The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

461 Soul Seizing Demon

When he was thinking about whether it was an illusion, he became stupefied abruptly. There were a total of twelve ribs on the skeleton.

However, there were only eleven shadows on the ground! Hence, one of the ribs did not have a shadow!!

At once, Su Yu felt that this was strange. However, he remained calm and laughed, "Since all of you do not want the skeleton, I shall take it."

Eh? Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang became suspicious at once, and they examined the skeleton again. When they confirmed that there was indeed nothing unusual about it, their suspicions were slightly dispelled.

As for that Yu Chan, she took a glance at Su Yu profoundly. The group of them left the secret room. After that, what appeared in front of them was a vast grassland. The dark green and open grassland, which stretched to the horizon, caused everyone to feel relaxed and joyful.

A cool breeze blew past the grassland. The delicate fragrance of green grass, which the cool breeze carried, blew against them. This caused them to feel refreshed and comfortable. However, when Su Yu and his group of people looked at the green grassland, they frowned at the same time.

"The grassland is too quiet," Qin Jiuyang said in a serious voice.

Su Yu nodded his head slightly. When he used his Soul Eyes to check out the area, his pupils could not help but shrink vigorously. In his field of vision, he discovered that, what was below the green-colored grassland, was not soil. Instead, it was over ten thousand corpses!

There were fresh corpses, as well as extremely old corpses. A thick of layer of those corpses covered the bottom of the grassland.

Those dark green grasses were actually growing atop countless corpses. It was to the extent that there were no insects at all at their current location, and as such, it was deathly silent.

"This should be notorious Corpse Grassland." Yu Chan, who came out from the secret room as well, frowned deeply, as he spoke, "We have really chosen the most terrible transportation spell."

Gang Dalei said in a serious voice, "Which part of the Corpse Grassland is dangerous?"

Yu Chan shook her head, replying, "I have no idea. Because, everyone who entered the Corpse Grassland is all dead, and no one knew which part of the Corpse Grassland was dangerous. However, this place is definitely a forbidden area."

Su Yu flew into the sky to look once around around the area. He discovered that the secret room below his feet was situated atop a pitch-black mountain rock.

When he scanned the area widely, he discovered that the vast grassland only contained a mountain rock, which was below his feet, and that all the remaining places were green grassland that was extremely neat. It was as if the secret room that they were at was a small boat that was floating atop a dark green ocean.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu took out a stone casually, then threw it onto the green grassland. Qin Jiuyang and his group of people could not help but observe everything carefully as well.

However, when the stone landed on the grassland, no changes occurred, and it did not result in any activities. That caused the people on site to be even more confused. Exactly which part of the Corpse Grassland was dangerous?

Su Yu's pupils turned slightly serious, as he warned, "Someone is approaching us!"

Following Su Yu's gaze, in the horizon, a flying ship that was flying slowly in the skies of the grassland, could be seen faintly. That flying ship was pitch-black in color, and there was a symbol of a giant skull on it.

Having seen such a symbol before, Su Yu could not help but be stunned. How similar was that symbol to the symbol of a pirate ship that he had once known in his previous life? However, this pirate ship was filled with extremely strong spiritual energy, which kept the ship floating in the sky, and also allowed it to fly quickly.

Without waiting for Gang Dalei and two other people to reveal a tiny bit of happiness, Yu Chan's expression changed greatly, as he declared, "Not good! It is the martial artists of the Soul Seizing palace!"

Soul Seizing Palace? Thinking about it, it should be a force of the Jiuzhou continent. Moreover, looking at Yu Chan's expression, it seemed like the people of the Soul Seizing Palace were quite frightening.

Seeing that Su Yu and his group of people were at a loss, Yu Chan said shockingly, "Could it be that all of you have never heard of the Soul Seizing Palace?"

"Have all of you never heard of the bad reputation of the Soul Seizing Palace within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands?" Yu Chan had an unexpected expression as he questioned them.

Su Yu did not answer, but kept questioning instead, "May I ask, what kind of existence is the Soul Seizing Palace?"

"The Soul Seizing Palace is a demonic, technique-based force that has a high ranking within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! They have occupied a Heavenly Land forcefully. Moreover, their disciples are famous for being cruel and unreasonable. In the outside world, they did not dare be very unreasonable, as they were fearful of hurting their relationships with other forces. However, in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, no one stood in their way. Hence, if we come across them, we will most likely be fraught with grim possibilities!"

People who practice demonic techniques? Su Yu felt cold.

He had never fought with someone who practiced demonic techniques, and he did not know how strong were the these strong martial artists who practiced demonic techniques in the world of Jiuzhou.

With his Soul Eyes, he swept past the flying ship.He managed to see everyone in the flying ship clearly. After finishing his surveillance, his face could not help but change gradually: "Seven Half Gods, and the abilities of at least two of them have achieved peak."

Looking at Su Yu and his group of people in comparison, apart from Yu Chan and Gang Dalei, Su Yu and Qin Jiuyang were not considered to have achieved the peak. Moreover, the other party had seven people!

Apart from that, the ship contained strong martial artists of Human King level, and there were no fewer than twenty of them. As for Heaven Masters, there were more than a hundred of them!

If they broke out in war, there would only be chances of victory if Su Yu ignored everyone and used all his cards. However, that was just an ideal situation. It was also possible that he would still die, even though he had revealed all his cards!

"Seven people!" Yu Chan's expression changed greatly. "Not good! We might have come across the main force of the Soul Seizing Palace!"

"This time around, the Soul Seizing Palace has dispatched a total of two teams. One of the teams consisted of a disciple outside the Sanctum, who was ranked number ten in the Soul Seizing Palace and acted alone. However, the other team is the main force, which consisted of Seven Gods, as well as a great number of people." Yu Chan's expression was ghastly pale.

However, she spoke again straight away, "However, our luck is still not so bad! We still have some chances of escaping from this main force. If we had come across that demonic techniques-based disciple outside the Sanctum, the four of us would have ended up in his hands."

Su Yu's expression changed slightly. The disciple outside the Sanctum, who was ranked number ten in the Soul Seizing Palace, was actually so strong?

The four of them had the experience of teaming up and fighting against a first-rate Half God ghost. However, Yu Chan's words were still as such. Hence, it could be seen that the so-called disciples outside the Sanctum were probably a lot more frightening than the ghost!

"Not good! They are heading toward our location!" The flying ship had turned around abruptly, and it was now heading toward them.

"Leave quickly!" Yu Chan shouted, taking the lead in running away in the opposite direction.

Su Yu and his group of people did not dare lag behind as well, and they turned around and escaped.

Whiz, whiz, whiz-

In the blink of an eye, the four of them moved as fast as lightning, disappearing into the vast grassland. Suddenly, with a rumbling sound, the flying ship descended at the top of the black-colored stone.

With a rustling sound, seven figures descended from atop the rock. It was the seven Half Gods that Su Yu had seen!

The leader was a blood-haired young man. Strangely, his eyeballs were white in color, which caused people to tremble with fear. His eyeballs fixed onto Su Yu and his group of people, who were now far away, and his face revealed a ferocious expression: "Humph! There was actually someone here earlier than us. Could it be that they also knew that this place was the place where Divine Master Tu Mo died?"

As for the person beside him, he had white hair, and his eyeballs were blood red in color. This person said, "Let's go in first, and we will be able to find out what has happened."

The seven of them entered the secret room, faced instantly with a scene of one great, big mess. The blood-haired young man's pale eyeballs shot a ferocious gaze: "Damn it! Who was the one that leaked the information, which resulted in those people coming here first? Our Soul Seizing Palace had paid an extremely heavy price in order to obtain this place where Divine Master Tu Mo died! Because of this, in order to enter the Corpse Grassland, we paid another great price to buy this warship!"

The white-haired young man was surprised and bewildered. When he examined the spell slightly, he muttered, "Senior Brother Xue Ling, they might not have known that this place is the place where Divine Master Tu Mo died. Look!"

The blood-haired young man took a look at the transportation spell, which had been used before, and began to understood slightly, saying, "Pursue them immediately! We might still be able to catch up to them now. If the spiritual pet of Divine Master Tu Mo acknowledges someone else as its Master, it will be extremely bad!"

After hearing what was said, the seven people changed into light shadows, then rushed out of the secret room. They returned to the warship quickly, ascertained the direction of Su Yu and his group of people, and pursued them hastily.

During their journey, Su Yu completely didn't understand, and so asked, "Miss Yu Chan, since the Corpse Grassland is a forbidden area, why did they come in recklessly?"

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan started to ponder, then said seriously, "I have no idea. However, I think that the person who plotted to do so must be someone extremely powerful!"

The hearts of the four of them sank at once. When the Soul Seizing Palace took risks to enter the forbidden area, if they happened to chance upon Su Yu and his group of them, they would most likely not leave them alone.

As expected, continuous roaring sounds could be heard from behind them. It was that extremely big flying ship, which was now pursuing them at an astonishing speed. Looking at its speed, it was not much weaker than those of the Fairy Realm! Hence, how could the four of them compete with such a flying ship?

"We shall split up and escape. If you can escape, good for you!" Yu Chan said through gritted teeth, while dashing toward another direction.

Gang Dalei also gritted his teeth, as he took out three jade pendants from his chest, and said, "Each of us shall take one of these. By dripping blood onto this jade pendant, we will be able to sense the direction of one another. After escaping, we will use this method to meet up!"

"However…" Gang Dalei's tone changed, and he said seriously, "If any of us is captured, you must destroy this jade pendant, to prevent the enemies from using it to look for the others!"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu and Qin Jiuyang felt that the situation was grave, so they nodded their heads firmly. All of them then split up, before heading out in different directions.

Observing this with this special observation powers, the seven people within the warship were not surprised by this tactic...

"Senior Brother Xue Ling, I will pursue that woman!" The white-haired young man licked his lips with excitement.

The blood-haired young man shook his head slightly, rebutting, "No! That woman is White Lotus Yu Chan, who is quite well known, and she has many defensive abilities that are impossible for you to break! Leave her to me, and you shall take care of that light person, as he doesn't look like a normal Half God. Just remember to bring two more persons with you. As for the one remaining Half God and one Heaven Master, I will leave both of them up to all of you."

After his speech, the blood-haired young man ascertained Yu Chan's direction, then pursued her quickly. As for the white-haired young man, he ascertained Gang Dalei's direction, brought another two Half Gods with him, and set off immediately.

Two other Half Gods then pursued Qin Jiuyang. As for the remaining Half God, he brought three Human Kings with him, and headed toward the direction of Su Yu.

Su Yu turned his head to take a look. When he saw who his pursuers were, he heaved a sigh of relief slightly. It was good that the first-rate Half God did not pursue him. Su Yu's eyes brightened up slightly and he slowed down gradually.

The Half God demonic technique-based martial artist raised his eyebrows, questioning, "Oh? He gave up so quickly?" A tiny bit of joking expression appeared on his face: "However, it is a pity that I might not allow you to surrender!"

In his eyes, since Su Yu was a Heaven Master, it was highly likely that Su Yu would choose to surrender, since he was pursued by a Half God and a few Human Kings. Su Yu stopped gradually, stood at his position, and waited for them quietly. After sweeping his eyes past their backs, confirming that they were the only ones who pursued him, Su Yu's eyeballs revolved slightly.

"Little kid, come with me. Do you wish for you to invite you, or will you come over of your own accord?" The demonic technique-based Half God flew over, placed his hands inside his sleeves, and asked with a true yet fake smile.