The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

464 Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella

Chapter 464: Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella

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Gang Dalei was more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. Now, he was left alone. Luckily, the three-on-one had considerably weakened him. Even though only he was left, he was confident that he could claim his life.

The white-haired youth let out a pitiless laugh, his blood-red eyes turning a duller, darker shade of red. "Yi clan, it ends here. The skeleton of a member of the Yi clan is a treasure that the demon clan must possess. To think that I would have such luck!"

Gang Dalei was breathing heavily, his body severely weakened. Even his mental state was not optimal. And suddenly facing those dark red eyes, he felt a wave of fatigue. His massive body swayed. It looked like he was about to keel over at any second.

That white-haired youth had a look of joy, flying forward. He drew a black, bone sword from his sleeves. Its cold edge was unusually sharp. With the flick of his wrist, the bone sword sliced toward Gang Dalei's neck.

But at this moment, the white-haired youth suddenly changed directions. His body darted sideways without warning, turned, and sliced the bone sword behind him!


Thud, thud, thud—

A figure appeared out of thin air, repelled backward from the white-haired youth's attack. The figure took multiple steps back. The white-haired youth, however, remained still, having comfortably blocked the attack with the bone sword in his hand.

The white-haired youth glared at Su Yu. "You wish to launch a sneak attack on me? With your measly cultivation level?" But the youth before him was oddly familiar. Suddenly realizing who it was, he said in surprise, "What is going on? They let you escape!"

A Half God had been sent in pursuit, yet Su Yu was here. It was clear that Su Yu had used his methods of concealment and had managed to flee for his life.

Buzz, buzz—

The white-haired youth looked down. A strange, thick circle of hair appeared on his ring finger.

"This is… curse techniques!" he said. "No!"

The white-haired youth exerted force without hesitation, severing the strands of hair, but deep wounds were still visible around his finger.

From far away, Qin Jiuyang flew over quickly. He had recuperated for a little while, and his condition was stable. He stood beside Su Yu, then looked at Gang Dalei and let out a low grunt. "Wake!"

There was an eerie aura of incantation in his words, Gang Dalei, who was slipping into unconsciousness, instantly jolted awake.

Looking at the situation around him, Gang Dalei had surprise written on his face. "Qin Jiuyang, I'm glad to see you're all right!"

Qin Jiuyang gave an awkward smile. "It is because Brother Black Snow reached me in time and saved me. Otherwise, I would have been killed by the two Half Gods."

"Brother Black Snow?" Gang Dalei was shocked. He had thought that Qin Jiuyang had saved Su Yu; instead, it had been Su Yu who saved Qin Jiuyang. But when he thought about it, it was possible that Qin Jiuyang had weakened the Half Gods before Su Yu swooped in to claim the credit. After all, Qin Jiuyang was no weakling.

The white-haired youth made the same assumption. He could not see how Su Yu could threaten him. He must have taken advantage of an opportunity to have been able to save the other party.

Noticing this misunderstanding, Qin Jiuyang let out a better laugh but did not explain it any further. "Dalei, let's work together and deal with this one quickly," he said. "We have to leave soon. There is a leader called Xue Ling, and he is the most powerful Half God amongst them. You and I are injured and have expended a lot of our spiritual energy. If we meet that person, we might be in grave danger."

Hearing this, Gang Dalei and Su Yu naturally had no objections.

The white-haired youth let out a cold laugh. "Humph! You think three injured fighters can deal with me?" His eyes released a blood-red glow, enveloping everyone present.

Gang Dalei was shocked. "Careful! Don't look in his eyes!"

Qin Jiuyang and Su Yu immediately looked down, not meeting the white-haired youth's gaze.

But a mocking smile surfaced on the white-haired youth's lips. "Who told you that you could avoid my attack just by not looking at me?"

"Huh?" said Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang.

But it was too late to do anything now. Three blood-red rings of light shot out from the white-haired youth's eyes, imprinting on them and entering their bodies.


Gang Dalei took the brunt of the attack twice, slumping onto the ground. Qiu Jiuyang struggled for a moment, letting out a roar of injustice as he, too, fell shakily! This person's technique was incredibly strange! To so easily knock out two fighters of the same caliber—demon based techniques were unbelievably overbearing! Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang were like lambs about to be slaughtered.


The white-haired youth exhaled, his body shuddering, suddenly much paler than he had been. It was clear that this overbearing technique had taken a toll on his body.

"Finally…" the white-haired youth said, not even taking the time to catch his breath.

But he frowned, realizing one figure still stood tall. Not only was he completely uninjured, but was looking at him with a faint smile!

"You… are fine?" said the white-haired youth in disbelief.

Two Half Gods had been knocked out, yet a mere Heaven Master was unaffected!

"So, it was a soul attack," said Su Yu with a smirk. "It's no wonder they both fell from that attack!"

The red ring of light did indeed have a dizzying effect on him. But his soul was unnaturally strong. Coupled with the fact that he had the Nine-Dragon Cauldron as a defense, he was able to effortlessly resist that attack.

The white-haired youth collected himself, heaving a sigh of relief. "You are rather unusual. But your cultivation level is too low to be a threat. If your abilities were a tad stronger, I might need to be cautious of you."

The white-haired youth now knew that if Gang Dalei and that person using the curse techniques were to wake up, it would be difficult to deal with these three, given his current condition. But his only conscious opponent was just a Heaven Master-level fighter.

"I'll send you on your way first," said the white-haired youth, casually letting loose a bolt of demonic energy. The energy turned into a long sword, piercing toward Su Yu's chest.


A golden dagger appeared in Su Yu's palms. With a twirl, he easily blocked the demonic energy, shattering it to pieces.

The white-haired youth furrowed his brow in surprise, but the shattered demonic energy reformed into a long sword once again, slicing down on Su Yu at close range. Su Yu seemed to be expecting this. He sliced down with his dagger without hesitation, and the longsword of demonic energy shattered once again.

The white-haired youth could not hide his shock. "Hmm… You seem to have a little understanding of the demon-based techniques used by the Soul Seizing Palace."

How could he have known that Su Yu had engaged in direct combat with the person using the demonic hammer? He was well aware of how to stay on guard against demonic energy like this.

"In other words, I have to attack you directly."

The white-haired youth took out a purple umbrella from his waist. It was covered in complex etchings, and a twirling light flickered from within it.

A powerful spiritual pressure assaulted Su Yu. It was nearly as powerful as facing a high-grade divine artifact.

"Hehe! This is my Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella," said the white-haired youth. "You should count yourself fortunate to die by this umbrella."

The white-haired youth slowly opened the umbrella. A ball of purple light enveloped him. Su Yu was cautious but realized the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella was only enveloping the white-haired youth; it was not doing anything else out of the ordinary.

But as he watched, the sky above his head suddenly turned purple. Large billows of purple clouds slowly descended, covering a 100-zhang radius with Su Yu at the center. The temperature rose sharply within the area of the purple glow. In an instant, the temperature was even higher than that of the fire origin!

The large area of grasslands around Su Yu quickly withered, bursting into flames. In an instant, the area had become a sea of fire. The millions of skeletons on the ground—which had never decomposed, despite all the time that had passed—were all burning rapidly away! Even the air was combusting.

Everything within the 100-zhang radius was burning. Sky, earth, and air alike—everything was being engulfed by the purple flames, melting it all away.

Only the white-haired youth holding the purple umbrella was uninjured, protected by the umbrella's purple light!

Su Yu's expression changed. Was this a demon-based treasure, and it was immensely powerful. Other than the white-haired youth, everything in the 100-zhang radius was being burned to nothing.

A black glow appeared around Su Yu as his black armor enveloped him. Under Su Yu's control, the vital energy crystal in the middle released waves of vital energy, activating the Eternal Stone King Armor. A layer of black light shot out from the armor, enveloping Su Yu as the purple flames approached.

The purple flames finally made their way to Su Yu.

Buzz, buzz, buzz—

The black protective veil shuddered for a moment but quickly settled. Su Yu remained unscathed no matter how strong the purple flames outside the veil were.

The pupils of the white-haired youth dilated, his expression visibly astounded. "What armor is that? To be able to guard against the fire of the purple sun!"

Su Yu did not reply. Without expression, he took out nine iron needles and tossed them into the air. At that moment, the nine iron needles danced in a circle, surrounding the white-haired youth, sealing his path of escape.

"Die!" Su Yu said coldly, activating the Nine Yin Yang formation.

The nine iron needles flew toward each other, forming multiple afterimages in the air, creating a giant web. Within the formation, one would suffer powerful attacks from all angles.

The white-haired youth finally faltered as he felt the horrible threat of the formation. His expression slowly became fearful. "A whole set of divine artifacts?" he said. "And a set that complements a formation?"

Without hesitation, he put away his Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, turning as he attempted to charge out of the formation made by the needles.

The formation rotated, completely blocking off his chances of escape.

An iron needle pierced through his shoulder. The second pierced his thigh and the third through his abdomen. The fourth…

Repeatedly and mercilessly, the nine iron needles pierced through the body of the white-haired youth, unrelenting despite the pathetic cries of the youth.

"Stop! Stop at once!" the white-haired youth wailed.

He had been pierced in nine places, and his injuries were serious. But Su Yu had no intention of stopping. The iron needles started flying once again. As one flew close to his dantian, the white-haired youth grew incredibly fearful. The threat of death had descended upon him.

"Please stop!" he screamed. "I'll do whatever you ask of me!"

The white-haired youth tried to escape from the formation, but he was too deep within it. There was no chance of escape.

Suddenly, the formation slowed down. Su Yu formed seals with one hand, still trapping the white-haired youth within the formation.

"That Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella," said Su Yu. "Erase your imprints on it and toss it out to me!"

The white-haired youth grew furious at Su Yu's conditions. "You wish to take my treasure? Fat chance!"