old Monsters without the Domain were no match for those who could create one, even if the former had far greater cultivation than the latter.

But the creation of the Domain was exceptionally challenging. It didn’t take just high cultivation and a state of accomplishment. Instead, the key was to find out the grandeur that matched one’s own martial path, and it tested the martial artists’ stunning proclivity to enlightenment.

Some Stage Nine All Creations Old Monsters would never get the chance to own the Domain in their entire lives. Only a small minority were capable of accomplishing the Domain, and the Heavenly Knife Region Master was one of the very few powerful individuals who possessed it.

Having witnessed the Domain of All Creations with his very own eyes, Su Yu was shocked. The sensation felt like the Divine Path, although not as enigmatic and surreal. Nevertheless, the fated grandeur was extraordinarily powerful.

The desire for battle could be seen in Su Yu’s eyes. Even though the enemy had immense grandeur, he had the Divine Path to protect him!

With a shift of his thoughts, the giant eye that had transfigured into a bright moon opened abruptly, and a fraction of the crashing waves vanished without warning.

The colossal hand of heavens slammed down from above, dispersing the frightening waves in all directions.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was startled. In a low voice, he said, “The martial artists of the Divine Path indeed are powerful beyond words! A mere ninth-grade fairy can cause an impact on the Domain of All Creations!! Allow me to see how you’re going to resist my boundless great grandeur!”


The crashing waves sensed the will of the Region Master as they more than doubled in intensity. The delusional crashing waves rose suddenly and sharply, crashing down with a force that could even topple the sky.

The heaven’s eye, the heaven’s hand, and the crashing waves fought relentlessly against one another among the clouds in the skies. The lands within a ten-thousand-mile radius crumbled, the mountains fell apart, and the bodies of water flowed in a reverse direction. The layers of clouds in the sky broke apart, and the Void splintered. The violent, vicious space energy devastated all corners of the world.

Su Yu’s Peak Pure Divine Decree was triggered to the maximum. The heaven’s hand and eye did their very best to stop the crashing waves, fixing them at a distance of ten thousand miles away so they were unable to get anywhere near Su Yu.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was frustrated. “You’re just a nobody! I don’t care about your Divine Path! I’ll suppress you right now!”

With a thunderous bellow, the endless frightening waves erupted once again. Like the rivers from the heavens sending a calamity to the world, they crashed down ceaselessly.

Although the heaven’s hand and eye served as a barrier to most of the waves, some of them still managed to break past the defensive line and rushed towards Su Yu.

Right at that moment, the golden heaven’s eye suddenly emitted a great golden light, with contours twice as big they had previously been! The destructive power released from it was intensified, and the crashing waves that had broken past the defensive line vanished in an instant.

Hints of delight shone in Su Yu’s eyes.

In the collision with the Domain, the heaven’s eye underwent a transformation. It became twice as big, and its power was also amplified.

Contemplating what was happening, Su Yu suddenly understood. The heaven’s eye was transformed by Su Yu’s will, representing his defiant and unbending willpower!

When faced with a strong enemy, it intensified. Fighting with the enemy’s Domain over a long period of time, it became infinitely stronger. It was its nature.

The discovery made a glint of hope appear in Su Yu’s eyes. He had just unlocked a huge door of the Divine Path. The Divine Path had endless possibilities.

After consecutive failed attempts to suppress Su Yu, the Heavenly Knife Region Master felt increasingly anxious. He was an All Creations Old Monster with the Domain, but he couldn’t beat a ninth-grade fairy!

Even though Su Yu was fighting him with his ace, the Divine Path, wasn’t he also fighting him with his strongest power, the Domain?

Even with such a great disparity between their cultivations, they were at a draw!

“Brat, I have to admit that I’ve under-estimated your power.” The Heavenly Knife Region Master gave a light sigh. In a solemn and stern voice, he declared, “However, it has to stop now!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the depths of the dreadful waves, thunder from the heavens seemed to have befallen, closing in endlessly. The tremendous force made Su Yu’s face turn somber.

A silver-white crashing wave resembling an enormous wall that joined the sky and the lands came surging towards Su Yu. It made the previous crashing waves seem like molehills in front of a grand mountain! The two were more than ten times different in size!!

This entire time, the Heavenly Knife Region Master had only unleashed less than one-tenth of his Domain!

“Burying you with my greatest Domain is considered my highest respect to a Divine Path genius like you,” the Region Master said with nonchalance. Without a second thought, the boundless Domain’s force fell like thunder!

The heaven’s hand and the heaven’s eye held on for a moment but then finally vanished as they failed to withstand the mighty force that had far surpassed their limits. The humongous wall that seemed as great as the world itself crashed down violently.

Suddenly, however, the enormous wall stopped abruptly! Despite its shocking grandeur, it couldn’t move even an inch forward.

Upon close inspection, a space seam had appeared underneath the great wall. From within, a silver-white finger reached out. The finger was covered in patterns of wood. It was this insignificant finger that fixed the enormous wall on its spot, rendering it incapable of movement. It was as if the finger possessed the great strength of a deity.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master’s face changed drastically. In the distance, an entirely silver-white elder clad in a pristine robe walked out from the seam. Even his exposed skin showed patterns of wood.

The elder had no expression on his face. As he strode out from the Void, his intonation lacked all signs of human emotions. “The Domain of crashing waves, with considerable strength.”

Hints of emerald sparks glinted on the tip of his finger. Shortly after, the green sparks erupted with immense intensity, and in a fraction of a second, the wall as large as the world was engulfed.

The Domain was shattered, and the Heavenly Knife Region Master suffered the impact as well. With a dull whimper, his face was flushed red.

His eyes were filled trepidation. “Who are you?!” Aside from the Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings, he couldn’t believe that there was someone else who could destroy his Domain’s power with a single strike!

Besides, the opponent was also using a Domain!

It had only taken one fight between them to distinguish between the strong and the weak. The opponent had a far greater Domain than he had; the disparity in quality was a gap he couldn’t cross at all.

In this world, there was an All Creations strong man with such a powerful Domain, yet he was underheard of!

“Hold on, could you have come from…” The Heavenly Knife Region Master looked over at the faraway skyline where a faint patch of forest could be made out.

That was the forbidden place renowned in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, the Desolate Evil Jungle!

Legend had it that even the All Creations Old Monsters couldn’t make it out alive if they entered that mysterious forbidden territory. The only thing they were certain was that the forbidden territory was inhabited by tree men who had never appeared on the Jiuzhou continent.

“I am Yinmu.” The silver man was the Yinmu from the Desolate Evil Jungle.

Since Su Yu had asked them for the favor of locating Gongsun Wuxie, how could he not have reserved a life-saving trump card? Having Yinmu come to his aid in secret was Su Yu’s back-up plan.

As a Mortal Fairy of the past, Domains were outdated tactics as far as Yinmu was concerned. To him, the Domain was like a toy he could easily retrieve. How could the Heavenly Knife Region Master defeat him?

“Let’s go!” The Heavenly Knife Region Master grasped Gu Taixu’s soul. Also carrying Gu Taixu’s shattered body, he ran away by tearing the Void.

As they escaped, Gu Taixu was full of reluctance. “You let Yinmu go just like that? Once this fellow is free, it’s like letting the tiger back to the mountain. There will be consequences!”


All of a sudden, the Region Master spat out a huge mouthful of blood. His face was pale and languid, and he looked extremely solemn and fierce.

“What do you know? That person has a touch of Mortal Fairy’s Strength in all of his moves! His Original Form could have surpassed Mortal Fairies. If we don’t run away now, then when?”

Gu Taixu fell speechless but was quickly filled with bitterness once again. He clutched his fists tightly. That guy actually had a Mortal Fairy as his back-up!


A crack of a hair’s breadth was formed on Yinmu’s finger. He stared down at the crack and sighed. “My time is running out. This body of mine has been depraved for too long, and it is now decayed beyond repair. That blow just now was already my highest limit.”

He had been troubled by dead energy for many years. Despite having been purified by the Tree God who awoke by chance, his decayed body couldn’t be healed anymore.

If he failed to return to the state of Mortal Fairies once again, Yinmu would meet his fated demise fairly soon.

“Thanks a lot, senior.” Su Yu was filled with gratitude but at the same time felt apologetic. “I will try my very best to revive the Tree God.”