The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

440 Striking a Deal with the Ghos

Su Yu's expression was grave as he calmly flew in the direction of the Heavenly Law Alliance's battleship. He had thought that he was going to do battle against a mysterious Half God. He did not expect the Ghost King to fall under that Half God's control!

He had witnessed how powerful the Ghost King was. Su Yu's heart chilled!


The black cloud under the feet of the Ghost King was incredibly fast. It did not take long before it caught up to Su Yu. It opened its mouth to shoot out two stone pillars.

Su Yu's heart sank. A large portion of his purple lightning was being used to suppress the white-green lightning within his body. He could only utilize a fragment of that. Coupled with the battle at the sacrificial altar, he had already exhausted most of his usable purple lightning. If he continued using his purple lightning, the suppressed white-green lightning would erupt. The outcome could be worse than death.

Thinking for a moment, Su Yu threw out a red amulet he found in Qi Ming's storage space. Red lightning assaulted the Ghost King. The ghost energy around the Ghost King flickered, turning into a giant shield forcefully blocking the lightning. Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu once again widened the distance between them.

The Ghost King grunted, determining Su Yu's direction, and began its pursuit!

The chase carried on for half a day over 100,000 miles of the vast ocean, and Su Yu's spirit energy was slowly depleting. His heart sank a bit. He had a few Frost Moon Dew Pills given to him by Phoenix Master Qiu that could replenish his spirit energy. But the other party was hot in pursuit. He was bound to run out of the pills sooner or later. Fleeing for his life this way was not a solution.

With a glint in his eyes, Su Yu took advantage of the last shreds of spirit energy he had left. He put away his wings and took on a battle pose!

The ability of this Ghost King was far stronger than an Asura's. In fact, Su Yu guessed that even the three Half Gods in the Heavenly Law Alliance might not be able to win against it in one-on-one combat. Su Yu had to use the last vital energy crystal in his body and activate the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

With a thought, a slit opened from the Cosmos Mirror. It had just opened when an alarming sword aura charged into the sky, forming a 100-zhang mark on the surface of the ocean.

The Ghost King's expression changed from a ferocious laugh to something more rigid, its skin crawling. It not only stopped chasing after Su Yu but retreated several hundred zhang. It looked at Su Yu in surprise.

"A lightning-based semi-manufactured spiritual artifact?" said the Ghost King, his expression immensely grave. "Just who are you? For a mere junior from the Void World to have a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!"

Su Yu had a thought. Suppressing the sword aura of the Cosmos Thunder Sword, he glared at the Ghost King. "Why should I tell you?"

The gaze of the Ghost King flickered as it murmured to itself. A moment later, its killing intent receded. The ghost energy around its body also subsided as it said, "You wish to obtain the Undead Herb of the Netherworld?"

Eh? Su Yu was a little surprised. "What do you wish to say?"

The Ghost King crossed its arms, a glint flashing in its eyes. "I wish to strike a deal with you. I'll give you the Undead Herb of the Netherworld if you help me kill that old bastard!" The Ghost King had a fierce glow in its eyes.

Su Yu stroked his chin, a little moved. "This person is a Soul Body and has many secrets. I might have to exhaust all my means to kill him. If that is the case, you might take the opportunity to kill me after that."

The Ghost King laughed. "You need not strike now! Your abilities are not weaker than a Human King's. I believe that you would attend the Mysterious Heavenly Divine pavilion. There are many dangers there, as well as many opportunities to kill him. As long as you promise to help me kill him, the Undead Herb of the Netherworld is yours!"

Su Yu was moved, nodding his head. "All right, I'll promise! But I would need two of the Undead Herb of the Netherworld!"

With a laugh, the Ghost King opened its mouth to spit, revealing two strands of black hair. The Undead Herb of the Netherworld were the hairs on the Ghost Kings head.

"That is easy!" said the Ghost King. "Now that I am being controlled by that old man, the treasures on me all belong to him. What harm would it be to give them to you?"

At the same time, it spat out a yellow scroll. It was the Heart Oath Scroll! With the Heart Oath Scroll present, the Ghost King was not afraid that Su Yu would go back on his word. After which, the oath was completed. Su Yu obtained the two Undead Herbs of the Netherworld, and the two reached an agreement.

The Ghost King was satisfied, laughing loudly. "Great! I look forward to your cooperation at the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!"

After saying this, it tore off an arm with a fierce glow in its eyes. Only by feigning injury could it fool the elder.

"I will also give you this arm," said the Ghost King. "You seem to have some of my bloodline. There is the blood essence of the Ghost King within this arm, making it able to purify your bloodline and boost the powers of your bloodline of the Evil Ghost. This is something the descendants of the Gui clan can only dream about!" The Ghost King laughed.

Su Yu was shocked. He accepted the arm with one hand, observing the blood flowing within. A warm energy, as well as great excitement, welled in his heart.

"Only if your abilities improve can you kill that old bastard." The ghost energy around the Ghost King pulsed as it disappeared into a ball of cloud.

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings. He only stored the arm and left after he confirmed that no one had witnessed this scene.

Several thousand miles away, the Ghost King in the dark cloud had a crafty look in its eyes. "Hehe. Do you think my blood essence is that useful? If you really use it to purify your bloodline, you will have fallen into my trap. I can then control your life and death with a thought!"


Following which, Su Yu honored the agreement and appeared in the vicinity of the Heavenly Law Alliance.

Phoenix Master Qiu was already waiting there. "Your spirit energy seems to be even purer than when I met you half a month ago! So, did you find out where the Undead Herb of the Netherworld was?"

Su Yu sighed. "I only managed to obtain a sliver of information. I think there is not much hope for me to cultivate the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes." It was not convenient for him to tell anyone about the deal with the Ghost King.

Phoenix Master Qiu was not surprised. She would have been even more suspicious if Su Yu had found an item as precious as the Undead Herb of the Netherworld. "Don't lose heart!" Phoenix Master Qiu consoled before taking out a jade box. "I have succeeded in cultivating the Dragon Abyss Elixir."

Su Yu was elated. The Dragon Abyss Elixir was finally successfully cultivated! "Thank you, Phoenix Master Qiu!" he said with gratitude.

After exchanging some words, Su Yu turned to leave, heading to the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds to honor the arrangement.

Su Yu had just left when a beautiful lady flew in from the horizon. She was dressed elegantly, her expression cold as ice.

Phoenix Master Qiu's expression turned serious but then turned polite as she waited silently.

"Miss Wuxin," she said. "The Alliance Master has waited for a long time. Why did you delay your return by half a month?"

It was Long Wuxin, Long Juexin's daughter, the female genius with the highest possibility of breaking through to the Fairy Realm.

Her gaze swept past Phoenix Master Qiu as she descended. Long Wuxin did not have much respect. "Eh, there were some delays. Phoenix Master Qiu, does the intelligence department under your control know of the Black Snow Devil King's background?"

Phoenix Master Qiu was secretly shocked. What happened during Long Wuxin's trip for her to ask about the Black Snow Devil King the moment she returned?

"This person is incredibly mysterious," said Phoenix Master Qiu. "We have not been able to ascertain his background… But he just left."

"What? He is still alive?" Long Wuxin's cold eyes dilated, her heart shocked. He had clearly been devoured by the Ghost King. How could he still be alive?

Phoenix Master Qiu was surprised. It seemed that there was something going on between the Black Snow Devil King and Long Wuxin!

With her gaze flickering, Long Wuxin said in a serious tone, "Phoenix Master Qiu, please use all your efforts to gather every piece of news about the Black Snow Devil King!"

To be able to escape from the stomach of the Ghost King—no, to be able to escape from the mysterious elder with the Soul Body. This was no ordinary person!