The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

494 The Greatest Divine Bamboo

A bloody, copper scent had already wafted over!

"Get ready for battle!" Lü Chuyi let out a low grunt.

A three-inch long section of gold bamboo appeared in her palm! This bamboo seemed to be the same kind of treasure as the Golden Leaf. But the space powers in this bamboo was far greater than the Golden Leaf! Su Yu could even feel a bolt of killing intent within the bamboo! This was… an attacking-type treasure!

After Chou Zeming saw the item, his pupils dilated. "The greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo!"

Bai Qi and Ming Fei also gasped when they saw this item! The looks they gave Lü Chuyi completely changed.

Bai Qi was nearly shocked beyond words, a weird glow filling his eyes. "This bamboo has long been extinct in the Jiuzhou Continent. How did this woman obtain it?"

Su Yu took note of their expressions. This item was definitely an ungodly treasure. The power within it was beyond Su Yu's scope of comprehension. If the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had been used against him in their prior altercation, he would have definitely been dead!

Lü Chuyi took a step forward, facing the huge, blood-red palm print alone. "The power of this bamboo is too great. Just a fraction of it would go above the level of Fairy Realm. All of you, retreat and focus on guarding the spell. Do not let it be destroyed."

Su Yu understood. It was no wonder this lady had used this treasure. The power within it was too immense. Using it would cause its power to exceed the limits of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion and get her transported out.

The copper stench grew heavier. The group laid in wait, fully concentrating. Suddenly, the alarming stench descended in force!

It's here!

Collectively, the group looked in the direction of the sea of blood.

But suddenly, a horrifying aura came from behind the spell! Not good! The blood-red palm had instantly teleported itself behind them!

The palm struck down with immense power. Chou Zeming and the others gasped in surprise but quickly collected themselves as they defended against it together. Chou Zeming shot out two horrifying bolts of black light from his eyes. Bai Qi and Ming Fei released ghost energy, one forming a huge palm with the ghost energy and the other creating a chain.

Three attacks almost at the level of the Fairy Realm—in terms of pure power, the combined attack far exceeded that of an early-stage Fairy Realm! But all that could be heard was a dull clank. The three attacks were repelled the moment they came into contact with the blood red palm!

A crack opened on that blood red palm. A faint silver glow was visible hidden within the blood-red color. Su Yu recognized that silver glow. It was the metal within the body of the monster in the Corpse Grassland!

The three attackers were shocked at having their attacks fail against the palm. Seeing the palm about to destroy the spell, the three of them let out another grunt, taking to the skies as they attacked the palm together. But three thuds could be heard as the three of them were swatted away like flies.

With nothing standing in its way, the blood-red palm crashed down mercilessly on the transportation spell.

But at that moment, a golden glow illuminated the surroundings, accompanied by a low grunt. The blood-red palm suddenly stopped in mid-air. Following which, a golden crack appeared in the middle of the palm, growing until it spanned across the entire palm!

That palm had been split into two!

The bloody threads that had formed the palm were instantly severed, falling to the ground, then seeping into the earth.


The severed silver metal dropped to the ground.

Lü Chuyi lifted her hands and caught the two pieces of metal. She had a look of shock after she observed the metal. "This is… a material only found in the Demon World? Why is it here?"

Everyone, including Su Yu, stared at that section of the gold bamboo. The power of that bamboo was far greater than they imagined. All they had seen was the lady flicking her wrist and slicing across the air before the bloody palm was cut in two!

The silver metal that even attacks at the level of Fairy Realm can't shake had been cut in two!


They had no time to relax. A heart-shaking, inhuman roar of anger came from the horizon. Su Yu and the group trembled, involuntarily releasing spirit energy and vital energy to defend themselves.

Chou Zeming was shocked. "What is that? Why do I get the feeling I'm facing a Divine Master!"

The abilities of those entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion were capped at the Fairy Realm. But beings that existed in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion did not face such restrictions!

"Stay strong!" Lü Chuyi commanded. "Guard the spell!"

In the time it took her to speak, the sky had already been filled with the boundless, copper stench. Even though Chou Zeming and the rest had not seen it, they could feel an incredibly evil aura descending.

In Su Yu's eyes, the sea of blood had already arrived on the horizon. The sea of blood spanned millions of miles, devouring everything as it made its way toward them!

Before the sea of blood, they were as minuscule as grains of sand. With a roar, it bore down on them! They had no other choice than to use the transportation spell to escape!


Sheng Xuelian, who had been hiding far away, flew over and stood atop the spell. The youth following Lü Chuyi also came into the spell with fear written on her face. Su Yu slowly retreated, looking at the 100-zhang tall wave of blood as it crashed down.

In an instant, they were swallowed by the wave of blood. The millions of bloody threads shot toward them like a hungry predator, eager to devour them.

At that moment, a bolt of gold light swept across the surroundings as if it was going to split the world in half! The bloody glow had vanished, revealing a blue sky. From overhead, one could see that the golden glow had cut a circular hole through the boundless sea of blood. But the waves from the back crashed forward, filling up the hole.

Another circular gap appeared in the 100-zhang thick sea of blood when the golden glow flashed again, protecting the land where the transportation spell was. This happened three more times. The sea of blood crashed forward, the golden glow flashing tirelessly.

But as time passed, the frequency of the golden glow began to slow down. The sea of blood continued to press forward without an end in sight.

Within the spell, the group watched with their skin crawling, watching the oncoming sea of blood that could devour them at any instant. In front of them, Lü Chuyi fought against the sea of blood—the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in her hand had become their ray of hope. But the toll the treasure had on her vital energy was uncommonly costly. Even with Lü Chuyi's vital energy reserves at the Divine Master level, she might not be able to sustain the attacks after ten activations!

Her hair was damp, laced with sweat. Her forehead reflected the crimson glow of the sea of blood. Her robes were soaked with sweat.

Everyone watched with their hearts pounding, knowing she might not be able to hang on much longer!

Watching the endless barrage of the sea of blood, Su Yu said gravely, "Let's give up here. If we give up on the transportation spell, there is a chance for us to break through the waves and escape. The sea of blood cannot do anything to us if we are high enough up in the air, and we will be transported out once the two-month deadline is over."

Hearing this, the rest of the people supported the idea. Even though it would cost them greatly if they did not enter the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion, it was nothing compared to losing their lives here.

But hearing this, Lü Chuyi coldly turned her head, looking at Su Yu with a piercing stare. "Do not say that again! We must go to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion!"

The cold stare harbored her insistence, making Su Yu feel foreign. It was as though Lü Chuyi had become another person, a person foreign to Su Yu.

But after activating the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo five more times, her speed had slowed down to its limits. She was breathing heavily, sweat dripping down from her forehead, and she was incredibly pale, devoid of any colors of life. She was at her limits, but the spell had only been 75 percent activated!

Su Yu opened his mouth, wishing to tell her to give up, but Lü Chuyi formed seals with her hands without thinking, pointing at her chest after her last seal. Her expression was laced with pain. She let out a grunt of pain but did not stop. Shockingly, a large amount of vital energy welled out within her despite her being clearly depleted!

The youth following her seemed to understand what Lü Chuyi was doing and involuntarily let out a cry: "Teacher, no! Your body cannot take this!"

From the point of view of Su Yu's Soul Eyes, it looked like Lü Chuyi was using a secret technique, forcefully propping up the vital energy in her body. The origin of this vital energy was not from the crystals in her body but from her own flesh and blood. This was extracting vital energy at the price of destroying her physical body!

Lü Chuyi let out a cold grunt, facing them with her back as she said fiercely. "Shut up! Protect the spell. I'll kill you if the transportation spell is destroyed!"

Looking at her foreign figure, Su Yu could not understand why this lady was so insistent! With her abilities, this sea of blood should not be able to trap her. Why would she rather sacrifice her body to enter the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion?

Regaining control of the vital energy, she once again defended against the sea of blood. But with every activation, her flesh and blood shriveled. After three activations, her skin started to turn a rotten yellow! Luckily, the transportation spell had finally been activated—a little sooner than expected.

But at that moment, the sea of blood that had been continually bombarding them suddenly stopped! The blood threads were frozen in space. The entire world turned dead silent!

Su Yu and the group did not relax. Instead, they became even more cautious. What could have happened for the sea of blood to stop so suddenly?

Thud, thud—

Clear footsteps from deep in the sea of blood could suddenly be heard from the dead silence. The footsteps seemed slow, but every step covered a great distance. The boundless sea of blood parted to form a perfect pathway down the center. It was as though they were welcoming their king.