The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

343 Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor

In no time, under the dark cloud and amidst the white snow swirling in the air, the world became a world of ice.

"Tribulation! Of! Ice! And! Thunder!"

Su Yu pointed his hand toward the sky and fused with the nature's artistic ambience. It was as if Su Yu were commanding the Heaven and Earth.

Rumble, rumble-

A heavenly might created a great force of the Heaven and Earth. This great force then locked itself onto Inspector Bai He, who was under the dark cloud!


The ten thousand Chinese feet long thunder dragon, which had the power to destroy the world, descended from the dark cloud.

However, within the thunder dragon, not just a thunderbolt was hidden. There was ice hidden as well!

"Divine-grade Divine Decree!" Inspector Bai He had an astonished expression: "You actually comprehended such an insignificant thing to such a high level?"

However, it was this insignificant thing that displayed a frightening and unimaginable power.

"Second Grade Clone Technique!" In imminent peril, Inspector Bai He exhibited his strongest technique!

Revolving one-third of his spiritual energy, Inspector Bai He created a clone out of the void.

The abilities of the clone were about seventy percent of the main body!

Without hesitation, the clone stood in front of the main body and blocked the ten thousand Chinese feet thunder ice dragon.


However, without even being able to buy time, the clone was turned into ice.

At the same time, the destructive thunderbolt pierced through the clone, causing the frozen clone to be shattered into pieces on the spot.

The thunder ice dragon's force did not decrease. After shattering the clone, it went for the main body!


How would Inspector Bai He block such a frightening attack?

The extremely cold ice extinguished more than half of his life, and the destructive thunderbolt blew up his body.

Looking at it, Inspector Bai He's flesh was blurry and his whole body was charred black. However, there was not the slightest bit of blood from his body.

This was because his body was completely filled with cold energy.

His body had gradually turned into ice, from the inside out!

This attack had practically taken Inspector Bai He's life!

The martial artists, who turned their heads to take a look at the scene, gasped!

Inspector Bai He was actually killed by Palace Master Yin Yu so easily?

Initially, Su Yu did not attract any attention. However, during the auction, he displayed shocking abilities. Next, at that very moment, he unleashed his murderous intents in all quarters in the Anyue City. Finally, he also killed an Inspector of the Empire of Darkness!

Such earth-shaking abilities caused everyone to be visibly moved.


Su Yu descended in front of Inspector Bai He and shook his head disappointedly: "Lord Inspector, when you gave me the opportunity to strike first, you also gave me your life. This has caused me to be touched."

When Inspector Bai He heard Su Yu's satirization as he was about to die, he was filled with extreme hatred: "Yin Yu! I swear that you will have a bad ending! Your good days will come to an end soon…"


A leg came from the sky and stomped the frozen head into pieces.

Su Yu withdrew his leg slowly and shook his head apathetically: "There have been many people who wished for me to have a bad ending. However, it is a pity that all of them have died and I am still alive."

Su Yu bent down and searched Inspector Bai He's chest. He actually managed to find a small jade box.

After he opened the small jade box, he found a small jade bottle lying quietly in the box. That small jade bottle contained not just anything, but the Spirit Fate Elixir!

For this elixir, a Deputy Palace Master only had the right to swallow one drop of it every month.

As an Inspector, it was normal for Inspector Bai He to have the elixir on his body.

Su Yu's eyes were burning with excitement. It was an unexpected surprise!

He was about to make a breakthrough to Immortal Level Three. This Spirit Fate Elixir had come at the right time!

However, what caused Su Yu to be disappointed was that, within the jade box, there was an empty groove.

Su Yu could tell that that space was used to store cultivation techniques.

At that very moment, it was absolutely empty.

This caused Su Yu to be slightly disappointed.

Inspector Bai He's Second Grade Clone technique was extremely magical. After learning it, one could create a clone to aid him in his battle. However, it was far from being comparable to Hua Zhilan's light clone, which had the same abilities as the main body.

However, seventy percent of the main body's abilities could not be underestimated either.

Su Yu had wanted to learn the ability. However, no one expected Inspector Bai He to not have that cultivation technique on his body.

It could have been destroyed or hidden by him.

At that very moment, Inspector Bai He had died. Hence, it was impossible for this cultivation technique to appear in the human world again.

With a flick of Su Yu's finger, Inspector Bai He's body was destroyed. Su Yu then stood up.

Regarding the Demonic Beast Emperor pursuing the Anyue City Master, it probably would not take a long time for it to return. Hence, it was not advisable for Su Yu to stay at his current location for long.

Su Yu brought Tu Long with him and disappeared into the sky.

The martial artists who witnessed the scene could not calm down for a long time.

Before the current incident, Yin Yu's name was only spread within a small area.

At that very moment, the whole north continent would come to know that such an arrogant genius existed.

With his abilities alone, he wiped out all the geniuses in the Anyue City, went against the Tu clan alone, and killed countless clansmen of the Tu clan. Innumerable strong martial artists had died at his hands.

Finally, that Inspector, who was extremely secretive in his movements and traces, also died at the hands of Su Yu!

The feats that he had accomplished in the Anyue City would definitely shock the north continent!

As everyone gazed with respect, Su Yu left Anyue City with a flash, disappearing without a trace.

Within the Anyue City, in a lump of charred ruins after a great battle, a wizened hand came out from the ground.

An old man with a pale expression, his whole body filled with bloodstains and his whole face filled with hatred, climbed out from the ground.

"Yin Yu! Do you think that you can kill me? You are too naïve! Ling Xiaotian has failed to do it, let alone you!" This person was Inspector Bai He.

When honed to absolute mastery, Second Grade Clone Technique could allow for a third clone to be created.

That day, Inspector Bai He had used this to trick Ling Xiaotian. At that very moment, he succeeded again.

After feeling his chest, Inspector Bai He had a gratifying expression: "It's all thanks to this cultivation technique, that I have managed to live to this moment…"

However, at that moment, a ridiculing laughter could be heard abruptly.

"So you have been hiding here! What a difficult search!" Su Yu cupped his fists and stood in the sky above Inspector Bai He's head calmly. He had a true yet fake smile.

Inspector Bai He's expression turned grave: "You, you…"

Su Yu sneered: "You have merely used the same old trick. After tricking Palace Master Ling once, do you think that you could trick me as well?"

Su Yu stomped his foot on the weak Inspector Bai He.

He then bent his body over and found a jade pendant in his chest.

Staring at it, indistinct words were carved on it. There was only a row of words, which read: "Second Grade Clone Technique"!

Su Yu's heart started to beat quickly!

It was really that magical cultivation technique!

"My cultivation technique!" Inspector Bai He was both furious and shocked.

Su Yu's heart was moved. A dim light glowed in his chest and he kept the cultivation technique in the Cosmos Mirror.

"Inspector Bai He, you are so generous. Even though you are about to die, you still left behind a legacy for me. Hence, I shall take it with pleasure." Su Yu had a true yet fake smile.

"I am sure that you have fulfilled your wish. If that is the case, Inspector Bai He, you can go to the afterlife with ease!"

Inspector Bai He spit out blood and was extremely furious. He pointed his finger toward Su Yu and shivered continuously: "You…"

This time round, Su Yu stomped and crushed his head again.

However, this time, his life ended for real!

A generation of Inspector had fallen, just like that.

Like electricity, Su Yu flew outside the city with a flash.

At the outskirts of the city.

Tu Long bowed down and paid a courtesy call. He was extremely sincere: "I will never be able to repay Palace Master Yin Yu for rescuing me!"

He was already unable to repay Su Yu for his kindness.

For him, Su Yu landed himself in a perilous situation. This kindness alone was enough for Tu Long to repay Su Yu for his entire life.

Su Yu shook his head nonchalantly: "I do things with a clear conscience and I don't need you to take it to heart!"

"Anyue City can no longer be saved. You had better leave quickly. We shall part ways here! I hope that you can find another home to return to!" As they were about to part, Su Yu sighed with emotion.

Tu Long smiled: "If we part just like that, I will not feel at ease for the rest of my life. Before we part, I wish to give Palace Master Yin Yu a present. I hope that you will not reject it."

After his speech, Tu Long pointed one of his fingers to his chest. His finger entered his chest and came out with a droplet of blood.

Blood of the Heart!

Blood of the Heart, of which everyone possessed only one droplet!

To martial artists, the Blood of the Heart signified the source of their blood energy. Once lost, it would be difficult for one's body to get stronger and his cultivation base would become stagnant.

"Do you know the origin of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid?" Tu Long said leisurely.

Su Yu shook his head: "This is something known only to your clan. How will outsiders know?"

Tu Long smiled and said: "The ability, which defies the natural order that the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid possesses, is actually the blood energy of the Tu clan!"

Regarding that point, Su Yu already knew it. It was rumored that the Tu clan had a special bloodline. As such, their blood possessed the nature-defying ability that could cleanse the divine artifacts.

"Since it is the blood energy, then, it is obvious what the essence of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid is. In actual fact, the essence is the Tu clan's clansmen's blood… their one and only Blood of the Heart!"

"In the past generations, the clansmen who were about to die would offer their Blood of the Heart beforehand. This would then become the clan's Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid."

"Only the Blood of the Heart of the Master's family contains pure blood energy. Hence, there are very few droplets of such blood."

Tu Long lifted up his own Blood of the Heart: "I am the previous Master's son. Hence, the blood energy in my Blood of the Heart is still considered pure. Even though it is not as strong as the Master's, it is eighty percent as pure as his and is equivalent to eight droplets of Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid that has been diluted."

"This blood is my parting gift, as well as my repaying my kindness. Palace Master Yin Yu, for my sake, please don't reject it!"

Without allowing anything to be said, Tu Long placed the blood on Su Yu's palm.

Su Yu was shocked in regards to the truth of the Ten Thousand Liquid, but was even more shocked about Tu Long's resolve!

This was equivalent to Tu Long sacrificing his own future!

However, Su Yu understood even more that Tu Long had lost his determination in the Martial Path and no longer had the heart to go further in the Martial Path.

This blood was him repaying Su Yu's kindness. If Su Yu did not accept it, he would carry Su Yu's kindness on his back forever and would find it difficult to dismiss the kindness from his mind.

"I shall accept it, thank you."

Tu Long smiled naturally: "With this, I no longer have anything to worry about. Yin Yu, we shall meet again some day!"

Su Yu cupped his fists. One of them went south, while the other went north. Both of them disappeared into the horizon and were no longer associated with one another.

After an hour.

The Demonic Beast Emperor returned. As it stared at the deserted city, it revealed a scornful expression. It flapped its wings and created a gust of fierce wind.

The Anyue City, which stood towering like a giant in the Dark Forest for hundreds of years, turned into ashes within the fierce wind.

"Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor, did you manage to capture the Anyue City Master alive?" At that moment, a divine young man, who was accompanied by a green-robed old man, descended upon the top of the Anyue City and questioned coldly.

The Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor looked at him apathetically. As if it felt disdainful, it replied indifferently: "He escaped!"

As the Tu clan's Master, he possessed many divine artifacts, making it difficult for outsiders to predict his actions. Although the Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor was strong, it was unable to win the Anyue City Master in terms of strategies.

The young man's eyebrows twitched, but smoothed out immediately: "Forget it. Don't need to care about him. Letting you take action is merely to declare to the world that the Wu family is about to come into the world!"

The green-robed old man behind him revealed a thread of anticipation: "Haha, I have sent Young Master and Miss Mo Wu's wedding invitation letter to the big forces of the north continent. I am sure that, at that time, it would be a grand meeting of the north continent!"

"The Wu family's name would rise to prominence from that day onward!"