The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

381 Xianer And Feng Xian


The Heavenly Eyes glowed brilliantly. They then emitted a purple and white divine light, respectively.

When the divine light was emitted, the sky rumbled and the earth shook. All the living things within 10,000 miles recoiled on the ground. It was as if that ancient heavenly pagoda had left and returned.

All the people of the Phoenix Cabinet were extremely shocked. This was the Pure Divine Decree that Su Yu had attained by training in a way that defied the natural order!

How was this within the capability of the martial arts of human beings? It could almost compete with the Heavenly Wrath!


The divine light passed through 100,000 feet and created an infinite number of fragmentary shadows in the sky. The divine light ignored time and space. At nearly the same moment that Shen Kong escaped into the Eternal Mask, he was shot by the divine light—a divine light that could shake the world, including the Eternal divine artifact.

The collision everyone expected did not occur. Instead, the divine light pierced through the Eternal Mask!

"Ah! No!"

A cry was heard from within the Eternal Mask. After which, the surrounding space shook, and the divine light that was shot into the mask came out after zigzagged back and forth.

At the same time, the divine light pierced through a figure and was shot toward the horizon. It was clear that the figure was Shen Kong, who had escaped into the space in the mask, but his chest was penetrated by the two rays of divine light, causing his blood and flesh to splash about. His whole body was enveloped in purple and white raging flames, and he was burning vigorously.

The extreme pain caused Shen Kong's handsome face to become distorted. Now, his face looked hideous.

"Yin Yu, stop this now!" Shen Kong roared with pain continuously.

Su Yu was not swayed by his words.

Back when Shen Kong had wanted to kill him, would he have ever held back? At the moment, when Shen Kong had wanted to kill him, had he held back? Toward an enemy, Su Yu had never been merciful.

Su Yu lifted his hands and snapped his fingers.


Shen Kong crashed onto the ground, turned into a lump of ashes, and dispersed across the sky. The roaring voice ceased abruptly.

The mask acted as if it had lost its owner. It fell onto the ground and made a melodious noise.


The whole place was deathly silent! They looked at the ashes drifting about! They were Shen Kong's ashes!

Even if he had escaped into space—even if he had escaped into the divine artifact—he was still unable to avoid the deadly attack from the Heavenly Eyes.

He was one of the Heaven Masters of the north continent. And just like that, his life had been extinguished by the Heavenly Eyes, quietly and easily!

The Phoenix Cabinet's Master's brilliant eyes were filled with fear. In her heart, a rarely experienced fear of death appeared that had remained quiet for many years. Shen Kong's death allowed her, a Heaven Master as well, to understand that even if she were an Immortal Level Five, it did not mean that she could live forever. There were many individuals in the universe who could kill them. For example, Yin Yu!

Shen Kong had died and disappeared from the world. All his prominence had been turned into mist. The once invincible legend in the north continent had fallen in the end.

During a pinnacle fight on the north continent, where two generations of legends clashed in front of an audience of 10,000, the curtain had fallen with the death of Shen Kong. The new generation's legendary king had been born! Yin Yu would forever be the legendary genius on the north continent as well as the real king who suppressed countless generations of Heaven Rulers.

He was the invincible legend.

Taking the entire north continent into consideration, among the people of the same generation, no one else could compete with him. No. Even if it were a Heaven Master, he would also be stepped on under the foot of this king of the geniuses.

This very day and night would be unforgettable in the lives of all present. For everyone on site, no matter how many more years they lived—even the elderly who did not have much time left—they would not forget the match on this day, not forget the birth of a legendary king, which they saw with their own eyes.


Su Yu extended his hands and grabbed the void. The Eternal Mask appeared in his palms. It had a simple bronze color and marks showing that it had experienced many vicissitudes of life, and it also had space fluctuations that could be faintly seen.

"This belongs to me," Su Yu said.

He treated the situation as though there was no one else besides him, and he kept the Eternal Mask, tucking it into his chest. No one disagreed with his actions. No one thought of snatching the Eternal Mask as well, even though it was a middle-grade divine artifact and an ancestor garrison divine artifact of the north continent's super force!

Even the Phoenix Cabinet's Master hesitated at that moment and gave up on stopping Su Yu. To her, the Eternal Mask was an exceptional divine artifact. With it, there would be very few people who could injure her. However, so what if she obtained it? In front of the Heavenly Eyes, the Eternal Mask was as good as nothing.

Su Yu took a step forward and came in front of the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. He was only 100 feet away from it. Only 100 feet! After experiencing life and death many times, he was finally 100 feet away.

"Please come out," Su Yu said.

He was indifferent. His dark red eyes were cold and heartless. He only wished to see Xianer for the last time, to clear up everything and sever the bonds between them.

The audience of 10,000 spoke seriously and stared as they witnessed this final moment. Yin Yu had gone against Heaven and fought for his life. All of this was for the sake of Feng Xian. Now, everything had finally been settled. Would Feng Xian follow him from this moment onward or refuse him flatly, such that both of them become strangers in the world?

The eyes of countless women were filled with envy. Even Feng Xian's master, the Phoenix Cabinet's Master, found it difficult to banish the envy from her mind.

In everyone's life, they could only have one partner. Hence, whom could they wish for? A prominent talent and the best of young men had actually dared to go against Heaven and sought survival in a hopeless situation. Moreover, he did not turn back; all of this had been done just to meet her. With such a lover, what woman would not be envious? Moreover, in the hearts of many women, Feng Xian might not be worthy enough to be with such an outstanding young man.

"Although you have won," she said, "I do not wish to marry you. Please leave."

Although the words were apathetic, they were unusually resolute. She had rejected Su Yu!

"What a heartless woman!" Zhong Luan said in a serious tone.

Jiang Mufei's beautiful eyes were filled with envy. "I agree! Yin Yu charged ahead regardless of his safety and defied the natural order. All of this was done just to see her. However, the results are as such."

Many women heaved a sigh of relief and became slightly more cheerful. If Yin Yu really married Feng Xian, they would be at a loss.

The Phoenix Cabinet's Master spoke nonchalantly. "Feng-er, Shen Kong has died. Even though Yin Yu is head over heels for you, you still reject him? Why?"

A holy and pure aura drifted out from the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. It was like that of a supreme fairy, full of dignity and grace. It was clear she did not wish to fool around.

"Master, I understand that Mister Yin Yu has deep feelings for me," she replied. "However, I cannot accept someone whom I do not like. Mister Yin Yu, please find someone else."

Although her words were gentle, they gave off an arrogant feeling, as though she stood at the top and looked down on others.

"I only wish to see you," Su Yu repeated for the last time.

A graceful voice drifted over indifferently from the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair: "Since I don't love you, is there a need for us to meet? Mister, please leave."

She was unwilling to even see him?

Jiang Mufei's jade-like nose wrinkled slightly in a frown. "What a hypocritical woman. She is so haughty! If she wants to reject Yin Yu, what's wrong with coming out and rejecting him face to face? Why must she sit in the sedan chair arrogantly and magnanimously! Perhaps she can then show everyone that she rejected the legendary king proudly!"

Zhong Luan frowned as well and was a bit unhappy. "Yin Yu has such deep feelings for yet. Why would he fall in love with such a woman? This one is really not worth his time."

People with deep awareness realized that Feng Xian was being reserved intentionally. She was unwilling to come out even though the legendary king implored her to be friendly in front of the geniuses of the north continent. From this, it could be seen that she was doing it intentionally. This incident would ensure that her name would spread afar.

Even though Su Yu had defeated the geniuses of the north continent, he was unable to get Feng Xian to even look at him. With that, Feng Xian would undoubtedly rise even higher.

The Phoenix Cabinet's Master realized her disciple's intention and could not help but frown. As she was about to reprimand her, Su Yu moved!


Su Yu raised his palm and attacked the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. At once, the magnificent and magnanimous celestial sedan chair fell apart. The unicorn, which had been leisurely eating grass to the side, neighed and retreated with fright.

Su Yu's actions were too sudden, and no one had expected it. Within the celestial sedan chair, a beautiful figure, taken completely by surprise, staggered and almost fell onto the ground in embarrassment!

When everyone looked over, they were stunned. She was a snow-clothed woman. Her skirt was like snow, and it swayed about like a celestial being. Her long black hair extended behind her back and floating gently behind her. She had a classical, jade-like look, and her facial features looked as though they were carved. She had clear eyes, white teeth, a jade-like nose, and rosy lips.

Her skin was white as snow and her bone structure was like beautiful jade. Her figure was graceful. Even her shadow was beautiful. Looking at her from any angle, there was no room for criticism of this extremely beautiful woman.

The holy and pure aura that her body gave off naturally allowed a woman like her, who was as beautiful as a goddess, to give others a feeling that she was a celestial being instead of a human being. It was as if she were a high-ranking goddess banished from Heaven. She held her head high, and she was holy, pure, and refined. When she appeared in the world, it caused all the women on site to feel inferior. Feng Xian was too beautiful—to the extent that she did not look like a woman of the human world.

At that moment, Feng Xian stabilized her body. She was neutral, and her snow-like eyes moved coldly. "Mister Yin Yu, why must you force me to do something that I am unwilling to do? A forcibly pickled melon is not sweet. You should understand this."

As she spoke, she walked past Su Yu and did not look at him in his eyes at all.

Her lotus-like legs paused slightly. With her back to Su Yu, she sighed lightly. "Mister Yin Yu," she said, "I will accept your friendly feelings. However, it is a pity that I do not love you. I—"

Rub, rub, rub—

However, then realized that she could hear footsteps moving far away from her. Su Yu was walking toward the Phoenix Cabinet's Master. Those indifferent, depressed, and conflicted eyes glowed with dazzling energy and vitality!

"Phoenix Cabinet's Master," he said, "where is Xianer? Where is the Xianer I am looking for?"

Su Yu's words were filled with agitation and excitement, as well as happiness that had been lost but was now found again. Feng Xian was not Xianer!

She was indeed not Xianer! Su Yu felt ashamed and blamed himself for even considering it. However, he should have expected that Feng Xian was not Xianer. How could he have actually suspected Xianer of transferring her affections to someone else?

The Phoenix Cabinet's Master was puzzled. "Xianer… Isn't Feng Xian the Xianer you are looking for?"

Everyone opened their eyes wide. This… This woman whom Yin Yu had gone through so many hardships and experienced life and death so many times to see… was not Feng Xian?

Feng Xian stamped her feet on the ground, and her indifferent face turned slightly serious.

The audience of 10,000 was extremely silent. This unexpected turn of events surprised everyone.

Su Yu shook his head. "No. The person who I want to see is Xianer. Qin Xianer!"

Now, Su Yu finally understood. Shen Kong had called Feng Xian "Xian-er" to show that she was his beloved. As for Su Yu's "Xianer," it was Qin Xianer's original name. He had always thought that Feng Xian was the name of Qin Xianer in the Phoenix Cabinet. Now, it was clear that this Xianer was Feng Xian. The silliness of this simple misunderstanding caused Su Yu to blush with shame.

The audience of ten thousand did not understand and were at a loss. Qin Xianer? Who was she? Even the Phoenix Cabinet's disciples were stunned as well. They had never heard of a female disciple called Xianer in the Phoenix Cabinet.

Only the Phoenix Cabinet's Master's pupils dilated with recognition. Her eyes became filled with vigilance. She then said seriously, "Who are you?"

The real meaning behind her words was, how did Yin Yu know about Xianer?

Su Yu took out a jade box that contained a feather which gave off heat energy from his chest.