The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

362 Devouring Vortex

"What a joke! You spouted nonsense after observing the battle, then turn angry after I said two sentences? Is the Full Moon Stage the territory of the Snow Listening Tower? Only allowing you to speak without caution, but not allowing others to speak the truth?"

The people at the rest of the tables snickered.

This Jiang Mufei indeed had a glib tongue, humiliating Zhou Nianchen in just a few words.

"Hmph! Little lass, I think that you lack proper upbringing!" Zhou Nianchen shattered the wine cup in front of him, rising as he brought back his sleeves. He walked toward the center of the stage with big strides.

"I'll ask you, do you dare battle me?" Zhou Nianchen grunted.

Jiang Mufei was obviously not afraid, "What is there to be afraid of?"

Su Yu wanted to stop her, but could not make it in time.

She was ultimately still young, unable to withstand Zhou Nianchen's goading.

A cold smile surfaced on Zhou Nianchen's lips, "Ignorant!"

Whoosh ——

Zhou Nianchen's voice was still hanging in the air, when his figure disappeared.

That was his afterimage.

His real body appeared in front of Jiang Mufei!

Jiang Mufei's eyelids twitched, her expression grave.

She could not capture Zhou Nianchen's movements!

The abilities of the two were on different levels.

"I will not bully you, I will give you an advantage of two moves!" Zhou Nianchen's hands were behind his back as he coldly said.

With his abilities at Immortal Realm Level Four, giving Jiang Mufei an advantage was not an act of humiliation.

Jiang Mufei grunted, "Peach Blossom Rain!"

The Full Moon Stage was instantly covered by the petals of the peach blossom.

As if in a storm, the petals congregated to form a tornado, assaulting Zhou Nianchen.

In terms of power, it was several times more powerful than the technique she used against Mu Tianfang!

She was still hiding her abilities just now!

Zhou Nianchen's expression was calm, his face full of disdain, "The people of the Hundred Territories Alliance can only use such measly tricks!"

He stood with his hands behind him, not moving an inch.

Pitter Patter ——

But when the Peach Blossom Rain reached one zhang away from him, the blossoms all exploded, scattering as spirit energy.

Looking at Zhou Nianchen, his spirit energy is covering a zhang radius from his body!

The Peach Blossom Rain could not pierce through such a thick layer of spirit energy, instead being shattered by the spirit energy!

Comparing it to how Mu Tianfang suffered an utter defeat, the crowd was shocked.

He lived up to the reputation as an Immortal Realm Level Four. Even his spirit energy was much more powerful than an Immortal Realm Level Three.

The difference between them was vast.

"You have one more move left," Zhou Nianchen's expression was relaxed, mocking as he said.

Jiang Mufei was pale, her face full of injustice, "Hmph! It's not over!"

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh ——

She once again conjured a sky full of Peach Blossom Rain, each peach blossom turning into a sign, circling Zhou Nianchen. The peach blossoms surrounded him tightly.

"Reusing old tricks, is that interesting to you?" Within the seals of the peach blossoms came Zhou nianchen's voice of disdain.

Jiang Mufei had a cold smile, "You'll know when you try it!"

"Peach Blossom Rain!"


Suddenly, a peach blossom seal exploded!

The force was equivalent to an attack from an Immortal Realm Level Three fighter!

The resulting wave of energy caused the guests at the tables surrounding the fight to turn nervous.

"The Peach Blossom Rain… can explode? And its power is this scary?" Many of the geniuses had a serious expression.

Boom Boom Boom ——

Following that, the thousands of peach blossoms surrounding Zhou Nianchen exploded simultaneously!

The countless sounds of the explosions overlapped each other, turning into a roar that shook the horizon.

The entire Phoenix Tower shook wildly.

The roof of the tower was blasted open by the horrifying energy, the wooden supports and roof tiles turning into dust.

It rained down, covering the Full Moon Stage with dust.

Two tables of Human seats that were too close to the battle were sent flying. The people sitting at the table were sent flying out of the Phoenix Tower with a pathetic grunt.

The rest of the people had to release spirit energy in unison in order to press down the table, so as to protect themselves from being assaulted by the ripples of energy.

Even Su Yu had to gather a layer of spirit energy on the surface of his skin to prevent himself from being impacted by the violent assault.

"What a powerful secret technique!" Su Yu was secretly shocked.

The power of this technique was incredibly close to an Immortal Realm Level Four.

Su Yu asked himself if he had the confidence to face this technique head on.

He realised that he had underestimated this genius youth!

An unimaginable battle power was hidden under her pure and bubbly appearance!

It could be said that Jiang Mufei had already taken a step into Immortal Realm Level Four!

But when the dust has settled, everybody's pupils dilated as they looked at Zhou Nianchen.

Zhou Nianchen still had his hands behind his back, despite the ravaged surroundings.

His feet did not move an inch!

The dust and remnants of the explosion were spiralling half a zhang around him, never once approaching his body!

"The rotation of spirit energy has repelled the power of the explosion?" Zhong Luan voiced out, his expression grave, "It is rumoured that there is a top notch technique of the Snow Listening Tower, the Devouring Vortex! It had the shadow of a legendary level technique. After one cultivates that technique, he can control his spirit energy to form a spiral and repel above ninety percent of any attack!"

"But the difficulty in cultivating this technique is incredible. Only geniuses that had the potential to become the master of the tower could successfully cultivate this technique in the history of the Snow Listening Tower. In this generation, according to my knowledge, only Zhou Nianchen had succeeded!"

Devouring Vortex? The crowd was shocked.

An ungodly technique that had the shadows of a legendary level technique?

The unparalleled defense that could repel ninety percent of any attack?

"Unless your cultivation level is higher than his, I have not heard of anyone that could dispel the Devouring Vortex." Zhong Luan's expression was serious.

As he stood at the center of the stage, relaxed, the rotating spirit energy around Zhou Nianchyen gradually subsided, his gaze cold as he shot it toward Jiang Mufei, "Two moves are over, now I will not hold back…"

"Hmph! Only a ghost would fight you! I admit defeat!" Jiang Mufei creased her nose as she craftily admitted defeat.

The difference between the two of them was too horrifying, she would naturally not foolishly fight against him.

Zhou Nianchen grunted, "To admit defeat without even fighting, you sure brought glory to the name of the Hundred Territories Alliance!"

After saying this, Zhou Nianchen's cold gaze flickered as he shot it toward Su Yu, "You have observed the good show, do you now still have the guts to challenge me?"

The display of battle ability just now had completely flipped the crowd's understanding.

The second son of the Snow Listening Tower, Zhou Nianchen, was more terrifying than the rumors had said.

But what made the crowd freeze, was when Su Yu calmly looked at the surroundings and said, "Is there anyone that wants to battle him?"

He had wanted to step forward on multiple occasions, but was always intercepted by someone else. That was why he asked the question.

Su Yu's voice reverberated around the silent Full Moon Stage, no one replying him.

Su Yu slowly stood up, "Zhou Nianchen, you still have an hour to prepare your own coffin!"

The crowd gasped, their hearts confused.

Su Yu's previous arrogance could be brushed off as ignorance.

But to be able to say such overbearing words, after seeing Zhou Nianchen's ability, was mind boggling!

Zhou Nianchen took in a light breath, laughing in fury, "I really do not know how a foolish person like you managed to survive until this day!"

"Let's talk after our battle. If no one will collect your corpse for you, I will naturally ask someone to prepare a coffin for you. You need not worry about these matters after your death!"

Now that it had come to this, it could only be settled with a battle.

Su Yu slowly closed his eyes. When he opened them again, a fierce glow spread into the surroundings, "Let's start, a battle!"

This time, no one dared to step between them. No one had the ability to!