The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

527 Nowhere To Run

"When did you set up the spell?" Sheng Ge's expression was extremely unpleasant, and she shouted with a low voice.

Su Yu had clearly been fighting with her the whole time. So, when did he have the opportunity to completely set up a spell within ten miles' vicinity? Such a huge setup would definitely require some time.

Su Yu stepped over and said indifferently, "It was when I first saw Shi Jie, of course." When Shi Jie had appeared, Su Yu had also expected Sheng Ge to come.

That time, he had already had plans to get the Heavenly Ghost to submit to him. Hence, he put in a lot of effort to set up the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and only helped Xia Jingyu after that.

"Although you are unable to achieve anything, you are good at spoiling things!" Hearing that, Sheng Ge could not help but feel resentful. After glaring at Su Yu ferociously, she finally believed he was extremely audacious, and she might really fall in the hands of Su Yu that day.

"Don't even think of trying to trap me!" Sheng Ge gave a cold hum. After that, her left eye emitted a pitch-black light beam again, which pierced through the light membrane. Under such a great force, the light membrane shook vigorously for some time. A shallow crack appeared.

As the spell was spread greatly, the light membrane was spread forcefully. In turn, its defense was naturally a lot weaker. Su Yu's expression changed slightly. He then weaved his hands, and the five light membranes quickly shrank.

Sheng Ge had an anxious expression. Whether she could escape or not would be up to her at that very moment! The pitch-black light beam then crazily struck the five-colored veils of light and tried to break open the light membrane. However, as the light membrane shrank quickly, the light beam attack became weaker and weaker.

When only one mile's vicinity was left, the light beam attack only left behind a rippling effect on the light membrane; it would be difficult for the light beam to break through.

Finally, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation abruptly shrank and trapped Sheng Ge within a 30-foot vicinity. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Su Yu stepped out of the spell as if it were non-existent, and he controlled it from a distance.

Sheng Ge was both agitated and furious. "Black Snow Devil King, I will not forgive you for treating me like this!"

"Haha, Lord Sheng Ge, I think that is not up to you to decide!" Su Yu eyes glowed with coldness, and his palms came together slowly. The five-colored light beam then shrank until there were only five feet left.

Shocked and still furious, Sheng Ge then emitted ghost energy from her arms to strengthen their power, so she could use her arms to prevent the light beam from forcefully shrinking. She was still struggling persistently.

"Little kid, do you really wish to fight at the risk of mutual destruction such that we cannot coexist at the same time?" Sheng Ge shouted in a threatening manner. However, she was cowardly at heart.

Xia Jingyu, who was observing the battle from afar, found the scene unbelievable. Su Yu had really fought with a Heavenly Ghost to the point that she submitted to him!

That time, in front of the Heavenly Ghost, both of them could not even take deep breaths. However, at that moment, he had suppressed the Heavenly Ghost to such an extent! In just a few months, how great was the growth in Su Yu's abilities?

"I have said it before; my objective is to capture you!" Su Yu said apathetically as his five fingers forcefully came together.

How strong was the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation?

With a painful hum, Sheng Ge's arms bent unnaturally, and she looked as if she were about to be completely suppressed. She did not have any chance to resist. Her eyes glowed with sudden determination. "All right, little kid, you had better watch out for yourself! If you have the guts, don't ever return to the Zhenlong Continent!"


Suddenly, ghost energy was wildly released from the top of her skull.

A little girl who was about 5 years old then walked out from the ghost energy. She looked as if she were decorated with white powder and carved out of jade. She was like an adorable, unusually exquisite porcelain doll. However, her eyes were opened wide and staring at Su Yu furiously.

As soon as she appeared, she could no longer conceal her cultivation base of the Fairy Realm. Within the Mysterious Heavenly Palace, a space fluctuation that ignored the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation then instantly appeared and enshrouded her.

Her transportation this time was obviously to the place where she came from, the Zhenlong Continent. Over there, a Fairy Realm like her would no longer be affected. Hence, if Su Yu were to return, he would have to face a real Fairy Realm instead of a Half Fairy.

"Little kid, I shall wait for you at the Zhenlong Continent!" Sheng Ge said through gritted teeth. She had finally arrived at the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion, and she was only a step away from returning to Jiuzhou.

However, who could have expected she would be forced back by a young Human King?

As for Su Yu, his eyes glowed brilliantly. "It is good that you have showed yourself! I have been waiting for you to show your real body!"

Suddenly, a great amount of golden light shined in Su Yu's sleeves. It was a golden ring that was five feet large. Unfamiliar Sanskrit words were carved on the ring, and it was emitting a dazzling Buddha's halo.

Illusory Buddha qualities then gradually appeared around the ring. They sang the Sanskrit words softly and spoke Buddhist terms that caused people to feel free and natural.

However, if the ghosts were to hear those Buddhist terms, they would feel extremely uneasy as if poison were taking effect in their bodies. As soon as Sheng Ge heard the Buddhist terms, her expression changed greatly. "The most valuable treasure of Buddhism, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring?! No!"

As she roared furiously and withstood the effects of the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, the ghost energy within her body surged crazily and moved to crash into the spell. However, everything was to no avail.

At the last moment, Su Yu stopped holding back. He inserted all the spiritual energy in his body into the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, which shrank again at once. Sheng Ge was pressed by the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation on all sides, and her body was unable to move in the slightest bit.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring flew into the sky and was put onto her neck. After that, it shrank to the size of a fist and was locked onto her neck firmly.

Buzz, buzz, buzz-

The great amount of ghost mist was wildly released from her body as if it were small fish that had been shocked.

"Ah!!" Sheng Ge gave a loud shout. Her small, nimble body had experienced a considerable amount of pain. A layer of determination then appeared on her face. "It is too early for you to catch me!" With a light shout, Sheng Ge's right eye emitted a ray of white light!

The white light was extremely strong. Compared to the black light beam that was emitted from her left eye, the white light contained unusually strong Buddhism energy.

Buddhism energy, which could suppress ghosts, appeared from the body of a ghost. Su Yu was stunned by such an absurd scene. However, was that Buddhism energy only a few times stronger than the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring?

As such, a giant opening was created in the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation! Su Yu was shocked. The white light beam was more than ten times stronger than the black light beam!

However, the attack had caused Sheng Ge to use up all of her vital energy! Her body escaped from the hole unsteadily.

Thick Buddha qualities were revolving around her body surface. The Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring looked as if it had its own consciousness and loosened on its own. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Sheng Ge freed herself.

She had used up all the vital energy in her body. Moreover, more than half of her ghost energy was lost. Her abilities had depleted greatly. If the same thing were to happen again, there was an 80 to 90 percent chance she would really be subdued.

However, at that moment, she had been enshrouded by the space fluctuation of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and she was about to be transported.

Before Sheng Ge left, her whole face was filled with coldness. She glared at Su Yu persistently. She then gritted her teeth and said coldly, with a pause between almost every word, "Black Snow Devil King! I will make you regret this!"

Su Yu did not look concerned. Instead, he laughed leisurely. "Do you think you can return? So what if you have gone past the limit of the Fairy Realm?"

"If I want you to stay, you shall stay!"

Suddenly, the sound of a something opening could be heard. It was an unusually complicated map. After it opened up in the sky, it revolved until it reached the top of Sheng Ge's head.

A strange scene then occurred. Under the interference of the map, the space fluctuation that had appeared on top of Sheng Ge's head actually retreated!