The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

357 Sword Demon Zhong Luan

"Also, bring your goodwill along with you and get as far away as possible!" Su Yu swept his eyes past Liu Li disdainfully: "No one asked you to be meddlesome. Please don't make too much of yourself!"

Liu Li's face turned slightly serious. After which, it returned to being calm and he looked down on Su Yu indifferently: "You are extremely thickheaded! For people like you, you must suffer losses first, before knowing when to advance and retreat."

"I will not concern myself with your matters anymore. Your life and death are none of my business. I will give you a final warning. Don't cause trouble for me."


Riding the blue eagle, Liu Li rose steeply.

Su Yu laughed nonchalantly: "What a joke. When did I ever cause trouble for you? You make too much of yourself and meddled in someone else's matters. Moreover, you also had vicious intentions!"

Liu Li shook his head slightly: "The pettier and lowlier a person is, the more likely he is to adhere to his self-esteem. Yin Yu, I really pity you."


The Blue Illusion Eagle changed into a blue fragmentary shadow and disappeared into the sky.

Su Yu sighed lightly: "I also pity you."

As if he had heard Su Yu's sigh, Liu Li, who was at the horizon, turned his head and looked at the tiny Su Yu, who was on the ground. He could not help but murmur: "You are really a person beyond redemption."

On the ground.

Su Yu turned his head and glared at Madame Yao: "Sorry for making you see a joke! Since the meddlesome person has left, you can take actions boldly with ease. Let us settle our scores."

Having understood Su Yu's identity, would Madame Yao still dare to get even with him?

Not mentioning Su Yu's identity as the Deputy Palace Master, his abilities alone were something that Madame Yao could not afford to provoke.

"Palace Master Yin Yu has misunderstood. Zhou Jing had plotted to set up the Yao family. Palace Master Yin Yu, please don't be fooled." Madame Yao's expression changed slightly, and she forced a stiff smile.

Su Yu withdrew his cold expression: "Seems like you are still sensible!"

If she really failed to tell good from bad, Su Yu really did not mind going on a killing spree and removing the Yao family's name from the rolls.

Having heard what was said, Madame Yao heaved a long sigh of relief secretly: "I have startled Mister Yin Yu. Please follow us back for a chat, and I will take advantage of that opportunity to apologize to you."

Su Yu gestured in disapproval and said indifferently: "No need, you had better look into the whereabouts of your daughter-in-law quickly."

"Also, let me ask you a question." A deep part of Su Yu's pupils was glowing brilliantly: "What kind of elixir is your Yao family's ancient elixir?"

Madame Yao's expression changed greatly, leaving her a ghastly pale.

She had merely taken Su Yu's abilities into consideration and was forced to keep her resentment to herself.

Although it was very likely that Su Yu did not kill her son, many strong martial artists of the Yao family had died at Su Yu's hands. That was a huge debt of blood.

However, not only did Su Yu kill many martial artists of the Yao family unscrupulously, he also sought after the Yao family's ancient elixir's recipe brazenly.

He was really too much.

"I am not interested in the elixir's recipe. Keep your pointless worries. I only wish to know what is the elixir used for, such that so many people scramble for it." Su Yu guessed that there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that Zhou Jing's motive was obtaining the elixir recipe.

Madame Yao was dumbfounded. She then withdrew her murderous intents, which were about to erupt abruptly, and said relaxingly: "So, you are inquiring about this. The Nine Death Elixir is not a secret, as there are many people who know about it. It only has one use: to destroy one's Dantian after he swallows it!"

"Within the Immortal Realm, it is effective at all levels."

Su Yu's eyes glowed with seriousness: "Then, your Yao family no longer had this kind of elixir, since a long time ago, right?"

Madame Yao could not help but feel surprised. It was the first time that she realized how deep Palace Master Yin Yu was.

With regards as to whether the Yao family still possessed the elixir, the outside world gave differing opinions. However, Su Yu asserted arbitrarily that the Yao family no longer had the elixir.

"Why do you think so?" Madame Yao questioned in reply.

Su Yu laughed nonchalantly: "If your Yao family still had this kind of elixir, would there be a place where your Yao family could establish itself in the north continent?"

The elixir was a nature-defying elixir that could destroy any strong martial artists of Immortal Realm. Which big force would not be fearful of it?

To them, they must absolutely be in control of such a great killing tool, as it was a lurking danger.

However, the Yao family was able to be in the Phoenix Fort safe and sound like a normal family. From that, perhaps the elixir might already be inexistent in the world.

Madame Yao was shocked. What a wise Deputy Palace Master.

She nodded her head and said seriously: "Palace Master Yin Yu is right. The elixir was lost since a long time ago! Even if you had the materials and the recipe, it is still impossible to manufacture it."

"The first Nine Death Elixir was not manufactured. Instead, it was discovered in historical remains! For hundreds of years, our Yao family had been researching on how to manufacture the elixir. However, we discovered that it is impossible to manufacture such an elixir! Because this elixir is not an item of the Zhenlong continent!"

"We lacked a mysterious energy that the Zhenlong continent did not possess. Unless a strong martial artist outside of the Zhenlong continent manufactures it personally, it will be impossible to manufacture this elixir."

"In other words, this is a useless recipe of a crippled elixir."

A mysterious energy that the Zhenlong continent did not possess? Su Yu thought to himself. Could it be that there were still regions outside the Zhenlong continent?

With that, there were no more Nine Death Elixirs in the world. That was the reason why the various super forces were at ease.

Having understood the Nine Death Elixir, Su Yu was slightly relieved.

"If that is it, I shall take my leave!" Su Yu stood up and headed for the Bright Moon Banquet.

At the Phoenix Tower.

The properties of the Phoenix Cabinet were luxurious and tall.

On normal days, there were huge crowds of people. Today, it had tight security.

Because that night was the Bright Moon Banquet, held to entertain the geniuses of various forces.

Occasionally, there were unexpected young geniuses who entered using their identities.

"Please show us your identity." A row of guards stood horizontally at the middle of the entrance and asked Su Yu for his identity.

Without hesitation, Su Yu took out the great seal of Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu.

The leader of the entrance guards, a middle-aged man of Immortal Level Three Peak,took the great seal personally and did a check.

After looking at it, he could not help but raise his eyebrows: "Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu? You?"

"Wait for a short while, I need to check whether the great seal is real." The leader was expressionless. He had a business-like tone and passed the great seal to the entrance guards.


At that moment, a figure came from the side leisurely and threw out a frosty leaf casually.

Su Yu had sharp eyes and managed to capture the name carved on the leaf clearly.

"Zhou Nianchen!"

That expressionless leader's expression changed abruptly. His expressionless face forced a smile, as he said with his fists cupped: "Welcome Mister Nianchan to the Bright Moon Banquet. Please enter."

After merely taking a glance at him, the leader returned the ice leaf with both his hands.

At that moment, Su Yu looked the person up and down.

It was a purple-shirted man of about twenty years of age. He looked so charming that even women could not compare to him. He had a tall figure and wore a purple shirt. His temperament was great and magnificent.

He strode along with his chin up and had a dignified appearance.

He extended two slender fingers and kept the ice leaf gracefully. He passed by Su Yu without being distracted and entered the Bright Moon Banquet.

In comparison, Su Yu's great seal was still being examined.

Although Su Yu was a bit dissatisfied, he restrained himself and waited patiently.

He was late in getting famous, so there were very few people in the north continent who recognized him.

At that moment, two more persons came quietly.

Both of them stood shoulder to shoulder and walked over. The person on the right hand side was about twenty years old. He wore a plain and white shirt. He appeared composed and was indifferent to fame or gain. He walked smoothly and was easygoing.

His cultivation base caused Su Yu's pupils to shrink!

Immortal Level Four!!

His abilities were so strong that it was frightening!

As for the person on the left hand side, it was a young girl who wore pink clothes. She was about eighteen years old. She looked adorable and her eyeballs spun continuously, evil-like. She looked intelligent and strange. She leaned closely to the side of a plain and white-shirted young man, looking as if she relied on him very closely.

Her abilities were slightly inferior. However, she was at the level of Immortal Level Three Peak and was not weak at all.

What strong abilities. Su Yu was secretly shocked.

The leader saw the both of them from far away and was slightly stupefied. He then said with a business-like tone: "Please show me your identity."

The beautiful eyes of the pink-shirted girl opened extremely big and she said furiously: "Hey, hey, I think your eyesight is poor. Don't you recognize the Shentian Manor's First Heavenly King, Sword Demon Zhong Luan and the Second Heavenly King, Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei?"

The Two Great Heavenly Kings of the Shentian Manor? Su Yu's gaze turned slightly narrower and he could not help but look both of them up and down cautiously.

Ever since Housemaster Zi's whereabouts became unknown, Gao Cang, who was ranked number three of theThree Great Heavenly Kings, sought refuge with Han Jianglin.

As for the other Two Great Heavenly Kings, they refused to obey Han Jianglin and were imprisoned as a result. Why did both of them appear at the Phoenix Meet now?

That leader was filled with deep veneration: "So both of you are Sword Demon Zhong Luan and Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei? Excuse me for my lack of manners!"

It was obvious that their reputations had reverberated like thunder in the leader's mind.

Zhong Luan doted on Jiang Mufei and smiled: "Mufei, wherever you are, follow the procedures. Take out your identity."

Jiang Mufei pouted her small lips. She then took out her identity unwillingly and tossed it over. She then heard Zhong Luan's pleasantly warm words: "Moreover, the famous Yin Yu is also waiting patiently. Mufei, how can you be in a rush?"

Jiang Mufei was surprised: "Yin Yu? Which Yin Yu?"

"Of course he is… our Hundred Territories Alliance's Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu." As Zhong Luan smiled, he lifted his eyes and looked toward Su Yu. He then cupped his fists from far away: "Brother Yin Yu, I have been longing to see you. Having finally seen the real person, I feel even more honored."

Jiang Mufei opened her eyes big and ran in front of Su Yu. She circled one around around Su Yu and looked him up and down, from his head to his legs, without missing anything.

Her soft, fair, and adorable small face wore an exaggerated surprised expression: "Are you really Yin Yu, that Silver Demon Genius who slaughtered more than half of the Ten Great Geniuses during the Alliance Meet?"

Silver Demon Genius? Su Yu smiled. He actually left behind such a name in the Hundred Territories Alliance?

Most probably, that day, the fact that Su Yu killed many people, and his ruthlessness, shocked the Hundred Territories Alliance. Moreover, he had unique silver hair. As such, he got the title of Silver Demon Genius.

Su Yu looked at Zhong Luan and cupped his fists to return the salute: "Greetings to Zhong Luan. It is a pity that back in the Hundred Territories Alliance, I did not have a chance to see you. I would have paid you a visit and asked for your advice."

Zhong Luan smiled warmly, as if a spring breeze caressed his cheeks: "I feel even more regretful that I am unable to get acquainted with the future legendary genius of the north continent in advance."

"If you're fine with it, I hope to ask you, the legendary genius, for advice regarding the comprehension of the Martial path."

Su Yu nodded his head with pleasure: "It's too much of an honor to give you advice. We shall exchange advices with each other."

Jiang Mufei was ignored and pouted: "Hehe, I am also good to exchange advice with! I also want this!!"

Su Yu and Zhong Luan could not help but smile at the same time.

That leader's expression finally changed.

It was really Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu!

He finally revealed a slightly respectful expression. He then took over the great seal hurriedly and returned it to Su Yu with both his hands: "So it's really Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu. I have failed to recognize a great person and I hope that Palace Master Yin Yu would forgive me!"

"Recently, there have been many strong martial artists in the city. Incidents of people with humble professions passing themselves off as strong martial artists of various territories to practice fraud had occurred repeatedly. Hence, I have to approach everyone cautiously. Please don't hold it against me."

Su Yu and Zhong Luan laughed it off and were forgiving.

As for Jiang Wufei, she did not show any mercy. Her jade-like nose wrinkled and she mumbled: "That's that. This is simply because of the fact that we are not reputable enough. Why didn't you check the identity of the Snow Listening Tower's Second Son, Zhou Nianchen, in detail?"

Compared to the Snow Listening Tower's Four Great Sons, the reputation of the Three Great Heavenly Kings of the Hundred Territories Alliance, which was situated in a remote region, was obviously inferior.